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Children of the Sun - Shazam 25

When Celestia taken in two young ponies name Jazz (a unicorn) and Phantom (a earth pony) life in the castle becomes more fun until the darkest day comes. Take place before the Friendship is Magic series.

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2 years later

Celestia sat at her desk, not even hearing a door open and a pony sneak in. The shadow pony creep quietly to the princess a evil grin on its face. Once it was close enough to the princess, it stood on it high legs and rise it front hooves.

"Don't even thinking about it." Celestia said not looking up.

The Shadow pony look surprise as he blew a raspberry and put his front hooves back on the ground. The pony walk around Celestia and shown that it was Phantom, now 10 years old and having his cutie mark that Luna saw. He sat down and notices the papers that Celestia was going over.

"How did you know it was me?" Phantom asked.

"I'm your mother, I know everything. Now where have you been?" Celestia said then asked.

"I thought you knew everything?" Phantom smirk before he was jump.

Celestia roll eyes as she saw the now 12 year old Jazz tackle her brother and started to wrestle. Jazz got the upper hand and threw Phantom away from her.

"Morning Mom! Looking lovely as ever." Jazz smile.

"Morning Jazz and please, just Celestia." Celestia smile as Phantom jump on Jazz.

The door open again to so Luna walking in and saw Jazz and Phantom wrestle like they were young. Luna shook her head and grab the two and pull them apart.

"Aw, Aunt Luna, I was winning." Phantom whine.

"Oh yeah right!" Jazz said.

Luna just sigh and let them go. She step next Celestia and notices that some of the papers was From the Royal Council. Now doubt they were trying to pass even more laws that not only tries to give them more power or tries force Jazz and Phantom to have the same laws as them. Luna frown, even after two years the Council still haven't change, Balanced Hope did his best to keep the Council from passing too many laws that was aim that Jazz and Phantom. Since Celestia fully adopt Jazz and Phantom a year ago, the Royal Council has been going after them and she hated it.

Celestia could feel her sister anger and she too was quite angry at the Council. She notices another law stating that Jazz and Phantom must be call Princess and Prince at all times. She mush a reject on the paper, either of them were a princess or prince. Plus they don't treat her or Luna like Princesses, all those Normal Picnic Days they had over the past two years had made ponies see them different. It was a welcome change, everypony saw the ponies the princesses were and not just princesses.

Jazz notices the paper that Celestia rejected and groan.

"Really? After telling the orphans many times during our visits, that I'm not a princess, they think everypony needs to call us that?" Jazz said.

"Trust me, I know we were adopt by the princess, but we ain't a princess or a prince. They really needs to stop with those laws." Phantom groan also not like the law that was trying to pass.

"Celestia, I think you new members for your Council. Members you can trust and not be so power hungry." He added.

"Trust me Phantom, I have try, but they appear to stop it from happening many times." Celestia said shaking her head.

"Why did you pick them?" Jazz asked.

"We didn't." Luna spoke up.

"They were chosen by our treacher, Starswirl the Bearded. But ever since he and his friends disappear, they have been trying to use us in their ways to get what they want. We are not sure what Starswirl saw in them, but I have look into their hearts. They have been doing this since we first met. Only Balanced Hope didn't try to use us, he help in his own ways." Celestia said.

"Celestia, Luna, remember what I said two years ago? You're a princess, Alicorn Princesses! You have the right to chance thing for the better of not only yourselves, but for others too! In fact I think some ponies don't like most of the Council anyways." Jazz said.

Celestia smile, she never forgotten those words. It was because of what Jazz told her two years ago that she was able to get the Royal Guards to back off and let Celestia handle things and shoot down the many laws that the Royal Council has try to pass and remove some of the laws that she had pass that work in their favor. Some of the Council were angry, but Celestia stood her ground.

"Very well, I think it time for Canterlot to change for the better and the Council can not stop it." Celestia said.

Luna nods and Jazz and Phantom smile.

"Well, I be one of the future Royal Council members! I just need some more studying and once I do, don't give me any special favors." Jazz said.

"Agreed!" Celestia smile.

"And you Phantom?" Luna asked.

"Nah! Maybe I can some kind of teacher? Maybe help ponies learn more about your night?" Phantom said.

"I would like that, but that means you got to study too!" Luna said knowing that Phantom hates studying.

"Agh! Come on! My sister already smart, why do I have to study too." Phantom groan.

"You have to if you want to be a teacher." Celestia told him.

Phantom groan again and everypony just laugh.

Later that day, Celestia had let other ponies know it was time for a new Royal Council and she welcome anypony that wishes to be part of the new Council. Many ponies had step up ready to try and change Canterlot for the better. They end up meeting with Balanced Hope who told them about the rules and make sure their idas weren't power hungry. The old Council once again try to stop it, but Celestia stop them.

"The reason I like you all stay as part of the Council was because of Starswirl. You have been trying to force me and my sister into passing laws that only work for you." Celestia said.

"You're making a mistake Princess! It those two ponies you took in that making you does this." The first member said.

"They had remind us, that we are Princesses and we have the right to choose how we see fit. In fact, I have even asked my little ponies what they thought about Royal Council, many did not like the Royal Council and they too wish for it to change." Celestia told him.

"You...you..." The first member growl.

"After today, your services are no longer required. Get your things and leave." Celestia said not wanting to hear him anymore.

Celestia turn and walk away ignoring the Former Member of the Royal Council who started shouting at her. She was allowing ten ponies to be part of her new Council, and because Balanced Hope was still apart of it, she only let the ponies know that only nine more will be chosen. Celestia step next to Luna and watch as many ponies explain their ideas of how to make Canterlot a better place.

"So many ponies what to change Canterlot, but only nine will be chosen. I hope the ones that aren't chosen doesn't become upset with us." Luna said.

"Jazz told me that I should heard the ones that are not on the Council to see if the new laws works for them or if it needs to change a little. Then bring up to the rest of Council to try and change it." Celestia said.

"Sound like she's already a member of the Royal Council." Luna smile.


Celestia and Luna both jump to their hooves when they heard that shout. In fact everypony heard it.

"That's sounded like Phantom!" Luna said.

"Then we must hurry!" Celestia said worry.

The two Princesses flew to where the heard Phantom and stop to see Phantom pinning Sword Shield on the ground holding a knife on his neck. Not far from them was Jazz hold her horn, looking closer the could see that Jazz horn was almost cut. There was cutline but it wasn't deep. But they could tell how much it hurt. Celestia check on Jazz and use a healing spell to make Jazz's horn feel better as Luna pull Phantom off of Sword Shield.

"Phantom what happen?" Luna asked.

"We were minding our own business when Sword Shield appear out of nowhere and attack us. He almost cut Jazz's horn off!" Phantom said trying to jump at Sword Shield again.

"Calm down Phantom." Luna said holding him back.

"Why don't you started from the beginning?" Celestia asked.

"Well it went like this..."Jazz started to explain as she rub her horn.

A few minutes earlier...

Jazz and Phantom watch as many ponies show up hoping to be the newest member of the new Royal Council.

"Wow! Looks like you got a lot of ponies to beat Jazz." Phantom told her.

"That I do, but I'm not joining the Royal Council now am I?" Jazz asked.

"No, but maybe mom could let you in right away!" Phantom joke.

"I told her no special favors. I'm getting in the Royal Council the right way." Jazz laugh.

Phantom laugh with her and they started to talk about their next Normal Picnic Day, something else that the old Royal Council try to stop but many ponies love seeing the princesses outside of the castle and talk to them like everyday ponies. Some even invited them to their picnic's and they kept going. But what they didn't know is that somepony was walking quietly behind them and slow pull out a knife from his saddle bag. He was right behind Jazz and got ready to stab her, but he was knock away by Phantom.

"Sword Shield?!" Phantom asked shock before he was kick off.

"You two had caused enough trouble! I won't let you control the princess any longer!" He said and started to run towards Jazz.

Phantom try to stop him, but Sword Shield caught him and threw on on the ground knocking the breath out of him.

"Phantom!" Jazz shouted seeing her brother hurt.

Sadly it give Sword Shield the opening he need. He got close to Jazz and swing his knife at her horn. Jazz was able to move her head away but the knife still got her horn. Sparks appear form her horn but she could feel something being cut from her head to her horn and it hurt really bad. She scream and grab her horn in hoping to stop the pain. Sword Shield got ready to try again but was stop when Phantom stood up and shouted.


Before Sword Shield knew it, Phantom had tackle him and took the knife out of his hoof and press on his neck. His eyes widen as he saw that Phantom normal blue eye had turn red.

"You've hurt my sister! Now let see what happens if I hurt you!" Phantom said.

That's when Celestia and Luna show up.


Celestia shook her head, Sword Shield was still trying to hurt Jazz and Phantom even on his leave. Jazz horn's looks to be okay, she going to have let off on some spells to be safe and check to make sure Phantom was okay as well, but first she had somepony else to deal with. Celestia had a quick look in his heart and saw that there was no ill will towards her or her sister, but there was ill will towards everypony that came close to her. She could also see something else, but Sword Shield was hiding it very well. It started to show a little bit when she walk closer to her and it fade when he saw the look on her face.

"Sword Shield, I have warn you about attacking Jazz and Phantom two years ago. And even after I put you on a five year leave you still attack them. I will not stand for this anymore." Celestia said.

"But Princess..." Sword Shield started to say.

"No, I don't want to heard it. You been acting like this since we first met. Thinking everypony is going to hurt me, thinking that all the food I get from the market is poison, threaten ponies when they came near me and now attacking my adopted daughter and son? It appear that your leave is now no long five years. You are not to stop inside the castle again until you change your ways!" Celestia said making Sword Shield growl.

"They are messing with your head! This isn't you!" He said.

"This is all of my own free will. Two years ago I met Jazz and Phantom and look into their hearts and didn't see any ill will towards me and my sister, in fact from what I could tell, they never heard of us." Celestia explain.

Sword Shield was shock to heard that, but before he could tell the princess that was a warning she should had look into, Celestia spoke again.

"Jazz and Phantom never force me or my sister into anything! Everything we did was our own will. Sword Shield if we see or even heard of you attacking them again, then we'll have no choice but to arrest you. This is your first and only warning." She said.

Sword Shield look upset believing that Celestia was overlooking a danger. He push pass her and went after Jazz. Phantom quickly push Jazz away and was tackle by Sword Shield. Sword Shield was able to place one of his hooves around Phantom neck and another on top of his head. Phantom quickly realize what Sword Shield was going to do. It didn't matter to him that he was a 10 year colt, he still thinks they did something to Celestia.

"Sword Shield, stop!" Celestia shouted.

"No! These two are dangerous and you are letting them run freely! This is not who you are! I will free you!" He said and got ready.

"UN-HOOF MY NEPHEW!" Luna shouted and fire a magic blast that knock Sword Shield off.

Phantom was glad that Luna had free him, but he was even more upset on what Sword Shield try to do to him. Phantom turn to face him and threw a punch as hard as he could. The punch was enough to knock out a few teeth and had some blood come from his mouth. Phantom step up closer to him and look at him. His face was not the look of a 10 year old, more like a face that Luna shows when she very angry.

"I had enough of you Sword Shield. You attack us, think my sister put Mom and Aunt Luna under a spell and just now try to break my neck?! That's does it! If there anyone dangerous here it you!" Phantom growl and stomp on his head.

Celestia and Jazz was shock to see Phantom act like this. Luna then step up and move Phantom away before leaning down toward Sword Shield.

"You will have help for you injuries, but we don't want to see your face ever again!" Luna said.

"Come Phantom, let's go somewhere to cool ourselves." Luna added.

"Sure thing Aunt Luna." Phantom agree and jump on Luna's back.

Everypony watch as Luna flew off with Phantom as some doctors came to help Sword Shield. Celestia and Jazz were both worry, because of the tone that Luna and Phantom had use. It sound darker then normal. They never hear them speak with that tone before.

"You and brother will be expose. Then everypony will see how dangerous you are." Sword Shield said.

"Sword Shield just stop. If you keep this up, then you won't just be arrested for harming Celestia's children. So what if me and Phantom doesn't remember our past? It doesn't many who we were before, we care about the here and now." Jazz said.

Sword Shield look as if he was going say something, but Jazz step up to Celestia and hug her. Celestia hug back glad that she was okay. Sword Shield was taken to the Hospital and Jazz and Celestia return to the castle waiting for their siblings to come home.

Author's Note:

And that a warp for now. Thanks to ShiningShadow1965 for the time skip idea and goathero for the idea of Sword Shield attacking Danny and Jazz even on his leave.(Both usernames are from Fanfiction) Now I know that was a bit dark for Sword Shield going out of his way to kill a ten year old but in truth, things are going to start turning for the worse. But that will be later. I'm keeping this in a happy note for now, but it won't last long. Okay next, I'll do a Celestia and Phantom chapter. Oh, yes Phantom has been hanging out with Celestia for the past two years, same with Jazz and Luna. Maybe after those two chapters I start spoiling things a bit. Clear some questions up, in fact, here one now. The reason Sword Shield acts like the way he does is because, he in love with Princess. Which one? Take a guess.

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I guess Princess Celestia? lol

That first part was a Tarzan reference

9608028 That's not the only disney reference I made. Look at Chapter 1, where Celestia see Jazz and Phantom for the first time. Back where they were stealing some fruit so they can eat. Guess which movie that scene is base on.

Yeah I saw the Aladdin one as well forgot to mention i noticed that my bad sorry. Doing good work so far

Can you do some back story for balanced hope it's confusing on where he fits into this story, and will he have a major plot part does help the children or something its really confusing?

9646723 Balanced Hope isn't mine. He a OC that belongs to Crossoverlover242, who gave me permission to use. If you want to know more about the OC you have asked him. He's a user on Fanfiction.

You sure Phantom fan 21 you I can't use it.

9647165 I'm sure, you have to talk to Crossoverlover242 if you wish to the character. If you want I can talk to him. I see you call me by my Fanfiction name.

Yes that's how we talked in the past about the second oc the robot from South America with the adapting abilities and such.

I'm crossover lover and I give you permission to make a back story from my oc OK

9647286 Oh wow!:twilightsheepish: I didn't know! Sorry about that!:facehoof: I'll try to come up with something. Like I said, I'm not going to to spoil anything until after the next two chapters are done.

Lol I honestly thought you would of got it at the robot oc thing but eh what eves, but you do know, you have to give backstories about more than one character. like why sword was acting that way, why were phan and jazz separated from their parents, why/how balanced knows clockwork, what is the old council going to do to the princesses and jazz/phan, what is phan's red eyes some sort of power or something. Questions like that are filers were made for, add some dude.

9647358 I will. I will! I just want to get the next two chapter out of the way first. I need some pranks for Celestia and Phantom, I had to put up a blog because I couldn't really think of any and I did get some pranks. I also got to cover Jazz and Luna chapter as well. Which will give me some time to think on those.

are you continuing the story soon?

9861368 I am, Just a little stuck on something.

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

i only just finished what's up so far but i can't wait to see what happens next.

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Comment posted by geno extreme deleted Dec 1st, 2019

nice can't wait to see more:twilightsmile:

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