• Published 21st Mar 2019
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Children of the Sun - Shazam 25

When Celestia taken in two young ponies name Jazz (a unicorn) and Phantom (a earth pony) life in the castle becomes more fun until the darkest day comes. Take place before the Friendship is Magic series.

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Luna and Phantom's Night

Luna had raise the moon once again and look down to see... everypony walk in their house not even looking at the night sky. Luna growl, she was so tired of ponies not even looking a the night sky she created, every time she raise the moon the ponies head inside their houses and it get worse when she enter their dreams. It always about her sister day and what they wanted to do in the morning. She was tired of it! Luna turns around to head inside when she heard a voice.

"Wow! It doesn't matter how many times I see it, the night sky is still beautiful!"

Luna was shock to hear those words and started to look around. She found who had said those words and was a bit shock to see Phantom. Phantom was sitting on the roof above her balcony and somehow not slipping off. Phantom then notices he wasn't alone and look down from the roof and saw Luna. He was shock to see her and lost his grip and fell off the roof. Luna was quick to grab him with her magic and set him on the ground gently.

"Are you ok?" Luna said looking over the colt.

"I'm fine. Thanks Luna!" Phantom smile.

"You are a most odd pony. I never seen or met a pony that call me or my sister by our first names. Or that you are the first to love my night." Luna said after she was done looking over Phantom.

"Well yeah, it you name is it?" Phantom smile.

Luna couldn't help but to giggle at Phantom's question.

"As for why I like the night? Well even through I don't know where me and Jazz came from, I always wanted to reach for the stars. Sometimes I'll climb high as I can to get as close as the stars as I can. But it appears no matter how high I climb they are just out of reach. But I'm not giving up! I catch those stars one night!" Phantom smile.

Luna felt her heart melt when she hear the amount of love for her night was said in Phantom explaining. She smile and lift Phantom with her magic and place him on her back.

"Luna?" He asked shock.

"Hold on tight. I'm take you to the stars." Luna said and flew into the night sky.

Phantom was able to keep his grip on Luna and cheer as she flew. Luna flew so high Canterlot was nothing more than a dot when she stop. Phantom look around and his eyes widen when he notices how close the stars were.

"Wow!" He said.

"This is as high as me and my sister can go. Back when we were younger, we had a race to see how high we can fly without stopping. We can't go higher than this because, well I'm not too sure. I think we don't want to go past this point because we might not return to our home." Luna explain.

"That's okay! This is great! Thanks Aunt Luna!" Phantom said and hug her.

"Aunt Luna?" Luna asked while enjoying the hug.

"Well yeah, Celestia is going to be mine and Jazz's mom and that make you our Aunt! Even if our parents comes and get us. You'll sure be our Aunt and Celestia will still be our mom." Phantom smile.

Luna smile. She really did enjoy Phantom being around. She watch as Phantom reach for the closest star and smile even more. Luna wasn't going to lie, even if it was just few days and night, she was going to miss Phantom when his parents come to get him. He a pony that love her night sky and dreams of reaching for the stars. A dream she hope that will guide him to his cutie mark.

"Or make a good member of her night army."

Luna shook her head wondering where that thought came from. It didn't go unnoticed by Phantom however.

"Are you alright Luna?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just think on how the next night will be." Luna said.

Phantom nodded before he yawn. Luna knew what that means. He love her night, but he still needs his sleep. Luna started to head back to the castle and look back to see Phantom fighting to stay awake.

"Phantom please rest." She said.

"But I'm not tired." Phantom complain before he yawn again.

"You're 8 years old. A colt your age needs his sleep. I promise that tomorrow night I'll take you to the stars again." Luna said.

"Okay, let's do it every night." Phantom said.

Luna smile and continue to fly back to the castle. It was few minutes later that she landed on the balcony of her tower before looking on her back to see that Phantom had curl up and was fast asleep. Luna smile at the colt, Celestia was right. Neither Phantom or Jazz have any ill will towards them. Sword Shield was spreading lies about them, saying that they are spies to lower the princess's guard. That they were sleeper agent send by one of the many enemies they had. But Luna didn't see any of that. In fact she even went inside their dreams to see if there was any about them she could learn. So far, the only thing she got was the love towards each other and why they wanted to be in the future.

Luna walk back to Phantom room and place him in his bed. She was just about to cover him with the blanket when she saw something that shock her. There laying in Phantom place, was a fully grown Alicorn, only this one was a stallion. The fur coat was still the same as well as the mane and tail, but the cutie mark is what shock her the most. It was a star that had letter, no two letters in it. A "D" and a "P" inside it. Luna blink and shook her head. When she look back at Phantom he was a colt again. Luna cover him and give him a quick kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.

Luna had no idea what she just saw. A male Alicorn? Alicorns are rare types of ponies. Due to that she and Celestia where the only female Alicorns, mare Alicorns where even rarer. And why did it look like Phantom? She shook her head, thinking maybe she was just a bit tired herself. Maybe she can take quick nap, after all she did flew Phantom up to the night sky and back down again. It does take a bit of her energy when she does that.

Before she reach her room a member of the royal guards had race up to her and bow. Luna was a bit surprise to see one of the guards run up and waited for him to speak.

"Princess Luna...I...I..." The guard try to stay.

"Catch your breath first then speak." Luna said seeing how worn out he was.

After catching his breath the guard look back at Luna.

"The Royal Council wishes to speak with you and Celestia in the morning. Something about the two ponies Princess Celestia had brought back." He said.

Luna groan, she never like the Royal Council. They always try to make her and Celestia pass laws that was just plain silly or too power hungry. But now they are going after Phantom and Jazz? She knew Celestia would never let those two back on the streets and neither will she. She had just enjoy the time she had with Phantom and she knew that if Phantom is send back to the streets, then she will never keep her new found promise.

"Princess Luna?" The guard asked worry.

"Yes, I will be there, you should know that Phantom and Jazz are very young. Either me or my sister wish to see them on the streets again. Nothing the Council can say or do can change our minds." Luna spoke up before turning towards her door.

"I'll be taking a quick nap. If I'm not awake in five minutes, send someone to waken me." Luna told the guard.

"Yes your highness." The guard bow.

Once Luna step inside her room, she growl. She couldn't believe it, there was no doubt in her mind that the Council was going to try to put Phantom and Jazz back on the streets. There no way those...those fools!...were going to do that! She would make sure Phantom would always reach for the stars with her help. No one was going to take away the one pony that loves her night! Luna thought back to the thought she had when she took Phantom into the night sky. A member of her night army? She knew he could make a great royal night guard. He might even help her make her night... her night...

Luna shook her head. Phantom was just a colt, she wouldn't do anything to him. Phantom has a whole life in front of him. And she was going to be there for him the whole time. Weather his parents comes for him or not. Luna turn to her bed and lay down in it. For once she let herself dream, dream of a life with Phantom by her side laughing and play in her night.

Author's Note:

Shorter than Celestia and Jazz's chapter, but there was no way a 8 year old was going to stay up all night. Now Luna has become close to Phantom and like Celestia doesn't wanted anything to happen to him and Jazz. Remember, Luna is still on the path of becoming Nightmare Moon. Will she turn into her or not, well in due time. I'm not spoiling anything about that. In the next chapter, all four of them are going to enjoy time together. I even get the Royal Council meeting out of the way as well. Please review! Reviews help keep my stories going!