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Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer - SanyaHikari

A Starfleet dreadnought ends up traveling 384 years into the past while battling the Aridaginatans in 2398. But the enemy also time travels, determined to prevent the ship from existing. Their target: the person whom the ship is named after.

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Away Team at the Mall

Captain's log, supplemental: We have pursued the fleeing Aridaginatans back in time to the year 2014. But the enemy has damaged the International Space Station, so I have sent an away team to repair it. But now, I am sending another team, including myself, to Canterlot so they can keep Sunset Shimmer and her friends safe until the Aridaginatans are defeated.

In the transporter room, Inat'p, Gorfilo, T'Pony, Bootsplash, and Captain Shoichet are on the transporter platform, preparing to beam down to Canterlot. They are wearing 21st century civilian clothing, so they can't blow their cover.

"Commander QF56, you're acting captain," said Shoichet to the female Q. "Until I get back, understand?"

"I do understand," replied QF56. "I promise not to do any shenanigans that will endanger this ship."

Then, she snapped her finger. A frog with a top hat appears on the floor near the platform. Then, the frog begins to tap-dance and sing in a manly voice.

Hello my baby
Hello my honey
Hello my rag-time doll

The frog continued tap-dancing until it entered the turbolift and disappeared to somewhere else on the Sunset Shimmer.

"Captain, I'm detecting 7 signals coming from the mall. They seem...to be magical," explained Dell in admiration. He is manning the transporter control panel.

"It's Sunset and her friends," replied Shoichet. "Beam us down there right away."

"Yes, captain. Locking on signal..5..4..3..2..1," counted Dell. Then, he pressed a button.

Shoichet, Inat'p, Gorfilo, T'Pony, and Bootsplash's bodies begin to dematerialize. Soon, they disappeared into thin air.

"Well, I should have some fun," laughed QF56.

"But the captain ordered you to not make any Q-like shenanigans," said Dell.

"Oh, really?" smirked QF56. Then she snapped her fingers, and soon, a fat man and a human-sized chicken appear. Both are throwing punches at each other.

"SECURITY TO THE TRANSPORTER ROOM!" exclaimed Dell into his combadge. Soon, a group of yellow-shirted security officers appear and tackle both the chicken and man, creating a large comical fight cloud.

"I'm just going to stay out of this," chuckled QF56 nervously as she entered the turbolift. As soon as the doors close, an anvil comically hits the doors, creating a dent.

In the mall, Sunset and her friends are at the spa, getting pedicures. While 6 of them are enjoying it, a certain multicolored-hair girl is afraid of the pedicure: Rainbow Dash.

"Oh dear Celestia, please don't tell me Rainbow Dash has sensitive feet again," Sunset moaned in her thoughts.

"Rainbow, get over it. They're not going to tickle you," said Twilight.

"Oh, right," replied Dash with a nervous chuckle. "I'll try to calm down this time."

So, she let Lotus Blossom and Aloe, two twin sisters who run the shop, give her a pedicure without any fuss.

"Whew," sighed Dash. "That's better."

At the fountain in the middle of the mall, five rays of sparkles appear. They soon stopped sparkling, revealing Shoichet, Inat'p, Gorfilo, T'Pony, and Bootsplash.

"Welcome to one of the dying trends of the 21st century, the mall," said Shoichet.

"It seems that we must be careful not to blow our cover," added T'Pony. "In this century, humans tend to stick around with what you call a 'mobile smartphone'. The devices are the ancestors of what is now known as the PADD."

"That is correct, T'Pony," said Bootsplash to the Vulcan. "If not careful, they can become addictive, much like the holodecks of the 24th century."

"Thank you for the info, Counselor," chimed Shoichet. "Now, we should act like innocent people. We'll go watch a movie first. Who's up?"

Everyone raised their hands.

"Then it's a go."

Juniper Montage is working behind the counter of the ticket counter/snack bar, as always, selling popcorn, drinks, and other snacks to customers who are watching the movies. Her father, a director under the name of Canter Zoom, chose her this job after she sabotaged production of a Daring Do movie. The reason: she was jeaulous of Chesnut Magnifica, an actor who played the titular character of the movie. Eventually, 7 certain girls foiled her plan, and they got roles in the film, too, as a reward. So Juniper took revenge on the girls by trapping them in an enchanted mirror, which also turned her into a monster. But an 8th girl by the name of Starlight Glimmer managed to convince her to release them by becoming her friend. And so they did.

The five Starfleet officers walk up to the counter.

"Hello. I would like to order 5 tickets for Daring Do And The Marked Thief Of Marapore," asked Shoichet.

"Sure," replied Juniper. "That'll be 30 dollars."

"But Captain, we have already seen..." Inat'p interrupted, before being cut off by Shoichet.

"Shh, don't blow our cover," she whispered. Then she turned to Juniper.

"Sorry about that, it's just that my pet parakeet has already read the book the movie is based on," she chuckled. She receives a frown from the parakeet.

Juniper laughed, "Oh, right. Here are your tickets."

After paying for the tickets and the popcorn, the 5 crewmembers entered the
auditorium room. Soon, the lights darken, and the film starts playing.

"Ah, good, the movie's starting," said Gorfilo.

"Yeah, that's what you say," replied Inat'p. "I've seen this film too many times in the 24th century. And it's logos are so annoying."

On the screen, hundreds of shooting stars begin flying out of the sky. Then the stars form a single file line. After that, the line of stars surround the top of the mountain, followed by the word

"Alright, let's see what this honourable Paramount has," said Gorfilo.

The next thing seen on the screen is a beautiful ocean at night. Then, what appears to be a creature in the water shows up.


But the 'creature' emerges from the water and begins unscrolling itself, revealing itself to be an ancient world map. Underneath the map, three words fade in. The words read "Underwater Map Productions".

"Phew. That was a close call," sighed Inat'p in relief.

The screen then moves on to pitch black. The words 'ONCE UPON A TIME' appear.

"Finally, I am beginning to like this honourable Daring Do movie," smiled Gorfilo.

But then, his enjoyment is interrupted when the word 'Productions' appear below the first 4 words, making up ONCE UPON A TIME Productions. This made the Klingon angry.

"THIS IS NOT HONOURABLE!" shouted the Klingon in rage.

"Gorfilo, calm down! That's an order!" ordered Shoichet.

"You're right," replied Gorfilo. "It's just a movie."

"Moving on," squawked Inat'p.

The next screen showed Camp Everfree being covered in rapidly growing brambles. The camera zooms into the face of a scary-looking woman known as Gaea Everfree, who is behind the brambles.

"Oh, boy, I'm so excited!" exclaimed Becky Ray Shoichet. "Sunset, you can do this!"

But her excitement is cut off when Gaea's green eyes flash. After that, Gaea is now statue-like with the words 'Gaea Everfree Studios' below her.

"Oh great," muttered Captain Shoichet in disappointment.

"See, captain, I told you logos can trick you," said Inat'p.

"You're right," chuckled Shoichet.

"Okay, what's next?," asked T'Pony.

The next screen shows a plane landing.

"Fascinating," said the female Vulcan. "I can use some serious films."

But the plane colors change to back and white, and the words Arriving Flight appears on both wings, with Productions at the bottom, making up Arriving Flight Productions.

"Illogical," said T'Pony, annoyed by the logo. "Moving on."

The next screen then shows the village Marapore, meaning the movie is starting for real. Then the words, 'Daring Do And The Marked Thief Of Marapore' appear.

"Now this film truly deserves honour," said Gorfilo.

"Oh shut up! Chesnut Magnifico wouldn't even want to hear an annoying Klingon!" shouted Inat'p.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" responded the Klingon.

"Uhh, nothing," said Inat'p with a nervous chuckle.

And so, the five began watching the movie.

To be continued...

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