• Published 1st Apr 2019
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Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer - SanyaHikari

A Starfleet dreadnought ends up traveling 384 years into the past while battling the Aridaginatans in 2398. But the enemy also time travels, determined to prevent the ship from existing. Their target: the person whom the ship is named after.

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Canterlot Under Attack/Ray's Death

A few hours later.....

People are crowding the streets of Canterlot in their cars, RVs and anything vehicular. They were told to evacuate, so they are trying to get away from Canterlot as fast as they can.

Suddenly, the sounds of quantum torpedoes brought the traffic to a halt.

"Oh my goodness!" cried one of the evacuees. "It's an alien ship! Run!"

Right in the distance, is the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Cupcake Slash. The vessel begins firing quantum torpedoes on the traffic, destroying some cars, while some people run for their lives. The Sovereign-class ship maneuvered around some buildings while firing more quantum torpedoes at the panicking crowd below. Armoured police cars soon gathered nearby.

"Please stop panicking!" barked a random police officer, trying to console the crowd. "We have this under control!"
But people kept on running for their lives.

Two police helicopters surround the starship. The pilot took out his bull horn.


But no response.


Suddenly, two lasers from the Cupcake Slash's phaser arrays blasted both helicopters, sending them spiraling down to the ground.

As people continued to panic, a hot dog vendor arrived.

"Hot dogs! Get your free hot....." exclaimed the vendor, but gets blasted by quantum torpedoes.

Soon, more quantum torpedoes blasted a certain black muscle car with lightnings and a blue shield with lightnings. It was now totalled.

"My car!" cried Flash Sentry.

Three cackles can be heard from the bridge of the Cupcake Slash. The evil laughter belonged to no other than Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk.

"Oh look, the humans are panicking," sneered Adagio evilly.

"Maybe we can have tacos after this!" smiled Sonata. Both Aria and Adagio face palmed themselves in annoyance.

"I just know Sunset Shimmer's place now," said Aria. "May I destroy it?"

Adagio nodded.

The Cupcake Slash fires another round of quantum torpedoes at a small apartment-like building, obliterating it while the ship flies over the subsequent explosion.

As the building exploded, everything inside, including Sunset's cool looking bed (which is accessible by stairs), TV, computers under the bed level, sofa, and everything else gets destroyed in the process. A lizard tank flies out and shatters on the road. A yellowish-green gecko with black spots flies out of the tank. He soon slams onto the sidewalk. The impact of the explosion has fatally injured the gecko.

The Dazzlings cackled.

"Good luck telling your insurance, Sunset Shimmer," laughed Adagio.

Onboard the USS Sunset Shimmer, Torotto and Dell watch the explosion from the viewscreen.

"OH NO!" he cried. "That little gecko."

"I must inform the away team right away," said Dell. He then touched his commbadge.
"Sunset Shimmer to away team, I have found the location of the Cupcake Slash. But the bad news is that a gecko is injured from an attack on an apartment building from the latter ship. According to the scans, the lizard will not be able to make it."

Soon, the group arrived at Sunset's apartment, only to find it in ruins. Sunset and the 6 girls then gasped.

"Ray!" she cried, horrified at the sight of the gecko's current condition. She then ran over to hug him.

"Don't leave me," she said as tears begin to stream down her face.

"Sunset, there is something I have to tell you," said Captain Shoichet, who gulped.

"What is it?" asked Sunset.

"Your home got destroyed by the USS Cupcake Slash. Unfortunately, your pet gecko.....will not be able to survive," Shoichet explained.

Sunset and Fluttershy both gasped. They couldn't believe it. Ray was Sunset's first beloved pet ever. And Fluttershy helped her choose Ray. But unfortunately, the gecko was going to die...all because of the sirens.

Sunset then breaks down in tears and begins sobbing.
"Ray! I love you very much!"

"Rr..Ray..says...thank you," translated Fluttershy, before breaking down into tears, too.

Ray smiled at both girls before the small gecko closed his eyes for the last time. Sunset then looked at Ray.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Sunset befire sobbing some more.

Gorfilo, who was watching, decided to join in in the mourning. He keeled down to Ray, and begins to perform the ritual.

"RrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH," howled Gorfilo, as this is normal for any Klingon mourning a death. This scared Fluttershy a bit. But Sunset sensed the Klingon's actions to be normal.

Soon, Sunset's blood begins boiling. Then her bloodshot eyes begin to flame in rage. She is now angry.
"Adagio....you...will....pay for what you have done to Ray!" she shouted.

"Very nice to see Sunset Shimmer getting motivated," said Q, sitting nearby.

"Q! There is no time for your comments!" shouted Inat'p, before kicking the popcorn bucket.

Then, a shadow appeared over the group. It is the USS Cupcake Slash, who stopped short of the girls. Sunset, now motivated, rallies the girls.

"Girls, we must now fight," said Sunset. The rest of the Rainbooms gathered in a fighting pose.

The battle is about to begin.

Author's Note:

Twilight's Kingdom- The USS Cupcake Slash destroys Sunset's home in a much similar way to Twilight's old treehouse being destroyed by Tirek.

Olympus Has Fallen-The ship's attack on Canterlot is very much similar to the C130 scene.

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