• Published 1st Apr 2019
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Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer - SanyaHikari

A Starfleet dreadnought ends up traveling 384 years into the past while battling the Aridaginatans in 2398. But the enemy also time travels, determined to prevent the ship from existing. Their target: the person whom the ship is named after.

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Third Battle Of DS9

Deep Space 9
Bajoran Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Somewhere in the Bajoran Sector, stands a space station. It is positioned near a wormhole.

This space station, formerly under Cardassian control as Terek Nor and now in the hands of the Federation as Deep Space 9, or DS9 for short, has been a subject of the Dominion War, which lasted from 2373 to 2375, roughly at the same time the USS Enterprise-E, a Sovereign-class, had to go back in time to keep Zefram Cochrane safe from the Borg.

"Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun, come right now, don't walk...ROM!"

This jingle is often very familiar with residents, Starfleet officers, and tourists on DS9, when sometimes they want to have fun at this bar. But now, they aren't having fun, because they are panicking. Quark, a Ferengi who runs the bar, is most annoyed that customers aren't having fun.

"Oh great. Now the Aridaginatans are invading. Maybe some warp core breaches can cheer them....."

Before Quark can finish his sentence, a safe comically falls on him as a result of another blast from the Aridaginatans.

"....up," Quark finished before passing out.

"Quark's is fun. Hope you enjoy. Come back soon. Have some fun!"

Outside the space station, is a huge ship that more bigger than a Borg cube. It completely resembled a siren from Equestria, along with red windows and a visor covering its "eyes". Remains of destroyed ships scattered around the empty space while lasers from the remaining Federation ships clashed with the lasers of the Aridaginatan ship.

In the midst of the battle, is the USS Cupcake Slash, a Sovereign-class heavy exploratory starship. Its name came from the most famous sirenologist in the 21st century.

Its captain, which turns out to be Q himself, watches as the other ships get destroyed by the huge ship, which continued its efforts to defeat the Federation.

"Well, I promised Picard that all good things must come to an end. But this is what I got instead," he chuckled to himself.

"Captain, we have an incoming ship!" shouted one of the Cupcake Slash's helmsmen. "It's the....

"Yes, I know already," interrupted Q. "No need to make First Contact sound so redundant."

Then, the Sunset Shimmer dropped out of warp near the Aridaginatan ship. The enemy tried firing on the large Federation ship, but the Sunset Shimmer's shields held up pretty well.

"Do not worry," said Captain Shoichet over the radio. "I know the Aridaginatans' weakness. I'm assuming command of the fleet. Fire on my command."

Then Captain Shoichet turned to Bootsplash.

"Ms. Bootsplash, what is the status of the Aridaginatan ship?" she asked.

"The Aridaginatans sustained heavy damage. The enemy ship's reactor is almost exposed," Bootsplash explained.

"Then, the reactor it is," beamed Captain Shoichet. She quickly sets the coordinates of the enemy reactor. "Gorfilo, lock geode torpedoes."

"Aye, captain," responded the Klingon officer.

"Squawk! The fleet is ready to fire on your command!" sqwauked Inat'p.

Then, she spoke over the radio to the fleet. "Lock your phasers and torpedoes on these coordinates," ordered Shoichet to the fleet. "FIRE!"

Another Starfleet officer came rushing onto the bridge with a fire extinguisher.

"Captain, is there a fire around here?!" barked the officer.

"No, there isn't! And I don't mean that kind of fire!" Shoichet shouted back.

"Oops, sorry!" replied the officer, before comically tripping on a toy car, sending him crashing into the turbolift.

Soon, all the ships, including the Cupcake Slash, begin firing on the Aridaginatan dreadnought's core.

Photon or quantum, the torpedoes begin beating the giant ship to critical condition. Then, the Sunset Shimmer shoots her geode torpedoes into the chest of the ship, striking a final blow. This causes the enemy ship to explode.


All of the Federation starships start to retreat just as the remains of the enemy ship scattered around.

Everyone on Deep Space 9, all the Federation ships, and the Sunset Shimmer cheered.

"WOOOHOOO!" exclaimed Inat'p in celebration. "I know we can do it! Maybe we can go to Quark's to celebrate!"

"Indeed!" cheered Shoichet. She and the crew gave each other high fives.

Back at Quark's, Quark stands up, rubbing his head.

"Well, now, the customers are having fun," smiled the Ferengi. "Now, I should go make some stardrifters."

But before he can, a panicking Parallax wind dancer comically rams into Quark, sending him flying into the kitchen. Cats and shattered plates can be heard screeching and crashing.

"I'm okay!" shouted Quark.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

The USS Cupcake Slash is named in honor of WubcakeVA's OC.
This is the Third Battle Of DS9. The first involved the Klingons, while the second involved the Dominion.
This will be the final movie to give the Sovereign-class a major role in the story.

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