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Children of the Sun - Shazam 25

When Celestia taken in two young ponies name Jazz (a unicorn) and Phantom (a earth pony) life in the castle becomes more fun until the darkest day comes. Take place before the Friendship is Magic series.

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Normal Picnic Day

Celestia and Luna were walking through the castle heading for the Royal Council Meeting. Both of them knew it was about Jazz and Phantom. Celestia has spend time with Jazz and was hoping to get to know Phantom some more as well and Luna spend time with Phantom last night and thought about spending time with Jazz, but now both Princesses have to clear out any false rumors and make sure the Council doesn't put Jazz and Phantom back on the streets. They reach the Council room which was just a bit off the right side of the castle. Once Celestia and Luna sat down the meeting started. First they got the usually out of the way, laws that were just plain silly or too power hungry for Celestia and Luna. Once those was over it was time for real reason for this call meeting.

"Princess Celestia, we wish to talk about the two ponies you have took to the castle." One of the Council Members said.

"Jazz and Phantom." Celestia told them.

"Yes, them. We have come to asked. Why? Why did you take them in? You know they could be dangerous, they could be..."The Member went on before Celestia cut him off.

"Jazz and Phantom have no parents nor could they remember them. Not only that, they have live in the market streets for most of their life. I'm not the type pony that leaves a young filly and colt on the streets with no home." She said.

"All the more reason you should be more careful. Sword Shield mention that young filly knows a spell that no pony has seen before." The Member said.

"I have been looking for it and even asked Jazz where she learn the spell. She has told me she doesn't know where she learn it, just that she knew it for a long time." Celestia said.

"Of course there was the time you left the castle without any guards and we were told you where put under a spell..." The guard said again.

"Jazz is ten years old, most ponies her age known some basic spells. And did you all forget, if I was under a spell, I would break free of it in no time. I left the castle on my own free will." Celestia said.

"What about the colt? He seem strange. Why his story?" Another Member asked.

"Phantom is Jazz's younger brother. They live together for a long time. I spend some time with Phantom last night and I learn many things about him." Luna spoke this time.

"Like what Princess Luna?" A Pegasus with navy blue fur, black hair and white tail, with a cutie mark in a yin-yang symbol with black and white stars had asked.

"Phantom enjoys my night sky and has been staying awake to see them. He even dreams of one day reach for the stars. A dream I wish to help him reach in any way I can." Luna explain.

The Pegasus smile, he had a scar over his left eye and his back left leg was gone due to fighting a dragon years ago to save his family.

"Balanced Hope, don't tell me that you are overlooking how dangerous those two are." The first Council Member said.

"They are kids. We have no right to judge them because of what Sword Shield said. Or did you all forget what he try to do when the two young earth ponies didn't know that Princess Celestia was walking in the market a few days ago? In fact I heard he try to cut off young Jazz's horn." Balanced Hope remind them.

The first member growl and turn away. The others begin to whisper to each other. Celestia and Luna smile thinking the meeting was going to come to a close but...

"Even still, they are dangerous. They should be lock away so they can't try to hurt any pony..." The first member said before a loud slam made every member of the council jump.

They all turn and saw it was Princess Luna that slam her hoof on the table growl dangerously. Even Celestia was angry at the idea of locking Jazz and Phantom up.

"We will not lock a innocent filly and colt up because they are "Dangerous"! Jazz and Phantom are living with us because they got nowhere else to go!" Luna shouted.

"We are not tyrants, we don't go locking up ponies because they don't know anything about their parents or parts of their past. I brought them to the castle because they remind me of me and my sister." Celestia added.

"Sword Shield..." The first member try to argue but was over spoke again.

"Sword Shield try to harm both Jazz and Phantom! When Phantom stood up to him the market, Sword Shield try to punch him. And he was the one that try to cut off Jazz's horn. When I heard of him spreading false rumors about them, I put him on leave. I don't take kindly to those that try to harm others for no reason or thinking they are better than others." Celestia added.

"We heard that stole things." Another member said trying to not make the Princesses any angrier.

"Just food so they stay alive. They also work together very well. I see a bright future for those two, but not lock up because of what Sword Shield told you." Celestia said.

"I think we heard enough." Balanced Hope said, getting all the Council members to turn to him.

"What?! Why you..." The first member said, but Balanced Hope stop him.

"It has become clear that the Princesses are attached to the children. Taking them away from them will do more harm to the princesses then anyone else. Plus Jazz and Phantom are young. They can't do anything that will harm the princess without them knowing. Take away the thing that makes them happy will cause them all to suffer." He said.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. I hope that you two will continue to enjoy the happiness that those two have been giving you. They don't belong on the streets or lock up because of some false rumors." Balanced Hope told them.

"Thank you Balanced Hope." Celestia smile and Luna nodded.

"Now I been hearing that the one call Jazz was planning something for you two day. Something that that was for all four of you?" Balanced Hope asked.

"Yes, I have asked Jazz what it was about, but she wants it to be a surprise. So I'm not going to force it out of her." Celestia said.

"And before the rest of you get any ideas, you forget my sister ability to look into other ponies hearts to see their true selves. Jazz and Phantom have no ill will towards us." Luna spoke up.

"She right. If the princesses say that they are welcome, then we have no right to say otherwise." A different member of the council said.

"Are you kidding!? We still need to be sure they are not dangerous. How do we know they are not tricking the princesses..." The first member started to say.

"ENOUGH!" Celestia and Luna shouted in the royal Canterlot voice.

"Jazz and Phantom are staying in the castle until their parents come for them or until I decide to adopt them. I already have the papers ready." Celestia said.

"I will not let you fools take away the one pony that loves my night."Luna added, though was a bit surprise that Celestia had some adopting papers ready.

"Then I heard by close this meeting before it gets any worse." Balanced Hope quickly said.

The first member growl and walk away. The other members start to follow him, thinking of way to use Jazz and Phantom for the new laws they are coming up with. Luna was able to see it as Celestia was trying to calm herself down.

"Fools! All of them. Maybe except Balanced Hope, I thank you. I will not let Phantom be treated like he's some kind of toy. Phantom is a free pony, not something they can use against us. I enjoy being his Aunt and I will not let anything harm him!" Luna thought angrily.

Balanced Hope shook his head, know what the rest of the Council could be planning. He turn to the Princesses and give them a knowing nod. He then left himself.

"Come Luna, I think we should find Jazz and Phantom before the Council tries to put together another meeting." Celestia said and walk out of the room with Luna following.

"So you're really thinking about becoming their mother?" Luna asked as they walk back to the castle.

"After that meeting? Yes, I am. I know I should have told you, but I don't want Jazz or Phantom to know about it. I got the adoption papers in case there are ponies that come to calm that they are their parents and I fear they might hurt them when they leave." Celestia said.

Luna nodded, seeing her reason. She then look back at her sister remembering that Jazz had something plan for them.

"Are you sure you have no idea what Jazz is planning?" She asked.

Celestia smile, glad to move away from that meeting and towards Jazz little susripse.

"Yes Luna, I'm sure. I have asked her many times, but she wouldn't tell me. She did give me a hint though. She say, and I quote, "It just a little something I what all four of us to do. When you got the time, met me and Phantom at the castle gates." Now that the meeting is done. We should head over there." Celestia said.

"I, for one, can not wait to see what it is." She added.

"We know it's not anything bad. Jazz and Phantom would never do that. If they did, we can easily hold them down, scoff at the idea of hurting us and send them to their rooms." Luna joke.

"That we can. In fact, we also place some weak level spell on their doors and windows until they learn their lesson. No day or night for them." Celestia joke back.

The two princesses couldn't help but to giggle at the little joke they made up. They saw the Castle gates ahead and saw Jazz and Phantom waiting for them.

"Well let's go enjoy our time with my future Niece and Nephew." Luna smile.

"Yes let's." Celestia said coming to see those two as her future daughter and son.

Jazz and Phantom stood by the castle gates, waiting for Celestia and Luna to be done with their meeting. Jazz had a picnic basket next to her and Phantom couldn't sit still.

"Phantom, please relax! Celestia told me the meeting won't take too long." Jazz said getting annoy.

"But what if the meeting is about us? What if Celestia and Luna might force to have us go back on the streets? Or put us in the orphanage? I like living in the castle." Phantom said worry.

"They won't do that! Neither Celestia or Luna would do that to us!" Jazz shouted, getting her brother to stop moving.

Jazz look at Phantom and sigh.

"I'm worry too Phantom. I don't know what is happen with the meeting but I sure Mom and Aunt Luna are doing everything they can to make sure those false rumors are clear up about us." Jazz said and hug her brother.

Phantom sigh and hug back. He really didn't want to leave Luna. He finally met someone who loves the night and it turn out she was the one that makes it. He only wish that everypony could see it as well. They broke their hug when they notices Celestia and Luna walk up.

"I hope we didn't keep you two waiting too long." Celestia said.

"No, we been waiting for a few minutes really." Jazz said.

"So, how did the meeting go?" Phantom asked, still worry.

"It went fine. They can try but you two are here to stay for now." Celestia said, not telling them about the adoption papers.

"So Jazz, why a picnic basket? That's your susripse?" Luna asked seeing the basket.

"We are going on a picnic yes, but it a little different. Before we head out, you need to take off your royal crown and wear." Jazz said.

Both Celestia and Luna was shock to hear Jazz asked the to take off their crown and the wear that had on. Though confuse, they did remover them. Jaz use her magic to place them in another basket she had with her and smile at the princesses.

"There, now you two doesn't look like princesses." Jazz smile.

"Uh Jazz, Celestia and Luna are alicorns. Everypony is going to know that they are the princesses." Phantom spoke up.

"Doesn't matter. This is going to be a normal picnic. Just the whole time that Celestia and Luna are normal ponies like us." Jazz explain.

"Jazz, we aren't what you call normal." Luna said with a raise eyebrow.

"What brought this on?" Celestia asked.

"Remember when we took the extra food to the orphanage and some of the orphans thought I was a princess? Remember when you told them I was normal pony like the rest of them? We see, when you say that I thought you don't see yourself as one of them. Everypony here knows the princess, but do they know the ponies?" Jazz told them.

Celestia and Luna look at each other seeing Jazz's point. For as long as they can remember everypony has been treating them like Princess not seeing the real ponies they truly are. Maybe they could take a break form their royal duties and be the ponies they wanted to be.

"Sounds like fun. I'll be happy to join." Celestia smile.

"Me too! Let's start this normal day!" Luna cheer.

"Come on! Let go Jazz." Phantom cheer as well.

"Okay, okay!" Jazz laugh and the four ponies left the castle grounds.

It didn't take long for the ponies in the market to notices Celestia and Luna, but were quite shock to see them without their crowns and royal wear. Phantom had jump on Luna's back hug her. Luna use her magic to take be off and bring him over and then give him "Belly Kisses". Phantom laugh and try to get away, but he wasn't having any luck. Jazz giggle and notices Celestia was smiling at her. For a second she was confuse before seeing it wasn't a smile, but a smirk. Jazz try to get away, but Celestia caught her and the picnic basket in her magic and use her hooves to tickle Jazz. Jazz started squealing and laughing as Celestia didn't let up.

Many ponies aww at the scene, see how much fun the Princesses were having with the two ponies they had with them. After letting Jazz and Phantom caught their breath, they both got their revenge by catching both princesses off guard and tickle them. Both Celestia and Luna started laughing and try to get away, but they appear to be powerless at the two. All the ponies couldn't help but to laugh.

After the little Market fun, as Phantom call it, The soon found themselves out of the market and into a clearing, where Jazz set up the picnic with Celestia helping her. Phantom was teasing Luna and got her to chase him. Phantom would sometimes stay still letting Luna get close be running off again. Luna sometimes hit the ground but got back up and chase after the colt laughing the whole time.

"What's wrong Luna? Becoming a old mare?" Phantom joke.

"Old mare huh? I'll make you eat those words." Luna smile and jump at him.

Phantom was shock to see Luna jump and caught him. However they were near a pond and they both fell in. They both pop back and laugh.

"Well I ate them and they taste like a old mare. Good thing the water wash the taste out." Phantom smirk making Luna bust out laughing.

After setting up the picnic, Jazz turn to Celestia and touch her leg.

"Your it! No magic or flying allow." She said and ran from her.

Celestia laugh and chase after the filly. Soon Luna and Phantom join in, use the game as means to dry off. Soon other ponies started entering the cleaning and saw the family of four in their eyes. Some fillies and colts join their games and Mares and Stallion spoke to the princesses as if they were everyday ponies. Soon Celestia magic start to lower the sun and they started packing up. They walk back to the castle smiling and laugh about the day they had.

"We have to do this again!" Phantom smile.

"Oh yes I quite agree! We haven't had this much fun in a long time!" Luna said.

"Sure, why do you think mom?" Jazz asked.

"I would love to live another normal day. But it make take a while before we have that chance again, and please just Celestia." Celestia answer smiling.

Once they step inside the castle gates, the Royal guards welcome them home and Jazz give back their crowns and royal wear. Celestia and Jazz headed in side for some sleep after a long day and Luna had put Phantom on her back and flew up to the sky as she raised the moon. Not far from watch them, Balanced Hope smile before turn to the newcomer that had shown up before the meeting.

"I'm glad the princesses have found someone that gives them happiness." He said.

"Indeed, Young Jazz and Phantom are helping the Royal Sisters much more than I thought." The newcomer said.

"Are you sure that the dark path for Princess Luna will change?" Balanced Hope asked.

"Time will tell. As long as the Council doesn't trying anything to hurt them, than Jazz and Phantom will be alright." The Newcomer answer.

"I see. I'll make use it doesn't come to past old friend. I still must thank you for your help with that dragon any years ago. I thought for sure I wasn't going to save my family." Balanced Hope said.

"All I did was point you where you need to go. You did the rest, but still you're welcome." The newcomer smile.

They both watch as Luna and Phantom flew into the sky until they disappear. Balanced Hope sigh and turn back to his friend.

"I still fear for those two. There are ponies that might not be afraid to use the young ones against the princesses, but you will know before anyone." He said.

"Of course, then again. I know everything." The newcomer said before a portal open in the shape of a clock face.

The newcomer step in and the portal disappear. Balanced Hope shook his head and head for his bed, known that he would have to keep the Council from trying anything stupid.

Author's Note:

And Done! Both the Meeting and Normal Picnic day are cover in this chapter. And big thanks for Crossoverlover242 from Fanfiction for letting me use his/her OC Balanced Hope. Now I hit my own problem, I haven't thought of what happens next. I thought of the Meeting and the Normal Picnic Day, but what should happen next? I'm thinking on that right now. Any guess on who the newcomer is? And no, he's not Jazz and Phantom father in this story.