• Published 1st Apr 2019
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Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer - SanyaHikari

A Starfleet dreadnought ends up traveling 384 years into the past while battling the Aridaginatans in 2398. But the enemy also time travels, determined to prevent the ship from existing. Their target: the person whom the ship is named after.

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A Omnipotent Return

Somewhere near the Sunset Shimmer, a white bubbly and swirly vortex opens.

In the bridge, Dell and QF56 are looking with shock at the vortex-like anomaly.

"Commander, sensors indicate it's a temporal vortex," said Dell. "Also, I'm detecting another signal within the vortex. It's......another Federation vessel."

"WARNING: VESSEL APPROACHING! SOVEREIGN-CLASS. REGISTRY NCC-30396," exclaimed the Sunset Shimmer's computer in its trademark Majel voice.

"It's the USS Cupcake Slash," replied QF56. "It's Q."

Then, without warning, the USS Cupcake Slash emerges from the portal. Soon, the vessel stops face-to-face with the more larger USS Sunset Shimmer.

"Hail him," ordered QF56.

"Right away, commander," said Dell in compliance. With a press of a few buttons, Q soon appeared on the viewscreen.

"Hello, QF56, my old friend, how are you doing with Becky-Ray?" greeted Q.

"Fine," replied QF56, chuckling nervously. "What are you doing here, Q?"

"I heard about the Aridaginatans, so I came here to help," said the Federation's well-known omnipotent frenemy. Then with a snap of his fingers, he teleports aboard the Sunset Shimmer. Now he is accompanied by a mariachi band while holding a trombone...again.

"Au contraire, mon commander ne! He's here!" Q shouted. Then he blows on the trumpet, and the mariachis begin playing.
"I'm immortal again! Omnipo....*record scratch..wait a minute. I already did it with Picard."

With another snap of his fingers, the mariachi band is gone. Now, the Mane 7 are there, all confused.

"Where am I?" asked Twilight.

"I don't know, but I think somethin' is weird goin' on around here," answered Applejack as she adjusted her hat.

"Guys....um, what are those tables with lots of buttons and computers?" said Fluttershy.

"Oh look, it even has a statue of Sunset herself!" smiled Rarity. "And that 'NCC-61613' underneath it!"

"Girls, this must be the bridge of their ship....the ship named after me!" exclaimed Sunset in joy.

"The bridge sure looks wonderful," complemented Rarity.

"It sure does," said Q.

"Wait a minute, who are you?" asked Twilight, looking suspicious. Then thoughts begin racing through Sunset's mind:

"That voice. It...sounds familiar. Isn't it that draconequs named Discord? Whatever, as long as he doesn't start his magical mishaps, I'm okay with that."

Sunset chuckled nervously. "Hi," she said.

"I'm Q, captain of the starship Cupcake Slash. I am also an omnipotent being from a place known as the Q Continuum," he introduced himself. Then he turned to the Sunset Shimmer's viewscreen. The Cupcake Slash is nowhere to be seen.

"Wait a minute, what happened TO MY SHIP?!" he exclaimed. The girls all gasped.

To be continued...

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