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The Alchemist's Dream - L Drkheart

Spike has grown as an outcast in dragon society with one exception but he is now leaving the safety of his home for the mystery of the world he had been denied.

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The Pride of Canterlot Pt 2

It was strange being back home for Twilight, almost a completely new experience. Her home used to be a place where she could relax and spend time with her family. A place where she studied endless and learned everything she could to become who she was now. Things had changed or rather she now opened her eyes to the dirty side of the city she once loved. The gala was slow and while she was glad to stand beside Celestia as a friend other than a student, the endless amount of ponies and their rather pointless attempts to sound more impressive then they were caused her to walk away for some air.

The castle of the two sisters was enormous and beautiful but even with all of Canterlot here, it had the air of loneliness still around. Twilight stared up at the stained glass portrait of a younger Celestia looking up at the sun. She turned and found another glass showing Luna looking down as the moon shined down on her.

“That was so long ago, the night our mother passed away and we had to accept our roles in the cosmic balance.” Twilight jumped as Luna approached her and looked at the glass. “I hated my role and made up in my head that Tia did to… that she blamed me in a way. To know that my mother passed while the moon shined made me want to cry and I even refused to use my powers at first, making Tia take it all while I grieved on my own. She was everything to us, mother, best friend, teacher, and created this castle for us to share. How disappointed she must have gotten looking down on me when I let my greed and anger take me when I forced Tia to become just like her. How lonely she must have been walking through these halls for those centuries I was locked away, that loneliness being why she accepted ponies like you and the others. She could never have a child but still wanted so badly to be a mother.”

“I think that you’re an amazing sister princess, you are able to accept and move on from your past. I know that Celestia was just waiting for the night that she would be able to bring you home. The love of a sibling isn’t so easily broken from something like pain or time, I used to think that Shining would hate me because of how distant I became… but he never left my side and was always there when I needed him. We feared you and even lost your legend over time but I think you proved that you are a princess who is worthy of your power.” Twilight smiled gently as Luna giggled a bit.

“I’m still not sure about that but all we can ever do is our best, much like a friend of yours has done. Even if I had changed and before Nightmare Moon I gave thousands of years to benefit the ponies of Equestria, there will always be those that see me and see the monster they were told to fear. Every being has a chance for forgiveness if it is willing to change for it and the others are willing to give it. That is what Spike and I will always face and the moment either of us shows weakness or even a possibility of becoming like the stories tell of Nightmare Moon or dragons then we will lose the ponies who are waiting for a reason to hate us.”

“But that’s unfair! How can someone’s heart be so hardened…” Luna smiled and placed a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder.

“Still so young and full of promise, I see that Tia taught you well. We can’t always put reason in everything because there are some matters and beings in this world and others where reason means nothing. You may yet face foes who are driven by greed, hate, fear, or by the belief that they are right but you must trust in your heart and that your friends will be there for you.” Luna smiled and walked away before giggling. “I always hated the gala, even a thousand years ago it was the most boring thing to Tia and me, but I have a feeling that you all will make it quite exciting. Maybe that was the reason she invited you all, too bad Spike wasn't able to come through.”

Twilight looked back at the glass portraits before going off to see how her friends were doing. She started at the main throne room where most of the party was meant to be happening but everything was tiring and dull with no real fun to be found. Pinkie Pie could be seen rushing around trying her best to inject some life into the party but every attempt only made the ponies walk away with their noses in the air. She sat down and sighed, her hair straightening and her fur losing a bit of its pink coloring. Twilight walked up to her friend and held out a hoof.

“You look like a pony who could use a laugh, how about we go check up on Rainbow and see how she’s doing with the Wonderbolts. I bet you two bits that she’s driving them crazy.” Pinkie smiled gently and grabbed the hoof, getting up and walking next to her. “I guess the ponies here can’t handle a real party huh?”

“They all seemed… to not care about the party. None of them had the party spirit! I was hoping to make them smile but all I got was laughs and sneers and not the good ha ha laughs but mean laughs.” Twilight nodded and they went on their way, looking for any of their friends really. While they had yet to find Dash, Applejack was on the grounds near the gardens and seemed to be dejected and hurt. The two ponies looked at each other and slapped some bits on the stand, smiling. “Hiya stranger! Can I have a candy apple?!”

“Heh, and I will take a bit of apple cider please.” Applejack smiled kindly at her friends before giving them their orders and closing her stand. “I guess the night hasn’t been the best for you either AJ?”

“Nah, business started well but then some jerk came up and insulted me family’s cooking! He even made Rarity pay for the snack he spat out! I felt bad for her…”

“What!? We have to go find her girls! No pony should be with a jerky jerk like that! Umm does anypony else hear the sound of dozens of running animals?” Just as Pinkie said that a stampede of animals ran from the gardens and into the castle with a raging and beaten Fluttershy gave chase. The girls looked at each other and ran after their friend, getting back to the throne room and seeing Fluttershy had cornered the animals. Rainbow was weakening the screws that supported a large crystal chandelier that Rarity was under. She was yelling at a stallion who seemed to be the jerk that Applejack had mentioned before and AJ ran to her. She got to Rarity and bucked the jerk into a wall while shouting at Rarity that the chandelier was about to fall. Pinkie used her balloons to float up to Rainbow and tell her that her friends were under it and Rainbow rushed to get them out of the way before they could get hurt.

Twilight used her magic to slow the chandelier as Rainbow grabbed her friends and apologized as she thought no one was under it. The ornament shattered once it hit the ground and the princesses came running and saw the party in shambles. Twilight looked at her friends before sighing and heading to the princesses to apologize as the window above the thrones exploded, the body of Spike having been thrown into the castle and slammed hard on the ground as he struggled to stand. The main six rushed to his aid and he held his head as it was bleeding a bit and he coughed out a bit of the red liquid.

“K-Katrina… she’s back and t-t-taken Canterlot… Much stronger… I’m sorry…” He fainted and Twilight looked at the princesses for a plan. Celestia and Luna grimace and looked at Shining Armor as he was ready for any order.

“Captain, take every guard we have and prepare them for battle! My sister and I will be joining you all to keep this battle away from the castle and the citizens. I know that there must be a few that didn’t come so I ask you to bring back anypony that you find. Twilight I understand that you are fearful for Spike right now but I need you and your friends to join us on this one. I ask everyone to not be frightened! We will prevail over this villain!” Twilight nodded and looked at her friends as they nodded back and were ready to fight, tearing off their dresses. She gave Spike to the CMC as they promised to help him. Spike opened his eyes and reached out as they were leaving.

“T-Twi… wait… too m-many…” The CMC looked at each other in fear and only hoped that their loved ones could save everyone.

. . .

Ten Minutes Ago… Spike dived and jumped over debris that was scattered around the alleyways of Canterlot. He hid behind a wall and tried to catch his breath as Katrina brought buildings, trees, zombies, and other objects to life to create an army. The city itself was becoming the enemy and Spike wished silently that he had listened to Twilight and destroyed the stone. He teared up remembering the insults thrown at him and how he wanted to believe that they weren’t true but here he had brought destruction and possible death to Canterlot if Katrina wasn’t stopped. He fell back as the building he leaned against broke it’s foundations and roared at him like a beast, the contents of the house smashing into the dragon and alerting Katrina.

“You can’t run from this! Tonight is the last night that anyone will remember there being peace! For too long had I been stepped on and taken advantage of! I tried to make this place my home and I believed that I could find my own place here but they kicked me out! They treated me like trash because I wasn’t like them so tonight I’ll take everything I deserved back then!” Spike ran again but the ground opened before him and dozens of hands grabbed at his ankles while they screamed in pain. He burned the hands and apologized silently as he ran towards the castle. Katrina blasted two beams of concentrated magic at him and the resulting explosions sent the dragon flying through two buildings. He coughed and groaned in pain, spitting out gravel.

“I-I know how you feel! Do you think I never feel like that?! But I believe in this city! I believe that the ponies will do what is right and accept someone like me or you, but you have to be willing to forgive!” Katrina paused for a moment before she glared down at him and she aimed a fist at him, magic restaining him and making him float to her. The rage in her eyes burning like an unstoppable inferno.

“The time for forgiveness has long since past! Now it the time for vengeance and you will be my message!” She slammed him hard into the ground and repeatedly smashed him with her magic, Spike only being able to put his arms up in an attempt to lessen the blows. Once he had stopped moving she lifted him and ensured he was still alive before blasting him with her magic and sent his beaten form right into the castle. Her revenge only starting, she ordered that no mercy be given.

. . .

Celestia and Luna flew in front of their castle as they were in full armor, both had their armor emblazoned with their respective symbol. The entirety of the royal knights standing guard and none showing fear in the face of the army they would have to face. Luna used her powers and shot a beam into the air, using a bit of Nightmare Moon’s own magic to summon her own royal guards that had bat wings. The Knights of the sun and moon stood beside each other and looked at their leaders as Luna and Celestia prepared their magic.

“Tonight Canterlot faces a danger which will destroy all of Equestria if not stopped here! It doesn’t matter what our allegiance or species because tonight we are all fighting for the same goal! To see tomorrow and to defend those that we swore to protect!”

“To prove to the world that we are worthy of trust and kindness, we will defend them to the very end! This is a fight for the day and night! This is a fight that we will not lose! FOR CANTERLOT!”

“FOR CANTERLOT!!” The armies roared in unison and on a hill above them the elements of harmony stood in armor that had each one of their cutie marks engraved. Twilight seeing the fire and ruins that Katrina had already caused and she turned to her friends who smiled and put all their hooves together.

“For Canterlot!”

“For our families!

“For our friends!”

Twilight put her hoof in and all of them looked to her. “For everyone!” Celestia and Luna led the charge as they headed for the monster houses and mashed several while gunning for Katrina, who only smiled and made all her rings glow.

“Let’s go then!!” Celestia and Luna sent energy beams of sunlight and moonlight at Katrina as she fought back with her own magic and blocked other attacks. The earth ponies stampeded and cut down the zombies while knocking down the building’s foundations best they could. The unicorns were using their magic to fight and repel the larger groups of enemies, some even able to help the earth ponies get on top the buildings to tear them down. The pegasus took care of all the flying enemies and would grab items to drop and take down their foes. Twilight was in the fire of the battle, fighting beside her brother and used her magic to burn one of the trees then took her brother’s second sword.

“Don’t go getting tired on me Twily!”

“Me tired? I can do this all night!” She stabbed and tore one of the zombies in half while blasting magic at some of the buildings as they attempted to smash into a few busy ponies.

Applejack had used her lasso to get on and ride one of the zombie pegasuses, smashing it into a building and jumping through one of the windows. She then used her armor to spark a fire and spread it around before bucking a wall and smashing her way out. She landed with a smile as the building burned but turned as a tree swiped at her but Rarity had stopped the tree and Applejack bucked it away. Rarity was using her experience of holding a lot of items at once to hold back dozens of foes but she was getting tired and Applejack smiled at her.

“I got ya, girl, we’ll do this together. You hold them rascals back and I’ll protect ya.” Rarity smiled and got back on her feet as the enemies surrounded them but Rainbow dived and spun, slicing through a lot of them. She smirked at her friends before being tackled by a small group of the zombie who tried to hold her down but she flew faster and dived bombed herself and the zombies through the whole middle of a house. She groaned and stood again as she saw a group of the trees rush at her. “Aww, nuts…”

“You leave her alone!” Fluttershy landed in front of Dash and stood bravely against the trees as she whistled and the animals from before came out from small hidden places and attacked the trees. Fluttershy grabbed Dash and smiled before giving the stare to a few of the zombies and they all turned to dust in front of her.

“Remind me to not piss you off…” They looked up as they heard a scream of pure bliss, Pinkie Pie was flying above them and smashed through several zombies while using all her party tricks, from dropping cupcakes that explode onto the buildings to pulling out confetti guns that were a bit stronger than they needed to be. She had dozens of party cannons somehow and shot anything that remotely colorful. None of the creatures could match her speed as she was running around happily. “Or her, especially her.”

“Now this is a party!!”

. . .

“They’re losing…” Applebloom whispered out loud as everypony watched the battle from above. Spike wished that he disagree, while the girls and army were doing really well against their enemy, they could see that the foe was much more in number and was getting close inch by inch. This was a hopeless fight with Katrina still bringing things to life with every blast that missed the sisters and with their missed hits destroying more of the city. Explosions rocked the castle as they watched their home burn. Spike cursed and wobbled away from the window with the CMC following him. “Where ya think ya going!?”

“I can’t stand by and watch this, they need more help.” Sweetie Belle stepped in front of him and shook her head.

“Look at you! You can barely stand much less fight!”

“I DON’T CARE! I WON’T STAND ASIDE AND LET THIS HAPPEN!” Scootaloo hit Spike and knocked him on his back while frowning.

“And neither will we! That is our sisters out there! If you really want to fight then we will too!”

“You can’t-”

“You will not tell us what we can’t do, now what is the plan?” She held out her hoof and Spike took it, proud of how the three had grown. He had them take him to Celestia’s room and he searched it, finally finding a large wooden cabinet that had a symbol of a flame engraved on it. Spike reached out and the cabinet opened, his armor was there and Celestia had added new parts. Spike slipped on the lavender chest plate that was more his size, the helmet and gauntlets which were gold, and took the sword and new shield which had Twilight’s cutie mark engraved. “Looking good.” Spike smiled at them before taking them to his next destination.

Most ponies in the throne room were watching the destruction outside while others were consoling the crying fillies and colts. Some were even praying to give Celestia more strength. They all turned when a large amount of spare armor was thrown in the middle of the room. Spike stood on top of the pile with the CMC all dressed in armor of their own.

“Ponies! I ask you to let me have a minute, we can all see what is happening out there… they are losing this battle! Those brave ponies are laying down everything to try and defend this castle while we are all just forced to watch! I know why Celestia had us stay and maybe this is the wrong choice but I will no longer stand by and watch! These little fillies are willing to fight for you all with everything they have, not because I am forcing them but because they want to help! I am not a pony and maybe a lot of you don’t trust or like me… but I have traveled this world enough to have seen your people and I’ve learned so much! You are all so strong and would never give in to someone like Katrina! I know you’re scared and so am I… but I will fight through my fear if it means protecting you all and my friends. My family! Canterlot is a city of brave and strong ponies that I know will do what’s right. You all are the pride of Canterlot and we will get through this fight together!”

Spike and the others began to leave when Donut Joe stepped up and grabbed one of the swords in his mouth. Soon enough, the ponies steeled their nerves and grabbed armor or a weapon themselves.

. . .

Katrina gritted her teeth and glared at the two panting princesses. All three were using up a lot of magic with Katrina having the advantage with the stone in her chest but it was causing stress on her body. Celestia rushed at her and attempted to stab her with her armor in quick succession, nicking her on the cheek and jumped back as Luna hit her in the back with a blast. She screamed as the rings blasted the princesses back.

“You two will not stand in the way of my destiny! I am not that weakling from before I will take what I have earned!!” She sent dozens of dark magic slashes at Celestia but Luna jumped in front of her and took them, blocking her sister best she could, a number of the slashes cutting her body and legs. “You will see what a heart of bitterness and hate can bring! Tonight the sun and moon themselves will bow before me!”

“No, you will only get blood and pain.” Celestia glared and began to glow as all the light in the area surrounded her and caused her fur to pulse with power, pure light energy flowing off her in waves as her horn took an energy form and became twice as large. She tackled Katrina and used her horn to have a one on one against her dark magic. Luna forced herself to her feet as she watched the fight and then looked around at how her home, the place her mother had built was all rubble. The elements and guards were still fighting but each was being overwhelmed and beaten.

An enormous column of green fire could be seen as it momentarily stopped the fighting and Spike stood with the all of Canterlot behind him. He pointed his sword at Katrina and shouted for all to hear.

“TIME TO SEND THEM ALL TO TARTARUS!” The army cheered and attacked pushed back the creatures, helping the guards and attacking with any and all items that could be used as weapons.

. . .

Applejack was bleeding over one of her eyes and defended a tired and beaten Fluttershy who had cuts over her body and wings.

“H-heh… not gone yet are ya Flutters?”

“Me? N-never… just wishing I was in a nice warm bath…”

“Me t-too…” Applejack stumbled and fell to the earth, only to land on Applebloom who smiled at her and put her down gently, looking at her friends and each got ready to fight. Scootaloo using her scooter to run over and crush the feet of the zombies, making them all fall and Applebloom crushed their head while they were down. Sweetie Belle used her magic to take some burning sticks and sent them flying at the trees, causing them to burst into flames. She smiled and turned to her friends as a zombie pegasus dived at her in an attempt to bite her but a colt jumped and used a small knife he had in his mouth to slice the monster’s neck. He was dressed in a knight costume and was dark brown with a red mane. Sweetie Belle jumped and rushed to the colt’s side as he cheered, missing the zombie that was walking behind him. She used her magic to grab the knife from him and stabbed it into the zombie's chest.

“Hey don’t go cheering yet! We are still fighting!” Sweetie Belle shouted while the two stood back to back, Applebloom and Scootaloo soon joining them.

“So what’s your name colt boy?” Scootaloo asked as she beat back a zombie with her scooter skills.

“B-Button Mash... “ He sounded nervous as he let Applebloom have his sword and he used a bow he had taken from before.

“Well ah don’t know bout ya other girls but ah think this guy should be the first colt in the CMC.” Button Mash was about to ask what they meant but Sweetie Belle smiled at him and the two fought off two more monsters that were about to attack the other.

“I absolutely agree Applebloom.”

“Enough talking, we can do that all night once we win this!” They all nodded and fought together.

. . .

Spike ran through the burning and ruined streets, trying to reach Katrina and cutting down any that was in his way. He bashed and blocked at any that dared attack him and retaliated with his own sword slice. He could see that Twilight was now fighting beside her teacher and Luna as the three pushed back Katrina as she summoned more and more power from the stone, the excess power creating lightning around the three ponies and witch. The three magic ponies charged their horns and sent beams of power at her, the stone reaching its peak to create a shield around itself and Katrina, the beams being absorbed and blocked. Rarity rushed to their side and while she wasn’t a fighter, she blasted her own magic at the witch. Katrina screamed and roared at the four ponies as cracks spread across her body and she began to charge all the magic she could in her body, ready to unleash it once the four stopped their attack. He wasn’t gonna make it in time, he realized this as he was grabbed and shoved into a dark place.

“No worries Spike! My party cannon will get you there!” Pinkie blasted Spike but added too much power as he was aimed to go too far but then Rainbow grabbed him while he was in the air and took him high above Katrina and nodded.

“Finish this and show her why you don’t mess with a cool dragon!”

Spike nodded and she dropped him. He breathed out a lungful of fire, engulfing his body like a rocket heading down to the witch. She looked up and prepared to send her attack up at him. He narrowed his eyes and shouted as flames were in his eyes and his soul itself engulfed. His sword and shield catching on fire as he swung down with all his might and want to see this battle end.


“NEVER!!” He slammed into the shield and the stone was finally overpowered as Spike’s strike broke the shield and the four blasts annihilated Katrina’s body. The resulting explosion shined as bright as the sun before smoke was all that remained of the witch and her minions all fell. Spike laid on the ground as his left arm was charred and broken but he held the stone in his other hand.

. . .

Spike opened his eyes to pain and soreness but he could tell he was alive. He couldn’t move but could feel his body, except for his left hand. He looked around to see he was in the castle, this must have meant that they won and saved Canterlot. On the desk next to him, he noticed that ponies had left him gifts and by the scents around him there was more all around that he couldn’t see.

“Spike!” Twilight shouted as she hugged him, not seeing him winced and whine in pain, quickly letting him go as she cried happily. She was covered in bandages. “You scared me, bonehead… the fight was two weeks ago, we were all in really bad shape but you and the princesses were the worst. Canterlot was saved and Katrina… gone. The city was almost completely destroyed so we asked all nearby ponies and all our neighbors for help and almost all of them did! Griffins, Ponies, Hippogriffs, and all the animals came to help.

“But no dragons…”

“No… Spike I know what you are thinking but the city sees you as a hero now and no one will deny it. They are building a statue to all of the heroes that fought and one of them will be of you, the ponies demanded it. You proved that they could change and now you have a place here.” Spike smiled and rubbed her face, getting rid of her tears.

“I always had a place here, by your side. I’m your number one assistant right? I won’t tell Owlicious.” Twilight giggled and said that she needed to check on the others. Celestia entered after she left and smiled at the dragon.

“Well, Spike thanks to you coming out with the people we were able to fight and win this battle. I wanted to thank you personally from the ponies of Canterlot.”

“You have nothing to thank me for, it’s my fault she got that strong princess. That stone-”

“Yes, I realized how it was made and that it was an accident. I have the stone and found it hard to destroy, you couldn’t have done anything about it, Spike. You should not blame yourself for something you didn’t have control over.”

“...Please princess, I wish for you to get rid of it any way you can. What happened to my arm?”

“I shall, I may know a way. Rest up Spike and I’ll let your friends in soon. As for your arm… I’m afraid that Katrina had hit it with her magic and it seems like it may be beyond saving. However, I do have several ways we can mend this problem, I will show them to you at a further time.”

“Thank you…” Celestia watched as the CMC and Mane Six all entered his room and smiled a bit before leaving.

. . .

Celestia and Luna stood in front of the mirror that they swore to never use again but this was the only way. She threw the stone into the mirror and prayed that it would be destroyed.

“Was this the right move sister? I mean we could have just doomed another world!”

“I don’t know what we could do right in this situation but I have a feeling that if that stone is found somewhere that new heroes will rise. It’s how fate usually works.”

“What about Spike and the others? What now?”

“I have a feeling that they aren’t done yet since you woke the world has shifted and we must be ready for anything that comes our way. That dragon, my student, and her friends are the best second defense we have now.”

Author's Note:

WE HAVE DONE IT! That was the end of season one! Now I want to thank everyone who read, favorited, tracked, and commented! I'm so happy for the first third of my story to reach its end and I hope that it was worth it to all of you! I will need to take a break from this story as I have yet to see any of season two of mlp but I promise that I won't leave you all to dry. I have another story coming tomorrow that is directly connected to this one. I hope you all had a good easter and enjoy what I have next! Special thanks to Comickook and Zach_Dragoon.