• Published 29th May 2019
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Baby Spike - BubblePuff

Spike is turned into a baby. Can Twilight handle motherhood?

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Chapter 3

At Grogar’s secret lair Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow all discussed how Grogar’s magic should be used to take over Equestria. “I have an idea.” Chrysalis said. “We steal the Storm King’s staff, and use it to conjure up a massive storm. Then, Grogar will infuse the storm with his age regression spell. The storm will rain down across Equestria, turning everypony into foals!”

Tirek and Cozy Glow both gave each other quizzical looks. “And how are we supposed to rule over a kingdom of foals?” Tirek asked.

“Don’t you see? Foals give off the purest form of love there is!” Chrysalis explained. “With their love I can feed myself, and a new hive of changelings, for ages to come!”

Cozy Glow let out an irritated sigh. “And how does that benefit us? We can’t survive on love like you can.”

“Besides, foals can’t exactly take care of themselves.” Tirek said. “All of your changelings would be busy taking care of these foals around the clock.”

Chrysalis was about to speak, but then she stopped and thought for a moment. “Huh, I guess I didn’t really think out my plan all the way through. My hunger for love must be getting the better of me.”

Cozy Glow face hoofed herself. “Well, I guess we’re back to square one. At this rate we’ll all end up just like King Sombra.”

Over at the Crystal Castle, Twilight was playing with Spike. The two were rolling a ball back and forth between each other. “Spike, can you say ball?” Twilight asked.

Spike caught the ball and examined it. “Ba ba!” He replied.

“Close enough I suppose. Let’s try something else.” Twilight looked around the room until she noticed a book. She walked over and brought it to Spike. “Can You say book?”

“Boo Boo!” Spike said with a smile.

Twilight patted him on the head. “Don’t worry, I’ll have you back to speaking fully in no time.” Just then there was a knock at the front door. “I wonder who that could be?” Twilight picked up Spike and placed him on her back. She then walked down the hall towards the front door. When Twilight opened it, she was surprised to see Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, and Flurry Heart.

“Twily! So good to see you!” Said Shining Armor.

“What are you guys doing here?” Twilight asked.

“We heard about what happened to Spike from Celestia and Luna.” Cadence said. “So we figured that Flurry Heart might enjoy a play date with him.”

“Berg bwlea!” Flurry Heart replied as she held her snail plushie Whammy.

Twilight was unsure about how to feel about the visit. The last couple of times that Flurry Heart had come over she was nothing but trouble. Also, with Spike now turned into a baby, Twilight was worried that Spike might not be able to handle himself around Flurry Heart. Of course Twilight never mentioned this out loud to Shining and Cadence. She loved them too much.

“A playdate? Sure! That sounds like a wonderful idea. How about we start out with some lunch first? It’s been awhile since Spike has eaten.”

“Lunch sounds great.” Shining said. “It’s a good thing we always bring along a few jars of mashed peas. They’re Flurry’s favorite you know.”

“Don’t remind me.” Twilight muttered under her breath. She just knew that she was going to need to clean the walls by the end of the day.

Soon everyone was in the kitchen. Spike and Flurry Heart both sat in high chairs as Twilight and Cadence both prepared their meals. Twilight heated up a bottle of formula and gave it to Spike who started drinking it. Shining tried to feed Flurry Heart, but everytime he grabbed a spoonful of mashed peas Flurry would use her magic to splat it against the wall.

“Sorry about that Twily.” Said Shining. “I promise to clean this mess up.”

“Thanks.” Twilight burped Spike once he had finished his bottle. Cadence then came over with some daisy sandwiches. As the three of them ate, Spike and Flurry Heart stayed in their high chairs and played with toys.

“So Twilight, how has it been raising Spike all over again?” Cadence asked.

Twilight put down her half eaten sandwich. “Well, to be honest it has been tough. Their are so many things that Spike did as a hatchling that I had completely forgotten about.”

Shining swallowed a bite of his sandwich. “Has he been any trouble?”

Twilight smiled as she waved him off. “No, he hasn’t been causing any trouble. It’s just that he has been very needy. He constantly calls for me at all hours and refuses to be apart from me for very long.”

“Has he been calling you Mama, like when you were a filly?” Asked Shining.

“Yes he has. It’s like he was not only regressed physically, but mentally as well.”

Cadence finished her sandwich and walked over to Spike. “Well I for one am kind of glad that I get to see what Spike looked like as a hatchling. And he is simply adorable!” Cadence reached over and pinched Spike’s cheeks, causing him to giggle.

Flurry Heart noticed this, and she became filled with jealousy. Using her magic, she lifted up a jar of mashed peas and was about to pour it on Spike’s head. At the last second Cadence removed Spike from the high chair and Flurry Heart missed.

“How about we let these two have play time together.” Twilight said.

“You four go on ahead. I need to clean up this kitchen.” Shining then grabbed a mop and bucket and began to clean. Twilight and Cadence took Spike and Flurry Heart to the main hall where a playpen had been set up. After setting Spike and Flurry Heart down in the playpen, Twilight reached over and gave them each a teddy bear.

“Here Spike, you and Flurry Heart can play with these teddy bears I got for her. Can you say bear?” Twilight asked.

Spike grabbed one of the teddy bears. He looked at it for a bit, then he looked up at Twilight. “Baw!”

Twilight could not help but giggle. “Close enough.” She said as she patted him on the head. Twilight and Cadence then got into a discussion. Flurry Heart crawled over to Spike and gave him a mean look.

“I no wike U!” Flurry Heart said. “U take away attention fwom mommy and aunt Twiwight!”

Spike didn’t know what to do. “ I sowwy.”

Flurry Heart then grabbed Spike’s teddy bear. “This my toy! Onwy me and aunt Twiwight awe awwowd to pway with them!” Flurry Heart tried to take the teddy bear away, but Spike would not let go.

“Mama wants us to shawe.” Spike said.

“Gimme!” Flurry Heart demanded. Spike eventually let go of the teddy bear. The bear flew right out of Flurry Heart’s hooves and flew across the room. Shining Armor had just emerged from the kitchen when the bear came flying right at him.

“I’m all done cleaning the kit-” Just then Shining was hit right in the face with the teddy bear. The force of the impact knocked him off of his hooves. Both Twilight and Cadence ran to his side.

“Honey, are you alright?” Cadence asked.

Shining Armor sat up, his head a bit loopy. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. Cadence and I turned our heads for a minute after giving Spike and Flurry Heart some teddy bears to play with. The next thing we know one of the bears is flying across the room.” Twilight said.

Flurry Heart immediately grabbed her Whammy and pretended to be innocent. Spike just sat there, unsure of what to do.

Shining walked over to the playpen and knelt down to Spike’s level. “Spike, you just can’t throw toys around like that. Somepony could get hurt. Try and be more like Flurry Heart, okay?” Shining then went back to the kitchen to get some ice.

Spike was very upset with Flurry Heart. “U got me into twouble! U a bad foaw!”

Flurry Heart just stuck her tongue out at Spike. “I a pwincess! I can do whatevew I want!” Flurry Heart then used her magic to gather up all of the toys and place them around her.

“Hey, tose mine!” Spike complained.

“Tey mine now. And thewe’s nothing you can do about it.” Flurry Heart said with a smirk.

Twilight and Cadence both walked over to the playpen to check up on Spike and Flurry Heart. “Flurry, are you playing nice?” Cadence asked. Flurry Heart did her little cutesy routine and continued to act innocent.

In the midst of gathering up all of the toys, Flurry Heart kicked up some dust. The dust drifted in the air until it was suck up into Spike’s nostrils. Spike sneezed out a fireball that hit Whammy, burning the snail plushie into ashes.

Flurry Heart’s face turned bright red with anger. “U killed Whammy!” Flurry Heart then rushed over to Spike and began hitting him. Spike fell over and cried. Both Twilight and Cadence were shocked at what was happening.

“Flurry, no!” Cadence reached down and pulled Flurry Heart off of Spike. Twilight picked up and cradled him, trying to get him to stop crying. “Flurry Heart! You know better than hit others! Bad foal!” Cadence said sternly.

Flurry Heart then let out an ear piercing scream and started flailing around. Cadence tried to hold on to her, but Flurry Heart ended up hitting Cadence in the face. Flurry Heart then teleported back to the pile of toys.

Shining came running back into the room when he heard all of the commotion. “What’s going on in here?!”

“Spike accidentally destroyed Flurry Heart’s Whammy, and now she’s out of control!” Twilight said. “She attacked Spike and now Cadence can’t control her!”

Shining marched over to Flurry Heart. “Flurry no! You are a bad, bad foal!” Flurry Heart kept screaming and started shooting bursts of magic everywhere from her horn. Twilight and Cadence both ducked for cover as the main hall was blasted full of holes.

“That’s it!” Shining reached over and picked up Flurry Heart. He then sat down and pulled down her diaper. Shining Armor then began spanking Flurry Heart’s bottom until it was bright red. Flurry Heart stopped her temper tantrum, tears flowing down her cheeks and her lip quivering.

Shining set down Flurry Heart and turned to Twilight. “I’m sorry that you had to see that Twily. Is Spike okay?”

Twilight looked Spike over. “He has a slight bruise, but other than that he should be fine. How are you two doing?”

Cadence got up from her hiding spot. “I’m alright. Twilight, we are so sorry for what Flurry Heart has done. We promise to fix up all the damage that Flurry Heart has done to your castle.”

“Aside from the crystal heart incident, I’ve never seen Flurry Heart act up this way before.” Shining said.

“Actually, Flurry Heart has been some trouble for a while.” Said Twilight. “When you left her with me a few months ago, she broke the Cake twins toys and caused major damage at the hospital when I tried to read to all the sick foals. Flurry was also responsible for causing the pudding to grow out of control during Hearths Warming.”

Both Shining Armor and Cadence were shocked to hear this. “Twilight, why didn’t you tell us this sooner?” Cadence asked.

“Because I didn’t think that you would believe me. You both see Flurry Heart as this perfect angel, but the truth is she can be a huge terror.”

Cadence picked up Flurry Heart. “Well from now on we’ll keep a closer eye on her. And if she causes any more trouble, then it’s straight to the time out corner.”

“And no more special treatment.” Shining said. “Just because Flurry Heart is a princess does not make her above punishment. Hopefully I won’t need to give her another spanking ever again.”

Twilight smiled at Shining and Cadence. “I know that you’ll both do fine. You’re great parents who just spoiled Flurry Heart a bit. Going forward I know that you will raise Flurry Heart just right.”

At that moment Starlight Glimmer came back from the school of friendship. “Hey guys! How was the play-” She stopped when she saw the destruction that Flurry Heart had caused. “Wow. That must have been some playdate.”

Twilight, Shining, and Cadence all let out a collective sigh. “You have no idea.” Twilight said.