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Equestria Girls: Two Sunsets - moviefan-92

CHS is having a talent show, and the girls are eager to join. But then the human Sunset Shimmer suddenly appears. They try to befriend her, but she's shy and reserved, and seems to be hiding something magic. Is she evil like her counterpart once was?

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Chapter 10: The Talent Show

Author's Note:

The next chapter is here. Last time, we got a pretty deep look into Sunset's past history. I took a real interest in her, particularly in her past and what led her to go bad. So I looked into a lot of media featuring her, and yes, what was said about her parents was true, they were neglectful of her and only saw her as a way to promote themselves because she was Princess Celestia's student. With such neglectful parents, it makes sense that Sunset would view Princess Celestia as a motherly figure and want to live up to her expectation, not to mention fear not meeting them, which made her more ambitious. And along the way, those ambitions changed, particularly with Princess Celestia not teaching her more. If you really look at Sunset back when she was bad, she wasn't really an evil person. She was a bully, yes, but she didn't have some grand evil scheme or anything, and pretty much just made up her plans as she went along. Really, she just came across as angry and rebellious, and was lashing out at the world for being denied something she thought she deserved, something that would prove her worth, which she feared she would lose in Princess Celestia's eyes when she was repeatedly denied being taught more magic. And with her parents already neglectful of her, she feared losing the affection of the only real parental figure in her life. And being denied what she felt she needed to gain in order to hold onto that affection only made her angry and resentful, until she forgot the real reason for her ambitions and became spiteful and greedy, but she didn't actually become evil until she turned into a demon. This was why she turned over a new leaf so quickly, because it wasn't really power she wanted, it was love and friendship, and she realized that it could be gained without power, and even be stronger than power, which was why she was defeated.

Wow, I'm rambling again, better stop. As you can tell from this chapter, the talent show is here. And yes, we will be hearing Sunset's song. No, it's not an original song, but it's also one that has never actually been used in the series, only live-action music videos. Have you guessed what it is? I dropped numerous hints throughout the story. It's a short song, but since there are two versions of it, I put them together and just had the second version be the second verse. Now, lets get to it, and see what the human Sunset plans to do, or if she'll be able to bring herself to go through with it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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Chapter 10: The Talent Show

The day had finally come. The Canterlot High talent show was set to take place after school. People were already arriving to get good seats. Rather than taking place in the school, a stage similar to the one used for the Battle of the Bands had been set up outside.

The crowd was growing in number as students and the family and friends of those participating in the show gathered. Amongst them was a certain Apple family, who had managed to get seats close to the front.

"This sure is exciting, ain't it, Big Mac?" Granny Smith asked of her grandson. "Both Applejack and Apple Bloom taking part in the talent show. I can hardly wait. How about you?"

"Eeyup," her grandson said in his standard reply.

"I sure am eager to hear the new song Applejack and her friends came up with," she continued. "I still don't know what Apple Bloom and her friends are doing though; they've been so secretive about it. Did she say anything to you?"


"Yeah, I figured. Guess we'll have to wait and see."

Not too far off from the Apple family, Sunset sat in the crowd, feeling very self-conscious. Though she knew it was irrational, she couldn't shake the feeling that everyone was watching her, as if they knew what she was planning and were waiting for her to make her move.

She shook off the feeling and focused on the task at hand. She'd already plotted her coarse of action, having familiarized herself with the stage and its layout, including the area around it. When the time was right, she would strike, and her goal would be achieved. She just had to wait for the time to be right.

Soon enough, Principal Celestia made her way up to the stage with a microphone. She tapped it a few times to check the sound before smiling out at the crowd. "Good evening, everyone, and thank you for coming to the Canterlot High talent show. I'm very happy to see so many faces here to show your support for our students and their various talents. We have several unique shows for you today, so please put your hands together for our first act." She glanced at her clipboard. "Presenting the 'great and powerful' Trixie Lulamoon."

The curtain opened to reveal the first act of the evening. Though the acts were meant to be random, the order having been drawn from a hat, Trixie had been quite insistent that she go first in order to set the bar at a level she was certain would be unreachable. Celestia had eventually conceded to letting the wannabe magician and her magic act to go first.

The acts after that had been in random order. After Trixie came Octavia Melody, playing on her cello. Her act was followed up by Micro Chips who had still entered, despite his A.I. being gone, and he had substituted Mr. A.I. with a sock puppet he spoke for to put on his show. After him had been Bulk Biceps and his assistant Derpy Hooves, his performance consisting of him juggling several large and heavy objects, including Derpy herself. Vinyl Scratch was next to perform under her stage name DJ Pon-3, where she showed off her skills on her turntables. This was followed by Maud Pie's stand-up comedy act, which seemed to confuse the audience more than get a laugh out of them; although Pinkie Pie thought that her act would be the one to beat. After her came Sandalwood, reading some poetry he wrote. Next had been Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom, having entered as the Canterlot Movie Club to perform a scene from the latest Daring Do movie. After them was Flash Sentry performing a new song on his guitar.

The Equestria Girls were scheduled to go up next. They had all their music equipment ready to play Sunset's new song that they had been practicing. They were raring and ready to perform, and were even dressed in new outfits for the occasion, courtesy of the fashion-loving member of their group. Truthfully, they thought that the outfits were a bit much, but they knew that Rarity had to Rarity.

"You sure I can't go out there?" Spike asked hopefully. "Just think, Spike, the incredible talking dog! I'd totally steal the show."

Twilight gave him a kind yet disapproving look. "Now, Spike, we've talked about this. You know why you can't go out there."

"Besides," said Rainbow Dash, "once we play our new song, we're gonna leave all the other acts so far in the dust that those that didn't go on yet may not even perform."

Sunset cut her eyes at her and smirked. "Confident much?"

Rainbow Dash scoffed. "As if there's any contest. We're awesome, and you wrote a great song. How could we lose?" Her face dropped slightly. "I just hope my parents don't go overboard with their fanning."

Fluttershy, however, was noticeably nervous, still having found something to worry about. "I just hope we practiced enough."

"Aw, don't you worry none," Applejack told her. "We practiced good and plenty. We've got this in the bag."

Twilight took a deep breath. "Ok, everyone get ready; it looks like Flash is finishing up."

Fluttershy eeped. "Oh my… Here we go."

"Vait!" came the heavily accented voice of Photo Finish. A moment later, she popped up, snapping a picture of Fluttershy, causing her to recoil like always, before she moved on to quickly take pictures of the other Equestria Girls. "I moost git a picture uf everyvon in zhe talent show for zhe school vebsite, und you girls are next!"

The flashing light of the camera blinded the Equestria Girls as she took snapshot after snapshot of each of them from different angles. "Yes, darling! Yes, yes! Zhe camera luvs you!"

It may have been a bit of a nuisance to the others, but Photo Finish knew exactly what she was doing, and was a master of making a person look their absolute best on camera.

"Magnific!" she complimented herself proudly. "My vork here is don! I go!"

She almost carelessly tossed her camera over her shoulder, and one of her assistants quickly rushed forward to catch it before it hit the ground as Photo Finish walked off.

Still seeing spots, Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow at the photographer's retreating form. "It's hard to figure her out."

"Hmm, yes, darling," Rarity agreed, "but she does make me look fabulous."

Out on stage, Flash finished playing and gave a small bow as the audience clapped and cheered. Celestia came out on stage, clapping as well as Flash took his leave and the curtains closed. "Thank you, Flash. That was an excellent song. And now for our next act…"

As he excited the stage, Flash gave the Equestria Girls a smile. "Looks like you're up next."

Sunset returned the smile with one of her own. "Not gonna lie, that's gonna be hard to beat, but I think we can do it."

He chuckled. "Looking forward to seeing what you got. Good luck, ladies."

"Please put your hands together," Celestia continued, "for Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and their band, the Rainbooms, with their new song Equestria Girls."

Applause rang out from the crowd, and amongst the loud clapping, two voices rose up to be heard over it all. "YEAH! GO, RAINBOW DASH! GO RAINBOOMS!"


An embarrassed groan escaped Rainbow Dash at the sound of her parents' cheers as she and the others hurried out on stage, Twilight assisting in moving Pinkie Pie's drum set with her telekinesis. They all got into position as the curtains opened, and the crowd gave them a round of applause.

In the audience, Sunset stiffened as she realized that this was it, the moment she had been waiting for. Her hand came up to touch her choker as she began mentally plotting out her path for the hundredth time that evening. All around her, everyone else's attention was focused on the stage as the Rainbooms began to perform.

"Ooh-ooh, yeah!
Hey, hey, we may seem different as night and day,
but Equestria Girls see things a different way.
Just look a little deeper and you will see,
you know I'm just like you and you're just like me."

As the music flowed over the crowd, Sunset waited eagerly for it to happen. They had said that when they played that their magic would come out, causing them to pony-up. She just had to wait until their magic showed itself, then she would make her move.

"We're Equestria Girls and were here to shout,
that the magic of friendship is what it's all about.
We're Equestria Girls standing side by side,
finding the magic of friendship deep inside.
Equestria Girls! Yeah!"

As the Rainbooms continued to play, it began to happen. The Equestria Girls began to glow with magic and started to pony-up. This time Sunset got to see the transformations actually take place as the magic flowed over them. Pony ears appeared on their heads as their hair extended into ponytails, and wings appeared on the backs of three of them. It was truly a sight to behold, and the crowd cheered loudly, either thinking it was part of the show or actually knowing why it was happening, as Sunset stepped forward for her solo verse, pointing to each of her friends in turn.

"Twilight Sparkle's a princess who shines.
Fluttershy's so sweet and kind.
Applejack has a country flair.
Rarity knows just what to wear.
Everyone wants Rainbow Dash on their side.
No ones more fun than Pinkie Pie."

Realizing that it was time to make her move, Sunset began to slip out of the crowd. No one paid her any attention, mostly only trying to look around her as she slipped past them as the Rainbooms sang the chorus together.

"Generous, honesty,
laughter, kindness, loyalty.
Free to be what we will be.
Living life in harmony."

Finally managing to slip out of the crowd, Sunset began to make her way towards the stage. She stuck to the shadows, using whatever she could for cover while keeping a look out for anyone who might be watching her. She didn't need to worry though, as everyone seemed to be focused on the performance.

"We're Equestria Girls and were here to shout,
that the magic of friendship is what it's all about.
We're Equestria Girls and were here to say,
we're gonna see things a different way
Equestria Girls! Yeah!"

Deciding to play it, safe, Sunset decided to simply make her way around the entire school and sneak up from the stage from behind. She gasped in surprise when she saw the other students participating in the talent show waiting by the side of the stage. As quietly as possible, tiptoed past them as she heard her counterpart begin her second solo verse.

"Twilight Sparkle sings with friends by her side.
Fluttershy's so sweet and rainbowfied.
No one rocks out like Applejack.
Pinkie Pie on drums has quite the knack.
Rainbow Dash in the band is supafly.
Rarity's a rock star rainbowfied."

She successfully made it behind the stage without being seen. There was no one else back here, so she wouldn't need to worry about being caught. She continued her way to the other side, peaking her head around to make sure the cost was clear, and was relieved to see that it was as the Rainbooms began the last verses of their song.

"Generous, honesty,
laughter, kindness, loyalty.
Free to be what we will be.
Living life in harmony."

Finally she was in position, and just in time too. If she missed her chance, then the opportunity would pass her by. Now she just needed to wait for the perfect chance to strike. The Rainbooms seemed to be at their peak of magical display, and Sunset's hand moved to rest against her choker in preparation as the gems began to glow.

"We're Equestria Girls and were here to shout,
that the magic of friendship is what it's all about.
We're Equestria Girls and were here to say,
we're gonna see things a different way."

This was it, the moment of truth. As soon as the curtains closed, she was going to do it. Whatever reluctance and guilt she felt for what she was about to do was pushed aside as Sunsetsteeled her resolve. She kept reminding herself why she was doing this and what she would gain out of it. The Equestria Girls already had such promising futures ahead of them. Would they really miss having one of those blessings taken away? She needed it so much more. Her eyes narrowed in determination, her grip on her choker tightening to the point where the little gems dug painfully into her palms.

"We're Equestria Girls and were here to shout,
that the magic of friendship is what it's all about.
We're Equestria Girls, standing side by side,
finding the magic of friendship deep inside.
Equestria Girls!"

The audience cheered as the song came to an end. The Equestria Girls took a bow as the curtains began to drift shut. Once they were free from the crowd's gaze, they gave a little celebratory cheer for a job well done and began congratulating each other.

"Way to go, ya'll," Applejack said proudly. "I think we nailed it."

"Of course we did!" Rainbow Dash declared, looking more than a little smug. She gave Fluttershy a playful nudge. "Told ya we practiced enough."

"And good thinking on Twilight's part for giving Sunset those solo versus," said Rarity. "That worked out perfectly."

Sunset smiled appreciatively. "I'm just glad they liked it."

"Liked it?" Rainbow Dash repeated in disbelief. "They loved it. Just listen to that crowd. I knew we had this in the bag."

"Lets do an encore!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, not noticing as their magic auras had begun to manifest around them and slowly drift off stage.

Twilight chuckled. "That's not how these shows work, Pinkie Pie. Come on, we're supposed to be clearing our stuff so the next act can… can…"

She trailed off as an unpleasant sensation began to flow over her. And not just her, but all the Equestria Girls. Their magic auras were now clearly visible, and but was now very notably being drawn away from them. They let out groans of discomfort as they felt what could only be described by as their magic being sucked away.

"What's… happening…?" Rainbow Dash mumbled woozily.

"I don't know," Applejack confessed, her voice sounding strained, "but I suddenly feel as weak as a newborn babe."

Their pony-girl transformations failed them, and they returned to normal. The magic auras surrounding them were completely sucked away, leaving them feeling weak and disorientated, and they dropped to the ground.

From one side of the stage, Snips came riding in on a unicycle while balancing spinning plates on sticks. Snails was sitting on his shoulder and was juggling bowling pins. They struggled to maintain their balance as they gave the Equestria Girls annoyed looks that they were still on the stage.

"Hey, it's our turn," Snips told them.

"Yeah, get off the stage," Snails added.

A woozy groan escaped Sunset. "Yeah, sorry, just give us a minute."

From behind the curtains, Principal Celestia poked her head through. "What's going on back here? I need to announce the next act."

Before anyone could answer, the Equestria Girls' necklaces all began glowing with red light. Then they suddenly unclasped from around their necks, rose up into the air, and flew to the other side of the stage.

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "Our geodes!"

Rising up out of her hiding spot, Sunset snatched the necklaces out of the air, the gems on her choker glowing brightly. "Sorry, but I'll be taking these."

There were shocked gasps from the others. Snips and Snails suddenly got a very bad case of déjà vu from when they had been turned into demons by Sunset. Losing their balance, they toppled over, landing hard on their rear ends.

"Not this again," Snails pleaded as he crab-waked away from her.

Snips jumped up and grabbed his friend's sleeve, giving it a tug. "Lets get out of here!"

As the two hurried off, Sunset rose unsteadily to her feet. "It looks like I was right. I'd hoped I wasn't."

Celestia looked from Sunset to the Equestria Girls. "What is going on?"

Applejack got to her feet as well. "I think we're about to have a repeat of the Fall Formal… And the Battle of the Bands… And the Friendship Games… And Camp Everfree… Pretty much every major event we've had at the school since Princess Twilight first came here."

"Just let us take care of this," Rainbow Dash told her as she stood up beside her friends.

It seemed that Celestia was beginning to catch on, particularly with the way Sunset was triumphantly holding the seven glowing necklaces while her own choker glowed with power. As principal, she didn't want to leave the Equestria Girls to the obvious danger that was at hand, but knew that there was no choice. She wished she could do something herself, but was fully aware that she was no match for magic.

Instead she turned her attention back to the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, it seems we have a small emergency…"

A 'small emergency' was probably putting it mildly if Sunset was about to do what the Equestria Girls thought she was going to do. And with the way the gems on her choker were glowing, it wasn't hard to figure out what had happened to their magic from a few moments ago.

"That's no trick of the light," Sunset accused her counterpart. "You used your choker to steal our magic, didn't you?"

Sunset's hand came up to touch the accessory. "It's nothing personal. You knew from the beginning that I came here searching for magic; I even told you as much. It's just unfortunate that the magic I was searching for belonged to you."

Twilight pointed at her. "It was you who was responsible for what happened in the library, wasn't it? Sunset said she saw you acting suspicious before you snuck away. We wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you were behind it all along, weren't you?"

Sunset shook her head. "I actually had nothing to do with that. In fact, you should thank me. I was the one who defeated that monster by sucking the magic out of it."

Applejack glared at her angrily. "Now I get it. This was your plan all along. You intended to steal our magic once you learned about it, so you waited until it was at the peak when we performed here tonight before you made your move. We told you everything you needed to know about magic and played right into your hands."

A look of remorse crossed Sunset's face, but it soon became a look of grim determination. "I didn't want it to be this way, really I didn't, but things don't always go the way we want. I know from personal experience."

Rarity angrily stomped her foot in a somewhat childish manner. "Now see here, SunShim-"

"Don't call me that!" Sunset bellowed suddenly, and her choker sent out a shockwave that pushed the Equestria Girls back. "Don't stick me with a nickname without my permission like I'm second rate! Like I'm just a copy that simply needs to be differentiated from her!" She pointed at her counterpart. "I'm my own person! I have worth! I deserve my own recognition other then simply being 'the other Sunset'. If anything, she's the 'other Sunset'. I was in this world first, she's the outsider here, not me!"

The Equestria Girls actually had their anger shocked out of them by Sunset's outburst. They exchanged looks as they realized that they may have been unintentionally offending Sunsetby making her feel like she was less than what she was or that they thought her counterpart was better than her.

"Sunset," said Twilight, deliberately not using the nickname they had assigned her, "the nickname was just a way to avoid any confusion between the two of you, not to insult you."

"We never meant to make you feel like you were worthless or second rate," Applejack added. "If you didn't want a nickname, then you should have just told us; we could have worked something else out. Maybe Sunset could have gone by a nickname instead."

"And none of us think you're second rate to me," Sunset assured her. "Not even me. All we wanted to do was be your friend. Why didn't you just talk to us if something was bothering you?"

Her question did nothing to dispel Sunset's anger, and she suddenly realized just how much she had been bottling it up. "Because people don't listen! They say they understand, but what they really want is for you to just get over your problems and do things their way."

Fluttershy, surprisingly, managed to find the courage to contradict her. "That's not true. We always listen and help each other out with our problems."

"Yeah," Rainbow Dash agreed. "We kept trying to be friends, but you kept pushing us away. How can we help if you don't let us?"

Sunset continued to glare, but then slowly her posture relaxed and her expression softened. She tired to hold onto her anger, but felt it slipping away as she realized that they were right. She had continued to hold them at arm's length this whole time, despite their efforts to get close to her. That was on her, and she knew why she'd done it too. Which brought them back to the real matter at hand.

"It doesn't matter now," she told them, and held up their geodes, "because now I have these."

She lifted the necklaces, making to put on all seven at once. The Equestria Girls gasped in horror when they realized what she was about to do, remembering what had happened to Gloriosa when she used the power of all seven geodes at once. And Sunset already had the magic she had absorbed from their pony-girl forms, and that alone had been enough to turn Twilight into Midnight Sparkle. If she took on both sources of power at once…

"SunShim, don't, stop!" Sunset cried, forgetting that her counterpart didn't want to be called by the nickname they had given her. "You don't know what you're doing. Equestrian magic can be very dangerous if you don't know how to control it or if take on too much at once. Don't you remember what I told you what happened to me when I put on Princess Twilight'scrown and couldn't control the magic in it?"

"And me," Twilight added. "I was taken over and corrupted by Equestrian magic as well. It turned me into a monster."

Applejack nodded in agreement. "And they're not the only ones. We've seen it happen to several others."

Sunset just glared at them, but she didn't move to put on the necklaces. "You managed to use them just fine."

"That's because they were meant for us," Sunset told her. "But not even we take them all on at once. If you take on too much magic that you can't control or don't know how to, it'll take you over and corrupt you, turning you into a monster and a shadow of your former self."

Sunset pointed an accusatory finger at her. "That won't happen! I'm not weak!" She touched her choker. "I've been collecting magic, and I even have your musical pony power now too. I can control it."

"Don't do this," Sunset pleaded desperately. "You don't understand what you're getting yourself into. I don't know why you want magic, but I can promise you that this isn't the answer. Remember what I told you about how I used to be? Don't make the same mistakes I did. Whatever's bothering you, we can help. Just trust us."

She held a hand out to her counterpart. Sunset stared at it for a few moments, and for a second it looked as if she might listen to reason. But then her eyes narrowed and she took a step back.

"Sorry, Sunset," she said, her voice hard and resolute. "Sometimes things just happen beyond your control, and there's nothing you can do about it. But not for me, not anymore. From now on, I'm the one in control."

With that, she quickly tied all seven necklaces around her neck at once, and they fell to rest against her choker. The Equestria Girls cried out in protest, but it was too late. A magic aura of rainbow colors engulfed Sunset, and her eyes began to glow with power. Her aura flashed brightly for a few seconds before it suddenly started to get darker as blackness began to mix in with the colors.

"SunShim, no!" Sunset shouted, running towards her.

She didn't even get close before a shockwave threw her back. Sunset's body was glowing brightly, sending out a light that shined straight through the curtains. Celestia reappeared again, pushing aside the curtains once more, revealing the still exiting audience in the seats.

"What is going on back here?" she demanded.

Rarity gave her an apologetic look. "Sorry, Principal Celestia. We've run into a bit of a problem."

Magic flowed through Sunset, filling her with power that threatened to come spilling out in abundance. A power-crazed grin spread across her face at how she felt as she began to get drunk on power. "Yes, this is it. The power I sought. It's incredible. Now I'll never… I'll… I'll never…"

She trailed off as something began to feel off. The power she felt was suddenly beginning to feel overwhelming. It was too much, and it only continued to grow in intensity, the sensation getting worse, until she felt like she was literally drowning in it. Her mind began to get foggy, and it was getting harder and harder to think straight. She tried to collect her thoughts and remain in control, but she felt as if she was losing herself.

"Wait, what is this?" she cried, grasping her head. "This isn't… This isn't…"

An ear-splitting shriek escaped her, followed by an explosion of magic. It grew in size and intensity blinding all those present, and the Equestria Girls shielded their eyes from it.

"Oh, great," Rainbow Dash complained. "Now she's turning into a demon. Why does this keep happening to us?"

The stage began to fall apart, and the curtains collapsed. There were screams from what still remained of the audience as something large stomped down on the stage.

The light finally died down, but Sunset was no longer there. Instead, there was a giant demonic beast that resembled a dragon. Its skin was the same yellow color as hers, and it had a long mane similar to that of a horse in the colors of her hair that flowed out far behind her, moving as if being blown by a breeze. Wings made entirely out of fire stretched out wide, and it had a long pony horsetail, also in the colors of her hair.

Hind legs that were bent back like a cricket or a grasshopper ended in clawed feet that scratched at the wooden floor, and equally as long front legs that also served as arms held her body upright, much like a gorilla would hold itself up. At the top of its long serpentine neck was a dragon-like head with the long horn of a unicorn protruding from glowing turquoise eyes that snapped open and began surveying all around, and a monstrous roar escaped it, exposing dagger-like teeth.

The Equestria Girls looked on in horror at the demonic dragon-beast Sunset had become, hardly seeing any trace of the girl it had once been.

"Oh my…" Fluttershy muttered.

"Um, Rainbow Dash," said Applejack uneasily, "I think this one's a little bit different from the others."

Sunset paid them no mind as she began to examine her new form. She lifted her claws and began running them down her body. They grazed over a spot on her neck where the geodes were now embedded into her skin, surrounded by them gems of her choker, all now seemingly a part of her.

A wicked chuckle escaped Sunset as she relished in the power of her new body and the magic she felt flowing through it. "Yes, this is incredible," she cooed in a warped, distorted voice. "I've never felt this powerful before." She let out a roar and fired a beam of magic from her horn into the sky. "With as strong as I am now, I can get everything I want and more."

She turned to the Equestria Girls, her long mouth twisting into a sharp-toothed grin. "And I owe it all to you girls. You basically handed me everything I needed, from the info to the magic itself. Oh, but why stop here? I've been curious to see this Equestria world ever since you mentioned it. And if I can become this strong just from feeding off your magic, then I wonder how powerful I can become in a world full of magic."

Despite Sunset's monstrous form and giant size, the Equestria Girls refused to back down. They had encountered this before, and, fortunately, had been able to talk sense into the person. Hopefully they would be able to do it again before anyone got hurt. If they could reach Sunset's true self within all that corruption, then perhaps they could bring it out like they had before.

"Sunset, you have to listen to us," Twilight begged.

"Oh, so now you address me properly?" the dragon-beast mocked. "What, no nickname anymore? Don't stop using it now just because I'm the one with the power."

Pinkie Pie began waving her arms around. "Make up your mind already! Do you want the nickname, or not!?"

Sunset ignored her as she pleaded with her counterpart. "This is serious, Sunset. You need to wake up. You don't know what your doing."

"Yeah, this isn't the real you," Rainbow Dash told her.

Sunset's eyes flashed brightly. "And how would you know?"

"Because we've seen it before," Twilight replied. "Several times. We even told you that some of us experienced it first hand. All that power, you lose yourself in it."

"Equestrian magic corrupts those who can't control it," Sunset explained, bringing up her point from earlier. "They get drunk on the power and forget who they are and turn into monsters. The corruption latches onto your deepest desire and twists it into something ugly that completely takes you over and consumes you. When it happened to me, it took my desire for power and made me want to enslave this world and Equestria. For Twilight, it took her desire to learn about magic and made her want to possess it and use it despite the consequences. Don't you see, the magic warps and controls you, and you don't even realize it because it takes what you want and distorts it."

"It wasn't just them either," said Applejack. "It took over our camp counselor friend, Gloriosa Daisy, and turned her desire to save the camp and make sure everyone have a good time into making her want to trap us all there indefinitely."

"It took our friend Juniper Montage's desire to want fame and recognition and made her want to dispose of everyone she felt stood in her way of that," Rarity added.

Even Fluttershy managed to find her voice in the presence of the dragon-beast Sunset had become. "It even affects those it doesn't turn into demons."

Rainbow Dash nodded. "She's right. It took Wallflower Blush's desire for revenge and made her take it waaaaay too far. Like even hurting other people too far. And it took Vignette Valencia's desire to make everything in her life perfect and replace everything that didn't go her way with a digital fantasy."

Sunset pointed up at her counterpart. "And now it's corrupted you as well. I don't know the reason you wanted to possess magic so badly for is, but I doubt that it was simply for the sake of power."

If they thought that their claims would reach the real Sunset, then they were terribly mistaken. The dragon-beast simply sneered down at them. "You want to know why? It was for control. That's why I wanted the magic. So I could control things. And now I have it. I'm the one in control."

Sunset shook her head. "I don't believe that. I think there's a deeper reason."

"And how would you know!?" she snarled furiously, stomping her front leg on the ground. "You're not really me. And I think there's only enough room in this world for one Sunset Shimmer."

The others quickly moved in front of Sunset protectively. "If you want to hurt Sunset, then you're going to have to go through us!" Rarity declared.

"Darn tootin'!" Applejack agreed fiercely.

"Together forever!" cried Pinkie Pie.

Sunset stared at them for a moment before shrugging as best as she could as a dragon-beast. "Very well then. After all, you're her friends, not mine. You should all be together. So be gone together!"

The tip of her horn began glowing, and she fired a beam of magic. The Equestria girls cried out as it struck and erupted into a mighty blast.

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