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Equestria Girls: Two Sunsets - moviefan-92

CHS is having a talent show, and the girls are eager to join. But then the human Sunset Shimmer suddenly appears. They try to befriend her, but she's shy and reserved, and seems to be hiding something magic. Is she evil like her counterpart once was?

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Chapter 11: Double The Friendship

Author's Note:

I had someone ask why I use italicized font for the human Sunset instead of pony Sunset since I italicize the names of Equestria characters, and pony Sunset is from Equestria. Fair question. It's because I used decided to use normal font for the EQG series characters and used italicized font for the "outside" characters, i.e. the MLP characters. Since human Sunset is an original character and not part of the main cast the way pony Sunset is, it made more sense to me to italicize her instead. The whole italicized thing was meant be a way to avoid confusion and misunderstandings between characters, and since pony Sunset is the one that everyone is familiar with, keeping her name in normal font seemed more practical. I know that some people don't like the whole italicized thing I'm doing, but it seemed more sensible than having to constantly overly-specify who is who every time a name is brought up, especially when used in dialogue. Like in Chapter 8 which only featured the two Sunsets, it seemed better to just italicize one as opposed to constantly referring to them as "pony-Sunset" and "human-Sunset", and not just in that chapter, but throughout the whole story, I'd constantly be referring to each character as human or pony. It just seemed simpler this way.

Alright, here we go. Last time, things took a turn for the worst with Sunset, but you probably saw that coming. The Equestria Girls did almost get through to her though, before the transformation anyway, so maybe there's a way they still can. Hopefully they can, because defeating her doesn't seem like an option since she now has all of their power and more. But is this really wanted the human Sunset wanted, or is her counterpart right, is there a deeper reason? Before they can figure that out though, they have a giant monster to take down. If you thought the library battle was intense, just wait for this one. These fight scenes are actually pretty difficult to write, but I think I pulled it off. There is one part in this chapter that may come off as a cheesy eye roll moment, but you decide; I'll talk about it more next time. For now, lets see what's become of the Equestria Girls, and what's going to happen with the human Sunset. Well, not human anymore, but demonic dragon-beast monster. Yeah, I'm just stop talking now.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Equestria Girls and other human world residents: …Normal Font…

Mane Six, human Sunset Shimmer, and other Equestria residents: …Italicized Font…

Chapter 11: Double The Friendship

Sunset laughed as the Equestria Girls disappeared in the blast of magic. This was contradicted by the horrified gasps of the audience. She kept laughing as she stared at the smoking area where the Equestria Girls had stood.

"It looks like the 'sun' has 'set' on their little group," she mocked before falling into another fit of laughter.

"That's what you think!" cried a voice that sounded a lot like Rainbow Dash.

Sunset did a double-take, looking back at the cloud of smoke. As it cleared, the Equestria Girls were revealed to be unharmed. In front of them, one of Rarity's diamond barriers was present, having protected them from the magic attack.

Sunset's eyes widened in surprise. "What!? You still have your power? But how? I possess your geodes."

Sunset pointed at her. "You may have our geodes, but their magic is still tied to us. As long as they're in close proximity to us, we can still use our powers."

A frustrated growl escaped Sunset. "It doesn't matter. I'm more powerful than all of you put together."

"We'll see about that," Rainbow Dash declared.

She took off at lightning speed, and began racing around Sunset. The dragon-beast tried to keep track of her, but only saw a streak of rainbow circling around her. She reached out, her claw crashing into the rainbow path, but missing her actual target.

Having avoided Sunset's grab, Rainbow Dash then raced up her arm to the top of her head. Roaring, Sunset slapped at her head, but Rainbow Dash jumped off. She was immediately seized by Twilight's telekinesis, having trusted her bespectacled friend to catch her, and was brought safely to the ground. Sunset sent a blast of magic at her, but Rainbow Dash took off again, avoiding the beam.

Applejack jumped into the empty seats and began throwing chairs at Sunset with her super strength. Sunset blasted them away one after the other with her magic before any even got close, and sneered at the farm girl for her failed attack attempt.

Summoning up more diamonds, Rarity surrounded Sunset with them, much as she had done with the computer monster in the library. They pressed up against her, holding her in place. Sunset roared again and reared up onto her hind legs, kicking the diamonds away as she lashed out wildly. Twilight used the opportunity to use her telekinesis on the fallen stage curtains, and had them wrap around Sunset in a tight cocoon.

It didn't do much good. Sunset's fiery wings burned right through the curtains as she stretched them outward. She began tearing way at the curtains until she was free, then turned her magic to the musical instruments, lifting them into the air.

"Here, I believe these are yours," she hissed, and launched them at the Equestria Girls.

Twilight used her telekinesis to catch the instruments before they were hit and set them down on the ground. Sunset growled and turned her magic to the chairs in the audience, lifting several of them into the air and gathering them into a large pile in the air.

"Try catching this!" she snapped, and sent the pile flying.

Pinkie Pie came to the rescue this time. Pulling a jar of sprinkles out of her hair, she gathered up a handful. It began glowing in her hand, and she threw it at the flying pile of chairs. It exploded against it, sending piles of destroyed chairs flying everywhere, but sparing her and her friends from getting crushed.

Snarling, Sunset spread her wings and took to the air. She began circling overhead before stopping over the Equestria Girls and began firing blasts of magic at them from her horn. Rarity summoned up a diamond barrier each time to block the blasts, but Sunset kept firing.

"A little help please!" Rarity cried as yet another diamond shield was destroyed. "I can't keep this up forever!"

Over by Fluttershy, a small bird she had been communicating with flew off her finger. "Don't worry, help is coming."

Sunset really hoped it got here fast. Her counterpart was completely out of control. She may not be able to see into someone's memories without touching them, but she could still use her powers in another way.

She focused on Sunset as hard as she could, listening not with her ears, but with her mind. A few seconds passed where nothing happened, and then she heard it, Sunset's thoughts, as clearly as if they had been spoken out loud.

'These meddlesome girls! They think they can stop me. No one can stop me. I won't let them take away my magic. I'll never have anything taken away from me ever again!'

Sunset let the connection drop. It was clear that her counterpart had been completely taken over by the corruption. They wouldn't be able to talk her out of this. The only way they would be able to help her would be to overpower her and destroy the corruption.

A particular powerful blast of magic came a little too close, and Rarity was knocked over by the shockwave as the diamond barrier she had created was destroyed. Sunset roared in victory and prepared to fire another blast when a screech drew her attention. She turned just in time to see a flock of birds come flying at her. She roared and lashed out as the flock flew all around her.

"Oh, do be careful!" Fluttershy somewhat shouted up to the birds as Sunset swiped at them. She was concerned for Sunset as well, but in her current form, she was far more durable than the birds.

Twilight reached out, encasing Sunset in a layer of telekinetic power. She tried to bring her down from the air, but the dragon-beast proved to be too big and too powerful for her.

"Rarity, help me!" she cried.

Realizing what Twilight was doing, Rarity got to her feet and created as many diamond barriers as she could above Sunset, then brought them down. Sunset fought against them, but the combined power of the two girls, and when the birds grabbed hold of her hair and began to drag her down, pulled her from the sky.

Sunset roared loudly as she was brought down and crashed into the stage hard enough for it to completely collapse beneath her. A dazed grumble escaped her as she was pinned down by the birds, Twilight's telekinesis, and Rarity's diamonds.

"That won't hold her for long," said Applejack. "Anyone got any ideas on how to stop her?"

Sunset's fists clenched. "I'm going in. I'll try and look into her memories and see if I can find anything to snap her out of this."

Fluttershy glanced at her. "But I thought you said that it didn't work the last time you tried."

She nodded. "It didn't. I thought it may have been because she was another version of me, but now I think it may have been because her choker absorbed my magic when I tried to use it on her. If I try hard enough though, I think I might be able to get through."

Rarity strained as she and Twilight attempted to keep Sunset pinned down. "Whatever you're going to do, please do it fast; she's really fighting."

Without a moment to lose, Sunset rushed forward. Her counterpart saw her coming and swiped at her. Sunset used her dodging skills she had picked up in the fencing club and rolled beneath the striking claw. She lunged for Sunset, slapping her hand against her.

Her eyes began glowing as she received an Empathy Flash. But just like before, she saw a red light, and it was like she hit a wall. This time though, she noticed the telltale signs of her magic being sucked away, but she pushed onward, putting all her focus into seeing into her counterpart's mind.

She broke through. The vision wasn't as clear as it usually was, but she could see the memory. She saw her counterpart waiting as their band performed, ready to strike. She felt the reluctance and guilt Sunset had been feeling at the time, but there was a grim determination that trumped it.

Flash. Another memory. It was of when they spent the night together at her house. She saw Sunset sneak up on her while she was sleeping and make an attempt to steal her geode. Sunset made a mental note to be more careful with it in the future as she watched as her counterpart changed her mind about taking it in order to get all their geodes at once.

Flash. She saw Sunset in the library, watching as she and the others fought the technology monster Micro Chips' laptop had become. She felt her worry for them coupled with the amazement of what Equestrian magic could do before she used her choker to suck the magic out of the monster.

Flash. She saw as Sunset walked in on them as they played in the music room and witnessed their pony-girl transformation. She felt the excitement rise up in her counterpart at how they had not one, but two forms of magic, and she felt the hope rise at the possibility that she could maybe get her hands on it too.

Flash. She saw her meeting them in the mall for the first time, and felt her confusion and awe at meeting her counterpart and learning about the magic she and her friends possessed. It was followed by feelings of surprise, longing, and fear when they said that they wanted to be friends with her.

Flash. She saw Sunset arrive at Canterlot High. She felt her curiosity and hope that she would find what she was looking for. This was soon replaced by complete bewilderment at how the students seemed to know her, but she didn't know them.

Flash. She saw the mysterious choker, and watched as Sunset reached for it, wondering if this was the answer to her problems. If what she had learned about magic was true, then maybe-

The visions faded as Sunset nearly broke free of her confinement, and Sunset's hand slipped off her. Twilight and Rarity doubled their efforts to pin her down, and Sunset collapsed once more, nearly crushing her counterpart. Sunset's expression became all the more determine as she grabbed onto her once more, this time trying a different tactic.

She delved into the deepest parts of her counterpart's mind, seeking out the true Sunset that was lost amongst the corruption. Back at Camp Everfree, when Twilight feared she would become Midnight Sparkle once more, she had been able to reach her this way by bringing not only herself, but their friends into her mind to alleviate her fears and get her to accept her magic. If she could just reach the real Sunset

There, she found her, lost amongst the darkness. She saw an image of her counterpart, surrounded by a magic aura and bound by tendrils of the darkness that surrounded her. Her eyes were shut, her expression strained as she was overcome by the corruption.

"Sunset!" she called out to her. "Sunset, you have to snap out of it! Don't let the magic control you!"

Slowly, Sunset's eyes opened. She saw her counterpart coming for her, her hand extended, and she recoiled from her. "Stay away!"

"Sunset, please, I'm trying to help you. You've been taken over by the magic. You have to fight against it. This isn't what you want."

Her counterpart just glared at her. "How do you know? You don't know what it's like for me. You don't know what I've been through. You have friends and people who care about you. I have no one. I have nothing. But not anymore. Now I have all the power I need. If you don't have power, then something can just be taken from you, but I won't let that happen."

Sunset shook her head. "You're wrong. This isn't the way." She reached out for her again. "Let me help you, please."

Tears began flowing down Sunset's cheeks, and the magic aura surrounding her began to flare violently.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" she shouted, before crying out loudly, and a shockwave flowed outward that sent Sunset flying from her mind.

Back on the outside, a loud roar escaped Sunset, and a flash of magic erupted from her horn. Sunset was thrown back, and her connection to her counterpart was lost as she was sent flying through the air. Twilight gasped and directed her telekinesis at her before she hit the ground.

Unfortunately, this meant relinquishing her hold on Sunset, and the dragon-beast broke free of Rarity's diamonds and sent the birds scattering. With an angry growl, she glared at her counterpart as Twilight set her safely on the ground.

"You just looked into my memories and invaded my mind, didn't you?" she guessed furiously. "So much for not doing that to a friend without their permission."

"You didn't exactly give me a choice," Sunset told her.

Sunset bared her fangs at her. "Well, I hope you found what you were looking for, because you won't be doing it again."

She fired a blast of magic at her that would have hit had Rainbow Dash not raced over and dragged her out of the way in time. They rejoined their friends a short distance away as Sunset towered over them.

"Please tell me you saw something useful," Rainbow Dash begged.

Sunset frowned. She had been hoping to reach the uncorrupted part of Sunset, but she realized it was a lost cause. She did get some other insight on her counterpart though. "Nothing to help us defeat her. But I don't think she's really bad. Just misguided, and in way over her head."

"That goes without saying," Applejack mumbled as she eyed Sunset's dragon-beast form.

"I think we can help her," Sunset continued, "but first we have to put a stop to this."

"I'm open to suggestions," said Rainbow Dash.

They heard a whistle, and looked to see Spike standing off to the side. "Um, hello, magic pony music powers," he said, motioning towards their instruments. "Remember those?"

Pinkie Pie's eyebrows rose. "Oh, right, we have those too."

Sunset was quick to agree. "That magic is a part of us. Even if she took it, it should still manifest in us and come out, just like it did when Twilight took it." In an ironic twist, she was the one who had to glance at her friend and say, "No offense."

"None taken," Twilight replied, and motioned their instruments over with her telekinesis.

Sunset cocked her head to the side. "What are you going to do now? Play me a song?"

"Something like that," Rainbow Dash replied, and stuck a cord that sent out a wave of magic that caused her to pony-up.

The others followed suit, playing notes on their instruments as they let the power of their friendship flow through them, causing them to pony-up as well. Sunset's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of their transformed states.

"You still have this magic too!? How? I took it from you!"

"No," Sunset told her. "What you took was the magic our friendship produced. But the magic itself, it belongs to us. It comes from us, from our friendship. We create it ourselves, and that's not something you can take."

The dragon-beast regarded them for a few moments before breaking out into a grin. "If that's the case, then your magic will only serve to supply me with more power."

To emphasize her point, she caused the gems embedded in her neck to glow.

"I don't think so," Applejack declared. "Come on, ya'll, lets show this overgrown lizard just what we're capable of."

She played a note on her bass, and her magic sprang forth in the shape of numerous apples. They flew at Sunset, blasting against her, and she roared in frustration. Sunset and Rarity did the same on their instruments, sending a shower of suns and diamonds flying at the dragon-beast. Sunset fired a blast of magic that tore through the suns and diamonds, and the Equestria Girls dove out of the way as the beam blasted the stage.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy took to the air and began flying around the dragon-beast's head. Sunset snapped at them, but missed as they flew higher. She spread her wings and joined them high in the sky, firing magic here and there, but missing her targets.

Rainbow Dash used her super speed, zipping all around Sunset. She snarled at the streak of rainbow, but was unable to catch her. While she was distracted, Twilight sang into her microphone, and a shower of stars rained against the dragon-beast. Sunset turned her attention to her and prepared to fire more magic, but the flock of birds returned as Fluttershy directed them back at Sunset, and they began flying around her face.

Sunset's frustrated roar tore across the sky as she batted away the birds. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy regrouped and fired their own magic at her from above. Sunset ignored the birds and returned her attention to them. Instead of firing magic, however, the gems in her neck began to glow, and the three girls cried out as their magic was drained.

"They're in trouble!" Applejack exclaimed. "Rarity, give me a boost!"

Understanding what she wanted, Rarity created a diamond that Applejack jumped onto. With a cry of "Me too!" Pinkie Pie hopped on as well, and the two girls were carried up towards the others.

Taking a handful of sprinkles, Pinkie Pie threw them at Sunset. She roared as they blasted against her, and stopped draining the others' magic, and once she was close enough, Applejack grabbed hold of her tail and used her super strength to yank the dragon-beast out of the sky and throw her down to the ground.

Sunset hit the ground, fortunately landing in an area where there were no people. She recovered quickly though, and took aim with her horn up at those in the sky. She fired, but a shower of yellow and red suns, courtesy of her counterpart, showered against her, and her attack missed.

Hissing furiously, Sunset turned her glowing gaze to the Equestria Girls as they regrouped. "You won't stop me! I finally have all the power that I need!"

"Power isn't what you need," Sunset told her. "They say that power corrupts for a reason, and those that seek it and nothing else are doomed to be controlled by it, because they have nothing to hold them back from becoming monsters. Just look at what it's done to you. You're not even you anymore. You've let it turn you into something you're not."

Sunset's eyes narrowed. "This again? We've already been through it."

"I know you, Sunset Shimmer. You and I are the same, but not for the obvious reason. I've been in a similar position. Please, let us help you."

A roar escaped her, and magic began to gather at the tip of her horn. "You can't even help yourselves. I don't need you. I have the power to do whatever I want. I fear nothing, and nothing can stop me."

"That's what you think," said Applejack. "Come on, gals, let's give her a taste of some friendship magic."

The Equestria Girls exchanged smiles before joining hands. A magic aura surrounded them, and they released a rainbow beam. Sunset roared and fired her own magic beam. It collided with the Equestria Girls', and the two beams pressed against each other in a stalemate, the air crackling with energy at the meeting point.

"Keep it up, everyone!" Rainbow Dash cried. "We can do it!"

The output of magic increased, and it slowly began to push back Sunset's beam. She snarled viciously and began to unleash more power as well. "You fools! You can't beat me! I've already absorbed your friendship music magic in addition to the other magic I've gathered. And now with your geodes, I have all your powers at my disposal and more."

More magic flowed from her horn. It began to push back at the Equestria Girls'. The point of contact got closer and closer to them, and they couldn't push it back, no matter how much of their magic they tried to unleash. It took everything they had just to keep it at bay.

Finally, it erupted into a blast of magic. The Equestria Girls were knocked off their feet and went down, reverting back to their normal forms. The crowd gasped in horror as they saw them fall and lose their pony-girl transformations while Sunset howled with laughter.

"I told you that you were no match for me!" she declared triumphantly. "There is nothing beyond my control now! I control everything!"

As she continued to laugh maniacally, the Equestria Girls groaned as they sat up. The situation was indeed looking grim. They had put all their power into that. If they'd actually had their geodes, then they would have been able to take their pony-girl transformations to the next level, but they were currently embedded in Sunset's neck.

"Wow," said Pinkie Pie as she held her head. "My vision's all spotty."

A despairing sigh escaped Rarity. "I hate to say it, but things aren't looking too good."

Rainbow Dash reluctantly agreed. "We put everything we had into that blast, and she still beat us."

"What do we do now?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

They all looked to Sunset, hoping she had the answer. She in turn looked up at her counterpart, her eyes shining with emotion. Truth be told, she was at a loss. "I don't… I don't know…"

Sunset roared with laughter. "There's nothing you can do. You're beaten. I'm the most powerful being in this world. No one can oppose me."

As if to accept that challenge, a small piece of the broken stage soared through the air and hit her. It bounced harmlessly off her shoulder and fell to the ground, serving only to draw her attention, and the dragon-beast looked down at it in surprise before her eyes narrowed in disapproval.

"Who threw that?" she demanded irritably. "Who dares to challenge me?"

From a short distance away, a strong familiar voice cried out. "That would be me!"

Recognizing the voice, the equestrian Girls whirled around and gasped at the familiar sight. Smiles immediately broke out across their faces as they recognized the person standing on the hill. "Twilight!"

It was indeed the Princess of Friendship, having obtained human form once more upon coming through the portal. She returned their smiles with one of her own, happy to see her friends again. "Long time no see."

The threat of Sunset was briefly forgotten as the Equestria Girls jumped to their feet and raced over to her. A moment later, Twilight found herself enveloped in a group hug.

"We missed you, Twilight!"

"How's our favorite princess?"

"Simply fabulous to see you, darling!"

She chuckled as she nearly had the life squeezed out of her. "It's great to see you too. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I only recently got your message. You were right, my friends and I were off solving a friendship problem." Her eyes went to Sunset. "And it looks like you have a pretty big one yourself."

They released her and turned back to the dragon-beast. "You could say that again," Sunset replied. "I wish it was under different circumstances, but we're really glad you're here."

"Yeah," said Pinkie Pie, "it's like a pony-ex-machina moment."

Sunset stomped closer, looking down at the newcomer. She looked identical to Twilight, minus the glasses, and she wore different clothes, and her hair flowed freely rather than being tied back.

"So," she growled, "you're the famous Princess Twilight I've heard so much about." Her tone became mocking. "It's an honor to meet you, your highness."

Twilight glanced at her friends. "Is that her?"

Sunset nodded. "She absorbed our magic and stole our geodes."

"Then she got all glowy and turned into that big, scary monster thing," Pinkie Pie added.

"We tried to stop her," said Applejack, "but she's just too strong for us."

Sunset sneered at them. "I'm too strong for anyone. Even you, princess. I know your alicorn magic doesn't work in this world. Your friends here told me all about it. You're powerless against me."

Twilight slowly began making her way towards the dragon-beast with her friends following close behind. "That's where you're wrong. The only magic we need is the magic of friendship."

Sunset burst into a fit of laughter. "Foolish princess. Your friends already tried that, and I defeated them."

A smirk made it's way up Twilight's face. "Then maybe they need just a few more friends."

She turned back to the hill she had come over, looking very confident. A few moments later, Spike came running up. There were more smiles from the Equestria Girls as they recognized their dragon friend in his canine form for this world. "Spike!"

"And I'm not alone," he declared.

And then, much to the Equestria Girls' astonishment, they watched as mirror images of themselves made their way up the hill to stand beside Spike. The resemblances were uncanny. With the exception of different clothes and slightly different hairstyles, each was an exact copy of the Equestria Girls, and they suddenly knew how Twilight and Sunset felt when meeting their counterparts. The only exception to the minor difference in appearance was Pinkie Pie, who was an exact mirror image down to the last detail of her counterpart, including the clothes and hairstyle.

Unfortunately, they weren't making the most graceful of entrances. The five ponies-turned-humans were stumbling around like toddlers who had just learned to walk, as if they had never stood on two legs before, which, technically, they hadn't. Fluttershy ended up stumbling and fell into Rainbow Dash, which caused a domino affect, causing them all to fall into a pile.

Twilight slapped her forehead at the sight. That hadn't been the dramatic entrance she had been hoping to make. When she had arrived with her friends, she had planned on them standing tall, walking side by side as she presented them. But upon coming through the portal, she had instantly realized that something was wrong with the big commotion she had heard going on in the back of the school, and had run on ahead, trusting Spike to help her friends. So much for that grand entrance.

The impact of the unexpected arrivals, however, was still just as great for the Equestria Girls as they stared at their counterparts with their mouths hanging open. This day was not turning out the way they had been expecting.

"Ya'll seeing what I'm seeing?" Applejack asked, dumbfounded.

"Freaky-deaky!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

Twilight rubbed the back of her head bashfully. "Well, they've been wanting to see what this world was like for a while now, and if I was going to come, then there would already be two of me, two of Spike, and two of Sunset, so I figured, why not? I mean, everyone here already knows about Equestria anyway."

"Is Starlight Glimmer coming too?" Sunset asked hopefully, wanting to see Twilight's student again.

Twilight shook her head. "I left her and Discord to watch the castle while we were gone." As Sunset raised an uncertain eyebrow at the mention of the Lord of Chaos, she began to second-guess her decision. "Yeah, in hindsight, probably not my best idea."

The Equestria Girls continued to stare as their counterparts stumbled over to them. They'd known that there were pony versions of themselves in Equestria, and they'd known that anyone who came through to their world would become human, but it was still shocking to see copies of themselves.

"This might about be the darnedest thing I've ever seen," Applejack awed.

"You're telling me," said her counterpart as they looked each other over.

"Are you kidding!?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "This! Is! Awesome!"

"I know, right!" the other Rainbow Dash cried. "I can tell you're me, but at the same time, you're not me."

The two Pinkie Pies, being exactly identical, stood directly in front of the other, moving around in unison as if the other were their actual reflection. "Ooh, mirror buddies," they said together.

"Hi, um… I'm Fluttershy," said the pony-turned-human to the actual human Fluttershy in a quiet voice.

"I know… I'm also Fluttershy," her counterpart replied just as quietly.

The two Raritys were busy looking the other over with a critic's eye. "Hmm, your hairstyle is a little different from mine," Rarity noted curiously, "but it still looks absolutely divine!"

"Well, this is quite a different look for me," Rarity replied, sounding proud of herself. "I never could quite imagine what I would look like as a… human, despite how Twilight described it, but now that I've seen it for myself, I can honestly say that I look gorgeous!"

The two Spikes were getting to know each other as well, the one from Equestria having been left behind the last time Twilight had come to visit and met her counterpart.

"Hi, I'm Spike/Spike," they said together. "Yeah, I know. Hey, we said the same thing. Hey, we did it again."

Having met each other the last time Twilight had come, she and her counterpart were less affected by the strangeness of the situation. "Remember how weird it was for us the first time we met?"

The bespectacled girl gave a small laugh. "Well, I was never trapped in a time travel loop like you were, but it was still the strangest thing that ever happened to me. Which is really saying a lot."

As the Equestria Girls marveled over the Mane Six and vice versa, Sunset's attention returned to her own counterpart, who had been seemingly forgotten by this strange twist of fate. "Um, guys…"

Snapping out of her own stupor, Sunset roared loudly, furiously at having been ignored, even if it had been unintentional, despite the fact that she too had been briefly flabbergasted as well by the Mane Six's arrival.

"Are you ignoring me!?" she raged, stomping her foot hard enough to make the ground shake. "Do you think this is some kind of joke!? Don't take me lightly!"

She fired a blast of magic at them. They all dove out of the way as the beam flew just a few inches above them.

"Shee-yoosh," Applejack muttered, "that one's sure got a temper on her."

"So very rude," Rarity complained.

Twilight lifted her head out of the dirt. "Perhaps introductions would be best kept until later."

"There won't be a later," Sunset snarled. "But don't worry, you'll have an eternity to become friends with each other… from the beyond!"

She fired another blast of magic. It was blocked though as Rarity managed to create a diamond barrier large enough to shield them all.

"Oh!" her counterpart exclaimed upon seeing the diamond materialize. "You simply must show me how you do that."

"Now's not the time, Rarity!" Applejack scolded, "If we don't do something fast, then we really will be getting to know each other in spirit."

"But we already know each other," the two Pinkie Pies said in unison. "We're us."

"She stole our magic and is using it against us," Sunset informed the Mane Six. "And she has our geodes, so we can't access our full power."

Twilight just gave her a smile. "You have all the power you need. You've got the magic of friendship. That power is yours and can't be taken away from you. Nor can it be duplicated, even if she did absorb your magic, because it's yours. You've just got to let it out. Show her how strong the magic of friendship really is when used properly."

Rainbow Dash placed an encouraging hand on her counterpart's shoulder. "And we'll be here to help you."

"You know what they say," said Pinkie Pie, "you have to help yourself before you can help others."

Applejack gave her a nervous smile. "I don't think this is the same thing."

The Mane Six each got to their feet before offering their hands to their counterparts and helping them up. With her own counterpart the cause of the problem, Sunset took the offered hands both Twilights gave her before standing up and turning to her friends with a smile.

"They're right," she said confidently. "The magic of our friendship comes from us. And it seems to manifest at its strongest when we play together."

Twilight gave her a smile. "Your music is a symbol of your bond."

Sunset nodded to her before looking aback at her friends. "So lets play."

Hearing this, Sunset roared with laughter. "You think you can defeat me with a song? Go ahead and try. I'll just absorb any magic you produce."

Twilight decided to take her up on that challenge and telekinetically brought their instruments back over to them. "She wants to see the true power of our friendship, then lets show her. What song should we do?"

Rarity looked back at her with a smile. "Isn't it obvious, darling? We'll do your new song. Rainbooms Remix you called it, right?"

Twilight blinked, not expecting that. "What? My song?"

"Well, duh," said Rainbow Dash. "It's a medley of several of our other songs that we wrote."

Applejack nodded in agreement. "I can't think of a better song to express our friendship than one we all had a hand in writing."

It was a logical suggestion, but Twilight still wasn't sure. "But… But… we haven't rehearsed it at all!"

Sunset nodded in acknowledgement. "Maybe not, but we know how it goes. And I don't think it matters how well we play, just that we do it together. The expression of our friendship is what's important."

"Um, I agree," said Fluttershy. "As long as we have fun and show our bond, our magic will come out."

"Just like when we fought the sirens!" Pinkie Pie declared.

Twilight still seemed uncertain and glanced at the Mane Six. She locked eyes with her counterpart, who smiled and gave her a nod.

Taking a deep breath, she put on a determine look. "Ok, lets do it."

Sunset stomped forward. "Yes," she said eagerly, the gems on her neck flashing, "lets."

The Equestria Girls glared up at her as they raised their instruments as if they were weapons. Behind them, each of the Mane Six came up behind their counterpart to offer their support. Sunset eyed them all hungrily as she waited in anticipation for them to begin and to get her hands on some more magic.

"Equestria Girls!
Ooh-oooh, yeah!

We're Equestria Girls and we're here to shout,
that the magic of friendship is what it's all about.

Things may come and things may go.
Some go fast and some go slow.
Few things last, that's all I know,
but friendship carries on through the ages."

Their magic revealed itself as they played, and each of the Equestria Girls began to pony-up once again. Sunset's grin widened as she prepared to absorb their power again. She watched as the magic aura danced around the transformed Equestria Girls, but then, to her surprise, it didn't stop there. It expanded outward, covering the whole group, including the Mane Six.

The Mane Six were equally as surprised as they were engulfed by their counterparts' aura. Magic flowed through them, and then they too began to pony-up, developing the same ears, ponytails, and, in three cases, wings as their counterparts. Twilight seemed to be the only one of them that wasn't surprised by their transformations.

"Check the Rainbooms out all rockified.
Their friendship magic amplified.
When they're rockin', see their style shine.
From head to tow, they're lookin' fine.
With pals as close as these girls are,
mic drop, lights up, everyone's a star!"

It wasn't just the Mane Six who were surprised by their transformations. Sunset was pleasantly surprised as well, and she activated her gems to draw out their magic. The gems began glowing as they began to pull the magic towards her.

The Mane Six reached out, placing a hand on each of their counterparts' shoulders. The magic aura surrounding them suddenly shifted, forming a bubble around them all. Sunsetcontinued to try and draw their magic towards her, but, much to her, astonishment, she was unable to.

"What is this!?"

"Generous, honesty,
laughter, kindness, loyalty.
Free to be what we will be.
Living life in harmony. (Harmon-harmon, harmony.)

Things may come and things may go.
Some go fast and some go slow.
Few things last, that's all I know,
but friendship carries ooooon."

With a snarl, Sunset continued to try and absorb their magic, but was once again denied it. A frustrated growl escaped her as she worked her gems in vain.

"Why can't I absorb it anymore!?" she seethed furiously.

"Because this is the magic of our friendship," Twilight told her. "And the magic of friendship can never be taken away, only given to others. What you got before was just a taste of the magic that they were willing to share with everyone, but true friendship is not something that can be taken by force."

"We're Equestria Girls standing side by side,
finding the magic of friendship deep inside.
Equestria Girls!

We've got the music, makes you move it.
Got the song that makes you lose it.

We're Equestria Girls and we're here to say,
we're gonna see things a different way."

An angry roar escaped Sunset as she tried again in vain to absorb their magic. She tapped into the full extent of her gems' power, and a red beam shot out of them and flowed over the bubble. The beam drew at it, and still she gained nothing.

As they continued to play, the magic bubble surrounding the girls steadily began to rise into the air. Inside, the aura dancing around them began swirling about more erratically. Pulse waves began to emit from the bubble and across the school grounds. They flowed over Sunset, hitting her like a physical force, and the red beam coming from the cluster of gems in her neck vanished as she stopped absorbing. A roar escaped her as she was pushed back by the pulse waves, her claws digging into the ground to stop her momentum.

"Listen up now, Rainbooms, rock it out.
Everybody stand up, scream and shout.
Lets hear it for our girls, listen to them sing.
Mesmerize the crowd with their vocal styling.
Who'll be the one that the crowd will cheer?
Watch it all go down, the main even is here."

Growling furiously as the pulse waves continued to flow over her, Sunset glared at the group of pony-girls with her glowing eyes. "If I can't have your magic, then I will destroy it! And all of you along with it!"

She fired a beam from her horn at the girls. Before it struck though, the bubble surrounding them burst and they unleashed all their magic in a beam of rainbow that met with Sunset's in a repeat of earlier. There was a notable difference in the beam coming from the pony-girls though. It was larger, brighter, with rings of Cutie Marks flowing down its length.

Sunset growled and unleashed more magic, putting forth all the power she had in an attempt to end the battle. However, even using all her strength, she was unable to push back the opposing beam. What more, she was steadily losing ground as the pony-girls' beam slowly pushed hers back.

"Generous, honesty,
Laughter, kindness, loyalty.
Free to be what we will be.
Living life in harmony.

We've got the music, makes you move it.
Got the song that makes you lose it."

We shine like rainbows. (Music.)
We shine like rainbows. (Takes us to the top. Rainbow rocks.)
We shine like rainbows. (Equestria Girls.)

"Why isn't it working!?" Sunset raged. "You were no match for me before! I had enough power to defeat your friendship magic and then some!"

"The circumstances are different this time," Twilight told her. "Now you're dealing with the magic of friendship, times two!"

"We'll be Equestria Girls forever.
And now our time has finally arrived.
We're Equestria Girls standing side by side,
finding the magic of friendship deep inside.
Equestria Girls!"

There was an eruption of power from the pony-girls that flowed down the rainbow beam, more than doubling its size, and began pushing back the opposing beam as if it wasn't even there.

Sunset snarled furiously as her magic was overpowered, but her snarl soon became a roar as the beam struck her, and a kaleidoscope of colorful light flowed over her. Cracks formed all over her body, and she crumbled apart, the broken pieces dissolving away as a bright light engulfed the entire school.

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