• Published 5th Apr 2019
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The Alchemist's Dream - L Drkheart

Spike has grown as an outcast in dragon society with one exception but he is now leaving the safety of his home for the mystery of the world he had been denied.

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Magic or Might? Pt 2

'NO! I need to go get someone who can help!’ Those kinds of thoughts were all that kept Spike going as he slammed himself into the vortex of clouds again only to be shocked and sent flying onto his back. He groaned and held himself in pain before forcing himself back to his feet. ‘Okay Spike focus! You are stuck in a city with crazy ponies who want you dead but you aren’t alone. There is another princess that is said to be hiding somewhere, find her and come up with a plan to stop Katrina.

Spike relaxed at the thought of a plan and looked at Canterlot Castle if he wanted to find the princess he had no doubt that she would be in there but he would need to get through the city without being seen. He scaled a nearby building and snuck over the heads of the ponies before he unlocked the tower door and went back in for his stuff. He looked around the old tower and made a mental note to apologize to Shining’s sister for the mess he was about to make in her old home. He needed to make some potions that could get him out of sticky situations if it came to it. Quickly skimming through any book that seemed like it could help him, he began to use what he had to create three potions with enough to fill three spheres each. He slipped his bag on and spared a moment to look in the nearby mirror, flexing a bit and smiling.

“Okay Spike, you nine potions to get through town, sneak past the royal guards, find the princess, find Katrina, and then save Canterlot. Totally standard Wednesday.” He chuckled at his image before taking a deep breath and climbing out the window, heading off towards the castle. Very quickly, he found that underestimating the ponies would only become a problem as a pegasus flew at him in a tackle. His bag flew off and hung off the roof as Spike punched at the pegasus’s head and face, trying to be as silent as possible and not using his claws as to not harm the pony. “This isn’t you! Try to think!” In response, the pegasus slammed him hard into the roof and tried to stomp on him with its forelegs. Spike yelped and rolled backward, jumping and kicking the pegasus in the face and off the roof before he rushed to check on it. It was dazed but still okay so he grabbed his bag and started to run.

Eventually, the young dragon had to jump down from the roofs as more and more pegasi were patrolling the skies as he neared the castle. He found that there would be no way to get through the gate without being caught and looked around before he thought back to Shining’s tour and rushed to the museum. Inside there was only one pony who was put to sleep by the bored voice that explained how Wild Apple earned the nickname Granny Appleseed as she brought emergency food (all apple products) halfway across Equestria to the starving forces as they pushed the last of the Draconequus out of the kingdom and earned her cutie mark.

Spike passed the sleeping pony and shook his head. “Dragon or pony, I guess there are always those that will never want to learn but then again this exhibit is just about apples anyway so who cares?”

. . .

Somewhere on Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack jumped from her nap against an apple tree. She rubbed her face with her hooves as she talked to the tree. “Oh, imma sorry for scarin ya like that Bloomberg but I had a horrible nightmare of someone somewhere had insulted our family name! I should go find em and buck them in the- Holy applemole Bloomberg! Somethin is wrong at Canterlot! I have to go get the girls!”

. . .

Spike finally found what he was looking for, back in the war times, earth ponies needed ways to attack flying foes if there was no unicorns or pegasus around to help so they made giant catapults. He would apologize for stealing it later but as he pushed it out something else caught his eye and a smile grew across his face as he rubbed his hands together…

Spike fell as he finally managed to get the catapult pulled back all the way. He stood and jumped onto it, preparing himself to be launched. He reached behind him and pulled out a sword from its sheath, the blade of the dragon warrior Haku who helped save Equestria. Spike had taken the bronze gauntlets, leg guards, shoulder guards, belt, and green cape of the armor set with the rest being too large. The dragon knight took a deep breath before striking the catapult with his blade and being sent flying high into the air. Spike cheered and waved down at the pegasus and ponies below as he laughed and put his arms out, missing that a pegasus with blue hair ordered him to halt as they slammed into each other and both yelled as they smashed into the castle.

Spike groaned in pain and he rubbed his head, feeling something soft under him had broken the fall. He looked down to see a royal guard with blue hair and a blue shield cutie mark that had a lightning bolt through it was unconscious. He picked the pony up and dragged him over to the nearby bed, dropping him on it before grabbing the helmet that fell off him and examining the name engraved inside. “Yeeeah sorry about that umm… Flash? I’ll take this helmet for a bit but I’ll try not to get it ruined!”He slipped on the helmet before getting out of the room and carefully walking down the hallways which seemed to go on forever. “This will be impossible… you could spend a year hiding in this place and still never found somepony…” Spike sighed and started to check every room he could.

After half an hour of this method, he angrily slammed a door before rubbing his face in thought. ‘There has to be a better way of doing this… If I had magic maybe I could… oh, you big dummy!” Spike dug in his bag and found the second spare lens that he had brought, looking through it he examined the ground and found a bunch of traces of magic aura left behind when the unicorns must have past by but soon enough he found one that was larger and far stronger. This black aura must be the one that belonged to the princess. He smiled to himself before hearing a yell from behind him and he cursed before running.

The guard called others before pursuing the dragon while throwing spears and knives at him, with some bouncing off the armor and one sticking itself in the gauntlet as Spike blocked one. “Yikes this is getting too pointy for me and that is saying something!” He grabbed one of his potions and tossed it behind himself, it turns into smoke in the process but as the guards entered it Spike threw a vase at the smoke. The water in the vase spilled and the smoke immediately reacted to the water, becoming a thick paste that trapped the ponies. He skidded to a stop and walked back a bit, shaking a claw at the ponies and smirked. “Come on guys, anyone ever tell you all to never mess with an alchemist heh.”

Spike waved at them before turning and being met with a giant of a pony glaring down at him. “Uhh… what’s up? Well other than you of course. Not that you’re big or anything! Or that anything is wrong with being the size of a barn but you’re not fat just… yeah, I’m in trouble…” The stallion nodded and bucked the dragon hard in the stomach, making him dent and crack the wall. Spike coughed out a bit of blood in pain and held his stomach as he tried to get rid of the lights blurring his vision. He leaned up a bit and stood before he was grabbed by the cape the stallion pulled one of its forelegs back to hit his face but Spike smiled and dropped a different potion. “Sorry, but I can be a pretty slippery opponent heh.”

The sphere exploded and caused the ground to become twice as slippery than the slipperiest of ice with some kind of green slime. The stallion tripped and the two began to slide down the hall with Spike laughing and grabbing a passing chair and smashing over the stallion’s head. This still wasn’t enough as he attempted to kick the dragon again but he jumped onto the leg and delivering a solid punch between his eyes. Spike rubbed his knuckles as they pained and both of them crashed into another wall.

He rubbed over his body and froze as he didn’t find the lens and groaned as he must have dropped it during the chase. “NO! No no no! What am I supposed to do now?!” Spike shook his head and kicked the wall before hopping on one foot at the pain. He sighed and sat wondering if he really will be able to go through with his plan, hugging his knees he thought of Ember and how she would react if she saw him now.

“What are you doing down there? You are supposed to be my companion aren’t ya because I don’t remember befriending any weakling! Now get off your scaly butt and find that princess!”
Spike smiled to himself before another daydream came to him, Shining Armor standing over him in his armor outfit.

“Spike! You giving up on me now bro? Look at you! You are dressed in armor fit for a hero and since I’m not there to take your shine you better be that hero. I’m counting on you, we all are.”
“They’re right, I’m not giving up yet! Now to find that princess!” He raised a fist before looking down and finding a spider looking up at him, it’s eyes seeing the web ring on his hand before it tilted its head. “Hey little guy, I helped out of your own a while back. I was hoping maybe you could repay the debt? I need to find the princess that is still in the castle.” The spider nodded and began to lead the way with Spike following close behind. The castle was larger than Spike imagined with identical hall and rooms that stretched endlessly.

As they neared their destination, a noble opened his door to the sight of Spike. He threatened to report him to Queen Katrina for his hideous odor and unsightly appearance, which in turn made Spike light his mane on fire. He rolled his eyes as the noble ran back into his room complaining about savages. Spike finally arrived at a door that was different than the others, it seemed to be much more childishly designed with a cartoonish moon and sun drew on it. He raised a fist to knock but held back before pushing the door open and held his hands up as his eyes struggled to adjust to the pitch black room. “Princess? Are you in here? I am Spike, I was that dragon that Shining Armor had found and I helped lead to the capture of the Diamond Dogs. I know you may be wary of trusting but I need your help to take back Canterlot.”

The lights turned on and after a moment, they showed that the room he was in seemed to be some kind of nursery where toys were scattered and a crib was in the corner of the room. The walls were all covered in a vibrant arrange of colors and random pictures that the children must have done. “I can’t help you…” Spike jumped at the voice as it seemed to be from behind him, turning he was met by the sight of a young black pony who seemed to have a mane of stars and space.

“W-what!? What do you mean you can’t!? I need your help or Katrina will take the city and more of Equestria!” Luna stood and one of her wings seemed to have a deep gash in it.

“You want me to fight against my sister when I can barely fly?! I’ll be slaughtered and you would be next, we can’t do anything…” She sighed and leaned back against the wall, holding two old dolls against her chest. They seemed to be the oldest things in the room as the cloth they were made of were stained and the stitching was coming undone in some areas but it was clear what the dolls were dolls of, or rather of who. “My sister kept these dolls of us… I thought she would have had mine destroyed after what I did to her… but she never stopped loving me and now I can’t do anything for her when she is in pain and her city falls. I’m weak…”

Spike hear soft sobs come from the pony and he walked over to her, taking a seat next to her. “I’m no big hero… all I am is some dragon who wants to believe he is doing something that matters to somepony somewhere. I came on this big journey to find who I am but all I have done to find out who I’m not and maybe I can help you find who you aren’t. I know nothing about you but to have come in a place like this, I would say that you miss a part of yourself that vanished when the responsibilities of an adult fell on you too early. You may have made some childish mistakes, I know I have but with all the power you have I bet your mistakes had consequences that I can’t imagine.” Spike put a hand on the pony’s shoulder and sighed as he felt her tense up. “But I know that deep down you are also a kind pony who cares about her home and her family. You are holding that doll of your sister because you have always looked up to her and expected her to always be there to solve any problem but right now all we have is each other to count on.”

“And what if we fail? Who would be there is make a difference then?”

“No one… if we fail then it could be game over but something deep down tells me that there are others who are willing to fight. I can feel their strength, their hope is what pushes me forward. I won’t let Katrina have Canterlot, this place is the home to so many amazing things that I couldn’t ever imagine could be real. It doesn’t belong to anyone.”

“Driven by hope… the hope of others? You would trust the fate of the world to something so small and feeble?”

“I would.” Spike stared into the princess’s eyes with a fire in his eyes, determination so strong that Luna felt her own returning. She looked at the dolls in her hooves before standing tall and holding her head up high.

I thought that true strength would always come from within… maybe I do have some things left to learn Tia. If we only hide then I’ll only be a disgrace to my sister’s legacy. She is the sun, a shining beacon for all that is good, in her absence, I guess I’ll have to do!” Spike smiled and nodded.

“That’s much more like it! I think I have a plan forming. I may know where Katrina is hiding since she isn’t here at the castle, she would be protecting her potion to ensure I didn’t destroy it. If I went there first I would have been killed by Celestia but if you can distract her then I sneak down there. We do need to do something first. This may sting.” Spike pulled his second sphere that held the sticky potion and lightly cuts it open before putting some on Luna’s wing to close the wound, causing her to grit her teeth in pain.

“So are you ready for this?”

“No, my sister has beaten me in every fight we ever had and with her almost fully unbound like this… it’s scary.”


“Yes, the gas is enough to weaken me and her I guess but we are made of way stronger stuff than everyone else so we can’t be mind controlled by the gas. That mask that shocks her is what is doing this to her and that form is evidence she is still fighting. That is not her form at max power but it is still deadly strong so… I’ll have to make a decision now.” Luna closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she started the shadows in the room began to swirl around her. “Please, I need some space because I don’t want to hurt you… this is the only way this plan can work but Spike know that this is on a limited timer, whatever you are gonna do you have to be quick okay?” Spike nodded as the princess screamed and the shadows wrapped around her, pulling her down into them. He held out a hand as her eyes looked at him and the pupil dilated into a slit and the shadows were blasted off. The pony before him was different, one of pure darkness and a cruel aura coming off her in waves. She now seemed to have some kind of armor on.

“W-what is this Luna?”

“I am no longer that weakling, I am Nightmare Moon! Now, where is the princess?!” Spike pointed at the wall that would lead outside and the princess’s horn glowed before the wall exploded and she began to leave. He grabbed her tail as they flew out, seeing they were being pursued and guessing that Nightmare might seriously harm the ponies, he pulled out his last sticky bomb and dropped it on the group. They flew high into the air where Celestia was waiting for her sister. “Looks like you finally embraced what you are, nothing but a puppet!”

“You’re one to talk sister, are you here to make me stand down and revert back to who I was?” Nightmare Moon smirked with a chuckle.

“Oh no, I’m here to beat you down.” The two princesses began to glow with power as they blasted their respective energy at each other, the sun and moon beams mixing together before exploding and sending both parties flying into buildings. Spike looked up as Nightmare Moon jetted out of the building and tackled her sister, the two fighting with their powers and attempting to stab the other with their horns. For each attack that missed its target another part of the city would fall and Spike knew he had to stop this quick or lives would be lost.

He rushed out into the streets and ignored the crowd that soon started to chase him, throwing things and generally just blocking his way. He grabbed the second slip potion and covered the ponies in it before he realized something and grabbed the last slip potion before smashing it on his own feet. He smiled as he was sliding through the streets at an increased pace and was too quick and slimy that no pony could grab him. Above him the princesses were shooting beams at each other before Celestia yelled and caused rocks of fire to fall from the sky, Nightmare dodging and swerving rushed back to her sister to keep fighting but Spike had to watch as homes were destroyed or set on fire. Seeing that the smoke that now flooded the city kept him from view and allowed him to get to the Curio Shop he grabbed one of the last three spheres and threw it at Celestia who hit it before it came close to her.

“Do you have a death wish or something runt?” Spike smirked and gave a small wave as the potion exploded in a dark cloud that hid him and let Nightmare get a hit on her sister, who only spat bitterly and headbutted her. Spike pulled out his sword and broke the handle off the locked front door and kicked his way into the creepy shop, masks and strange shapes in the shadows kept Spike holding his blade and one potion in case of a sneak attack. He headed toward the counter as a door was behind it but suddenly a strange aura washed over him and he held his chest before his eyes widened and he jumped to the side, an ax coming down where he was just a moment before. Several of the masks and a full suit of armor came alive and rushed the dragon, trying to bite and swing the ax at him. He cut one of the masks in half before blocking the mouth of another with his gauntlets.

The armor set swung down the ax down at Spike but he leaned back making it slice the second mask and he smiled but the armor pulled the ax back up and set Spike smashing through more of the shop and dropping his sword. He yelped as the ax swung down right between his legs and he took his helmet off before he started running away, grabbing his second potion and breaking it inside the helmet. He aimed the torrent of black smoke into the armor set before he rolled under the armor’s legs and grabbed his blade, yelling before he sliced it into pieces and sneered at the fallen foe, not even looking back before he stabbed the last mask that tried to sneak up on him. He touched his chest where his scales were cut and drops of blood were seeping out, looking around he wrapped the cloth of the Equestrian flag around his chest.

Behind the door was a long stone stairway that seemed ancient with candles lighting themselves when he began to walk. The dragon knight could see the red gas was getting darker and thicker as he reached the bottom and found the place where this all started. It was a small round room that had forgotten texts lining the walls, test tubes, and beakers were scattered around, random papers were spread on the ground, and in the center of the room, there was the large cauldron that spewed out the gas. The room was eerily similar to the alchemist as it was just like the one he had made back home.

“Incredible, I honestly didn’t expect such a small creature to become such an annoying pest, then again you dragons are all pests. I am always interested in meeting another studier of the art of Alchemy but you seem to be lacking in real power. You think that your little trick or that puny sword is enough to beat me!?” Katrina shouted bitterly as she pointed a fist at Spike and one of her rings began to glow as ropes made of purple energy wrapped around the dragon and dragged him closer to her. Spike fought back against the hold and shouted before plunging his blade into the ground under him and the armor shined bright, blasting off her magic as steam came off the dragon. “I-impossible! That armor… never fret, I have someone to deal with the likes of you!”

Shining Armor walked out from behind Katrina with a mask controlling him just like the princess. “S-Shining!! What did you do to him witch?!”

“This smart cookie was the one who first found me down here and nearly ended all this before it began but I honored his attempt by making him my bodyguard in case something distracted Celestia which you seemed to have tried. Shining Armor, your queen is in danger! Kill the dragon!” Shining obeyed and grabbed his sword with magic before jumping down at Spike and slashing at him which he narrowly dodged. This was unlike anything Spike could have prepared himself for, every strike was perfect and when he tried to make an offensive it would be parried or simply overpowered. The only reason he wasn’t dead was that he was quick and would jump back once things got too bad.

“Shining it’s me, your friend! You were gonna show me more of the places you love to see, your home, maybe you could let me meet ya, sis! You have a duty to the ponies of Canterlot but right now they are dying and I can save them if you would just stop!” Spikes words were met with quicker and more erratic movements with the blade, cutting his hand and causing him to drop the blade. Shining took that moment to buck Spike, who barely put his arms up to block the hit from his injured chest and was sent smashing into a bookcase.

“You’re not me, you can’t beat me at fighting like me. You have to learn to fight like you.” Spike blinked as he realized that he would have never been able to beat a royal guard in a sword fight, no he needed to fight like an alchemist. Shining charged at the downed dragon but was knocked off course as Spike began throwing books at him. “Books are the best weapons in the world!” Shining gritted his teeth and sliced through the books while he walked to him.

“Enough games! Kill him!” Spike ignored the screeching from the witch and jumped onto Shining’s head, trying to pry off the mask. It shocked and caused Shining to jump and try to buck him off before slamming his head into the bookcases, walls, and finally cauldron to get Spike off. The dragon leaned against the cauldron as Shining used his magic and pointed his sword against Spike’s heart. “Finish him!”

“S-Shining… please…” Shining looked at into Spike’s eyes and for a moment in his mind, the image changed to one of Twilight. Shining and Spike screamed as he stabbed the sword into the dragon but only into his shoulder as he was able to redirect the aim before moving forward. Shining let go of the blade and shook his head as the image flickered between Spike and Twilight in pain and he slammed himself into the bookcases until one fell on him and knocked him unconscious.

“Weakling, to allow something as trivial as love to block the power of magic.” Spike groaned and breathed heavily as he grabbed the blade in his shoulder and began to pull it out. Every inch was a new hell with his scales trying to close the wound but made pulling the blade out a slower process. “Are you still alive? It’s over dragon boy, Canterlot is mine and soon so will be the rest of Equestria. You never had a chance, that cauldron is completely unbreakable.”

“Y-you’re wrong… as long as one of us is against you then the fight is far from over!” Spike pulled the sword out and leaned on it to stand before he pulled out his last smoke bomb and smiled while smashing it at his feet and climbing into the cauldron and letting his consciousness wash away.

. . .

Nightmare Moon glared through one eye as her other was too blurry with blood from a head wound and she stood on legs that could barely hold her weight. Celestia had cuts and gashes on her but it was clear who had won the fight. Nightmare tried another blast but Celestia smacked her horn away from her direction and headbutted her in the jaw. Nightmare fell on her back and found a hoof on her neck as she struggled to move, holding a hoof out for mercy as Celestia aimed her horn down at her.

“S-sister!! Tia!!” Nightmare Moon was gone as Luna had retaken her body and cried as her sister blinked and stared at her. “Please, you told me that you would never hurt me… remember that!” Celestia began to shake her head and scream as her horn glowed and shot white beams of power at her own people. “Remember who you are! This is not you, you are not a killer!”

“Shut up!! Celestia shouted and began to charge at her sister again before Luna moved out of the way and fell off the roof they were fighting on. She looked up at Celestia as she charged her horn for one more strike.

“S-Spike… it’s now or never…”

. . .

Spike opened his eyes and found himself in a darkened void, Shining sword still in hand. He shouted if anyone was there but focused on what he needed to do. He squinted to see anything in the darkness and eventually saw the cauldron in the distance. He floated over to it as quick as he could until distant voices could be heard.

“They hate your kind more than mine!”

“You’re nothing but a freak, much less a dragon”

“Do you think saving us will change anything?”

“You aren’t a hero”


Spike held his head tightly as the voices grew louder and louder insulting him and all that he is. “N-no I’m not doing this for recognition! I-I just want to do what’s right! I am not weak! I am trying to help! I AM NOT A MONSTER!” Spike shouted and looked down as the voices were all now screaming and he sobbed at the pain that struck sharply at his heart. The shadows started to wrap around the dragon and his eyes glazed over as the sword fell limp at his side, the hopelessness of the situation and the drive to go on now gone. His hand shook as it threatened to let go, his head looked up at oblivion and the shadows reached his heart.

Spike gasped as white light flooded his vision and warmth washed over his body. He touched his heart as it beat strong. “Need a hand?” He looked up to see a familiar dragon holding out a hand to him, taking it he stood and hugged Ember tightly. She hugged back and smiled at him. “Glad to see you haven’t changed much Small Pike.”

“Same to you Em… I need to go back, don’t I? Back into that darkness?”

“Yes, you do if you wish to save those ponies or you could stay locked up in this place with us.”

“Us?” Spike turned to see Shining Armor was leaning against a nearby wall while chewing on a donut. He smiled at Spike and the two hugged before Spike dusted himself off and tried to play it cool. “You’re here too!”

“Yep, this place is all your heart and we protect it with some help. Now you have a choice, you can play it up in the dream or face reality.”

“Even if it may hurt…”

“Life will always hurt but if we hold true to what we love then maybe a bit of pain is worth it, what you say Ember?”

“We lived our lives in loneliness and you were treated differently for no reason, pain is a part of who we are. It’s the reason you are so keen on helping everyone you see so no creature will have to feel that pain again.”

“I thought you trusted us to see this through to the end?” Luna flew above them and smiled at Spike as he waved at her. “I started to fight because you had hope in us and in yourself.”

Spike thought their words over before taking a breath and walking away from them, only stopping once.

“Will you stay with me?”

“No doubt


“Can’t get rid of us with some shadows. Remember that we are there with you.”

Spike closed his eyes as another voice spoke from behind him, this one was covered in shadows but there was no ill intent behind them as the figure was a pony who seemed to wear a crown with a start in the middle. Her eyes were the brightest white as she smiled at him. “And I will be too, forever.” That caused Spike to open his eyes as they shined white and he found himself back in the void but this time he glowed as the voices were destroyed. He floated to the cauldron and raised his blade, shadows screaming to stop and offering everything they could think of but Spike heard the voice from before in his ear, barely a whisper. “I believe in you, I always have.” With that last push, the sword swung down and a feeling of peace was the last thing he felt.

. . .

Luna let a small smile escape despite her situation as she could see the gas disapparate and the night sky return, they really had done it. She closed her eyes and waited for the light as her sister shot a beam down at her but it was destroyed and she watched as Celestia was tackled by six mares that Luna knew she recognized but from where her mind couldn't think of. She closed her eyes again before the darkness took her.

. . .

Katrina crawled out of her lair in pain before looking at her rings, the purple one was shattered and she gritted her teeth in anger. “I-I get that dragon back for this… if it is the last thing I ever do…” She crawled into one of the streams and used another ring as a green shield as she went over the edge.

. . .

Spike woke a week later in the hospital wing of the castle, next to him was a sleeping princess Luna. He coughed and struggled to move as he was wrapped in bandages and needles were injected under his scales. His armor and sword were nearby and he wondered what happened.

“Well look who finally woke up. How was the nap sleeping beauty?” Spike smiled at turned to Shining as he brought in food.

“Better after you stabbed me, how long was I out?”

“A week, they found us because of that little stunt you did had destroyed the entire curio shop. We are still rebuilding all the damage… and some are mourning those lost.” Spike rubbed his heart and shook his head.

“I’m so sorry… if I had been quicker or-”

“No, don’t you dare do that. You are the only reason we are alive right now and no one blames you for anything, it was that witch and right now she is the most wanted creature in the world. You are a hero to Canterlot Spike, don’t go treating this like you did nothing. That and you performed a miracle, my sister came home for a while to help us and my parents were so happy so thank you for that.”

“Oh yeah I stole some of her old stuff to help me in that battle sooo yeah sorry about that and I took a guard’s helmet which got destroyed so tell Flash my bad.”

“Sure kid I’ll tell them, try to rest some more and we can talk again soon.” Spike nodded and yawned before going back into a deep sleep. It was another week before both patents were allowed out and Spike was led straight to the princesses. Celestia was sitting on her throne and when Spike bowed she shook her head.

“No need for that young Spike, you are the hero of Canterlot alongside my sister and thanks to you we all are here today. A dragon hasn’t stepped in our city in many years and when did, you managed to become a hero. Shining Armor explained to me about your journey and seeing you now and feeling your heart I have something I would like to ask of you.”

“I-if I can help then I’ll be happy to…”

“Well I may be able to help you find yourself in the process. I have a student you have heard of, she is the sister of Shining Armor, her name is Twilight Sparkle. I have given her her our quest to learn the power of friendship and hopefully she can find everything her life had been missing. I would like you to join her in this quest and I have a feeling that you will learn more with her than anywhere else in my entire kingdom.”

Spike thought hard about what Celestia had said and decided to place his trust in her and if he didn’t like Twilight he would just leave. “I agree to your choice then and will join Twilight.” Celestia smiled and walked to the dragon, rubbing his head.

“I promise you won’t reject this. I’ll get you a ticket for the train to Ponyville.” Spike smiled and nodded, hugging both princesses before thanking them and looking at the armor and sword that were brought with him. “As for that, I do believe it should stay here with us at least until you grow into it.” Spike smiled and nodded before running out of the room to tell Shining of his new mission.

“Sister, what do you think Twilight will be able to teach him?”

“It’s more what they can learn from each other Luna, I believe that together the two will become something we’ve never seen before.”

. . .

Spike waved at Luna, Celestia, Shining Armor, and the rest of the city which had come out to see him off and he let himself enjoy the praise. He blew kisses and waved, even flexing once, before everyone was out of sight. He smiled and stuck his head out of the window to let the wind go against his scales.

“Onward and upward huh Em? To a new adventure!”

Author's Note:

Wooooow that was a long one and I bet there must be a plothole or something I missed in there so sorry in advance. I do hope that everyone enjoyed the story so far and yes the next chapter will finally have Spike meet Twilight and the other Mane 6. How was my action writing or other parts? I really want to thank Comickook for making my new description for the story. Well until next time!