• Published 21st Mar 2019
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Children of the Sun - Shazam 25

When Celestia taken in two young ponies name Jazz (a unicorn) and Phantom (a earth pony) life in the castle becomes more fun until the darkest day comes. Take place before the Friendship is Magic series.

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Celestia and Jazz's Day

Celestia had raise the sun once again and notices someone was next to her. She look down and saw Jazz yawning next to her. She had forgotten that Jazz was a early riser, always up before she rise the sun. She couldn't help but to smile when Jazz watch the sun rise.

"I always like the sun rise. I feel like I wake up just like the sun." Jazz smile.

"What about Phantom?" Celestia asked.

"Phantom a late sleeper. He always stay up to see the stars and the moon before going to sleep. Sometimes he stay awake for hours, through I have told him he only 8 years old and stay up that late was unhealthy but he still does it." Jazz explain.

Celestia smile, looks like somepony love Luna's night. She look over Canterlot and back at the Market where she first meet the two young siblings. Jazz look down at the market as well and smile.

"So, should we get some breakfast, mom?" Jazz said smirking.

Celestia was snap out of her thoughts and was shock to hear the word mom again, but like before she recover quickly.

"Yes, let's and please just Celestia." She said.

Jazz giggle and follow Celestia to the dining room. They sat down and had their food brought to them. Jazz, due to living in the market for months, started to eat everything in sight. Celestia just watch and smile. Jazz kept eating before she remember where she was.

"Sorry, I forget where I was for a second there." She said sheepishly.

"It fine Jazz, no pony can change overnight. I take it that you and Phantom were unable go get food and went without it for a while?" Celestia said then asked.

"Yeah, we did. And I never seen so much food before. I mean this could feed a whole castle." Jazz answer.

"The cooks can go a bit overboard when it come to food. They think we alicorns need more food then normal ponies. I have told them, but some cooks still go overboard." Celestia smile and shook her head.

"How about giving some of the extra food for the poor? Or maybe to the orphanage that has little to no food?" Jazz asked.

"I have been trying to do that, but the Royal Guards seem to think that there could be a trap waiting for me. They never let up." Celestia said and frown.

"Please, like they can tell you what to do." Jazz scoff and roll her eyes.

"Celestia, your a princess. An Alicorn Princess! A true princess needs to be there for others. She need to show these ponies some kindness, generosity and even some laughter. Those guards needs know that you are in charge, not them." Jazz said.

"Yes, you are right. I had hide behind these walls long enough. Many ponies don't know what type of princess I am. It time I show them." Celestia agree.

"Yeah! Maybe we can bring Luna and Phantom... oh wait they are still asleep. And Phantom can get really cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep." Jazz said.

"As with Luna. Maybe next time, we will have them come when they are awake." Celestia smile.

"Well then, let's pack this food up and get to the orphanage!" Jazz cheer.

Celestia nodded and smile. It appear that bring Jazz and Phantom in their lives was a good thing.

Celestia smile as she and Jazz walk to the orphanage, the guards once again try to stop the princess from leaving, but she put her hoof down and remind them that she was a princess and she can defend for herself. The guard that met Jazz and Phantom on yesterday walk, thought Jazz had some kind of spell on the princess and almost cut Jazz's horn off. However, Celestia stop him and warn him about attacking young ponies, he try to attack Jazz or Phantom again, he was to be removed from the royal guards and never step a hoof inside the castle until he learn his lesson.

"What with that guy? I understand he just doing his job, but really, what make him think I was putting a spell on you? I'm only 10 years old. I don't know any of those spells." Jazz asked.

"I'm not really sure. Shield Sword always try to make sure I'm safe from any kind of danger. One time he thought the food that was giving to me by the market could be poison and he end up destroying it when we left the stand. He did so many things in his way of keeping me safe, he overlooks that I trust these ponies and I can look into their hearts and see if they carry any ill will to me or my sister." Celestia explain.

"Yeah, plus what would someone try attacking you in a orphanage? If they did, you be more worry about the orphans then yourself right?" Jazz said.

"Yes, I would. But let's not think about that, let's see if these young one are really to have some food." Celestia said.

Jazz nodded and she and Celestia walk up to the doors and knock. The door open to a white pony with a red mane and tail with a heart as it cutie mark. Her blue eyes widen when she saw Princess Celestia.

"Oh Princess! I didn't know you were coming." She said and bow.

"It fine, I'm here to help some of the orphans. Call you please bring them?" Celestia said.

"Of course! I get them right away." She said and notices Jazz.

"And who are dear?" She asked.

"I'm Jazz. I'm here to help Celestia." She said.

"Really? I'm Kind Heart. It not every day Celestia has a young filles like yourself." The pony said smiling.

"Well, she not really mine. Jazz and her brother live in the Market Streets for months and I took them to live in the castle. I trying to see if I can find their parents." Celestia explain.

Kind Heart was shock to hear that, but from what she could see Jazz was happy with Celestia and that what she loves to see. Somepony that happy with the one they are next to.

"Very well, I'll get the kids." She said and walk back inside.

"Let's get the food set up." Jazz smile.

Celestia nods and turn to the cart that they had brought with them. On it was all the leftover food from breakfast. She and Jazz started to set the food up and Celestia give Jazz some quick lessons in a warming spell to heat some of the food up. They just about finish when the orphans had step out of the orphanage and saw the Princess and a filly setting up what look to be tons of food.

"Hello my little ponies. I hope you don't mind some extra food. The castle staff had made too much for me and my sister to eat." Celestia smile.

"So we thought it would nice to bring some food here for some of you." Jazz said setting last of the extra down.

"So go on, enjoy." Celestia smile as the orphans cheer and rush over to the food.

Many of them were able to get some of the food on their own, but Jazz help the much smaller ones who couldn't reach the food they wanted. Celestia smile as she watch orphans started to eat some of the food and many asked Jazz who she was and why she was with the princess.

"Thank you Princess. Seeing the smile on those fillies and colts faces always bring a joy to my heart." Kind Heart said.

"As it does to mine." Celestia agree.

"If you wish Princess, I can draw up the papers for you to take Jazz and her brother in fully if you can't find their parents." Kind Heart brought up.

Celestia thought about it and knew it might be a long time before Jazz's and Phantom's parents show up. She knew those two are going to need a place to stay and she is letting them stay at the castle, but what if there were some ponies out there that might want to hurt them? What if somepony comes to her and claims to be Jazz's and Phantom's parents only to later learn that they might hurt them.

"Please do. And only make a one copy. I do fear what would happen if the wrong ponies do something to them." Celestia said looking at Jazz.

"So you live in the castle?" A filly asked Jazz.

"Sure do! I haven't seen all of it yet, but I did watch the sun rise with Celestia." Jazz smile.

"You're lucky. You have a princess for mom." A colt said.

"She not ready my mom, but me and my brother are going to tease her from time to time." Jazz told them.

"So what your name?" Another colt asked shyly.

"Her name is Jasmine, but she like to be call Jazz." Celestia said as she sat down next to Jazz.

"How does it feel to be a mother princess?" A young filly asked.

"Truthfully? I'm not sure how to feel. I never thought about becoming a mother." Celestia smile.

"Well, I can't say what it like to have a mother because I don't remember anything of my parents." Jazz added.

"Alright little ponies, finish your food and then we can play some games." Kind Heart said smiling.

"Oooh! Want to join us?" A colt asked Jazz and Celestia.

"As much as I love too, me and Kind Heart have some to talk about. Why don't you go and play Jazz?" Celestia said.

"Really? I don't know. I mean the only pony I was ever around was my brother." Jazz said unsure.

"Come on! It be fun!" A filly said.

"Yeah, come play with us Princess Jazz!" Another young filly cheer.

Both Jazz and Celestia was shock on that name. Princess Jazz? Jazz shook her head and Celestia giggle.

"I'm afraid Jazz isn't a princess. She just a pony like the rest of you." Celestia correct the young filly.

That made Jazz turn to Celestia surprise. "just like the rest of you."? Celestia said that as if she was not like the rest of them. Sure she a princess and an alicorn, but she was a pony. Jazz look up to the sky and tap her left front hoof. She always did this when she was thinking. Some ponies look at her confuse.

"Celestia? Do you have any books at the castle?" She asked.

"Why yes, I was planning on going to the Castle Library Wing later. Why?" Celestia answer.

"Oh, I was just wondering." Jazz said already coming up with a plan.

All the ponies become confuse, but Jazz just smirk. She going to have to talk to Phantom later about her idea.

Celestia walk to the Library Wing after they return from the orphanage. Celestia had told Luna about her worries if the wrong ponies show up and hurt Jazz and Phantom after they leave. Luna had agree because she didn't want anyone hurting those two. Luna was also shock to hear that Celestia was able to leave the castle of her own free will. Celestia told her that Jazz remind her that she was a princess and she can defend for herself. Jazz also wanted to bring her and Phantom along, but knew how important sleep was to them. She even added that next time they will bring Luna and Phantom.

Celestia thought back to the adoption papers. Kind Heart did make a single copy and give it to Celestia. She has yet to tell Luna about them, but she knew it was a matter of time. Plus, she still not sure about being a mother. Jazz and Phantom has both be treating her like one and she was lying if she didn't feel good about it. Now she has other things to think on. Like what to say in the next royal meeting and the strange magic Jazz was about to use. She has asked Jazz where she had learn the magic, but Jazz answer that she somehow always knew the spell. Then there was Sword Shield, he had told the members of the Royal Meeting about Jazz and Phantom, however, he told them fasle about them and when Celestia found out and had him put on a leave. For how long? Let's just say Celestia was tired of him trying to hurt those two and now he was trying to put them back on the streets. It going to be a long, long, long leave for him.

Just as Celestia walk around a shelf, she was shock to see Jazz sitting at a table and reading a book, in fact there appear to many books around her. She was able to see some titles like, How to treat a pony, What to do if one feel different, and Family time with your Family. However when Celestia look back up to Jazz, she was even more shock. For some reason instead of a young unicorn, there was fully grown pink Alicorn with a orange mane and tail. And to her surprise there was a cuite with a sun that had a book inside of it. Celestia blink and the Alicorn fade back into the young unicorn without a cutie mark.

"Celestia? Are you okay?" Jazz asked seeing the look on Celestia's face.

Celestia was still shock. She couldn't believe what she just saw. She knew for a fact that she and Luna were the only Alicorns in all of Equestria. It wasn't until Jazz tap her leg that she was snap out of it.

"Yes, I'm fine. I was just trying to understand why you chose theses three books?" Celestia said.

She had to say something, she wasn't even sure about what she saw! Still, she wasn't lying about the books either.

Jazz look confuse for a second before look back at some of the books she had. She had found Phantom after returning and told him what Celestia had said and about her plan. Phantom like the idea and asked if they can invite Luna was well. Jazz laugh and said yes because she wants both Princesses to be part of her idea. She turn back and smile.

"Well, I just wanted to understand others a little better. After all I been with Phantom due the whole time I was in the market." She said.

"I see." Celestia said having a feeling Jazz wasn't telling her something.

"Relax Celestia. You said it yourself. Either me or Phantom have any ill will towards you and Luna." Jazz laugh and pick up another book.

"That is true. But I can tell if some pony is hiding something from me." She said.

"It just something I plan on have all four of us can do. I just need some time to plan it before I can put it into action." Jazz smile.

"All four of us?" Celestia asked confuse.

"Sorry mom, but I can't tell you until it ready." Jazz said.

"I see. Very well and please just Celestia." Celestia said knowing better then trying to force Jazz to tell her.

"So what bring you here?" Jazz asked.

"I was hoping to find something about your spell. I didn't know that you were coming here as well." Celestia answer and sat down next to her.

"I have look for the spell as well, but from all the spells that was record here not one match the spell I know. It just so strange. How do I know a spell that no else does?" Jazz explain and started to think.

Celestia had to agree. Jazz and Phantom were strange ponies, it doesn't change the fact that they don't belong on the streets. They were young and she wasn't the type to leave them there. Celestia put a wing around Jazz and smile.

"I'm sure we can find the reason why you know a spell many do not. But let's not worry about it too much. After all I'm glad to met you and Phantom. Even through it been a day, you two change our lives in more ways than one." She said.

"Yeah. Thanks again for taking us in, Mom." Jazz said and hug her.

"You're welcome, and please just Celestia." Celestia and return the hug.

Author's Note:

And that this one. Sword Shield is the name of the guard from chapter 1 and before some of you claim of him being a jerk, he does have his reasons, but since this story is mostly about Celestia, Luna, Jazz, and Phantom, I tell you those reasons later. Next chapter will be all about Luna and Phantom. And just to be clear, this vision of Phantom does not have ghost powers, but I do have something plan for it later. Incase you forget, this take place before the first season of MLP, so none of the cast you know and love will show up. And some of you are wondering is that Phantom going to stop Luna from becoming Nightmare Moon, well you have wait and see.