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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 32: A Dying World

The star-shaped portal opens on the new world, showing Popstar in the other side. A couple seconds later, Ribbon flies out of it, followed soon by the others. The portal then disappears, and the crystal reappears, Ribbon quickly taking it. After that, the group looks around at the new world, finding out that they are actually on a flat rock surrounded by an immense desert lithered with cactus made of rounded parts, more rocks, and the ever presents stars. The sun hits hard, already making them sweat, and there is not a single cloud visible in the sky.

"Alright, this world already sucks. Let's hurry to find those shards before I melt," says Dedede while he wipes his forehead from the sweat.

Ribbon lets herself fall on the head of the closest group member, Adeleine, not feeling like flying under the heat. The human girl takes the fairy, then her red beret, before she puts Ribbon on her head, and the beret on Ribbon, partially hiding her under it.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now can you tell us the direction we must take to find the shards ?"

"Of course," replies Ribbon, looking at her crystal. She then points at a direction, and says "This way."

Looking at the directions she points, they can see further a big structure where the front looks like a giant Kabu, partly hidden by rocks in the way.

Sweetie sighs in relief. "Thank Celestia, it's not far."

"Hopefully, it will be cooler inside," says Waddle Dee as he starts walking toward the structure, quicly followed by the rest of the group.

With no real obstacles in the way to stop them beside some of this world's inhabitants, it doesn't takes long for them to reach their destination, Kirby giving up the bombs in the way to eat a Bobo, a walking fireball with eyes, to gain the fire hability, giving him better resistance to the sun's heat. Following that, he jumps on Sweetie's back to partage the ability and the resistance to the heat with her, the filly thanking him. This makes both Dedede and Waddle Dee jealous to not have such an ability.

And then, before entering the structure, they hear someone drinking something through a straw, and discover that it's Adeleine and Ribbon, in the back, both of them drinking some cold fruit juice. The girls see that they are being stared, and Adeleine asks "What?"

Dedede points at the glass of fruit juice in her hand and asks "Did you create this from your painting?"


A vein becomes visible on his temple. "And why haven't you created more for us ?"

Adeleine giggles before answering "Because you didn't ask." She then sticks out her tongue mockingly. "You know about my ability, so you have no excuses."

Dedede opens his mouth, closes it, opens it, closes it, before letting his tamper get the better and starting chasing Adeleine in anger, his arms stretched before him to try to grab her, followed by Waddle Dee, the girls laughing all the while.

Sweetie and Kirby both giggle too, before the filly says to the pink ball "Let's wait them inside."


So they pass the entrance, finding that the structure is a giant ruin. seeing this, Sweetie smiles, and shouts "Cutie Mark Crusader Archeologist, yeah!" before she starts running in the ruins, Kirby still on her back. When she reaches a strange green floating bloc with an eye that is under another bloc, this time metallic with moons and stars motifs, she slowly approaches it until the bloc suddenly falls, almost crushing her and Kirby, before the bloc floats back up to fall again. She just decides to walk around it.

Kirby then shouts "Poyo!" and points up toward the ceiling, above a second metalli bloc with another one of those green bloc under it. When Sweetie looks, she sees a crystal shard floating there. Smiling in joy, she uses her magic to levitate it back to them, and Kirby takes it in his arms.

They continue their way until reaching the end of the room, the only way to continue being a hole in the ceiling with sand falling from it. Using a shield as a platform, she flies up to it with Kirby still on her back, and they both enter the next room, only to have a bad surprise, the closing behind them. They don't have time to be alarmed by this, because they are then assaulted by those plus-shaped cactus like enemies, including a bigger one garding the room on top of a pile of sand.

Kirby jumps from Sweetie's back and cover himself in flame before charging at the big cactus, letting Sweetie deal with the small ones. Between Kirby burning the big cactus, and Sweetie rapidly knocking out the small ones, the fight doesn't last long, and the big cactus release another shard that Kirby takes. Beating the big cactus also open a door in the wall on top of the pile of sand.

"What do we do," then asks Sweetie Belle. "Should we wait for them?"

Kirby answers by shaking his head before pointing at the now open passage.

"We should exit the ruins to find them?"

He nods.

"Well, I suppose you are right. It should be more quick this way."

At this, they enter the next room, the door closing behind them, finding themselves in a giant vertical room with many Kabu-like head poking out of the walls. The closest to them then starts to pour sand out of its mouth, slowly filling the room with it. As they look everywhere, even up at the, for now, far ceiling, they find out that there are no exits.

This room is a trap with simingly no escape.

"Kirby, please, tell me that you have an idea to get us out of there."

Rapidly, Kirby covers himself in flame and charges at the still visible door, but he is not able to destroy it. Sweetie shoots an explosive ball at the head pourring sand, hoping to make it stop, but they reveal themselves to be more solid that she thought. Before long, the doors disappears under the sand, and a second head starts to pour more.

They gulp.

A few minutes earlier.

The second part of the group composed of Dedede, Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Ribbon enter the ruins, only to see Kirby and Sweetie Belle disappears into a hole in the ceiling at the end of the room. As they start following them, the hole closes, blocking the way.

"Great!" shouts Dedede. "What now?"

"Maybe we should try to find another entrance," proposes Waddle Dee.

"I think they have a shard," says Ribbon. "I see the light in the crystal move in the direction they took. So we will know where they are."

"At least there is that," says Dedede.

They exit the ruins from where they come, and start to walk around it, Ribbon keeping an eye on the light of the crystal. So far, no new entrance, not even a window. Ribbon then sees the light change direction and says "I think we are going near another shard, the light is not pointing to Kirby and Sweetie Belle anymore."

"Then let's quickly find it so it show them to us again," says Dedede.

Not long after, they reach the other side of the ruin, where they find a sphinx with a Kabu-like head like the entrance of the ruin, half burried in the sand, with the light pointing at its nose.

"So we have to destroy the nose?" asks Adeleine.

"How will we do it?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Leave it to me," says Dedede, taking his hammer. He takes some steps back, then charges at the nose, destroying it with a big swing of his hammer, freeing the shard that Ribbon immediately takes.

The fairy then looks at the light of the crystal and says "Yes! It shows them again! And they are going up!"

"Of course! Maybe there is an exit by the roof!" shouts Waddle Dee.

"But it's too high to jump..." says Adeleine.

At this, Dedede sighs. "Just go on my back, I will lift you up."

Waddle Dee and Adeleine do so while Dedede inhale air to inflate. Soon, thanks to his ability to fly this way, they reach the roof, only to find that there are no exit.

"They are just bellow us," says Ribbon.

"But how will they go out?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Easy. If there are no exits, we will create one," answers Dedede. Yet again, he takes his hammer, and readies it above his head.

They are almost at the ceiling, and still no exit. Sweetie has been able to slow the sand by blocking the mouths of the head with her shield, but now, the end seems near. Right now, they are holding each other in comfort, the filly scared of the impending doom.

But then, something smashes the ceiling above them, creating a big hole. They then can see Waddle Dee poking his head before yelling "They are there! And... Oh my gosh! Is this room being filled with sand? Seems like we are right in time!"

"Waddle Dee!" shouts Sweetie in relief and joy. "I'm so happy to see you!"

"Poyo poyo poyo!" shouts Kirby as he bounces in joy.

As the room continues to fill with sand, Sweetie and Kirby place themselves under the hole, waiting to reach it thanks to the sand. Soon, they pass it, the sand stopping filling more. They see that the rest of the group is there, looking at them in relief, and Sweetie immediately jumps in Dedede's arms to hug him.

The king shuckles while petting her. "Maybe in the futur, you should wait for everyone before exploring unknown ruins."

"I will!"

"Twiliiiight! I bear some news! Mmh?" shouts Discord as he opens a door in a wall while waving a newspaper, only to stop in curiosity at seeing that Twilight is not alone, but is currantly having a tea party with her five friends, Spike, and most surprising of all, Celestia and Luna. As everypony turn to look at him, he crosses his arms and pouts, saying "You are all having a tea party, and I wasn't invited? Oh! Unless the postsmare got lost in my chaotic dimension! If that's the case, then I will gladly join you!"

"Sorry Discord," then says Celestia. "We are having this tea party as a thanks for Twilight and her friends helping Luna with her guilt and stopping her rampaging creation to bring nightmares to everypony. I didn't think to invit you."

"That you weren't there to help didn't arrange," says Luna.

Discord looks at Luna for a couple seconds with a raised eyebrow before saying "Remind me to remind you to tell me this story. Seems interesting."

"You will love it," says Fluttershy.

"Yeah, the moment where princess Luna merged the dreams of everypony in Ponyville into a single dreamscape will totally be in your tastes! That was crazy!" shouts Pinkie.

"Oooh! Now I definitively want to hear it!"

"Anyway Discord, you were saying about having news for me?" asks Twilight, only to get the newspaper on her face

"Here it is ! Read the frontline!"

Twilight looks at Discord in annoyance with the newspaper in her hooves before reading "'Sweetie Belle almost killed in a deathtrap.' Wait what?!"

"WHAT?!" yells her friends, especially Rarity, who takes the newspaper from Twilight's hooves with her magic and reads it. "'The young filly named Sweetie Belle and her friend Kirby were exploring some ruins in a vast desert when they got themselves trapped in a room that was slowly filling with sand. They were saved at the last minute by their friends creating a hole in the ceiling'?!" She then glares at Discord. "I hope that you had your paw or claw ready to snap to save her!"

"Of course!"

"And how did this happens?!"

"I'm not sure, they were already in this room half filled with sand when I opened the portal. I should really put some alarm to tell me when she starts something interesting."

"So you think she is in another adventure?" asks Applejack.

"Seeing as she was with Kirby, very probably. Or else, they were just exploring some ruins for the fun. You know, children."

"Knowing the Crusaders, I wouldn't be surprised," says Rainbow Dash. "Still! Escaping a deathtrap in a ruin! This makes me think of Daring Do! Again, she is the one having all the fun!"

"I wouldn't call 'barely escaping a deathtrap' having fun!" shouts harshly Rarity to her friend.

"Excuse me," they all suddenly hear from Celestia. "Isn't Sweetie Belle the filly that has been displaced to another dimension? Is something happening to her?" she asks in worry.

Discord answers her. "After escaping this trap, she is alright. Right now, I'm not sure. Wait a minute."

He then snaps is paw, making a portal appears on one of the walls. The portal shows Sweetie Belle with her mane and tail on fire, Kirby on her back with his head on fire, and the two of them among a group constituted of that penguin named Dedede, that creature named Waddle Dee, and a new one.

"Is that a human?!" shouts Twilight.

"Why is Sweetie's mane and tail on fire?!" shouts Rarity.

"Yes, it's a human, and for the fire, remember when her hooves turned into wheel thanks to Kirby? Same thing there, but with fire," answer Discord.

"She looks awesome!"

"Woah! So this is how a human looks?"

"Hey look! There is a little human poking out of the big human's hat!" shouts Pinkie while pointing at the human's head, showing a smaller human head with pink hair and a red ribbon poking out from under the human's red beret. They can see that she is also carrying some crystal.

"Aww... She looks adorable," comments Fluttershy.

"So they are crossing a desert?" asks Luna, remarking them walking on a vast expanse of sand with round cacti and rocks. The penguin, the big human girl, and the red creature are also carrying parasols to protect them from the sun, but for some reason, the filly and the pink ball on her back don't have one.

"The newspaper did say that they were exploring some ruin in a desert," says Celestia. "Now, we must ask why."

"No idea," answers Discord as they see the group starting to climb a big sand dune. "This is the problem when we miss the start of a story, we have no idea why whatever is happening is happening. That's frustrating. And after seeing her previous adventures, it may be for anything."

"This is not the first time?" she asks in curiosity.

At this, Discord raises an eyebrow and looks at Twilight. "You didn't tell her?"

"I thought it would be irrelevant in our research of a way to bring her back."

And so, Discord looks back at Celestia to answer her, making a list appear in his claw and puting it in front of his eyes. "It definitively is the first time that she explores a ruin in a desert, unless I missed something. But before that, in this order, she has helped destroy a being made of darkness possessing her friend..." At this, Luna recoils. "She destroyed a technologicaly advanced flying battleship. She explored a few worlds before fighting someone who possessed powers more or less at the level of an alicorn and sending him crashing into a planet sized wish granting clockwork comet, making it explode -don't worry, the guy survived, and they are now friend-. And just last month, she fought a literal army of the same beings made of darkness as the first one, and their leader, an abomination in the scale of the universe. In her first adventure, she had to collect objects made of rainbow, and in the most recent one, there was something about collecting love to use it to fight said leader." He throws away the list. "See? Collecting rainbow or love, fighting abominations, destroying a battleship... Like I said it can be anything. But it may have something to do with those crystals that Kirby -the pink puffball on her back- was holding. The same ones that this little human is looking at actually."

"You know, Discord, when you list those exploits, you make us look lame," says Rainbow Dash while she rubs her hoof to the back of her head. "I mean, 'destroying a battleship', 'fighting a galactic abomination and his army of darkness', 'blowing up a thing the size of a planet powerful enough to grant wish'... What is the biggest exploit we have ever made? Shooting a rainbow at you to turn you to stone? Sending Tirek, a centaur that can absorb magic, back to Tartarus?"

This makes Pinkie giggles. "So true. And she only started a few months ago! Oh! And you forgot that she was a ninja!"

Spike continues. "Oh yes, and she turned into Cadance when she fought that abomination. That's what you said Discord?"

"Oh boy! Yes! That was hilarious! Seeing a filly love princess giving the beat down of his life at this thing! So worth it!"

The princesses sisters look at all of them with round eyes. Meanwhile, they can hear Waddle Dee shouting "Everyone! Look! I see grass!"

"Yes, I see it too. So this world isn't fully a desert ?" says Dedede.

"Wait, 'this world'?" asks Applejack. "They are in another world?"

Pinkie gasps. "Oh my gosh!" She takes her chair and places it in front of the portal. "Now I'm definitively not missing this one! Who know what kind of world they are exploring! Maybe they will explore one made of cake!"

"Pinkie, I don't think..." says Twilight before stopping herself. "No, scrap that. Knowing how crazy this dimension is, there may be a world made of cake."

"Good, Twilight! You finally get it! It only took you three meltdowns!" shouts Discord, clapping.

By now, Sweetie's group has reached the grassed area with some patches of sand, pink flowers, and various ruins composed of colomns and walls, while fighting various creatures attacking them, including a flying cute orange creature that suddenly turn into a one eyed monster once it is approached, much to Fluttershy's horror. For some reason, there is also a walking axe, as in a real axe with orange rounded feet, making Luna sputter in confusion. And let's not forget those pink things on spring wearing a red bow... And is this blue thing with a lance and shield a ghost?!

"Eep! g-g-g-ghost!" shouts Fluttershy in fright, hiding behind her chair while most of the others freak out, particularly Twilight at seeing a real ghost. But then the ghost is bonked on the head by the parasol of Waddle Dee, beating it, much to everypony's surprise. How could he hit a ghost?

"That is certainly a curious dimension..." says Celestia, eyeing platforms made of stone floating without reasons apparent. "Now, I'm eager to see where this is going. Why don't we continue our tea party while watching?"

They recoil at seeing Dedede getting hit on the head by a falling living stone as the group approaches a succession of arches. The human girl then makes an easel appear and paints a big cloud with an eye in the center on it and spikes around it, Twilight and her friends recognizing it as one of the enemies that Sweetie has fought the first time and that Discord has shown them. Then, before their eyes, the painting comes to life, flying out of the canvas, and the girl jumps on it. After that, the painted cloud flies up above the arches, and shoots lightning at the living rocks still on them.

"And now we have a human girl that can give life to what she paints..." groans Twilight while rubbing her forehead. "That's not something that I would see in the mirror world. Humans can't use magic, normaly."

"I like that power! All I would have to do is paint cake, and I would have cake for everypony!" says Pinkie.

"And that's pretty over powered," comments Spike. "All she would have to do is paint Discord, and with him, she would be almost invincible."

Now the group has reached a big structure made of five levels supported by columns similar to the ones around in the area, where yet again, Fluttershy, and most of everypony, are freaked out by some floating mummy head with a single eye charging at Waddle Dee, only again for the human girl to deal with it with her cloud. They then go around the structure, the small pink haired human suddenly getting out of the big one's beret, showing that she possesses nearly translucent insect-like wings on her back.

Fluttershy gasps. "A breezie! She is a human breezie!"

"The more exact term would be a fairy, like the flutterponies in our legends," corrects her Celestia.

"After ghosts and mummies, now fairies?" asks Rainbow Dash. "Is there even something that doesn't exist in this dimension?"

As they talk, the fairy approach a crystal on the ground under the structure, and touches it with her own crystal, fusing the two of them before she comes back to the human girl, using in the way the crystal to shoot crystal projectiles to another ghost.

"So that's it," says Discord. "They are collecting those crystals. Now, I wonder why."

"We will see," replies Applejack.

"Nopony comments on the fact that we just saw a human fairy shoot crystals at a ghost?" asks Spike.

"This is certainly not something we see everyday, but at this point, with this dimension, it's almost normal," answers Rarity.

After the structure, the group reaches the entrance of an old building, Sweetie using her magic to take a strawberry shortcake on the arch in front of it before giving it to Dedede, while the human girl jumps from the back of the cloud before it disappears. Dedede eating the shortcake heals the bump that he has gotten from the falling rock. This causes Celestia to raises an eyebrow, but she doesn't ask anything, and Luna just rubs her eyes to reassure herself that she has seen right.

Inside the building, the group ends up in a room with no floor, a giant pit in its place. Instead, there a six rectangular platforms sticking out of the wall in a triangular pattern, forcing them to jump on them to make it to the other side. There are also squarred hole in this same wall from where some round pale ghosts come out to throw some blue and purple fireball at them, only for Sweetie to use a shield to protect them. Finally, there are also five cubic lanterns on this wall in an inversed triangular pattern, the lower lantern just between the two upper platforms.

The fairy flies out to go catch a floating crystal, while the others jump on the platforms, avoiding the fireballs from the ghosts. Sweetie Belle counterattacks by shooting her own fireballs, only stunning them. As they reach the exit, the fairy comes back, and Sweetie uses her magic to take one of those big tomatoes with a M on it, before they get out of this room.

In the next room, as Sweetie shares the tomato with everyone, they see that this is a very large room with a giant pool, with some emerged floor in the center. In this floor, they can see that there are square shaped grey stones, just under similar squared pillars sticking out from the ceiling. Dedede goes first, jumping on floating blocs to get to the floor in the center of the pool, quickly followed by Sweetie and Kirby. Waddle Dee decides to just swim, and the fairy gives her crystal to the human before wraping her arms around her chest as much as she can before flying, lifting her above the water.

"Thank you Ribbon," says the human. "But, am I not too heavy?"

"Don't worry, I may be small, but I can be really strong. I was lifting this crystal while it was about your size. Meanwhile, you can use it to attack anything that come too close."


At the same time, Dedede walks on the grey squared, only for the square to suddenly go up, lifting him to the pillar above him. Acting quickly, he jumps back just before being crushed between the two actual pillars. This makes everyone jump in fright at the close call and the suddenness of the event.

"Oh my gosh!" shouts Sweetie Belle behind the penguin. "Dedede! Are you alright?!"

"My king!" shouts Waddle Dee as he comes beside him in panic.

"Don't worry you two, I have nothing," says Dedede while he puts a hand on his heart. "By the stars, this took me by surprise! I don't know what the guys building those ruins were thinking to put a trap just here!"

"Yeah! This is in the middle of a pool! What the heck?!" shouts Waddle Dee.

"At least, we now know to not walk on the grey squares," says Sweetie.

"I'm with Waddle Dee there. What is this trap?!" shouts Rainbow.

"Easy. Who would suspect a trap in the middle of a pool? And it almost worked," answers Pinkie Pie.

"That's smart, but weird..." comments Twilight.

"At least, they are alright," says Fluttershy.

At the end of the pool, the group sees that the exit is in the height, at the top of a small stair too high to reach by a jump. They could use a crushing pillar under the water beside it, but it would be too risky. The human and Ribbon easily reach it thanks to the fairy, and she says "I can lift all of you too!"

"No need!" says back Dedede before he puts Waddle Dee on his back, inhales air to inflate, and flies up. At the same time, Sweetie uses a shield as a platform to lift both her and Kirby. With this, the whole group reaches the stairs and pass the exit.

"It's an interresting way to use the shields," comments Luna. "I never thought to use them this way."

"You didn't need to," replies Celestia, poking at her sister's wings with a smile.

"I have to tell this to Shiny, he will love it! Why didn't we think of it?" says Twilight.

The exit leads them outside of the ruins, on a big, damaged wall with cannons shooting in the way. Thanks to a matter of timing, they are able to go to the other side of the wall without being hit, and they enter the second part of the ruins, only to reach a small hallway leading to a dead end.

"Uh? Where do we go now?" asks Sweetie.

"The crystal shows that there is a shard above us," says Ribbon.

Kirby then jumps from Sweetie's back, reverting her to her normal appearance, and goes toward the wall at the end of the hallway before pointing at small cracks in it with a "Poyo!"

"Yeah..." confirms Dedede, looking closer. "The wall seems fragile. Maybe I can break it. Step back Kirby."

The puffball does so while Dedede takes his hammer and approaches the wall. Hitting it violently with the hammer, he is able to destroy it, successfuly opening the way and revealling that it has actually been a door looking like a wall, only to show that to continue, they will have to climb a small chain, making Sweetie groan.

"This chain is smaller than the ones in Dedede's fortress, I don't know if I will be able to climb it."

"Then get on my back," says Dedede to her.

With the filly on his back, the penguin climbs the chain, and discover another door-wall to smash in front, and another chain to climb behind. Beyond the second chain, they can see two other ways, one going down with another chain, and one going up with a ladder sculpted from the wall. Smashing the wall, they discover yet another chain to climb, and behind the chain, another door-wall .

"Oh no..." says Sweetie.

"It's a maze..." says Dedede, rubbing between his eyes in annoyance.

"I hate mazes."

"Me too."

Thankfully, with the help of the crystal, they don't take long to find the shard by climbing the second chain, then the ladder, smashing a door-wall at the top, climbing another ladder while avoiding some fire breathing round red lizard, jumping above a hole, and smashing a last door-wall.

Now comes the hardest part: finding the exit. The human decides to help searching the way, using bombs that she paints to explode the door-walls before separating from Sweetie and Dedede, followed by Kirby just in case.

Discord shuckles. "It makes me remember when I 'played' with you in that maze back then," says Discord.

"You mean that time where you brainwashed us?" asks Rarity with a frown at the memories. "Because of this, I'm not really fond of mazes too."

"I don't think anypony like getting in a maze in the middle of an adventure," remarks Applejack. "It only makes us lose time."

"At least, they make great hiding spots for hide and seek!" says Pinkie.

After some minutes of exploring the maze in search of the exit, finding some food, the group finally get out of it.

They finally leave the ruins, only for the crystal to rapidly lead them to a big hole in the ground, the light pointing down.

"So we have to jump in?" asks Adeleine.

"We can't even see the bottom," says Sweetie Belle.

"This is not a problem," says Waddle Dee, showing his parasol. "I can use it to float down, the king can inflate, Kirby too, Sweetie can use a shield, and you can let Ribbon transport you down."

"Eh, you really love that parasol that I painted, right? Why didn't you take one until now?"

"I didn't think about this..." answers Waddle Dee. "Maybe I should try to train using it as a weapon."

"Mmh... Beside bonking enemies on the head and floating down, I don't see many uses with a parasol," says Sweetie Belle. "Maybe you should try another weapon."

"Good point. I wonder which one..."

"You will decide once we return to the castle," says Dedede. "Right now, we have a hole to explore, crystal shards to find, a world to save, and an army of darkness to destroy, again. You can think about this until then." At this, he inflates and jumps in the hole.

"Of course Great King."

"Like this, Waddle Dee, you will be able to fight to save the world with us!" shouts Sweetie Belle in joy. "This will be so wonderful to have you fighting with us!"

"Yes... I wouldn't mind joining you in your adventures, like now."

"Hey!" they hear Dedede shout from the hole. "You can all jump! There is nothing dangerous down there beside some bat skulls!"

"Let's go," says Sweetie Belle, before forming a platform, jumping on it, and getting in the hole, followed by the others.

"One moment, did he just say 'bat skulls'?" asks Adeleine.

"After floating mummy heads and knight ghosts, I'm not surprised anymore," answers Sweetie.

"Poyo," says Kirby, nodding.

The hole leads to an immense cave with metal blocs similar to the ones they have seen before lithered here and there with what seems to be rock trees. However, they can't see too far because of the lack of light, so Sweetie lights her horn to illuminate the way. Thanks to Sweetie's light, and after climbing a nearby dune, they spot the fossil an immense creature whose the head remainds Sweetie of a dragon, and they can see something glowing in its mouth. It's not hard to guess that it's a shard, especially seeing that the light of the crystal leads them to it. After easily taking it, they continue their way, and reach another hole in the sand, the light of the crystal pointing down again.

"I hope we will not fall through the bottom of this part of this world," says Waddle Dee.

"Don"t worry," says Ribbon. "There must be still miles of rocks between us and the bottom."

"Of course," says Dedede. "Even if it's just a floating rock, it's still a giant floating rock. We will not go from top to bottom in just five minutes."

Sweetie then puts a hoof under her chin. "Actually, this makes me wonder. What does happen if we traverse Popstar from top to bottom? Do we fall, or is there an other side where we would walk upside down?"

The others look at her with raised eyebrows, before Kirby also puts an arm under his chin in wonder. "Poyo..."

"That's a good question. Is there an other side to Popstar?" asks Adeleine.

"You live in Popstar, and you don't know it?" asks Sweetie Belle.

At her question, everyone excepted Kirby and Ribbon rub their head in embarrassment.

"Well, why don't you go look with Kirby and your Warp Star once we have dealt with the Dark Matters?"

"Oh... They are fighting those guys again?" asks Discord with a gulp, hoping that this will not be like last time. The others look at him in curiosity.

"Of course! What do you think Kirby?"

The puffball nods at her.

With nothing more to say, the group jumps in the hole, falling in a smaller room of the cave with two other holes. at the left and at the right. Ribbon points at the left hole.

"The crystal says that there is another shard under that hole."

Following her direction, they jump in the hole, only to end in a small room with flying fishbones composed of three triangles, a big red as the head, a smaller orange one behind, and an even smaller yellow one as the tail, including a big one floating just above another closed hole. The fishbones immediately throw their heads at them, new ones appearing in their place, and Waddle Dee find himself hit as he is floating down from the ceiling with his parasol while the others dodge of shield. Fire, whip, and hammer quickly have reason of the big fishbone, opening the hole under it.

The hole leads them to an underground river, to everyone's surprise.

"There are still sources of water in this world?" asks Sweetie.

Ribbon spots a shard behind them and take it, before saying "With the sun not reaching this place, it's not surprising that there is still water underground." She then points at another hole a little further beside the river. "There is another shard down this way."

"It's the only way we can go now anyway," says Dedede.

They jump again in the hole, ending in a bigger room with more water. In the way, they have to either walk around a sand pit or use platforms to pass above it. Dedede decides to use the platforms, only to be almost bitten by a small yellow insect with a big jaw jumping out of the bottom of the pit. The insect is stopped in the middle of the jump by a beam of Sweetie, knocking it out.

Once the pit passed, they also pass another pit full of water with a couple of glunks at the bottom, then a third sand pit with another insect that eat Dedede's hammer in the face. They finally reach a lake with another hole leading to a room with three more sand pits, this time with no platforms to pass above them, forcing them to walk around. Kirby just decides to pass above the pits with his comet charge, gaining time and dealing with the few creatures in this room. A fourth pit, this time full of water, leads them to an underwater tunnel with currents going down.

"There is a shard behind this wall," says Ribbon, pointing at the wall in front of them.

"That means that we have to find a way around it," comments Adeleine.

The way down is full of those fishbones hidden in the wall shooting their heads at them, but it's not a big deal for the group. They eventualy reach a smaller tunnel going forward, leading them to another bigger tunnel with another current going down, and they spot the shard further up, forcing them to swim against the current. Adeleine paints Kine, gives life to it, and use him to help her swim up against the current, Ribbon using the crystal to knock out the fishbones in the way. They however have to avoid in the way fossils falling, carried by the current, including a big one near the shard taking most of the tunnel, forcing them to use the holes of the fishbones in the wall to avoid it. With the fossil gones, Adeleine and Ribbon reach the shard, and wait the others near the exit, before a big fossilised fanged maw. Beyond it, the tunnel goes up and they reach the end of the underwater tunnel, emerging.

Looking around, they see that they are now in an oasis at the surface, with grass all around. Once out of the water, Sweetie asks Ribbon "Are there more shards?"

The fairy looks at the crystal, and answers with a nod before pointing at their right. "This way."

They look in the direction she points, and Dedede asks "Is that a pyramid that I see in the distance?"

"I bet my dinner that it's our destination," says Waddle Dee.

"So we are going to explore a pyramid?" asks Sweetie Belle, bouncing in joy. "This is awesome! Best journey ever! I always dreamed to see a pyramid!"

"You know, pyramids are known to have big mazes," says Adeleine with a smirk.

The filly stops bouncing at this. "Oh... right... Alright, I take it back."

"And now they are going to explore a pyramid..." says Rainbow Dash. "Daring Do would be so jealous." She sighs. "I know I am."

"This pyramid is strange. It's black. I have never heard of a black pyramid before," comments Rarity.

"It's a pyramid in an alien world," says Spike. "Who knows with what they built it."

They see the group approaches the area around the pyramid, area lithered by blue pillars either tilted or fallen, and there are some part of the ground without sand showing a floor sculpted in what seems to be dark stones in a shaped like a checkerboard, clear traces of an old civilisation that seemed different from the ones building the earlier ruins. They also remark that the base of the pyramid seems to be made of an unknown purple material at the arrises. The purples parts are actually smaller pyramids with flat backs disconnected from the big black one, making everypony look in wonder.

And then, after a few more minutes, once the group get close enough of the pyramid, which is at the other side of a crack, the whole structure suddenly starts to rise, revealing that there is more to it under the ground.

This is not a pyramid, it's an octahedron, and the purple pyramids are actually pyramids with five surfaces, the 'flat backs' being actually the bases.

And it's floating.

And they see a similar purple pyramid at the bottom floating down, ready to lift the group inside the structure.

They all look in awe at this, both the group and the spectators, until they hear Sweetie asks "Is... Is that a spaceship?"

"M-m-maybe?" answers Dedede.

Sweetie Belle and Waddle Dee look at each other, starting shaking, before they scream in joy with stars in their eyes. "We are going to explore a spaceship!"

Sweetie then turns to the others. "What are we waiting?! Let's go! Quick!" And after that, the two of them run toward the floating structure that flashes every few seconds, repeating "We are going to explore a spaceship!" all the way, quickly followed by the others shouting vainly at the two to wait them.

"A BUCKING SPACESHIP?!!" suddenly yells Twilight. "Discord! Send me there! I want to explore it too!"

"Twilight, hold yourself. Remember who is there," says Discord, pointing at Celestia and Luna who look at her with amusement.

"You are the one saying that?" asks Applejack.


"I want to go in too! This is like the most awesome thing to explore!" shouts Rainbow Dash.

"Me too!" says Spike.

"Hush! They are about to enter the spaceship!" shouts Pinkie.

"But spaceship!" reply Twilight, Rainbow, and Spike

"Another time," says Rarity. "When you find a way to open a portal to this dimension, you will have the occasion to explore it," she continues to Twilight.


Celestia giggles.

The group jumps on the inversed pyramid that is the platform that will lift them inside the spaceship. As soon as their feet touch it, the pyramid starts to float up, soon entering the structure by a square hole at the bottom, Sweetie Belle and Waddle Dee smiling all the while. Inside, they are however attacked by canons in the walls, probably some system against intruders. Luckily, their projectiles made of energy are rather slow, and so, easy to avoid, the main problem being the number of projectiles and the lack of space for everyone to move out of the way. Sweetie's shield and Dedede's hammer are of great help to protect themselves of the projectiles.

Eventually, the platform reach another squared hole in the ceiling, stopping once entering the next room. There, the group has to climb a serie of red and yellow platforms moving left and right, entering or exiting the walls at different speeds, forcing them to time their jumps to pass through the holes between the platforms. Or they just fly beside them, like Sweetie does with her shield, taking in the way a shard inside a small area between two walls and a floor at the center of the room. In the end, they all decide to follow her exemple, Ribbon lifting Adeleine while Kirby and Dedede inflate, Waddle Dee on the king's back. They still have to watch out at the top of the room for a couple of blue balls protecting themselves inside a shell in a similar shape to the spaceship and shooting electric balls.

Passing through another hole in the ceiling, they are now in a dark room with three black squares on one of the walls. This makes Sweetie remember a room similar in Dark Castle, and lights her horn, making symbols appear on the squares: a star, a crescent moon, and a sun. Adeleine draws them on a blank paper before they pass the exit, entering another room with big buttons with symboles on them. Looking at Adeleine's drawing just in case, Waddle Dee then presses the button with a star, Sweetie presses the one with a crescent moon, and Kirby presses the one with a sun, making appear a shard on a pedestal at the end. After that, they climb a ladder.

They enter an immense space with dozens of floating cubes, some of them forming a path for them to walk on. The walls are formed of... parts that sometime illuminate, showing the sky and the world outside like windows, before going back. They recognize that they are now in the center of the spaceship, and it's beyond anything that Sweetie has imagined. Looking around in awe, they follow the path of the cubes, sometime having to go on a cube that float back and forth to join the next part of it, until there are almost only those cubes to advance. At the end, they reach an octagonal prism that lift them through a hole in the ceiling, entering a room guarded by a bigger version of those blue spheres easily eliminated with its companions, rewarding them with a new shard.

They exit the room by climbing another ladder, finding themselves now in a giant cylindrical room. They are on a plus shaped black walkway protruding of the floor, the walkways going to the walls and going up as columns. Between them, there are four more columns starting the same way from the floor, and they are all flashing like the exterior of the spaceship. All the colomn are joining under the ceiling in the same maner as on the floor, and there are two yellow bar going from the floor to the ceiling, with some purple platform floating between them above their head. walking away from the center of the floor, they spot a hole in the center of the ceiling that was hidden by the platforms. They will have to climb the bars to reach it.

Or fly.

Adeleine still tries to climb the bar, only for some electrical living ball to suddenly appear on it and charge at her, electrifying her and making her fall from the bar. Thankfully, Ribbon has had time to fly away before the hit.

"So, we fly?" asks Waddle Dee.

"We fly," answers Dedede.

"I agree..." says Adeleine after groaning from pain.

Passing the hole, they are now at the base of a spiral black slope leaing them toward a ringed structure around something made of the same purple element as the floating pyramids outside. On the center of the purple thing rises a realy tall pillar going all the way to the top of the spaceship. Suddenly, the pyramid roof of the ship opens and parts of it separate and float up to create various forms like a holed tower, the central pillar gain in size, and the ringed structure starts to rise, a purple forcefield appearing once the purple thing lets place to a hole. Then, just as they reach the top of what remains of the roof before the 'tower', inside the forcefield, a red octahedron appears from the cental pillar. The octahedron puts itself beside the forcefield, and it forms a red laser blade through it, threatening to cut Sweetie and the others while protected behind the field.

"Hey! That's cheating!" yells Dedede, hitting the forcefield with his hammer, without results, before jumping above the laser blade while the others run on the ring to escape it. Sweetie Belle shoots a beam at the blade, only for the beam to pass through it, not damaging the blade at all. She then shoots another beam at the forcefield, without result too.

"Maybe if we continue to attack the forcefield, it will eventually break?" proposes Waddle Dee while hitting the forcefield with the parasol.

"Poyo!" nods Kirby, spitting fire without stopping at the forcefield while jumping above the passing red blade.

That's when a green octahedron appears from the pillar, and joins the other at attacking them with a green laser blade, each one turning around the pillar in opposite side while they also turn on themselves verticaly. Sometime, they suddenly stop advancing before moving the other way, trying to surprise the group with impredictability, and Waddle Dee and Adeleine find themselves slightly cut because of that.

After a moment of jumping and running to avoid the two blades, a blue octahedron suddenly appears from the pillars, form its own blue laser blade, and joins the others in trying to slice them, the three going up and down back and forth in tandem at equal distance from each other. Dedede finds himself almost beheaded by the red blade, lowering himself at the last second, and Sweetie get a cut on one of her legs while jumping because of the octahedrons changing way at the same time. All the while, they attack the forcefield, trying to destroy it, but no matter how much they hit it, it doesn't seems to even start to crack, frustrating everyone.

But then, they reach the top of the pillar, and by the same occasion, the end of the 'holed tower' made of the parts of the ship around them. They are now far up in the sky, but they don't have time to admire the view, because by reaching the end of the pillar, they have also reached the end of the forcefield! And that means that the three octahedrons aren't protected anymore! The octahedrons seems to understand this, because they have stopped attacking and they have grouped together at the top of the pillar. Just then, strange things made of white lines and red, green, or blue balls pop out of the ring, and the three octahedrons come back in the offensive, starting to spin with their blades, each in a different axe : the red spins the blade perpendicularly to the ring from the inside to the outside, the green parallely, making it risky to jump above, and the blue like the red, but following the floor of the ring, making it the most tricky to avoid.

The group quickly learn to avoid the things that have popped out of the ring, the things hurting them in contact as Dedede and Kirby have painfuly learned, but thankfully, they can be easily destroyed by a single attack. Of course, with the three octahedrons not protected anymore by the forcefield, they unleash everything they have on them, Sweetie shooting her beams and cracking her whip, Kirby charging at them with fire, Dedede either using his hammer or inhaling the things and spitting them back, Waddle Dee using the parasol even if it's not really effective, Adeleine painting one of the ninjas from the Rainbow Island and jumping on his head before letting him throws his cutter blades, and Ribbon using the crystal. Sweetie and Kirby team up on the blue, Dedede and Waddle Dee on the red, and this left the green for Adeleine and Ribbon.

The ninja slides under the green blade as it pass above him, Adeleine clinging to him with difficulty while she bonks the octahedron with her brush. Once outside the range of the blade, the ninja jumps, and fall on the octahedron, giving it a powerful kick before bouncing back up. This gets Adeleine close to Ribbon who continues to shoot crystals at it. Having an idea, Adeleine quickly tells it to Ribbon and they both nod. Then, Adeleine takes Ribbon by the arm, and the ninja spins around himself, giving the fairy some momentum, before he jumps and Adeleine throws her to the octahedron at the apex of the jump. Ribbon takes the crystal, and once close enough, rams the octahedron with its point in a great shock, before she shoots projectiles just at this moment, effectively destroying the octahedron, only leaving the still floating arrises. At their victory, Adeleine and Ribbon high five, screaming in joy.

Dedede has to constantly step back to avoid the red blade passing again, and again, and again before him like the hands of a clock, swinging his hammer to attack the octahedron. Waddle Dee is on his back, hitting the white things with colored spheres when they are approaching behind Dedede. Not surprisingly, it doesn't take long for them to destroy the red octahedron, leaving the red arrises.

"Ah! Take that!" shouts Dedede, putting proudly his hammer on his shoulder.

"Wonderful, Great King!"

Sweetie passes under the blue octahedron after the passage of the blade and buck the octahedron, while Kirby charges at it covered in flames. The filly then wraps her whip around Kirby who covers himself in fire again, and like the ball of a flail, Sweetie swings him to the octahedron from the side where the blade doesn't spin. She steps back to avoid the blade, getting her muzzle cut, and turn on herself, swinging Kirby at the octahedron from the opposite side with great force. She then swing up Kirby, releases him, uses a shield to join him, and wrap the two of them in a round shield that they wrap in fire, before finally spinning around each other, falling on the blue octahedron like a comet, the impact creating a big shockwave of fire that and destroying the octahedron, leaving the blue arrises. Once landing, they raise their arm/forehoof in victory.


Defeated, the remains of the three octahedrons starts to spin around each other, getting closer and closer to the center of the ring above the pillar, before finally colliding together, and exploding, releasing a shard that Ribbon catches.

"Ah ah! Advanced technology is nothing against us!" shouts Dedede.

"Yeah!" shouts Sweetie Belle and Waddle Dee.

"Aliens are zeros! We are champions!" continues Waddle Dee.

"Time for some delicious reward," says Adeleine, taking her brush. "We still got hurt, we need towhoaah!"

The ringed structure suddenly starts to fall, alongside the parts of the ship forming the holed tower around them, interrupting her as they fall too. Ribbon quickly catches Adeleine while Waddle Dee opens his parasol to float down. Kirby catches Sweetie before inflating, slowind down their fall, and Dedede do the same too. As they float down and away from the ship, they can see it, below them, falling to the ground and not flashing anymore, first impacting at the point where they have entered the ship, before tilting on its side, the purple pyramids falling separately with the various pieces that have been floating. The ship finally falling with all its weight on the desert causes tons of sand to be displaced around it in a formidable spectacle, leaving only a wreck with a field of remains.

"You know..." then says Sweetie Belle "me and my friends are known in Ponyville for accidentally destroying things. But I never thought that I would accidentally destroy a spaceship." She giggles. "Twilight would be horrified."

Twilight's eye twitches. Discord guffaws.

"Dude..." says Spike. "That was... wow..."

"You said it..." says Rainbow Dash in awe.

Pinkie bounces beside Twilight. "Don't worry Twilight, the ship is still there! It's just a little broken, nothing too bad."

"But whatever was making the ship working doesn't work anymore! It will not be the same thing!"

"Sorry Twilight," then says Celestia. "But from what I could see, this needed to be done to accomplish their quest. Nothing can be done about this."

"Breathe Twilight. At least, there are remains. the ship could have exploded, and nothing could have been left," says Luna.

"So what do the both of you think of this adventure until now?" asks Discord.

"It's entertaining," answers Luna. "I love the action."

"It's nice to see young Sweetie Belle not only alright, but also becoming a hero with her friends. This reminds me of a certain mare," answers Celestia, before smiling at Twilight. "However, I can't help but worry. A filly of her age shouldn't fight life threatening foes like they just fought."

"That was nothing for her, she has fought worse. Trust me," says Discord. He turns to the portal, seeing the group landing as they watch the remains of the spaceship. He gulps. "And who know what she will fight at the end of this journey... It... may be ugly."

They see the crystal float from Ribbon's hands, before forming a star shaped portal showing a rain drop shaped mass of water with a core made of rock floating in space. After eating a quick meal painted by the human, they jump in the portal that close behind, going in their next step in their adventure.

Author's Note:

Finally ! :yay: It sure took some time !
For the ones that haven't seen my blog post, does any of you know of a My Little Pony remix that could fit to be Sweetie Belle's battle theme ? I'm also searching a theme that could be the "Masked Dedede" equivalent.

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