• Published 26th May 2019
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Equestria Girls: Two Sunsets - moviefan-92

CHS is having a talent show, and the girls are eager to join. But then the human Sunset Shimmer suddenly appears. They try to befriend her, but she's shy and reserved, and seems to be hiding something magic. Is she evil like her counterpart once was?

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Equestria Girls and other human world residents: …Normal Font…

Mane Six, human Sunset Shimmer, and other Equestria residents: …Italicized Font…


Dear Sunset Shimmer. I hope everything is going well with you and the others. Things have been pretty good here as well. I'm actually thinking about hosting the first annual Friendship Festival. Still up in the air about that though, especially since my friends and I keep getting called away on friendship quests when we least expect it, but we'll see.

I also thought you and the others would like an update on what's been happening with Sunset Shi… I mean, SunShim (we obviously don't use the nicknames here). Well, things have been progressing very nicely. She's improved a lot socially these past few weeks and seems much happier from when we first met her. She's doing her best to open up and make friends, and is doing a great job. I'm so proud of her. There are still times where she shows regret and remorse for the mistakes she made, but she's learning to let go of the past and forgive herself.

As for adapting to life in Equestria, I think she's doing quite well. It took a little while for her to get used to being a unicorn and to get the hang of using magic, but she's a fast learner. It could be because she has some experience in using it since she had the sirens' choker. True, unicorn magic is different, but she's a good student and has a knack for it. In any case, she's really taken to being a pony, even if she does slip up in using the correct 'pony' terminology from time to time.

Until recently, she's been staying as a guest in the castle. The girls and I were going to help set up a place for her to live in Ponyville, but she really surprised us yesterday. She said that before she settled down anywhere, she wanted to set out on her own for a while and explore Equestria to see what it has to offer. She told us that she wants to make lots of new friends on her journey and help others in need so they don't make the same mistakes she did. Maybe she'll even prevent future friendship problems from happening before they even appear on the map. That'll make things easier for my friends and I.

She said it was a very hard decision for her, and that she doesn't really want to leave us, but she thinks it will be good for her, and I get that. I had to face a similar situation with Starlight Glimmer once I decided that she had graduated from her friendship lessons. I think her decision is very admirable, and I have the utmost faith in her; she's grown tremendously since she came here.

Of course, we're all going to miss her, but we all understand her decision. We plan to keep in touch though, so I gave her a few empty copies of the notebooks that you and I use (good thing I made so many). Oh, and get this, while she's traveling, she plans to get by as a street artist (she said she was inspired by someone called Flanksy). I've seen some of SunShim's artwork, and can honestly say that she's really talented. Whoever this Flanksy is, she must really admire her.

It's always sad to see a friend leave, and she said that she'll come back to visit whenever she can, but I know that she needs to find her place. And whether that's here in Ponyville, or Canterlot, or Manehattan, or Fillydelphia, or wherever, that's for her to discover. My friends and I are hoping she'll eventually settle down in Ponyville once she finishes her travels, but who knows where her journey might take her. As her friends, all we can do is be there for her and support her. She's leaving town tomorrow, so Pinkie Pie is throwing a big farewell party for her (any excuse to have one, am I right?).

By the way, our world's Vinyl really enjoyed her copy of your songs and says to thank her other self for them. And speaking of other selves, tell mine that I loved the book she gave me, and she was right, it was very relatable. Also let her know that I'm hoping that her plans for your spring break cruise are coming together well. Hope no magical catastrophes ruin things for you guys since I know how hard she's working on the arrangements.

Be sure to keep me in the loop, and I'll do the same. Your friend, Twilight Sparkle.


Author's Note:

And there it is, the last chapter. Well, ok, it's just an epilogue, but still, it's the last one. It's short, but all my epilogues are, hence why I got it out early, and why my Author's Note is at the end today, so I can provide my last words for it. You know, it's kind of ironic how the ending for this story pretty much fell into the timeframe of the ending of the show; that was completely unintentional.

Anyway, the human Sunset has adapted to life in Equestria and is doing great. I said before that I like to keep certain stories I write as canon as possible so they could actually fit into the series for head-canon, which, sadly meant writing her out of it as well since she doesn't appear in MLP, and this story does take place before the movie and Season 8. So I made her want to travel and explore Equestria for awhile as a traveling artist (I actually theorize that being an artist is Sunset's special talent) as her reason for not being present in the show. This also leaves me with the option of making a possible sequel of her travel adventures, but don't get your hopes up, I have no plans for that right now, but who knows what might happen in the future.

You know, I did mention before that it was a shame the writers decided not to have there be a human version of Sunset, because it would have allowed them to do something like this where they introduced the human Sunset to the show and had the Mane Six help her adapt to life in Equestria while learning about friendship and how to use magic. All it would have taken was a few seconds reference, like what they did with Tempest at the beginning of Season 8, but oh well.

Anyway, before I bring this story to a complete close, I have a surprise for you all. Last chapter, I had Sci-Twi give Princess Twilight a copy of the book The Last Unicorn. This was meant to be a throwaway joke for some meta-humor, but then the plot bunnies started, and boy did they begin hopping relentlessly. So, I'd like to announce my next story, a MLP version of The Last Unicorn. Unfortunately, due to the rules on FIM_Fiction, we're not allowed to post MLP versions of other stories on this site. So if you're interested, you can find it on my FanFiction webpage. I've posted the link to it at the bottom. For now, I hope everyone enjoyed my story, especially you, cuz, since I did write it at your request. Here's your last chance to review, so please do; I love to hear from my readers. And don't forget to check out my other story. Thanks for reading everyone!


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Comments ( 10 )

According to Katrina Hadley on Twitter, showing the pendants was supposed to be metaphorical rather than literal:

They were destroyed. But we liked the symbolism of them being healed by the Dazzlings learning to see the magic in the simple things in life. It’s not literal. It’s more of a visual representation of their new attitude

What a great and close to canon story! Makes sense Human Sunset would travel through Equestria cause if this story was canon, it would explain why she hasn't appeared. I agree with a sequel showing human Sunset's adventures, but I'll respect your decision not to do one for the time being. If the writers actually wanted to make Human Sunset canon, they should make a story like this!

Also let her know that I'm hoping that her plans for your spring break cruise are coming together well. Hope no magical catastrophes ruin things for you guys since I know how hard she's working on the arrangements.

Like the Spring Breakdown forshadowing, but way to jinx it Twi! :facehoof: At least you'll reunite with your human world friends and a certain blue haired guitar player.

This sure was a great story and I'd rate this a solid 10 out of 10 it's really good


I loved the story!

I would have loved to see them use human Sunset too in this way. They could do something similar to what they did with Starlight, but since the show's over... Well, at least we still got EQG Holidays Unwrapped to look forward to. Not to mention the 2021 MLP movie. Then Gen 5.

Wait a second. The new MLP movie is coming in 2021?! I thought it was 2020! Please tell me that was a typo! :pinkiesad2:

Sorry, but no. It was pushed back to 2021. From what I hear, it's going to be completely CGI, and it's supposed to bridge G4 with the upcoming G5. But there is a Season 10 of MLP:FIM comic coming out.

Oh ok. I knew it would be CGI, and a bridge between the two generations. But that's all I knew. Well, I guess it's better to find out about it being pushed back now, rather than when I thought it would be out. Thanks for the heads up!

A VERY enjoyable story! This was my first real foray into EQG fanfiction, and I really enjoyed how you handled the original human Sunset. All in all, a very good story, and I am glad I read it. I especially liked some of the 4th wall breaking. It was funny and it didn't happen too frequently as to be intrusive. The comment about stealing waifus had me grinning.

Great job! :twilightsmile:

The cover art source is the same as the old one. You might want to change that.

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