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In the year 2398, the Federation starship USS Sunset Shimmer (NCC-61613), a brand new Faustian-class dreadnought starship christened a year ago, is sent to Deep Space 9, which is under threat from a giant Aridaginatan siren-shaped starship. 34 year old Captain Becky Ray Shoichet, who is in charge of the Sunset Shimmer, manages to destroy the siren ship, but not long before the Aridaginatans escaped in a pendant-like ship, creating a temporal vortex which the enemy disappears through. The Sunset Shimmer follows them through the vortex, ending up in the year 2014, which 384 years into the past. The crew are aware the Aridaginatans are plotting to destroy the person the ship is named after, which will erase the ship from existence.

Meanwhile, the human Sunset Shimmer and her friends are practicing for an upcoming cruise. But as Sunset is now a target of the Aridaginatans, she must seek the help of the Starfleet officers. Will she, the girls, and the crew of her starship namesake, along with another starship, work together to defeat the Aridaginatans? Or will both CHS and Starfleet crumble? Find out more.

Rated T for destroyed starships, redshirts dying, quantum torpedoes hitting buildings, and of course, phasers set to kill. Also, character death.

This takes place in the following timelines:

ST: Between Star Trek: Nemesis and the upcoming Picard sequel series.
EQG: Between Rollercoaster Of Friendship and the upcoming spring cruise special.

Star Trek and all related characters are property of CBS/Paramount. Equestria Girls and all related characters belong to Hasbro.

©2019 SanyaHikari

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 7 )

A Q wouldn't serbe on a starfleet vessel and gives this ship way too much opness. Also registry is to low

Sorry this chapter killed this fic for me. Way too much comedy

FYI, Starfleet vessels in the 24th century (for example, USS Voyager NCC-74656 and USS Defiant NCC-74205) tend to have five numbers.

We are the Herd. Your friendship capabilities are unable to withstand us. Lower your shields and await assimilation. Your fanfics and memes will adapt to service us. Friendship is magic.

:pinkiegasp:Q, you named your ship after a dessert! So I ate it!:pinkiesmile:

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