• Published 21st Mar 2019
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Children of the Sun - Shazam 25

When Celestia taken in two young ponies name Jazz (a unicorn) and Phantom (a earth pony) life in the castle becomes more fun until the darkest day comes. Take place before the Friendship is Magic series.

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Celestia meets Jazz and Phantom

It was a fine day in the city of Canterlot. Princess Celestia was visiting the Market place and many ponies welcome her and offer some of their food. Celestia smile at the thoughtfulness of her ponies and did buy some of the food. Then she caught something from the corner of her eye. There sitting on top of one of the food stands were two ponies, a unicorn and a earth pony. The unicorn was pink with a orange mane and tail. She also had aqua eyes. The earth pony was white with a black mane and tail and had blue eyes. From what Celestia was able to see is that the two fur coats was dirty and was whispering something together. Wondering what they were up to, she watch them.

"Okay Phantom, go!" The Unicorn said.

"Leave it to me Jazz!" The Earth pony smirk.

Phantom peek over the edge and saw the owner trying to sell some fresh fruit and didn't noticing him. With another smirk Phantom lean down over the edge and grab one of the fruit.

"Hey, dummy!" He call out making the owner turn to him.

"Look what I got!" Phantom said and blew a raspberry at him.

"Why you little...!" The owner shouted and set the fruit he was try to sell down and walk over to Phantom.

While he was try to get the fruit out of Phantom hooves, he didn't notices that Jazz had reach over her side of the edge and grab the fruit he was trying to sell and lift back up. The owner got the fruit of of Phantom hooves and walk back over to where he was before only to be shock that the fruit he set down was gone.

"The Phantom strikes again!" Phantom laugh and pull himself up leaving the owner dumbfounded.

"Nice work little brother. Lunch is serve." Jazz said and broke the fruit in half.

Celestia was impressed of how the two work together, never mind the fact that they just stole a fruit. Celestia had seen many ponies do it and she knew that they needed food. She only got involved if the owner try to harm the pony stealing the food or if the stealer try to harm the owner. She did hear what the unicorn call the earth pony though. They were siblings, in fact it remind Celestia of her and Luna. They always got into some trouble when they were little. Seeing how those two acting and work together made Celestia smile.

"You there! Halt!"

Celestia attention was turn away from the two and notices one of her guards had stop two other young ponies, both were young earth ponies and they appear to curl up next to each other.

"You know if the royal princess if here you stay out of the way unless she call for you." The guard said.

Celestia shook her head, most of her guards took their job too seriously and these two young ones didn't mean to case trouble. She was about step in one someone else beat her to it.

"Leave them alone you bully!" Phantom said shocking the guard.

"Out of the way runt!" The guard said after recovering from the shock.

"Oh yeah? Why should I?" Phantom said standing his ground.

The guard rise his hoof in mean to punch the young colt and before Celestia could step in, she was again beaten to it. An aqua shield appear just as the guard threw his hoof and hit the shield.

"I thought the royal guards were better than picking on small ponies." Phantom said as his sister step up next to him.

"Phantom not again." Jazz groan.

"Like I'm going to stay behind and watch him hurt these two because he can." Phantom said pointing to the two young earth ponies.

The guard growl and started draw his sword. Before Celestia could stop him, the guard swing his sword but Jazz made her horn grow and her magic made a sword appear and block the guard's sword, shocking Celestia. The guard tries again and again, but Jazz kept blocking every swing.

"Enough!" Celestia order making the guard stop.

"I let you join me on this walk because I knew you wouldn't let me go alone, but I do not take lightly to those that try to harm others because they appear to be in front of me. All ponies are welcome to come near me at their own free will. Now put you sword away and get back in your position." She said.

The guard growl and did what he was told. Celestia turn to see the two young siblings making sure that the young earth ponies were okay. She smile and watch the two young earth ponies ran back to their parents. She then step up the siblings and smile.

"That was very brave of both of you. Almost no one stand up to the royal guards. May I have you names?" Celestia said smiling.

"I'm Jasmine, but I go by Jazz and this is my little brother Phantom." Jazz said.

"Wow, you're pretty." Phantom said without thinking.

Jazz smack him on the back of his head and Phantom blush at what he said. Celestia just laugh.

"Why thank you. It nice to meet both of you. Are your parents around?" Celestia smile and asked.

She watch as both Jazz and Phantom frown and look at the ground. She could see it, they don't have parents.

"Do you know anything about them?" She asked.

"No, we don't even remember what they look like." Jazz said.

"We just appear in town one day and did what we could to survive." Phantom added.

Celestia felt sorry for these two and knew that they were too young to be left alone. She had an idea and she knew it was going to get her in some trouble, but as a Princess, she could not let them live like this any longer.

"I see, very well. How would you to like to stay with me?" Celestia smile shocking the other ponies that was watching.

"Princess! Are you sure that's a good idea?! You don't know anything about them! They could be spies or..." The Guard try to stay but Celestia cut him off.

"I was watching what these two did earlier and I understand their reason. I see no evil in their hearts nor any ill will towards me or my sister. I'm not the type of pony that leaves others on the streets with no family. Is that clear?" She said to the guard.

The guard grumble and nodded. Celestia turn back to the two sibling who were still shocked about her offer. Phantom turn to Jazz and smile as if he was begging her. Jazz sigh and smile at him.

"We be honor to live with you." Jazz said bowing.

Celestia nods and had the two stand next to her on either side. Many ponies bow to Celestia seeing the kind hearted mare she was. Somewhere a little jealousy that Princess Celestia took in a filly and colt. The guard growl but did nothing else. Celestia smile, watching the two trying their hardest to walk like her, she give them a whisper in their ears and they started to walk normally. Now she just has to explain this to Luna.

"You did what?!" Luna asked in complete shock.

"They have no parents. They don't even remember them. They sound like some ponies we know." Celestia explain.

Luna sigh, knowing what her sister was talking about. Still she had no idea why her sister brought two young ponies into the castle.

"I'm letting them stay in the castle, but I can't adopt them until we know who their parents are and what happened to them. And I couldn't leave them out there alone with no home." Celestia added.

"I see your point dear sister, but why? Why did you bring them here? Sure you could have send them to a orphanage?" Luna asked.

"From what I seen at the market today, not only the two work together well, they even stood up to the Royal Guard." Celestia answer.

"The Royal Guard?! Almost no pony dares come close to the guards let alone stand up to them." Luna said surprise.

"I know and the one name Jazz was able to use her magic to make her horn act like a sword. She even block the swings as if she done it before. When I asked about it, she said she really doesn't know how she got the spell but it felt as if she could always do it. It leading me to think it that their parents or someone in their family could be part of the royal guard or a member of the staff." Celestia said.

"Use their horn as a sword with their magic? Doesn't sound like any one we could know." Luna said thinking.

"I'm going to look for the spell in the library, but as of now I had send the young ones to get clean. Their fur coats were dirty, like they live on the streets for months." Celestia said.

Luna sigh, she didn't like how Celestia just took in two young ponies with no questions asked, but she can agree that they don't deserve to live out on the streets.

"Very well sister, I see no harm of letting those two remain here in the castle. But can you at least make sure they don't try anything?" Luna said then asked.

"I have already look into their hearts and saw that they have no ill will to the the two of us. Almost if they never heard of us." Celestia said.

"Never heard of us?" Luna asked shock.

Before Celestia could explain what she thinks, they heard a loud splash and a shout. They teleported over the royal bathroom and saw why. Phantom was laugh as she sister was soaking wet, her mane covering her eyes. She then splash Phantom and the roles were reversed. Celestia smile and turn to Luna.

"Remember when we did that?" She asked.

"Oh please, like we resort to something that childished." Luna scoff.

"I seem to remember you cannonballing into the tub every time we had a bath together." Celestia smirk.

"I was five!" Luna shouted, blushing.

"Wow, another pretty one." Phantom said seeing Luna.

"Phantom, you need to stop letting your thoughts out loud." Jazz said removing her mane out of her eyes.

"Opps, Sorry." Phantom said rubbing the back of his head.

Luna was a little shock to her what the colt call her, but Celestia smile knowing that Phantom said the same thing to her.

"Jazz, Phantom, this is my younger sister, Princess Luna." Celestia smile.

"Hi Luna." Jazz said and wave at the night princess.

"Luna? Isn't that another name for the moon?" Phantom said thinking.

"It is Phantom, like how Celestia is another name for the sun." Jazz answer.

Celestia and Luna was a little shock that the two were able guess where they got their names from but they both smile.

"I see you brought some smart ones Tia." Luna said.

"It looks like I did Lulu." Celestia smile.

"Tia? Lulu?" Phantom asked confuse.

"Of course, we are siblings. We have nicknames for each other." Celestia said.

"It only for ourselves, so you can't use them." Luna said.

"Not a problem. I go by my nickname all the time." Jazz said.

"Yeah, she hates being call Jasmine." Phantom said and Jazz duck him under the water.

"Jasmine? But that is a very pretty name for you." Luna asked a bit shock.

"I don't hate my name, but sometimes think I was name after different kind of Princess from one of those fairy tales and well I don't want to be know as that." Jazz explain.

"Yeah and don't call me Phan!" Phantom said as he pop back up.

"Well then, we should call each by the names we want to use. Sound fair?" Celestia asked.

"Sure." Jazz smile.

"Okay Celestia, or should we call you mom, since we are staying here after all?" Phantom agree and asked.

Celestia was shock at the word "Mom". She never even thought about being a mother, but she was only letting them stay until she can find their parents. However she was able to recover quickly.

"Please just call me Celestia. The castle is your home. But I don't think I'm ready to be a mother yet." She said.

"Why not sister? You are a rise ruler, sure you should know how to be a mother." Luna tease.

"Are you ready to be a aunt?" Celestia tease back.

Jazz and Phantom laugh at the teasing the two alicorns threw at each other. They both got out of the tub and dry themselves off with the towels close by.

"You know Jazz, I think I'm going to like living here." Phantom smile.

"Me too!" Jazz smile.

Author's Note:

A new Danny Phantom/My Little Pony crossover. This story take place before the series even started, so it around where Princess Luna is getting close to becoming Nightmare Moon, about a week before she turns. Next chapter will be all about Jazz and Celestia. After that the chapter will be about Phantom and Luna. Also Jazz and Phantom are still young, so 10 for Jazz and 8 for Phantom.