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The Alchemist's Dream - L Drkheart

Spike has grown as an outcast in dragon society with one exception but he is now leaving the safety of his home for the mystery of the world he had been denied.

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The Pride of Canterlot Pt 1

“Hurry up Spike let’s get this show on the road!” Twilight shouted back at the library as the last of their bags were taken by the first chariot that the princesses had sent for the group. Her friends would be getting there soon and they would be going to Canterlot to spend a day there before the night of the gala. “Spiiiiike!”

Said dragon was finishing another test on the stone that he and Twilight had accidentally created and wrote down his findings before locking the stone away again inside of a hollowed out book. He locked it with a magical key that Twilight had made and tied the key around his neck. He grabbed his ticket and happily joined his friend as she began to get excited and made him float in a circle as she hopped around him.

“I’m so ready for this trip! I get to show you and my other friends my old home and my family! I really hope that my parents like you all, they have never met a dragon before so one being my assistant might shock them. I did use to deny receiving any help when I was young because I thought to impress the princess I needed to learn to be strong on my own. So stupid now looking back on it, I have gotten stronger in the last few months than ever before because of my friends and because of you.” Spike blushed a bit and shook his head.

“I’ve only helped you here and there and after the last few weeks, I think you helped me more than I could ever repay you.” The two smiled at each other and could see that neither was gonna back down but before the potential argument could start Fluttershy arrived and was carrying a sleeping Rainbow Dash on her back. “Hey Fluttershy, Dash still sleeping?”

“Yeah, she was practicing all night to show off to the Wonderbolts and overdid it a bit. I found her in her room and was sleeping so soundly that I carried her here.” Rainbow sleepily hugged and nuzzled Fluttershy which made her jump and deeply blush. Twilight very stealthily used her magic and snuck a camera from the library taking a picture of the two and she whispered to Spike with a smirk.

“Blackmail is the best.” Spike raised an eyebrow at Twilight, bursting out in laughter at how evil the egghead can be sometimes.

“Howdy ponies and dragon looks like Rainbow wasn’t the only one who stayed up later than they should’ve.” Applejack nudged towards Scootaloo and Applebloom as they were hugging each other and sleeping on her back. Sweetie Belle was seen sleeping next as she was spread out on her sister’s back. Rarity walked up, pulling an enormous suitcase with her that seemed to barely be holding shut. “Umm Rarity ya do got that we’re only there for two days right?”

“Of course you would say that darling but these are all the essentials I assure you.” At that moment she tapped the case and it exploded open, dozens of clothes and fabrics falling on everyone. Rarity blushed a bit and giggled at Applejack’s deadpan expression before using her magic to shove all the items back in the case. “W-well you must understand that Sweetie Belle and I want to make a good first impression! After all, she is still young and may work in Canterlot one day! I can’t have her go looking like she was raised on a…”

“On a what?” Rarity blinked looking at Applejack as she tapped her hoof expectingly. “Well, Rarity?”

“O-on a… I meant in! Yes, in a zoo. Can’t have her looking like she was raised in a zoo.” Spike zipped over to her side and gave a thumbs up.

“Smooth save there I don’t think she caught up on it.” Applejack facehoofed while Twilight shook her head. They looked around for Pinkie as they saw the second chariot was arriving. “Where is she? She knew that the trip was today!”

“Someone run over to Sugarc- why isn’t that driver stopping!?” The group stared at the chariot as the pegasus pulling the cart looked just as frightened but the driver had a big smirk on their face. The driver lifted their hat from their eyes and the group paled at the sight of Pinkie Pie and she waved at them before they all started to run in different directions in a panic. She tilted her head at her friends running away but she shrugged and pulled back at the last moment, inches away from destroying Spike’s hiding place. They all came out and questioned Pinkie on what she was doing on the chariot already, Applejack taking the time to give the Pegasus some apples.

“Oh well, I was so excited this morning for the trip that I rushed out to see Canterlot and used a bunch of balloons to float up high and then BOOM! I got hit by the chariot and the driver guy fell off but I used my bubble gum party bazooka and he is in a tree. I took his job to get the ride here, I can drive us back if you want me too!”

“NO!” Applejack, Twilight, and Rarity shouted with Fluttershy shaking her head gently and Spike laughing. Twilight decided to make Spike drive as they all got into the carriage and Spike took the reigns.

. . .

As the group left Ponyville, a cloaked figure in the shadows smirked and descended upon the library. She aimed a fist at the door before a surge of magic blew the door off its hinges. Katrina looked around the home of her enemy and angrily began to destroy everything she could hit but the tantrum soon ended as she didn’t want to accidentally hit her goal. She used another one of her rings to find traces of magic but there were a lot in the home. In the bedroom she found one that stood out, it was a strange mixture of magic and she followed it to a book that was hidden under a pillow. She touched the book and found it was locked and when she struck it with magic, it rebounded back to her.

“So I need the key, I guess destroying all my enemies together would be a fantastic way to pass the night. To the gala I go…”

. . .

Spike nearly crashed the chariot twice but managed to get the hang of it before too long. He heard when the other girls woke and it started at least six different conversations, ones which were made of a variety of topics, apples vs strawberries, what color dress best matches Fluttershy’s eyes best, what princess was better, what cutie mark would appear if sleeping was a pony’s special skill. He soon drowned out the noise and concentrated on his driving, seeing Canterlot was a bit away. He then looked beyond it to where the Dragon Lands began and wondered if Ember had returned yet and missed him.

His thoughts left him as they flew around the city and he smiled seeing how it had rebuilt to be even stronger and better than before. Twilight and the others all looked out in awe at the city but for Twilight it was more of greeting an old friend than meeting a new one. As they roughly landed, Spike promised the pegasus that he would get better next time and apologized, a crowd started to build around the group.

“Now this is more like it! I love fan appreciation you know?” Rainbow said as she boasted and flexed but Pinkie was the first to notice the obvious problem.

“Those aren’t cheers Dash, they are insults silly.” She was right as the crowd was shouting insults and one even threw a rock, all aimed at Spike. The rock hit him in the face but his scales made sure no damage was really taken, but what was hurting Spike were the words that were being hurled at him.



“Fake Hero!” Spike held his head as he shook his head and looked at the ponies that he had fought for and saved not too long ago.

“W-why!? I thought you all trusted me… I saved you!”

“Oh please, give up the act dragon boy.” Spike gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes at the voice, Goldblum the unicorn walked through the crowd as they parted for him and he pointed his hoof at Spike. “You are nothing but a lying, cowardly dragon! I saw those strange potions you had on the train and it just so happened that when that witch, who had the same abilities as you, launched her attack on us you happened to be here to save the day.”

Spike’s anger grew as he stepped towards the pony and glared hard. “Are you implying that I had something to do with the attack!? I could have died! I was stabbed through the shoulder and fought a close friend, just to save all of you! I never even asked for anything in return and you made up rumors and lies about me!? I helped you on that train also! If not for me then some psycho would have gotten the diamond and escaped! I beat the Diamond Dogs twice and again asked for nothing!” Spike began to tear up at his shouting and only stopped when Twilight touched his shoulder and he shook his head softly. “He told me that they would hate me…” Spike sniffled and ran off with the girls about to give chase when Goldblum opened his big mouth again.

“As I said ponies, the guilty always run and it seems he finally got the hint that he wasn’t wanted in Canterlot.” Rainbow Dash and Rarity rushed at him while Applejack held them back, but wanted so eagerly to let them tear the unicorn apart. Even Fluttershy was angry as she glared daggers at him but was holding back the CMC as they had also attacked. Pinkie Pie slipped on a helmet that read born to kill on it and prepared to tackle him but then Applejack pointed and got everyone’s attention.

Twilight Sparkle was angry, angrier than the others had ever seen her, her mane and tail spiked for a moment before bursting into fire. Her eyes turning red with hate and her horn glowed red before she aimed her horn at him, sparks coming off it. “You did this! You took all of Spike’s hard work and torn it down! For what!? Because you couldn’t accept that a dragon was the hero of the story for once?! You sent your idiots after him because he looks different?! If he was a pony then all of you would be asking for his autograph instead of trying to hurt him for something he never did! You don’t know the first thing about him so why don’t you go away!!” Twilight shot a blast of magic at Goldblum who only shrieked in fear but the blast was stopped and absorbed as Shining Armor had finally arrived.

“I-insanity! She attacked me! I demand she be arrested!” Shining Armor turned and punched the unicorn with all his might, knocking out a tooth.

“You should be thankful I stopped the blast, because if it was up to me then the whole lot of you would be gone. You should be the one arrested for slander!”

“It was only a dragon!”

“He was a hero and thanks to you he ran off to Celestia knows where! Canterlot is supposed to be the home of the kindest and bravest of ponies but looking at the lot of you, I only feel like I was lied to.” Twilight had relaxed at the sight of her brother and listened to his words, joining him at his side.

“I was told once by Princess Celestia that to her we ponies were the true pride of Canterlot, not all the buildings, beauty, and art we have made. No, it was us and the fact that we were able to live in peace with so many kinds of beings but right now I see that not all of us were that open to friendship. Looking at you all now, I’m glad I left this place because I never want to be anything like you. Now get out of our way, we are going to look for our dragon friend.” The ponies all looked around before moving in shame and fear, Rainbow and the CMC blowing raspberries at them. Applejack did stop next to Goldblum and landed a famous Apple Family buck on his flank, smiling she trotted along happily.

Luna and Celestia floated above their subjects, always ready to interfere the moment they were needed but found that most ponies could change their minds but not many could change their hearts. This did not solve the problem at hand but gave pause to the mob if what they believed was true. The princesses shook their head and looked at a window where they could see the young dragon was curled up and sobbing softly to himself.

“You know that you should tell him, the reason this happened. The reason he is how he is.” Luna pleaded but Celestia only shook her head.

“The past is done… I thought giving him to the dragons would have buried his spark but I should have known that his fate could not be changed but I believe in time he will learn to believe in that spark and in himself. All it takes is a guiding hoof to start the way…”

. . .

Twilight sent the girls down every way she knew of, they all searched for Spike and found that there were a fair amount of citizens that believed in Spike and helped search. Twilight saw that their search was having no luck and thought hard about where she would go, ending up in front of her old home. She rubbed her hoof against the door and smiled, thinking back to the days where it was just her and her books but a frown appeared when she thought about her mind’s wording. Just her and her books… was she truly that foolish and lonely? How was that ever enough for her? No friends, no assistants, no… companionship. She unlocked the door and walked in, her home seemed perfectly preserved, only a very fine layer of dust and the cobwebs were new.

“How did you know I was here..?” Spike’s voice came from her bed, a sheet covering the dragon and hiding him from view. Twilight smiled softly and climbed up before walking over to the bed lump.

“It’s where I would have run off to… Spike, what they said to you, those insults that they shouted, you don’t believe them, do you? You are a hero to Canterlot, to Ponyville, to me.” Spike removed the sheet and showed his red eyes that had no more tears left and he shook his head.

“They were right about me Twilight! I am a freak! Every time that I ever tried to be a dragon I failed and was pushed away even more! All I ever knew was that something was wrong with me I’ve always been alone with my books and alchemy. I came out here to find who I was and maybe I could find a place where I finally felt like I belonged! I thought I had found it… with you. With all of you… but even if you all accept me there will always be ponies that see me as nothing but a monster…” Twilight held the dragon close and tried to think about what to say but remembered something from before, stop thinking with her head and start with her heart.

“I hated dragons… I had a chance to finally have a friend a long time ago, a real true friend but he was taken from me before I even had a chance to name him… I asked the princess what happened to him and she said that the dragons took him. She said that he belonged with them. I never accepted that and thought all dragons were friend stealers and thugs but then I heard about you, Spike. You gave me new hope for dragons and ponies and I realized that I made a horrible mistake by hating an entire species before even really meeting one… that is the mistake they are making down there but I know one day that you’ll be the one to change their mind.” She nuzzled his face with hers and they shared a smile.

“Thank you, Twi… if you don’t mind I just want to spend some time with you all and Shining, I may stay home from the gala… but you all better bring me back some stories!” Twilight was a bit saddened at the news that he would stay behind but knew that it was his decision and she didn’t want him to go and some dummy insults him. That would end up with a dead pony, Twilight or Dash in cuffs, a sad Spike, and a destroyed gala. She took him out of her home and called the others, all of them checking on Spike and surrounding him as they walked around town. The group ended up at the empty amphitheater and Pinkie immediately set up a karaoke machine. The group all ended up singing songs and having fun, even gaining a crowd of fans.

After they were done having their fun, Spike and Shining took the group to Joe’s Donut Shop. They all drank coffee and ate donuts, Spike, Fluttershy, and the CMC getting chocolate milk instead. Spike noticed the stares he would get throughout the day but found it hard to care when he had his friends by his side. Eventually, they all were invited to stay at Twilight’s tower for the night, Shining going back to the castle to report into the princesses. The next day was spent running, cleaning, and preparing the girls for their big night, something Spike was happy to help with.

The dresses were perfectly created to show off the characteristics of every pony and fitted to their unique styles. The CMC were the first ones out with Rainbow Dash excitedly following them and telling of how amazing the Wonderbolts were. Fluttershy gave Spike a hug and then went on after the others. Applejack handed Spike an apple before she pushed her cart of products out of the tower. Rarity took a minute to relaxed and did several poses in the mirror and then panicked, going on about all the things that could go wrong. Spike smiled and helped her relax with compliments and handing her her hat. She muttered to herself before rushing after the others.

Twilight was alone with Spike and he smiled at her while fixing her cape. “Rarity truly outdid herself with these, you all look incredible. With all those stars you can say that you look out of this world? Ehh eh?” Twilight giggled and rolled her eyes while knocking him away.

“You sure about staying?”

“Yes, go have some fun! I’ll be here waiting for you okay?” Twilight nodded and glanced at him one more time before running towards the castle. Spike smiled and stretched before sitting on Twilight’s bed and pulling out a comic. “You all enjoy yourselves tonight… I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

“Oh don’t you worry boy, they will get what is coming to them. All of Canterlot will.” Spike’s eyes widen at the voice and he turned and blew fire at Katrina but she used one of her rings to stop the flames. Another one glowed as it restrained the dragon and covered his mouth. “No need to get all worked up, after all this was a long time coming. You knew that I would be back but this time I have everything I need to see Canterlot burn! The princesses will fall and your friends beaten. Only once all of that is done will you be allowed to die knowing that all of Equestria will be mine! All I need is one last thing.” Spike struggled and shook his head as she levitated his key and opened the book, the stone glowing as it felt her greed of power. She grabbed the stone and stabbed it in her chest as it glowed and she screamed, Spike, being blasted through Twilight’s window and hitting the ground hard.

“I-I have to get to the others!” Spike ran through the darkened city as Katrina came to terms with her new power and saw Spike running off, She smirked and made her rings all glow at the same time before hitting several homes, trees and even the ground. The trees and homes twisted and became monsters who chased Spike while zombified ponies burst from the ground ready to serve. Katrina laughed and hit everything she could until she had an army and she pointed at Canterlot Castle.

“Destroy it and end the princesses! Bring me the dragon and burn Canterlot until nothing remains! The era of Katrina begins now!”

Author's Note:

I'm not sure if this is good... I'm really tired but I hope it is and the next chapter will end season one! After that chapter is done I will take a bit of time off this story to watch mlp season two but I have something that is connected to this that will be made so no worries.