Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer

by SanyaHikari

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A Starfleet dreadnought ends up traveling 384 years into the past while battling the Aridaginatans in 2398. But the enemy also time travels, determined to prevent the ship from existing. Their target: the person whom the ship is named after.

In the year 2398, the Federation starship USS Sunset Shimmer (NCC-61613), a brand new Faustian-class dreadnought starship christened a year ago, is sent to Deep Space 9, which is under threat from a giant Aridaginatan siren-shaped starship. 34 year old Captain Becky Ray Shoichet, who is in charge of the Sunset Shimmer, manages to destroy the siren ship, but not long before the Aridaginatans escaped in a pendant-like ship, creating a temporal vortex which the enemy disappears through. The Sunset Shimmer follows them through the vortex, ending up in the year 2014, which 384 years into the past. The crew are aware the Aridaginatans are plotting to destroy the person the ship is named after, which will erase the ship from existence.

Meanwhile, the human Sunset Shimmer and her friends are practicing for an upcoming cruise. But as Sunset is now a target of the Aridaginatans, she must seek the help of the Starfleet officers. Will she, the girls, and the crew of her starship namesake, along with another starship, work together to defeat the Aridaginatans? Or will both CHS and Starfleet crumble? Find out more.

Rated T for destroyed starships, redshirts dying, quantum torpedoes hitting buildings, and of course, phasers set to kill. Also, character death.

This takes place in the following timelines:

ST: Between Star Trek: Nemesis and the upcoming Picard sequel series.
EQG: Between Rollercoaster Of Friendship and the upcoming spring cruise special.

Star Trek and all related characters are property of CBS/Paramount. Equestria Girls and all related characters belong to Hasbro.

©2019 SanyaHikari

Introduction/Orbiting Veridian lll

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19 years ago, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E defeated the evil Shinzon and his ship, the Scimitar, thanks to Counselor Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Commander Data (who sacrificed himself to save the crew). Hadn't it been for the android, Earth would've fallen. Now, things have changed over the years. Captain Kathryn Janeway of the recently returned USS Voyager is now admiral. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is now serving as the Federation ambassador to Vulcan, passing his chair over to the resurrected Data. Romulus is lost to the Hobus Supernova. Vulcan Ambassador Spock disappeared shortly after into a black hole with a Romulan ship called the Narada. Klingon Chancellor Martok passes away. His son, Drex, immediately became his successor, with former Starfleet officer Worf as his advisor. Finally, the Bajorans have joined the Federation. And now, we begin our new adventures with a new ship, and a new crew. This new ship, the second of eight new starships, is powered by one of 7 very powerful ancient magical relics, known in the 21st century as the Elements Of Harmony. Somewhere, over the Veridian system in mid-2398.....

Captain's log,
Stardate 73471.43

It's been over a year since I was given command of the newly-commissioned Faustian-class USS Sunset Shimmer. Our shakedown cruise has gone out really well. Right now, we are in the Veridian system, currently assisting the Klingon vessel IKS Stridebreaker, a D7 battlecruiser which had broken down in orbit around Veridian III. An away team has been sent to repair the vessel. The repairs should go well, I hope. Maybe for the better. Also, we are here with orders to salvage the saucer section of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, which has been lost 27 years ago on this same planet.

After the computer chirps, confirming the log entry, a sigh can be heard as a human Canadian woman recently in her mid-30s got up from her seat. She had brown hair with grayish tan streaks, and brown eyes. The uniform she's wearing is a red Starfleet female skant uniform with black boots. On the neck of the uniform, there are four gold dots, indicating that she indeed in charge of the vessel. The woman is sitting comfortably in the chair of her ready room, thinking about her few years serving on the Enterprise-E from 2386-2395.

"Oh, the years serving with Data," she chuckled to herself. "They are definitely are the best before I became captain in 2396. Too bad I couldn't see Picard as captain when he retired in 2385. He's now an ambassador to Vulcan. Even I saw the Hobus Supernova in 2387. Poor Romulans."

She then sighed as she looked at a golden dedication plaque. The plaque reads:

"Plaque, you inspire me a lot, even in bad times," she chuckled in her train of thought.

Just, then, the ready room doors slide open. A small green parakeet-like creature, the size of a plush toy anyone can get for winning at Equestrialand, comes inside. The parakeet is wearing a red Starfleet shirt, with three dots, indicating that he's the second-in-command of the vessel.

"Commander Inat'p," she smiled, revealing the parakeet's name. "What brings you here?"

"Squawk! Captain Becky Ray Shoichet," the little parakeet replied. "The away team are almost done with the Stridebreaker's repairs. It's a good thing the Klingons are our allies. Otherwise, we would have ended up like the Enterprise-D. I feel bad for Picard about him losing his ship. It's still down there if you want to visit it."

"No, that's fine. The Enterprise-D is now in starship heaven. Along with Kirk and Archer's Enterprises. Wait, Kirk's grave is also on the planet," she reassured Inat'p.

"I also heard about Picard's Nexus story, too," beamed Inat'p. "2371, is that right?"

Shoichet nodded. Then she looked out the window.

Outside, the Sunset Shimmer appears to be a very large ship, dwarfing the IKS Stridebreaker to a size of a Chihuahua if seen far enough. She is a Faustian-class ship, which is a dreadnought type of ship. Also, the vessel is four times bigger than the Enterprise-E. The Sunset Shimmer was built at Canterlot Shipyards in 2395, then completed in 2397 and christened that same year. The vessel was named in honor of the most popular woman in the 21st century: Sunset Shimmer, geode of empathy and one of the 7 defenders of Canterlot. She almost looked like a hybrid between the Constitution and Excelsior class, but had a Galaxy-class deflector, and 4 long Kelvinverse-style warp nacelles, configured in a hot rod pattern. She is capable of going to warp factor 26, which is almost enough to catch up to Karla Five's ship. And on the saucer section, the registry number read:

U.S.S Sunset Shimmer

"Isn't she beautiful?" asked Inat'p in admiration.

"Indeed. She is," replied Captain Shoichet.

"Transporter room to Captain. The away team has completed repairs on the Stridebreaker," said a male voice, which turns out to be coming from Shoichet's combage. "They are now being beamed back."

"Copy that," Shoichet radioed in reply. "I'll be down shortly."

Outside, the IKS Stridebreaker moves away from the USS Sunset Shimmer before finally activating its warp drive, making the D7 speed away in a flash.

One turbolift ride later...

The turbolift doors open, revealing the transporter room. Captain Shoichet and Commander Inat'p both enter. On the transporter platform, were 4 crewmembers. The first one is a male Kelpian. He wears a yellow uniform with two pips, meaning he is a lieutenant. The second crewmember is a yellowish female Soong-type android with brown hair, brushed in a Japanese schoolgirl style. Like the Kelpian, she also wears a yellow uniform, but the uniform is also the same design as the captain's. She has three pips, but one of them is dark, meaning she's a lieutenant commander. The third crewmember is an Earth-built android. He has a black early 21st-century computer monitor for a head. He also wears a yellow uniform, but with two pips. He always carries a toolbox, which implies he is chief engineer of the Sunset Shimmer. Finally, the fourth crewmember is a female Q, also the same age as Captain Shoichet. She wears a red uniform with 3 pips, meaning she's commander. But her uniform is similar to Picard's.

"Squawk! Lieutenant Torroto, Lieutenant Commander Bootsplash, Lieutenant Dell, and Commander Q56," squawked Inat'p, saying their names in order, from the Kelpien to the Q. "Welcome back."

"So, how did the repairs go?" Captain Shoichet asked with a smile.

"Great," replied Dell. "The repairs didn't take long.

"The Klingons had a good drink with us," said Torroto.

"Wish I had a emotion chip like my brother Data," chimed Bootsplash in her default serious tone.

Just then, Shoichet's comm badge chirped again.

"What now?" she muttered as she answered the call.

"Captain, report to the bridge. Starfleet Command has an urgent message for you!" a Russian accent exclaimed in an urgent tone.

"I'll be right there. Follow me," she ordered.

Another turbolift ride later...

The group soon arrives at the bridge. From what any Starfleet officer can tell, the bridge looks identical to a Galaxy-class bridge. But the only difference is that the lighting is blue, and on the panel behind the captain's chair, stood a statue resembling one of the greatest heroes in Earth history: Sunset Shimmer. Below the statue read the registry number: NCC-61613

"Finally, Captain, you're here," said a serious deep voice. It turns out to be from the viewscreen. On the screen, was an African American in an admiral uniform. He still looked like he still runs DS9, but not anymore.

"Admiral Benjamin Sisko of the USS Defiant, registry NCC-74205, how are you?" smiled Captain Shoichet. "And aren't you supposed to be the Prophet Emissary?"

"I'm pretty good. Even good when Hayes retired. Even my son is good being an author. Being Emissary is great, but I miss being home. So I came back," chuckled Sisko.

"I see," replied Shoichet, looking seriously while taking a sip of her hot chocolate mug.

Then Sisko added, "Anyway, an Aridaginatan ship has been spotted near Deep Space 9. The fleet has engaged them, but the results aren't looking good. We lost 16 ships."

"Oh, boy," gasped Shoichet. "Don't worry, we'll be on our way."

"What about the Enterprise-D?" asked Dell.

"You mean that Galaxy-class I sent you to retrieve? I'll send the recently repaired USS Lauren Faust instead," replied Sisko.

"Aww, I wanted to see the Enterprise-D. It reminds me of my friend Worf," muttered a Klingon officer, later to be introduced.

"We'll come back later, Gorfilo," said the captain. "Right now, we have a new problem."

"I wish you a safe journey. Don't die out there. Starfleet Command out.". The transmission ends, sending the viewscreen back to seeing the sight of Veridian III.

"Ms. Bootsplash, set a course for Deep Space 9," ordered Shoichet as she and QF56 take their respective seats, while Inat'p takes the right helm. "Maximum warp, 26."

"Right away, captain," replied Bootsplash in compliance as she sits at the left helm.

"Ooh, this is going to be an exciting movie," grinned QF56 as she munched on some popcorn, which was a result of snapping her fingers.

Outside, the Sunset Shimmer starts turning away from Veridian lll. Once it did, the 4 nacelles begin to calibrate. A few more seconds later, the warp drive activates, and soon, the enormous ship zooms off in a flash, headed for DS9 while leaving behind a beautiful trail of orange, yellow, and purple.

Third Battle Of DS9

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Deep Space 9
Bajoran Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Somewhere in the Bajoran Sector, stands a space station. It is positioned near a wormhole.

This space station, formerly under Cardassian control as Terek Nor and now in the hands of the Federation as Deep Space 9, or DS9 for short, has been a subject of the Dominion War, which lasted from 2373 to 2375, roughly at the same time the USS Enterprise-E, a Sovereign-class, had to go back in time to keep Zefram Cochrane safe from the Borg.

"Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun, come right now, don't walk...ROM!"

This jingle is often very familiar with residents, Starfleet officers, and tourists on DS9, when sometimes they want to have fun at this bar. But now, they aren't having fun, because they are panicking. Quark, a Ferengi who runs the bar, is most annoyed that customers aren't having fun.

"Oh great. Now the Aridaginatans are invading. Maybe some warp core breaches can cheer them....."

Before Quark can finish his sentence, a safe comically falls on him as a result of another blast from the Aridaginatans.

"....up," Quark finished before passing out.

"Quark's is fun. Hope you enjoy. Come back soon. Have some fun!"

Outside the space station, is a huge ship that more bigger than a Borg cube. It completely resembled a siren from Equestria, along with red windows and a visor covering its "eyes". Remains of destroyed ships scattered around the empty space while lasers from the remaining Federation ships clashed with the lasers of the Aridaginatan ship.

In the midst of the battle, is the USS Cupcake Slash, a Sovereign-class heavy exploratory starship. Its name came from the most famous sirenologist in the 21st century.

Its captain, which turns out to be Q himself, watches as the other ships get destroyed by the huge ship, which continued its efforts to defeat the Federation.

"Well, I promised Picard that all good things must come to an end. But this is what I got instead," he chuckled to himself.

"Captain, we have an incoming ship!" shouted one of the Cupcake Slash's helmsmen. "It's the....

"Yes, I know already," interrupted Q. "No need to make First Contact sound so redundant."

Then, the Sunset Shimmer dropped out of warp near the Aridaginatan ship. The enemy tried firing on the large Federation ship, but the Sunset Shimmer's shields held up pretty well.

"Do not worry," said Captain Shoichet over the radio. "I know the Aridaginatans' weakness. I'm assuming command of the fleet. Fire on my command."

Then Captain Shoichet turned to Bootsplash.

"Ms. Bootsplash, what is the status of the Aridaginatan ship?" she asked.

"The Aridaginatans sustained heavy damage. The enemy ship's reactor is almost exposed," Bootsplash explained.

"Then, the reactor it is," beamed Captain Shoichet. She quickly sets the coordinates of the enemy reactor. "Gorfilo, lock geode torpedoes."

"Aye, captain," responded the Klingon officer.

"Squawk! The fleet is ready to fire on your command!" sqwauked Inat'p.

Then, she spoke over the radio to the fleet. "Lock your phasers and torpedoes on these coordinates," ordered Shoichet to the fleet. "FIRE!"

Another Starfleet officer came rushing onto the bridge with a fire extinguisher.

"Captain, is there a fire around here?!" barked the officer.

"No, there isn't! And I don't mean that kind of fire!" Shoichet shouted back.

"Oops, sorry!" replied the officer, before comically tripping on a toy car, sending him crashing into the turbolift.

Soon, all the ships, including the Cupcake Slash, begin firing on the Aridaginatan dreadnought's core.

Photon or quantum, the torpedoes begin beating the giant ship to critical condition. Then, the Sunset Shimmer shoots her geode torpedoes into the chest of the ship, striking a final blow. This causes the enemy ship to explode.


All of the Federation starships start to retreat just as the remains of the enemy ship scattered around.

Everyone on Deep Space 9, all the Federation ships, and the Sunset Shimmer cheered.

"WOOOHOOO!" exclaimed Inat'p in celebration. "I know we can do it! Maybe we can go to Quark's to celebrate!"

"Indeed!" cheered Shoichet. She and the crew gave each other high fives.

Back at Quark's, Quark stands up, rubbing his head.

"Well, now, the customers are having fun," smiled the Ferengi. "Now, I should go make some stardrifters."

But before he can, a panicking Parallax wind dancer comically rams into Quark, sending him flying into the kitchen. Cats and shattered plates can be heard screeching and crashing.

"I'm okay!" shouted Quark.

To be continued...

Temporal Siren-cursion

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As the crew of the Sunset Shimmer celebrate their victory, an alarm sounds on the tactical panel. Gorfilo, who is wearing a yellow shirt with two pips, is at the panel. He sees the alert.

"Captain, you may want to see this. It's an Aridaginatan pendant. It's going towards Earth," explained the Klingon.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Gorfilo," smiled Shoichet. Then, her face turned serious.
"Red alert! The Aridaginatans have survived! All hands to battle stations!"

The crew then quickly report back to their stations.

"Captain, the pendant is going at warp 16!" exclamed a Gorn at the helm, who is wearing a yellow shirt with one pip, implying that the Gorn is an ensign.

"Thank you, Ensign Reptildimir. Counselor T'Pony! Can you mind meld the Aridaginatans, see what they're up to?" Captain Shoichet asked.

The person she's asking is a female Vulcan with blonde hair. She is wearing a Vulcan robe, along with her Starfleet uniform.

"Yes, I can," replied T'Pony. "I'm sensing...they are planning to go back in time so they can eliminate the person that this ship is named after."

"Wait, you're telling us that....the Aridaginatans are planning to kill Sunset Shimmer?!" shouted Gorfilo angrily.

"Indeed, that is correct," replied T'Pony.

"According to historical records, Sunset defeated three girls in 2013 who are actually sirens from another realm currently known as Equestria," explained Bootsplash. "So, I think that's why they're targeting her."

"Then we must follow them at once. We have to catch the temporal wake before it's too late," said Captain Shoichet. "Maximum warp, Ms. Bootsplash!"

The Sunset Shimmer turned around, then the warp drive activates, sending the dreadnought after the pendant ship.

At Quark's, the Ferengi watches as the Sunset Shimmer warps off.

"Well, I just wasted my time making stardrifters, and now the heroic crew leaves," lamented Quark.

"Aww, now the Ferengi is disappointed. Even you will be be more disappointed when your bar gets erased from the timeline," chuckled a voice, sounding like that of a draconequs.

"Q?" said Quark, confused.

Then, the omnipotent being poofs in front of the Ferengi.

"Miss me?" scoffed Q.

"I thought you lost to Sisko when he punched you," smirked the Ferengi. "Welcome back, Q."

"Thank you. That Sisko always have a nerve to hit me. By the way, how are you and Rom since my last visit?" Q asked politely.

"We're both fine," replied Quark, as he served Q a warp core breach.

"Oh, really?" smiled Q, as he takes a sip if the drink.

"Yes, really," said the Ferengi. "It's been almost 30 years since I opened this place."

"I could start a 30th anniversary party, but right now I have a timeline to save. Goodbye, Quark. I'll see you after I assist the Sunset Shimmer on its current mission."

And with that, Q snapped his fingers and disappeared. A few moments later, the USS Cupcake Slash warps off after the Sunset Shimmer.

"Oh, great. He didn't even finish his warp core breach. Rom!" shouted Quark as he called his brother. "Come clean it up!"

"I will!" shouted the other Ferengi as he arrived with a tablecloth.

"Q always likes to play games," muttered Quark.

International Space Station

Two astronauts are floating around the shuttledock. They are helping a space shuttle depart the dock.

"Yeah, that's it. Keep it going," directed the first astronaut.

"We hope to see you again soon," said the second.

After a few moments, the space shuttle cleared the ISS. Soon, it headed down for the atmosphere, on its way back to Kennedy Space Center.

"Whew, that was close, Ed," panted the first astronaut to the second.

"I know, right, Steve?" asked the second.

Then, loud rumbling can be heard. The rumbling gets more and more louder like a jet engine.

"Uhh, Bob, is there something wrong with the space station?" asked Steve, wondering.

Bob pulls out a laptop. He then checked the readings.

"The space station is fine. What can go wrong?" scoffed Bob.

Then, without warning, a vortex near the ISS opens, and out came a giant siren pendant.

"Oh, boy. Am I sleeping on the job?" Steve wondered.

"Uhh, I can see it too," said Bob.

"So, this isn't a dream?"

"No, it's real."

The pendant begins to fire on the International Space Station, severing 4 of its 16 solar panels.

"Oh, boy, it's aliens!" exclaimed Steve.


But as hope may seem lost, an enormous Faustian-class starship emerges from the vortex. It is the USS Sunset Shimmer.

"We're saved!" cheered the astronauts.

At the bridge, Shoichet watches the pendant attack the ISS.

"Oh dear. They're attacking the International Space Station," she said with a worried look.

"By the way, we have arrived in the year 2014," chimed Bootsplash.

"Thank you, Ms. Bootsplash. Gorfilo, arm the geode torpedoes. Set frequency modulation to 450," ordered Shoichet in a stern tone.

"Torpedoes, ready, willing and able," replied the Klingon officer.

"Fire! And you, don't bring in that fire extinguisher again!" shouted Becky Ray.

The same Starfleet officer from earlier nodded.

The Sunset Shimmer fires 4 geode-enhanced torpedoes at the pendant ship. They hit the ship, sending the Aridaginatans down into the atmosphere.

"WOOOHOOO!" cheered the astronauts.

But unfortunately for the Sunset Shimmer, the pendant ship is going a city called Canterlot.

"Oh, man. The Aridaginatans are falling towards Canterlot! Why, Gorfilo, why!?" ranted Inat'p.

"Don't blame me! It's the captain's fault!" shouted Gorfilo.

"Enough!" Captain Shoichet interrupted.
"We'll need two away teams; one to repair the International Space Station, and one to protect Sunset Shimmer and her friends until the Aridaginatans have been defeated. Report to the transporter room at once."

"Aye, captain!" saluted the officers as they head to said room.

To be continued...

Universal Rainbooms/First Encounter

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Canterlot Amphitheater
Present day

On the stage, 7 teenage girls
are playing their instruments. They are known as the Rainbooms; Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, respectively.

Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah, ah-ahhh

Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ahhh

Back in the day, I used to walk these halls

Acting tough, but all alone

I needed a friend to lend me a helping hand

I couldn't do it on my own

We've come so far together

Got memories to treasure

I look at you, stories come back to life

And if I need reminding

I know where I can find you

In these pages, you'll last forever

Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ahhhh

Remember when I, I lost the crown

You didn't leave me out in the rain

We still had songs to sing, magic transforming

Special in every way

The gems chose us by name

We've come so far together

Got memories to treasure

I look at you, stories come back to life

And if I need reminding

I know where I can find you

In these pages, you'll last forever

Forever, forever

In these pages, you'll last forever

The girls then set down their instruments.

"Wow, that was a good song, Sunset," complimented the pink butterfly girl, known as Fluttershy.

"Thanks," replied the bacon-haired teenager.

"That...was...awesome!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash, the athletic rainbow-haired girl. "Can we sing it again, pretty please?!"

"Uhh, we had enough rehearsing for today," said Twilight Sparkle, also known sometimes as Sci-Twi.

"Well, we could go to the mall," suggested Rarity, the fashionista of the seven.

"Okay! The mall it is!" exclaimed the other six girls.

One car drive later...

The 7 girls walk into the mall. It was bustling with teenagers, who are either shopping, hanging out, or working.

"Well, since it's all our day off, who wants to go to the clothing store?" asked Rarity.

"We do!" said all the girls.

So, they all went to the clothing store. It was very fun trying on the different outfits. Soon, they all exited the store with shopping bags in their hands.

"Well, that was fun. I pretty enjoyed it," said Sunset.

"Me, too," chimed in Twilight.

"So, um, which store should we go next?" asked Fluttershy.

"Why not try the spa? I'm sure we can relax our limbs," suggested Rarity.

"Yeah! I want to chillax!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

"Uh, Dash, what's this 'chillaxin' word you're talkin' about?" asked Applejack.

The girls then looked at Rainbow Dash with strange faces.

"'s nothing," chuckled Dash nervously. "Carry on."

"The spa it is!" smiled Sunset. The 7 girls laughed.

So, they begin walking down the mall corridors to the spa salon. Unbeknownst to them, a meteor-like streak flies over the mall.

Canterlot City Park
Soon, the "meteor" crashes into the park, creating a huge crater. As the smoke clears, a huge red object can be seen.

The "meteor" is actually the pendant ship that the USS Sunset Shimmer shot down. Mystery Mint and Cherry Crash were sitting on a bench when they saw the pendant ship crash.

"What is that?" asked Mystery Mint.

"I don't know. But we can check it out," smiled Cherry.

"Sure!" replied Mystery.

So, the two girls run over to the site. There, they are in complete shock.

"Does that... remind me of those three girls who tried to control us by singing?" asked Mystery.

"Ugh, the Battle Of the Bands is so last year," muttered Cherry.

Then, tentacles began protruding from the ship. They lunged at the duo, grabbing the girls by their ankles.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?! LET ME GO!" screamed Mystery.

"HELP!" cried Cherry. Then, their bodies begin to...dematerialize. Soon, they both fade away.

"What's happening?"

"Where am I?"


Ah ah ah
Ah ahhhhh
Ah ah ah
Ah ahhhhh

Soon, both Mystery and Cherry wake up. They looked around. They are now in a room, full of futuristic technology.

"Wait, this isn't the park," said Mystery. "Where are we?"

"Maybe we're probably inside the ship?" asked Cherry in confusion.

"You are both correct," said a voice.

"Wait, who are you?" asked Mystery. "And can you get these chains off us?"

"I will. Once you tell me where Sunset Shimmer is," the voice replied.

Then, a scary looking woman entered the room. She has green skin, four red eyes, a red pendant on her forehead, and a black mohawk. Her outfit consisted of a post- apocalyptic tank top, camouflage pants, and black combat boots.

"," squirmed Cherry with fear. "Please don't kill us both."

"I won't," said the woman. "I'm the queen of the Aridaginatans. But if you don't tell me the location of Sunset Shimmet and her friends, there will be grave consequences!"

"Aridaginatans?" chuckled Mystery with laughter. "What a funny name!"

The Queen then tasered Mystery with the chains. Mystery screamed in agony. A few seconds later, the Queen shut the current off.


"Um, okay," replied Mystery. "Sorry about that."

"Um, the location of Sunset Shimmer...she goes to Canterlot High," said Cherry.

"Is that so? If so, tell me," asked the Queen.

And so, the two girls begin explaining info about Sunset Shimmer to the Aridaginatan queen.

To be continued...

Away Team at the Mall

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Captain's log, supplemental: We have pursued the fleeing Aridaginatans back in time to the year 2014. But the enemy has damaged the International Space Station, so I have sent an away team to repair it. But now, I am sending another team, including myself, to Canterlot so they can keep Sunset Shimmer and her friends safe until the Aridaginatans are defeated.

In the transporter room, Inat'p, Gorfilo, T'Pony, Bootsplash, and Captain Shoichet are on the transporter platform, preparing to beam down to Canterlot. They are wearing 21st century civilian clothing, so they can't blow their cover.

"Commander QF56, you're acting captain," said Shoichet to the female Q. "Until I get back, understand?"

"I do understand," replied QF56. "I promise not to do any shenanigans that will endanger this ship."

Then, she snapped her finger. A frog with a top hat appears on the floor near the platform. Then, the frog begins to tap-dance and sing in a manly voice.

Hello my baby
Hello my honey
Hello my rag-time doll

The frog continued tap-dancing until it entered the turbolift and disappeared to somewhere else on the Sunset Shimmer.

"Captain, I'm detecting 7 signals coming from the mall. They be magical," explained Dell in admiration. He is manning the transporter control panel.

"It's Sunset and her friends," replied Shoichet. "Beam us down there right away."

"Yes, captain. Locking on signal..5..4..3..2..1," counted Dell. Then, he pressed a button.

Shoichet, Inat'p, Gorfilo, T'Pony, and Bootsplash's bodies begin to dematerialize. Soon, they disappeared into thin air.

"Well, I should have some fun," laughed QF56.

"But the captain ordered you to not make any Q-like shenanigans," said Dell.

"Oh, really?" smirked QF56. Then she snapped her fingers, and soon, a fat man and a human-sized chicken appear. Both are throwing punches at each other.

"SECURITY TO THE TRANSPORTER ROOM!" exclaimed Dell into his combadge. Soon, a group of yellow-shirted security officers appear and tackle both the chicken and man, creating a large comical fight cloud.

"I'm just going to stay out of this," chuckled QF56 nervously as she entered the turbolift. As soon as the doors close, an anvil comically hits the doors, creating a dent.

In the mall, Sunset and her friends are at the spa, getting pedicures. While 6 of them are enjoying it, a certain multicolored-hair girl is afraid of the pedicure: Rainbow Dash.

"Oh dear Celestia, please don't tell me Rainbow Dash has sensitive feet again," Sunset moaned in her thoughts.

"Rainbow, get over it. They're not going to tickle you," said Twilight.

"Oh, right," replied Dash with a nervous chuckle. "I'll try to calm down this time."

So, she let Lotus Blossom and Aloe, two twin sisters who run the shop, give her a pedicure without any fuss.

"Whew," sighed Dash. "That's better."

At the fountain in the middle of the mall, five rays of sparkles appear. They soon stopped sparkling, revealing Shoichet, Inat'p, Gorfilo, T'Pony, and Bootsplash.

"Welcome to one of the dying trends of the 21st century, the mall," said Shoichet.

"It seems that we must be careful not to blow our cover," added T'Pony. "In this century, humans tend to stick around with what you call a 'mobile smartphone'. The devices are the ancestors of what is now known as the PADD."

"That is correct, T'Pony," said Bootsplash to the Vulcan. "If not careful, they can become addictive, much like the holodecks of the 24th century."

"Thank you for the info, Counselor," chimed Shoichet. "Now, we should act like innocent people. We'll go watch a movie first. Who's up?"

Everyone raised their hands.

"Then it's a go."

Juniper Montage is working behind the counter of the ticket counter/snack bar, as always, selling popcorn, drinks, and other snacks to customers who are watching the movies. Her father, a director under the name of Canter Zoom, chose her this job after she sabotaged production of a Daring Do movie. The reason: she was jeaulous of Chesnut Magnifica, an actor who played the titular character of the movie. Eventually, 7 certain girls foiled her plan, and they got roles in the film, too, as a reward. So Juniper took revenge on the girls by trapping them in an enchanted mirror, which also turned her into a monster. But an 8th girl by the name of Starlight Glimmer managed to convince her to release them by becoming her friend. And so they did.

The five Starfleet officers walk up to the counter.

"Hello. I would like to order 5 tickets for Daring Do And The Marked Thief Of Marapore," asked Shoichet.

"Sure," replied Juniper. "That'll be 30 dollars."

"But Captain, we have already seen..." Inat'p interrupted, before being cut off by Shoichet.

"Shh, don't blow our cover," she whispered. Then she turned to Juniper.

"Sorry about that, it's just that my pet parakeet has already read the book the movie is based on," she chuckled. She receives a frown from the parakeet.

Juniper laughed, "Oh, right. Here are your tickets."

After paying for the tickets and the popcorn, the 5 crewmembers entered the
auditorium room. Soon, the lights darken, and the film starts playing.

"Ah, good, the movie's starting," said Gorfilo.

"Yeah, that's what you say," replied Inat'p. "I've seen this film too many times in the 24th century. And it's logos are so annoying."

On the screen, hundreds of shooting stars begin flying out of the sky. Then the stars form a single file line. After that, the line of stars surround the top of the mountain, followed by the word

"Alright, let's see what this honourable Paramount has," said Gorfilo.

The next thing seen on the screen is a beautiful ocean at night. Then, what appears to be a creature in the water shows up.


But the 'creature' emerges from the water and begins unscrolling itself, revealing itself to be an ancient world map. Underneath the map, three words fade in. The words read "Underwater Map Productions".

"Phew. That was a close call," sighed Inat'p in relief.

The screen then moves on to pitch black. The words 'ONCE UPON A TIME' appear.

"Finally, I am beginning to like this honourable Daring Do movie," smiled Gorfilo.

But then, his enjoyment is interrupted when the word 'Productions' appear below the first 4 words, making up ONCE UPON A TIME Productions. This made the Klingon angry.

"THIS IS NOT HONOURABLE!" shouted the Klingon in rage.

"Gorfilo, calm down! That's an order!" ordered Shoichet.

"You're right," replied Gorfilo. "It's just a movie."

"Moving on," squawked Inat'p.

The next screen showed Camp Everfree being covered in rapidly growing brambles. The camera zooms into the face of a scary-looking woman known as Gaea Everfree, who is behind the brambles.

"Oh, boy, I'm so excited!" exclaimed Becky Ray Shoichet. "Sunset, you can do this!"

But her excitement is cut off when Gaea's green eyes flash. After that, Gaea is now statue-like with the words 'Gaea Everfree Studios' below her.

"Oh great," muttered Captain Shoichet in disappointment.

"See, captain, I told you logos can trick you," said Inat'p.

"You're right," chuckled Shoichet.

"Okay, what's next?," asked T'Pony.

The next screen shows a plane landing.

"Fascinating," said the female Vulcan. "I can use some serious films."

But the plane colors change to back and white, and the words Arriving Flight appears on both wings, with Productions at the bottom, making up Arriving Flight Productions.

"Illogical," said T'Pony, annoyed by the logo. "Moving on."

The next screen then shows the village Marapore, meaning the movie is starting for real. Then the words, 'Daring Do And The Marked Thief Of Marapore' appear.

"Now this film truly deserves honour," said Gorfilo.

"Oh shut up! Chesnut Magnifico wouldn't even want to hear an annoying Klingon!" shouted Inat'p.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" responded the Klingon.

"Uhh, nothing," said Inat'p with a nervous chuckle.

And so, the five began watching the movie.

To be continued...

Lunch with the Mane 7

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Meanwhile, onboard the USS Sunset Shimmer, which still orbiting Earth alongside the International Space Station, Commander QF56 is sitting on the captain's chair, munching some potato chips and watching a soap opera on the viewscreen.

"Aww, they're filing for divorce," sniffled QF56 as she blows on a handkerchief.

Then, the turbolift doors opened. Dell walks out.

"Oh, great, not another soap opera," the computer-headed officer sighed as he facepalms.

QF56 immediately noticed Dell walking up to her.

"Oh, hey Dell. Want to watch this soap opera with me?" she asked.

"Uhh, no thank you," replied Dell.

"What? Is it about this 'saving Sunset Shimmer from the space sirens' thing?" said the female Q commander.

"Yes. I want to inform you that the Aridaginatans have been spotted in Canterlot Park," explained Dell. "But the ship ended up cloaking after its discovery."

"Oh, I see. But Becky Ray and the others are down there with the geode bearers," replied QF56.

"Alright. But I'll inform her anyway," said Dell. And he pressed his combage.

After some time at the spa, the 7 girls are walking towards the food court.

"Ooh, I can't wait to eat delicious hamburgers and fries!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie.

"Well, you probably don't want to eat too much of it," giggled Fluttershy. "It might be bad for your health."

"Oh, come on, silly!" laughed the teenage party planner, "I've eaten a lot of sweets and never gotten any illnesses!"

"Oh, Pinkie," chuckled Sunset. "You're so funny!"

"What?" said Pinkie. "It's not like a starship from 3 centuries in the future that is named after you will come here."

Sunset then gave Pinkie a strange look, as if she didn't want to question her. Then she smiled.

Soon, after getting their lunch, the girls all sat down.

The 5 Starfleet crewmembers came in and did the same thing. They had finished watching the movie. Captain Shoichet's combage then chirped.

"Sunset Shimmer to Shoichet, come in," Dell's voice crackled over the signal.

"Yes, Lieutenant, go ahead," replied Shoichet.

"We have detected.....ship......two girls...park....," Dell tried to explain, but the signal is starting to go faint.

"Shoichet to Sunset Shimmer, you're breaking up! Come in!" cried the captain. But the signal is now static.

Unfortunately, for the rookie Starfleet captain, this gets the attention of the Rainbooms, including Sunset herself.

"Uhh, hello there, you five," the bacon-haired teenage girl said, waving her hand with a rather nervous smile. "Looking for me?"

"Oh boy. Our cover's blown."

"Great, now what are we going to do?!" exclaimed Inat'p. "Our history's in danger!"

Back onboard the USS Sunset Shimmer, Dell is trying to reestablish contact with the away team, but to no avail.

"Oh, great," he muttered. "We've lost contact."

"Meh, blame it on the millions of 21st century teenagers with their smartphones," smirked QF56. "Social media, 911 calls, you get it."

"I'll head down to the International Space Station. Its antennas are damaged during the attack, so that's probably what caused the signal loss," said the lieutenant.

"Go ahead," scoffed QF56.

And so, Dell headed to the transporter room.

At the magical geode reactor somewhere in engineering, which is located in the Sunset Shimmer's secondary hull, Reptildimir is watching the red orange reactor pumping antimatter and matter like normal. Unlike any other warp core, the geode reactor, which contains a geode (in this case, the geode of empathy), allows the Sunset Shimmer or other Faustian-class vessels to travel off-scale at speeds up to warp 25.9. The geode core also allows the captain to fire geode torpedoes, magically link the ship to another compatible vessel, use the vessel's built-in mind-melding systems or activate the Sunset Shimmer's Element Of Harmony swivel blasters, which are capable of destroying 50 Borg cubes in one shot.

"Well, I hope the magic doesn't go haywire. It'll be too catastrophic," the Gorn ensign said with a chuckle. "I don't want the crew to read each other's minds."

Then a pigeon flies into one of the plasma coolant tanks, hitting it before falling to the ground. The container begins to crack. Then the coolant begins leaking out.

"Oh no!" cried Reptildimir "Coolant leak! Shut it down! Shut it down!"

One quick-thinking officer immediately dialed in some buttons on a control panel, eventually turning the geode core off.

"That...was a close call," sighed the Gorn officer with relief. "Shoichet's not going to be happy about this."

The Rainbooms are very surprised to see 4 strange-looking humanoids in the food court.

"They amazing!" cried Rainbow Dash with excitement.

"Indeed. They do look strange," added Twilight.

"Looks like we have no choice, but to reveal ourselves, and risk breaking the Temporal Prime Directive," Shoichet said in her thoughts. Then she spoke.

"Hello, you seven. I'm Captain Becky Ray Shoichet of the USS Sunset Shimmer," the captain introduced herself.

"Wait! Is there an Amareican navy ship named after me?!" an excited Sunset beamed.

"Uh, no. This ship belongs to the United Federation Of Planets, in an agency known as Starfleet," added Bootsplash.

"That sounds....amazing!" cheered Sunset, flailing her arms into the air.

"Awesome!" chimed in Rainbow. "Mr, Scary Guy, can we have a martial arts fight?"

"I'd be honoured to," replied Gorfilo.

"Fascinating," said Twilight.

"You can say that," answered both Bootsplash and T'Pony.

"Howdy, y'all. What year ye're from?" greeted Applejack.

"2398, to be precise," muttered the parakeet commander with annoyance.
"This is totally a bad idea to be here in 2014!"

"Wow, those outfits fit you perfectly," complimented Rarity.

"Thank you," smiled Shoichet

"Amazing!" shouted Pinkie in excitement. "See, Sunset, I told you there's a starship named after you!"

"Aww, Pinkie," chuckled Sunset, before everyone started laughing.

"By the way, I'm inviting everyone to my house tonight," said Twilight. "You 5 want to come?"

"Sure!" replied the Starfleet officers.

And so, lunch went on as normal.

To be continued...


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Later that night...

All the girls and officers are at Twilight's house, watching the same Daring Do movie the 7 starred in, much to Inat'p's dismay.

"Oh, boy. I've seen this movie billions of times already," muttered the parakeet as he facepalms.

After the movie ends a couple of hours later, everyone is gathered at a telescope in the balcony of Twilight's house.

"So, you 5 say you're all from the late 24th century? Is that correct?" asked Twilight.

"Yes. Our ship is way up there," replied Shoichet.

"I see," said Twilight.

"Don't worry, I can explain it all for you," added Sunset. Then she touched Captain Shoichet's hand.

"Wait, what are you....," the captain said, but before she can finish, Sunset's eyes begin to glow:

The first flash features a scotch bottle hitting something metallic. The metal turns out to be the primary hull of the U.S.S. Sunset Shimmer, parked at the Spacedock. The registry number reads NCC-61613. People are cheering and clapping. It is the summer of 2397, the year of the starship's launch. Soon, a man in uniform walked up to a podium.

"Today, is a very special day," announced a man at the podium, whose name is Admiral Thiessen. "Today is the day that will bring peace to the Federation. A day that will forever change our friendship into harmony. The warp 26 magic geode core wouldn't be possible without our 4 new friends here: Sanya Hikari, Q, Starfleet Counselor T'Pony, and Discord, who worked so hard to make it possible. So, it's only fitting that T'Pony's trustworthy friend, Captain Becky Ray Shoichet, will command the first starship powered by the magical relic."

The audience then looked back and gave a round of applause to a group of Starfleet officers, consisting of a parakeet, a Klingon, a Kelpien, a female Soong-type android, another android with a computer monitor for a head, and finally, Shoichet. They give a bow. A few moments later, the group heads off towards a gangway that will lead to the Sunset Shimmer, with T'Pony joining them a few minutes later.

The admiral continued his speech over the broadcasting systems.

"To quote Sunset herself, 'The past is not today. And together we can make it. I say embrace the magic. We may not know what the future holds."

On her command chair sweet command chair, Shoichet smiled at the quote.

"Take her out," she commanded.

Soon, the enormous starship leaves the Spacedock, under the escort of the Enterprise-E. In the bridge, the crew are getting ready. Then the viewscreen changed and reveals Captain Data, the Enterprise-E's commanding officer.

"I wish you all a safe journey," said the android captain. "Take care of my sister Bootsplash, will you?"

Shoichet responded, "Yes. I will."

"Thank you. Captain Data out," smiled Data, before the viewscreen returned to viewing pitch black space.

"Spacedock cleared. Ready when you are, captain," said Bootsplash.

"Thank you. Bridge to engineering, how's the geode doing?" asked Shoichet.

In engineering, the personnel there are making sure the maiden voyage goes smoothly.

The chief engineer, Dell, replied, "Doing great, captain. The Sunset Shimmer is ready for warp."

Shoichet smiled again. "Very well. Set course for Qo'nos. We have a diplomat to take to Vulcan."

"I hope I don't have a heart attack and die from big surprises," chuckled Commander Inat'p.

Then the captain spoke over the intercom. "Attention, crew, you heard the admiral. The past is not today. Today is the future! *Drumroll* Let's go!"

Everyone on the ship cheered in celebration.

Outside, the Enterprise-E branches off, leaving space for the Sunset Shimmer. Soon, the new ship's 4 warp nacelles begin to calibrate. With a jingle of the geode warp drive, the Sunset Shimmer zooms off in a flash, heading for the Klingon system.

The next flash then transitioned to the Third Battle Of Deep Space 9.


The Aridaginatan ship explodes.

A minute later, the third flash finally featured the attack on the International Space Station and the temporal vortex.


The enemy gem ship soon crashes into Canterlot Park....

Sunset's eyes stopped glowing.

"Oh, my, the evil space sirens are after me!" cried Sunset in panic. "They must've think I'm the one to blame for the Dazzlings' defeat at the Battle Of The Bands!"

"Calm down, Ms. Shimmer. We won't let that happen. That's why we followed the Aridaginatans back in time here. To stop them from destroying you," said Bootsplash in a reassuring tone.

"You're right, Bootsplash," replied Sunset, taking a deep breath. "I'm overreacting. It's just....that Equestrian magic tends to fall into the wrong hands and I have to be ready when it comes."

"But, Sunset, the only logical thing to do if there's no hostile magical activity is to calm down and have fun," added T'Pony. "Stress is just going to make your day worse."

"Right. I'll just go look in the telescope with the others," Sunset said as she went over to the telescope.

"WOW! YOUR SHIP LOOKS AMAZING, BECKY RAY!" shouted Pinkie in an exciting compliment.

Shoichet rubbed her ear.
"Umm, thanks," she replied.

"Fascinating. What kind of starship is it?" wondered Sci-Twi.

"The USS Sunset Shimmer is a Faustian-class vessel. It's an extremely huge ship compared to the other Federation ships," explained the captain. "The ship is one of seven ships that bears a magic geode, mine bearing the geode of empathy."

"Oh," said the girls with astonishment.

"That's....awesome! Our geodes have a future!" cried Rainbow in excitement.

"So, what's it like in the 24th century? Beautifully polished starships?" Rarity squeed.

"Yes, indeed. All starships look cool," chimed in Bootsplash.

"Ladies, the good news is that in less than 49 years from now on, a man named Zefram Cochrane will launch a small ship called the Phoenix. But don't expect it to burn bright in the sky, because an evil group of cybernetic beings, also from our time, will arrive a day early before it's launch," explained Gorfilo.

"So, who are those cybernetic beings?" asked Sunset with curiosity.

Shoichet then tapped on her combage and a recording plays:

"We are the Borg. Your biological and technological instinctiveness will be added to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

"Oh, I see," Sunset acknowledged.

Soon, after taking turns on the telescope, the girls and the Starfleet officers soon fall asleep in their sleeping bags. Even Spike slept with Inat'p.

Onboard the International Space Station, Dell is putting the finishing touches on a new UHF system he built, which took him and his team hours to fix.

"Finally, I need some rest. Dell to Sunset Shimmer," Dell said over his combadge. "Six to beam up."

Soon, Dell and his 5-crew Alpha team sparkled away from the ISS for the last time. They soon materialize onboard the Sunset Shimmer.

Then his combadge chirped.
Dell, report to engineering immediately! There's a minor coolant leak. If we dont fix it, antimatter containment will fail and we'll lose the Sunset Shimmer!" cried Reptildimir.

"On my way," Dell replied, trying to fight his sleepiness. He then rushed onboard the turbolift. The lift then zoomed its way down to engineering.

To be continued...

Bad Dreams And Milkshakes

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"No it can't be!"

Ahh ah ah
Ahh ah
Ahh ah ah
Ahh ah

"Sunset Shimmer, you are going to pay for what you have done to us at the Battle Of The Bands!" shouted the voice of a certain siren.

"Adagio! What do you want with me? Leave me alone!" Sunset panicked back.

"We want revenge," added Aria.

"And I don't have tacos because of you! GET HER!" shouted Sonata. Soon, the three Dazzlings charged at her with knives in their hands.

Sunset woke up, screaming. This also woke Inat'p up.

"CAN YOU BE QUIET?! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP...WHOA!" shouted the parakeet as he accidentally hit a random lever.

Unfortunately, the random lever belonged to one of Sci-Twi's machines called the 'Atomic Hare Splitter'.

"ZOOOOOOM!" goes the haresplitter as it blasted off out of Sci-Twi's window.

"Uh oh," muttered Inat'p.

"We interrupt your programming to bring you this special report. This is the Canterlot Morning News..."

"Good morning, everyone. I'm Doppler Radar. Today is going to be a hot day in Canterlot, so get some sunburn cream," said the newscaster. Then she switched topics.
"Yesterday, we received reports from the National Aeronautics & Space Agency that two UFOs have been spotted near the International Space Station. The astronauts reported that a vortex had opened and a small red UFO attacked the ISS shortly before a larger UFO arrived. Here are the images."

The first image shows the USS Sunset Shimmer attacking the gem ship. Then the second image shows the gem ship falling into the atmosphere. Finally, the third shows the starship's registry number.

"As you can see here," explained Doppler, "that this UFO is registered as 'USS Sunset Shimmer', its number being NCC-61613. Wow, this ship....."

Suddenly, the haresplitter zoomed into the studio, smashing everything, including running over Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which he had no business being there.

"ILL BE BACK!" yelled the actor-governor as he was propelled into the sky with the haresplitter.

But a few moments later, the haresplitter passed through the studio again with Arnie.


The haresplitter soon crashes into the camera.

"We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please sit by...nope, I mean stand by. I don't get it..."

Later that morning at the Sweet Shoppe, the 12 are drinking milkshakes.

"I don't get it," said Sunset in confusion. "They're here to kill me?"

"Yes, Sunny!" squaked Inat'p. "Oh, they've got a problem with you!"

"But Sunset." Spike added, "You've defeated them once. I'm sure you can defeat them again."

"I don't know, Spike," replied Sunset. "But those sirens that my future geode finds sound to me that they're more powerful than the Dazzlings."

"The logical thing to do is prepare for whatever they may throw at you," chimed in T'Pony.

"WE'LL SHOW THEM WHAT US KLINGONS ARE!" shouted Gorfilo as he swings his ba'leth around. Then, random people looked at him in confusion.

"Oh, right, sorry," the Klingon chuckled. "Carry on, you humans."

"We can kick their butt!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash, doing karate moves.

"Or we can tame them," suggested Fluttershy.

"According to my calculations, there's a 70-20% chance we'll defeat them," explained Twilight.

"Well, Twilight, you are correct," smiled Bootsplash.

"I'll show them the power of McGiggly and
McStuffin, tellin' them that no one shall mess with my friends!" said Applejack bravely, referring to her two fists.

"I'll go visit Princess Twilight," Sunset sighed as she walked out of the Shoppe. "To see what she has to say about this."

And so, Sunset headed to Canterlot High, leaving everyone confused.

"Wow, I wonder what's wrong with her," said Pinkie.

"I do not know," replied the Klingon.

To be continued..

The Three Big Sirens

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Canterlot Park

Three girls are sitting on a bench, eating ice cream. They may look beautiful, but their deadly side remains hidden. Why? These three girls used to rule over Canterlot High with their gems by singing. But thanks to Sunset Shimmer and her 6 friends, including Princess Twilight at the time. These girls are known as the Dazzlings; Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk.

"Mmmmm, this ice cream is delicious!" mumbled Sonata as she chewed on it. "Can I have more?"

"Arrrgh, for the last time, Sonata, WE'RE NOT BUYING ONE MORE!" shouted Aria, feeling irritated.

"Girls, there is no need to fight," said Adagio calmly. "We could find a way to get our magic back."

"Adagio, we've been searching for magic this long, and we found nothing," complained Aria.

"But I am not going to give up," answered Adagio. "I'm sensing what appears to be more sirens near us."

"Ooh, Starswirl banished more?" asked Sonata curiously.

"Uhh, these 'sirens' appear to be from the future, duh," Aria replied.

"Follow me," ordered Adagio. So, the three followed their siren senses to find these 'sirens'.


"Here we are, girls," smiled Adagio. Right there, in the crater, is the gem ship.

"Wow, that's a nice looking ship," smiled Sonata.

"Duh, talk about the future," added Aria.

To be continued...

A Siren And Alien Show

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But no sooner then later, the three sirens' bodies begin to sparkle. Someone inside the ship had activated the transporter.

"What's going on? Why is my body sparking?" cried Sonata in confusion.

"Maybe there's magic inside the ship," replied Aria.

"Or maybe not..." said Adagio. But before she could finish, the three disappeared suddenly.

Soon, the three are inside the ship.

"Wow, this ship looks more advanced," smiled Adagio.

"Why, thank you, our goddesses," said a four-eyed shadowy figure, standing near them.

"Wait, who are you?" Aria asked.

The shadowy figure soon revealed herself.

"You can call me Queen Agalope of the Aridaginatans," she introduced herself. "You must be our ancestors, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata, is that right?"

The three nodded.

"That's good. So, what brings you here?" asked Agalope.

"We want revenge on Sunset Shimmer," replied Adagio, growling a little.

"Oh, you mean, that brat which inspired a Federation starship named after her to destroy ours?" replied Agalope.

Adagio nodded.

"Yeah, we're here to destroy her, too," said the Aridaginatan queen. "We want to get rid of that ship. So, say that we propose an alliance?"

The three looked. Then they smiled.

"I'll do it for the sirens," answered Adagio.

"I'll do it for tacos!" exclaimed Sonata.

"I'll do it for...whatever," grumbled Aria.

"Deal," smiled Agalope.

And so, the alliance is on.

Dear Princess Twilight

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"Dear Princess Twilight,
Can you open the portal for me? There's something we need talk about," Sunset wrote in her journal.

Then, it vibrated. Twilight is replying.

"Sure, Sunset. Come on in. I'm sure we can chat about what's going on out there.

Princess Twilight Sparkle," the purple alicorn wrote back.

"Well, here goes nothing," said Sunset. She then placed her hand in the portal. A moment later, she went completely through.

"WHOAAAAA!" exclaimed Sunset as she spun around the rainbow vortex, which magically messes with the DNA encoding of any person that goes through.

In a library, which is in a castle located in Ponyville, is a magical mirror which allows ponies to travel to another world.

Soon, the mirror starts glowing, and out popped a gold-yellowish unicorn pony. This pony is no other than Sunset Shimmer, somehow transformed into a pony after entering the statue.

"Huh, where am I?" Sunset looked around before she finally realized where she is. "Oh, I see. This is Equestria."

"Oh, hey, Sunset," greeted a voice. It is Twilight Sparkle who spoke.

"Twilight!" cried Sunset as she hugged her.

"Oompf!" mumbled Twilight as her lungs are squished by the gold unicorn's hugs. Then Sunset broke away.

"So, what is it you want to talk about?" the purple alicorn asked.

One eternity later....

Sunset continued talking while Twilight looked on.

1000 years later...

Sunset continued her yada yada yada. Twilight begins to yawn.

So much later that the old narrator got tired and they had to hire Leonard Nimoy as the new narrator. Oh wait, he's dead Jim. Oh, right, his katra's alive, Jim.

"This is bad, Sunset. Especially if these new sirens are from 385 years into the future," Twilight said with a concerned look.

"How is it bad?" answered Sunset, looking confused.

"After these 'Aridagidoohickeys-whatever you call' get rid of you and that ship that is also named after you, they may start taking over your realm to prevent this 'United Federation Of Planets' thing from forming!," exclaimed Twilight in panic.

"Oh my Celestia!," cried Celestia. Then, a remote appears out of nowhere and rewinds to where Twilight finished her sentence.

"Oh my Celestia!" cried Jaques Cousteau. The remote appears again.

"Oh my Celestia!" cried Presidents Obama, Trump, Nixon, Clinton, the Bushes, Carter, LBJ, and JFK. Rewind.

"Oh my Celestia!" cried Stan Lee. "Oh, this is a Paramount/Hasbro crossover movie! I better get moving!" Rewind!

"Oh my Celestia!" cried Jean Luc Picard.

"Jean-Luc," said the ghostly Nimoy, who is the new narrator. "You aren't cast in this film."

"Oh, right, Mr. Nimoy," answered Picard, who is sipping his cup of hot Earl Grey tea.
"I'll be on my way. Good luck being in the JJ Abrams movies."

"Yeah, whatever. Rewind," said Nimoy.

"Oh my Celestia!" cried Sunset. "They must be stopped!"

"Yes, they must be stopped," replied Twilight. "I kept this ever since the Battle Of The Bands."

She then handed a scroll to Sunset.

"The counterspell," said Sunset as she took the scroll. "You're a genius, Twilight! Thank you!"

"You're welcome, Sunset," smiled Twilight.

"I'll go tell my friends," said Sunset. "Well, goodbye, Twilight. Thanks for your help."

"You're welcome. Come back anytime," smiled the princess.

And with that, Sunset galloped back into the mirror, bound for home.

"Heh, I wonder what can go wrong?" Twilight chuckled.

Suddenly, she gets surrounded by cybernetic bipedal creatures.

"We are the Borg. Resistance is futile," said all three creatures in unison. They had invaded the castle a few minutes ago.

"GAHHHHH!" screamed Twilight as they injected her with something.


The USS Sunset Shimmer continues to orbit the Earth. In stellar cartography, Torroto and QF56 are looking at all the planets.

"That's weird. Why is there a peanut-shaped planet?!" he shouted. "Seriously, it doesn't make any sense. Also, why is the sun blue?"

"Well, duh, the planetariums always get it wrong," muttered QF56 sarcastically.

"You're right," answered Torroto. Then, QF56's combadge chirped.

"Commander to the bridge," said Dell over the radio. "You have to see this."

"On my way," replied QF56. She then rushed to the turbolift.

To be continued...

A Omnipotent Return

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Somewhere near the Sunset Shimmer, a white bubbly and swirly vortex opens.

In the bridge, Dell and QF56 are looking with shock at the vortex-like anomaly.

"Commander, sensors indicate it's a temporal vortex," said Dell. "Also, I'm detecting another signal within the vortex. It's......another Federation vessel."

"WARNING: VESSEL APPROACHING! SOVEREIGN-CLASS. REGISTRY NCC-30396," exclaimed the Sunset Shimmer's computer in its trademark Majel voice.

"It's the USS Cupcake Slash," replied QF56. "It's Q."

Then, without warning, the USS Cupcake Slash emerges from the portal. Soon, the vessel stops face-to-face with the more larger USS Sunset Shimmer.

"Hail him," ordered QF56.

"Right away, commander," said Dell in compliance. With a press of a few buttons, Q soon appeared on the viewscreen.

"Hello, QF56, my old friend, how are you doing with Becky-Ray?" greeted Q.

"Fine," replied QF56, chuckling nervously. "What are you doing here, Q?"

"I heard about the Aridaginatans, so I came here to help," said the Federation's well-known omnipotent frenemy. Then with a snap of his fingers, he teleports aboard the Sunset Shimmer. Now he is accompanied by a mariachi band while holding a trombone...again.

"Au contraire, mon commander ne! He's here!" Q shouted. Then he blows on the trumpet, and the mariachis begin playing.
"I'm immortal again! Omnipo....*record scratch..wait a minute. I already did it with Picard."

With another snap of his fingers, the mariachi band is gone. Now, the Mane 7 are there, all confused.

"Where am I?" asked Twilight.

"I don't know, but I think somethin' is weird goin' on around here," answered Applejack as she adjusted her hat.

", what are those tables with lots of buttons and computers?" said Fluttershy.

"Oh look, it even has a statue of Sunset herself!" smiled Rarity. "And that 'NCC-61613' underneath it!"

"Girls, this must be the bridge of their ship....the ship named after me!" exclaimed Sunset in joy.

"The bridge sure looks wonderful," complemented Rarity.

"It sure does," said Q.

"Wait a minute, who are you?" asked Twilight, looking suspicious. Then thoughts begin racing through Sunset's mind:

"That voice. It...sounds familiar. Isn't it that draconequs named Discord? Whatever, as long as he doesn't start his magical mishaps, I'm okay with that."

Sunset chuckled nervously. "Hi," she said.

"I'm Q, captain of the starship Cupcake Slash. I am also an omnipotent being from a place known as the Q Continuum," he introduced himself. Then he turned to the Sunset Shimmer's viewscreen. The Cupcake Slash is nowhere to be seen.

"Wait a minute, what happened TO MY SHIP?!" he exclaimed. The girls all gasped.

To be continued...

Seven Girls and a Q

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"Q, what did you do with your crew?" asked QF56.

"Uhh, nothing," replied Q.

Then, the viewscreen came on.


Ah ah ahh
Ah ahhhh
Ah ah ahhh
Ah ahhhh

"OH NO!"

Then a hand grabbed him, and soon, the viewscreen went out.

"Oh, my," said Sunset Shimmer. "Q, why where you distracted?"

"Because of you 7!" shouted Q in reply. "Alright, let's go."

He then snapped his fingers, and soon, Q and the Mane 7 are in the park, where Shoichet, Inat'p. Bootsplash, T'Pony, and Gorfilo are. Bootsplash is checking the gem ship with her tricorder.

"Sensors life forms," said Bootsplash.

"No lifeforms?" asked Shoichet, looking confused. "But I thought they survived."

"Guys," cried Q as he ran up.

"Q?" said Shoichet. "What is going on?"


Everyone gasped.

"Wait, why would they want to take over your ship?!" exclaimed Inat'p. "It's a Sovereign-class, it should be impossible to take over."

"Guys," interrupted Sunset. "Those Aridaginatans are sirens, too. They probably enchanted everyone on the Cupcake Slash."

"I see," said Q. "This calls for an upcoming final battle."

"We have to be prepared," said Sunset. "Alright girls, prepare to pony up! We may not know what the Cupcake Slash may have in hand for us."

"Right," replied the other 6 girls.

Then, with a press of their geodes, the 7 begin to transform. In the process, all of them form pony ears, while only three of them get wings, respectively Twilight, Fluttershy, and Dash, to be precise. After the transformation completed, their outfits look more beautiful than before, much to the happiness from the Starfleet officers.

"Wow, your outfits look...beautiful," smiled Shoichet.

"Me too," said Gorfilo.

"Thanks, everyone," replied Sunset. "Alright girls, prepare to evacuate Canterlot."

To be continued...

Canterlot Under Attack/Ray's Death

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A few hours later.....

People are crowding the streets of Canterlot in their cars, RVs and anything vehicular. They were told to evacuate, so they are trying to get away from Canterlot as fast as they can.

Suddenly, the sounds of quantum torpedoes brought the traffic to a halt.

"Oh my goodness!" cried one of the evacuees. "It's an alien ship! Run!"

Right in the distance, is the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Cupcake Slash. The vessel begins firing quantum torpedoes on the traffic, destroying some cars, while some people run for their lives. The Sovereign-class ship maneuvered around some buildings while firing more quantum torpedoes at the panicking crowd below. Armoured police cars soon gathered nearby.

"Please stop panicking!" barked a random police officer, trying to console the crowd. "We have this under control!"
But people kept on running for their lives.

Two police helicopters surround the starship. The pilot took out his bull horn.


But no response.


Suddenly, two lasers from the Cupcake Slash's phaser arrays blasted both helicopters, sending them spiraling down to the ground.

As people continued to panic, a hot dog vendor arrived.

"Hot dogs! Get your free hot....." exclaimed the vendor, but gets blasted by quantum torpedoes.

Soon, more quantum torpedoes blasted a certain black muscle car with lightnings and a blue shield with lightnings. It was now totalled.

"My car!" cried Flash Sentry.

Three cackles can be heard from the bridge of the Cupcake Slash. The evil laughter belonged to no other than Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk.

"Oh look, the humans are panicking," sneered Adagio evilly.

"Maybe we can have tacos after this!" smiled Sonata. Both Aria and Adagio face palmed themselves in annoyance.

"I just know Sunset Shimmer's place now," said Aria. "May I destroy it?"

Adagio nodded.

The Cupcake Slash fires another round of quantum torpedoes at a small apartment-like building, obliterating it while the ship flies over the subsequent explosion.

As the building exploded, everything inside, including Sunset's cool looking bed (which is accessible by stairs), TV, computers under the bed level, sofa, and everything else gets destroyed in the process. A lizard tank flies out and shatters on the road. A yellowish-green gecko with black spots flies out of the tank. He soon slams onto the sidewalk. The impact of the explosion has fatally injured the gecko.

The Dazzlings cackled.

"Good luck telling your insurance, Sunset Shimmer," laughed Adagio.

Onboard the USS Sunset Shimmer, Torotto and Dell watch the explosion from the viewscreen.

"OH NO!" he cried. "That little gecko."

"I must inform the away team right away," said Dell. He then touched his commbadge.
"Sunset Shimmer to away team, I have found the location of the Cupcake Slash. But the bad news is that a gecko is injured from an attack on an apartment building from the latter ship. According to the scans, the lizard will not be able to make it."

Soon, the group arrived at Sunset's apartment, only to find it in ruins. Sunset and the 6 girls then gasped.

"Ray!" she cried, horrified at the sight of the gecko's current condition. She then ran over to hug him.

"Don't leave me," she said as tears begin to stream down her face.

"Sunset, there is something I have to tell you," said Captain Shoichet, who gulped.

"What is it?" asked Sunset.

"Your home got destroyed by the USS Cupcake Slash. Unfortunately, your pet gecko.....will not be able to survive," Shoichet explained.

Sunset and Fluttershy both gasped. They couldn't believe it. Ray was Sunset's first beloved pet ever. And Fluttershy helped her choose Ray. But unfortunately, the gecko was going to die...all because of the sirens.

Sunset then breaks down in tears and begins sobbing.
"Ray! I love you very much!"

"Rr..Ray..says...thank you," translated Fluttershy, before breaking down into tears, too.

Ray smiled at both girls before the small gecko closed his eyes for the last time. Sunset then looked at Ray.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Sunset befire sobbing some more.

Gorfilo, who was watching, decided to join in in the mourning. He keeled down to Ray, and begins to perform the ritual.

"RrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH," howled Gorfilo, as this is normal for any Klingon mourning a death. This scared Fluttershy a bit. But Sunset sensed the Klingon's actions to be normal.

Soon, Sunset's blood begins boiling. Then her bloodshot eyes begin to flame in rage. She is now angry.
" for what you have done to Ray!" she shouted.

"Very nice to see Sunset Shimmer getting motivated," said Q, sitting nearby.

"Q! There is no time for your comments!" shouted Inat'p, before kicking the popcorn bucket.

Then, a shadow appeared over the group. It is the USS Cupcake Slash, who stopped short of the girls. Sunset, now motivated, rallies the girls.

"Girls, we must now fight," said Sunset. The rest of the Rainbooms gathered in a fighting pose.

The battle is about to begin.