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Deathbeat - SoulHook

Two musicians, two genres, one scene, mutual hatred. Vinyl Scratch vs Mane Death

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When metal lies in ashes, you have my permission to rave

Previously: the band Mane Death and Vinyl Scratch have arrived to Ponyville and are preparing to face each other off in a negotiation about the town's scene. However, the band is having a disadvantage since their bass player is still stuck on the train, and Vinyl proves to be related with the towns own Mayor Mare, also know as Marguerite, improving her odds...

Part 4: when metal lies in ashes, you have my permission to rave

“What do you mean you 'don't know', Golden?” Coal asked and took a step closer to the unnerved dark brown mare.

“Probably that she doesn't know...”.

“Shut up, Stricken!”.

Golden Brochure sighed and glanced at all sides like she felt observed, noticing it was just her insecurity taking over in front of these annoyed stallions. There was really nothing she could hide now, so spilling the truth shouldn't really be that bad.

“No, I don't know. It... well, it all started one month ago...”.

“Yeah, I bet it did!”.

“Shut up, Stricken!!”.

Golden Brochure walked into her office, tired after today's rehearsal with her band and more than ready to just sweep down that after-five-shot before going home. As she walked up to her desk and picked up the bottle of Everfree Dandelion from one of the drawers, she accidentally landed her eyes on a piece of paper resting ever so gently on her desk. The tiny shot glass was poured up to the brim and softly brought into her left hoof while the right one grabbed the paper covered in ink.

It was a clear contract about a live play for a charity group, something about saving the timber wolfs. Her head ached when she thought about looking up the contract holder and ask about the details and how the hay it got inside her locked office. Too much work and not enough play, so she simply tried to add up everything by re-reading the paper. After a moment of gritting teeth and furrowed eyebrows, the mare finally realized it would be a pretty easy gig and all she had to do was sign the paper before sending it away in a special envelope the contract had been sent with as an attachment. The lines written in italic was probably just the contract holder's name, which was way too hard for her to read right now.

Done and done, she signed it and fixed the envelope before taking it with here to return to sender. That was after pouring down her third shot...

“... and that's what happened...” Golden said to end her story in a sad frown.

The stallions raised an eyebrow and stared in confusion at the mare who thought she had made herself clear. That until Coal tilted his head sideways and kept a skeptical look at his manager.

“Golden... you've been standing there silent for ten seconds, then said 'and that's what happened'. We have no idea what you just imagined in your head...”.

The mare facehoofed...

- - - -
Meanwhile, Mayor Mare could be seen walking on the streets of Ponyville, accompanied by three other mares and a stallion. It wasn't really supposed to be a silent walk since one of those mares was the mayor's beloved niece, Vinyl Scratch. Sadly, nopony outside the chatting radius knew what these two talked about.

“... and then he asked if I was 'going to keep the change'! Ahahahaha!!” the white unicorn laughed hysterically together with her aunt who also found much humor in her story. “Ahahaha! S-seriously? He thought you would do that on your first encounter? Haha!” the mature pony responded.

Sunny Days, Rain Water and Lucky Catch all three walked side-to-side a few hooves away from the relatives, slowly changing their grimaces to disgust after what they heard.

“Yeah! Hehe... he even though I'd go all the way too, silly thing. I mean... it was ridiculous! I couldn't fit all that in my mouth!” Vinyl seized the laughter and stated mater-of-factually.

“Oh my, certainly not! It's bad enough as it is... and with so much cream as you described, how are you even supposed to swallow?” Mayor Mare agreed.

Sunny felt a retch in his stomach.

“Well, it wasn't really that stiff. But I just told him that if I am supposed to finish him, I would need some help. So I was going to ask Rain Water...”.

The mentioned pegasus gasped with a blush.

“... but nooo, he wanted to see me take it on all by myself. So sure... I shoved the whole thing in my mouth! And he looked so darn pleased, practically moaning just by seeing me gag due to the size”.

Lucky Catch dropped her jaw and jeered silently.

“Phe! Tell me about it, colts love to see us work to the bone just for their satisfaction, doesn't matter what it is, especially not sex” the mayor agreed further.

It was at that moment the three friends hesitated if to interrupt them or not, knowing for sure this was going to get a lot dirtier. They could clearly see those two were related, giving their obviously common interest for se-.

“Anyhow, I managed to eat the whole banana split in a few seconds, including the chocolate, whip cream and ice too...”.

As Vinyl said that, the three in the back row cocked an eyebrow and then chuckled at themselves for believing their friend would talk so openly about dirty things with her aun-.

“... and then I gave him a blowjob as payment for it”.

“Aw, for the love of...!!!” Sunny exclaimed and trotted up to the two mares glancing back at him, sticking his head between them. “Sooo.... Mayor Mare? Exactly HOW do you plan on helping Vinyl with this?”.

His question was a try to get away from hearing this shameless talking about sexual activities between a mare and another... definitely elder mare. His attempt was not in vain since the beige brown equine understood without catching any hints what he wanted.

“Oh, that won't be a problem. I, Mayor Mare, know all my ways around business and persuasion. There are few ponies who even can compare themselves with my silver-tongue”.

“Not only the one made out of silver, eh? Eh? “ Vinyl hinted to her aunt.

“Yes. There's a reason why all my competitors in every election always finally decides to give their vote to me.... hehehe...” the mayor winked back while licking her lips, driving Sunny into defeat and forcing him back in total embarrassment to the younger mares who kept their distance.

Vinyl nodded to her aunt, trusting she would have what it takes to convince a band of growling idiots to back off from her stage. This was her win, and they would suffer defeat... especially that vocalist. The grin failed to hide from the white lips, revealing itself for the others to interpret as mischievousness... or a possible turn-on to her recent subject of discussion.

Soon they all could see a little group of stallions standing in front of a dark brown mare. Vinyl arched her eyebrows and observed the scene, noticing right quick the female looked undoubtedly frightened by the presence of the four males. The mayor and the other friends saw it too, joining Vinyl in her anticipation that something nasty was about to play out.

“Oh, snap. Those stallions are probably going to rape that young mare...”.

“In the open street? I doubt that...” Rain Water argued, still not feeling alright with what she saw. However, Vinyl didn't plan on waiting and then asking. No, action was her middle name...

- - - -
“You know what, Golden? During all these years you've been our manager, I don't think you've ever screwed up as hard as you've done now...”.

The other band members nodded without losing their angry stare at the dark brown mare, keeping their eyebrows arched and appearance unwelcoming to show their disappointment, unaware some ponies looked at them.

“You know what?” the steel gray vocalist said to the already saddened mare. “I feel my throat is getting a little dry, and we forgot the beer in our room. So I'll just go find a bar to get a drink while you keep my friends company...” Coal stated and turned away, walking towards a bar he had seen on his way to the hotel. But before he left, he remembered to take on his white and red cap together with the pitch-black shades. The ponytail would have to wait until he reached the bar...

As the sound of his hooves disappeared, the remaining three stallions turned their muzzles to the only female in their company, still looking angry.

“This isn't the first time you buck things up, Golden... one day it might HURT YOUr name aside from ours...” Cord stated after an exhausted sigh.

“Yeah, misses like this are really RAPING our carrier!” Stricken exaggerated to prove his point.

“Misinterpreting sentence sounding like we are about to assault you...” Wide Beat ended casually.

Golden Brochure gave each one a concerned look until she finally landed on the drummer. It was at that moment she could behold the hooves of swift justice flying towards her... or to be more precise, towards Wide Beat.

“HG-NYAAAAH!!” the crazed, white mare imitating Cruise Bree shouted zero point three seconds before planting her hind hoof into the bright yellow male's yellow green mane, sending a shockwave of brutal pain for him to enjoy while hitting the ground a meter away from where he stood.

The two unicorns Cord and Stricken jumped in fright and locked their eyes on the sudden female balancing on one hindleg while keeping the most curious pose worthy the name of a martial art. Like a hawk with a sniper, she snapped her eyes to the remaining standing stallions, glaring right the moment she decided to fling away her hanging hindleg.

In a merciless assault, fast punches and kicks blew in each direction so fast they caused holes in the air, rippling out physical force which combusted into strong vibrations as hard hooves met soft flesh and thick skulls. A symphony of cracking bones and painful screams, growing like the first sunflower of spring, a monument to all sins born when blood separated from nose and mouth, spreading harder than ice breaking free from its colossal might worthy the female strength pulsing out into the bodies of innocent ponies....

What I'm trying to say is that she totally beat the crap out of them. Fem fatal style.

As the last stallion fell to the ground with a grade-A concussion, Golden Brochure remained still while looking at the massacre in front of her, and that unicorn brushing her shoulder with a smile on her lips.

“No worries, sister, I'm always there to help. If you ever find yourself in trouble again, just call me. Kay thanks bye!” the unicorn mare said casually and adjusted her purple shades before walking back to her friends, ignoring the faint gasps and grunts from the fallen ponies she just violated.

“Uhh.. you guys okay?” Golden asked when her shock cooled down a little, receiving nothing but painful grimaces from the wounded and humiliated stallions.

Mayor Mare and the others carried neutral faces as Vinyl came back with a very pleased grin on her lips. And as much as they wanted to point it out, the fact that she just took something for granted and caught the law in her own hooves was way too random for them to even reason about it.

“Wow... nothing like kicking flank in the afternoon to get my thirst going. I'll just go a for a drink, guys. Be right back...” Vinyl stated and turned her body one hundred-eighty degrees, to the bar she was more than mature enough to enter, still smiling with satisfaction while humming a tune.

The Mayor glanced at the other mares and stallion without any sign of amusement, on the contrary.

“She still gets those impulsive urges to attack ponies?” Mayor asked.

“When she feel enthusiastic and sometimes after getting laid.... yes” Sunny answered equally unamused.

- - - -
The glass of jagermarester landed carefully on the counter of the bar from the steel gray hoof.

“Excuse me?” he asked and looked at the earth pony standing before him.

“I said: we don't like coltcuddlers around here, orange-colt!”.

The stallion sitting on his bar stool kept an indifferent facial expression towards his bruiser company. “What makes you think I'm a coltcuddler?”.

“Because the eighties called; they want their coltcuddler mane back! Ahahahahaa!!” he laughed mockingly, causing his lungs to enhance his already muscular chest in each inhale. Two others behind him looking pretty much the same agreed by laughing too. The ambiance in the bar quickly grew into something uncomfortable, bringing bad feelings to all the ponies inside who heard this brewing fight.

The lone and sitting stallion didn't say nor did anything, aside from smirking a little...

As the white unicorn approached the door to her bar, she inhaled deeply to intoxicate herself from the oozing scent of alcohol tickling her nostrils. She loved this scent, especially when it grew so strong in the afternoon sun. Exaltation in the form of nostalgia rushed her to open the door and welcome the friendly bar to herself.

At the same moment she opened the door, one of the stallions known for his long life of constant muscle building flew headfirst into the wall right next to her, breaking the solid obstacle's wooden layer as the bruiser fell unconscious to the floor.

Shocked was suddenly the white mare's new expression when she looked at where the big pony came from, right next to the stallion sitting around two other knocked-out muscles. She immediately recognized the coat and black ponytail coming from the back of that white and red cap, summoning a fine smile on her lips as she glimpsed over her shades.

“He-hey, there's the high-roller!” she exclaimed and trotted up to the male turning around. His own smile took shape when he too recognized behind his own, pitch-black shades.

“Well, well, if it isn't miss won't-say-her-name...” he chuckled and turned back so the mentioned pony could sit down on the chair right next to him. Before she decided to talk, the unicorn looked down on the blue-beaten bruisers on the floor.

“Did... um, you do this?” she asked impressively.

“I have no idea what you're talking about” the stallion answered neutrally while discreetly wiping off the blood from his right hoof...

The mare giggled, knowing this fine stallion just wanted to remain humble after knocking down some sacks of bad hay, something that just made him cooler from her view. It had to be luck for her to find this kind of male at all, somepony who for once stuck out from the crowd of previous ponies she'd met. Perhaps he was a little different.... at least.

The unicorn was quick to order her drink. It was meant to be a regular soda at first, but when she thought again about the male she just had found, it ended up as a bourbon on the rocks instead. The stallion looked playfully at her. “You've been here before?”.

“Oh yeah, Ponyville is my foalhood town. Been spending most of my life here. What about you?” she returned casually. The stallion chuckled yet again and explained he was born far away from here and had hardly been to Ponyville in his entire life. The mare received her glass of alcoholic beverage and developed the talking, moving slowly towards her thoughts about the town and somehow dodging all personal information about her interests and current location.

They laughed, high-hoofed and continued to find out a chip more than they already knew about each other, playful nudges and regular eye-contact became a regular thing between them. Before any of them knew it, a few minutes had already passed, much to Vinyl's displease when she felt the fun increasing.

After a few minutes of glad conversation, the white mare said she had to leave and thus emptied her drink before getting up from her chair. Now was the moment of testing: would the stallion offer himself to pay for her drink like a snob but gentlecolt, or ask if she is going to do it like a cool but cheap colt? This was it, and as she turned around...

“How bout you pay for mine and I pay for yours?” he asked calmly at the same time he put down his empty glass on the counter. The mare cocked an eyebrow, realizing she didn't quite expect that response. “Say what?” she thus answered.

The male smiled with a good amount of self-confidence at the female. “Don't you think it's... more fun that way?” he quoted and glimpsed over his black shades.

The unicorn kept staring dumbfound at him for another second until she unintentionally broke a giggle of the cuter kind, covering her mouth in an instant when she heard the girly pitch and blushing faintly in the process. The stallion chuckled and got up from his chair. “Just kidding... hehe....” he added and placed a hoof of six bits on the desk. Two for his own, three for the mare's and one for the tip.

The steel gray equine adjusted his white and red cap and went for the exit, leaving the frozen mare who still held her mouth. Standing there like that time she was caught clopping by her parents, she wasn't impressed, nor amused or even the slightest dazzled.

Just... warm and fuzzy...

To be continued...

Author's Note:
I don't know if I was unlucky or just really failed with this, but I'm going to give this story a few weeks before I decide if to continue or not. The chapters doesn't really take that much time to write and hey, I still find great pleasure in writing them. Some of you thought this was good while others think I should go back to writing PL and ToE, which I can understand. However, none of you thought this was bad so far.

Anyhow, I need your opinions, guys. It can be long or short and sweet, just as long as it's something, so please just take that little time to tell me what you think... pretty please with sugar? (man, look at me...)

Brohoof on ya all!

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