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A Love Beyond Worlds - Viatorem

Arceus and his family visit the land of Equestria for a well-deserved break, but things get complicated when Celestia and Arceus star to develop strong feelings for each other

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Chapter XI: Making Things Clearer, Part II of III

After a few seconds of silence in which neither Arceus or Celestia said a thing or made any movement, and only keep looking at the other, Arceus finally ‘gave up’, lowering his head to look at the floor, almost as if he was working the courage to tell Celestia the truth; he them let out a deep sigh and turned his attention back to the solar princess.

“I-t’s… complicated,” Arceus answered with a hesitant yet sad tone.

Celestia was taken back a little by how Arceus delivered his answer, she recognised that tone, or at least the emotions that it carried, it reminded her of Luna when she told her about the living nightmare that had being living as Nightmare Moon, a tone that showed regret and sadness over how that dark power had separated the two, but it was also the same tone that Celestia had when she apologised with Luna for letting her own powers and found love as the solar princess separate her from her little sister. Celestia had realised that just like she and her sister, Arceus was saddened by how power had formed a gap between him and his family.

“Arceus… what are you? … how powerful are you that even your family is afraid of you?” Celestia thought to herself as she analysed her friend’s answer.

However, to the relief of both, Diancie flew back to where her father was standing, she was still talking so her voice brought Arceus and Celestia out of their thoughts, although neither was able to catch everything she said.

“…but the most impressive thing is its size, I can feel how this castle is part of something bigger, something connected through roots that extend beyond this village, like if it was a single living being made out of multiple crystal trees of immense power base on balance, and, as I being saying before this crystal-tree being is a she, although I can’t tell if she has a name of her own,” Diancie said to Arceus as she moved and floated in front of him, her tone was a mix of a biologist that just discovered a new species but also that of a simple child telling her dad about something new she had just found.

Arceus turned to see Diancie, his previous expression of distress had been completely replaced by the same smile he had before Celestia had made any question, although, the sadness that Celestia’s question had caused him was still present, it was just barely notable. However, there was also intrigue, what Diancie had said, or at least what Arceus had managed to pick up, had awoken his interest.

“She seems interesting,” Arceus said in a slow tone, he was still looking at Diancie, although his attention was now directed towards the crystal castle.

“Interesting? She’s fascinating!” Diancie answers, getting closer to Arceus’s face, giving more emphasis to her words.

Diancie then floated away from Arceus, but not by much, just to get closer to the castle. “I wish I could see the inside of the castle too; it might help me to understand her better, maybe I could even get her name… and well, I’m also curious to see her inside,” Diancie added, still looking at the castle even though her words were directed towards Arceus.

“I might be able to help you with that.” Celestia, who had been putting quite a lot of attention to Diancie and Arceus' conversation, said, getting the attention of the small diamond Pokémon.

As soon as the words left Celestia’s snout, she found Diancie right in front of her, as if the little Pokémon had teleported herself in front of Celestia -although, in reality, Diancie had simply flown/floated towards the princess-. “Really!?” Diancie asked Celestia with excitement.

“Oh!” Celestia exclaimed, while at the same time, by reflex, she moved her head back and rose her frontal right leg, she had been startled by how fast Diancie had moved, however, she quickly regained her composure. “Of course,” she answered to the incredibly exited Diancie, who was still floating right in front of Celestia’s nose, “my old student, Twilight Sparkle, lives here, we actually came here to Ponyville to spent some time with her for the holidays, but I’m pretty sure she would have any problems letting you in to examine the castle, in fact she will love to welcome your entire family”.

Diancie smiled after hearing that, before launching herself to hug Celestia’s neck, something that resulted a little difficult for her, as she wasn’t completely used to her disguise as a pegasus. “Thank you so much!” Diancie exclaimed with excitement as she hugged Celestia.

Celestia simply looked down and smiled at the odd looking pegasus, “you are welcome Diancie”.

Arceus, who had watch and listen to the exchange, took advantage that Dianice seemed to have calmed down to move closer to the 2, he had a smile in his face, he found it endearing how the younger and more childish member of his family, like Diancie and Celebi seemed to like to hug Celestia on the neck, it reminded him of how they greeted other bigger member of the family, including himself.

“Eh, Celestia,” Arceus said as he moved closer to the princess and one of her many daughters, “Are you sure there wouldn’t be any problem if we ‘crash in’ like that? I mean, are you sure Twilight will be OK with welcoming over 50 strangers into her home? Especially when she was only expecting you and Luna.

“Don’t worry about it, if anything you should be worried that Twilight might not let your family or you leave the castle” Celestia answered, looking at Arceus’s family rather than the alpha Pokémon.

Celestia didn’t notice it, but hearing that made Arceus a little tense, “and… why is that?” He asked with a cautious and somewhat aggressive tone.

Hearing the change of tone in Arceus’s voice, Celestia turned to see him fearing that something might be wrong, “Arceus, is everything alright?” Celestia asked him, concerned yet confused.

“Yes, everything is alright,” Arceus answered, his previous, almost interrogative tone still present, “I just want to know what do you mean with Twilight not letting my family or me leave the castle.”

“Oh, that?” Celestia asked, more confused than before, trying to understand why Arceus reacted in such a way to what she saw as a simple joke. “Well, Twilight Sparkle has changed and grown a lot in this past 5 years, but a few things about her remain the same, and one of them is her thirst for knowledge and discovery, and well, a family of over 50 different creatures from a different world with abilities to manipulate reality is certainly going to pique her interest.” Celestia them locked at Diancie, “especially when one of them can help her to discover more about her castle and in particular the tree of harmony,” she added as she smiled at Diancie, and even thought the scarf the scarf Celestia had around her face made it difficult to see, Diancie recognised the gestured and just like the princess, she returned the smile behind her light blue scarf.

“So, she’s just very curious, them?” Arceus asked Celestia, with a tone closer to his usual nonchalant manner, but not entirely calm, there were still tracers of doubt in his voice.

“More like extreme curiosity,” Celestia answers, “so much so that Twilight kind of… let’s just say becomes too passionate to the point of being bad for her… now that I think about it, it might be better if your family comes to visit later, maybe in a few days.”

“What! What? Why?” Diancie, who had still been listening to the conversation, asked in a distressed tone, almost spitting her scarf out of her mouth, as she was worried that her opportunity to learn more about the castle was about to be taken away.

“Sorry, is just that… well… how do I put this?” Celestia answer as she turned to see Diancie, “Is just that, well, Twilight sort of gets over-excited about this sort of things, and well, knowing her, she probably freaked out about Hearth's Warming, so it might be better to give her a break.”

“Aww,” Diancie said in disappointment.

“Don’t worry little one, like I said you can visit later,” Celestia said, trying to cheer up the jewel Pokémon.

“Yes, don’t worry about it,” Arceus said, getting closer to the two, his tone had completely gone back to his usual calm one, “remember that Celestia is basically family to Twilight for what I understand, so she could easily arrange you a stay at the castle”.

“I know that,” Diancie answered, not looking at either Celestia or Arceus, as she felt a little uncomfortable with all the attention, “It’s just that it is incredibly frustrating to be this close to something so exciting only to be told that I have to wait”.

“Yes, I know that feeling,” Celestia answer, her mind being assaulted by memories of looking at cakes while they were in the oven, “but as Arceus said, I can talk with Twilight, she will be more than happy to let you stay as long as you need, you just need to wait a few days”.

Diancie turned to see Celestia, “Thank you.”

“Don’t even mention it”, Celestia answered with a smile.

However, Celestia’s plans were quickly thrown out the window when one of the castle doors opened, letting the head of a young purple and green dragon peek out to see who was the voice that had been flying around the castle rambling; although, the fact that his nightcap was still on his head or that his eyes were barely open, or his annoyed yet tired expression, it was quite obvious that he had been awake for less than 10 minutes and that he was planning to go back to bead as soon as he dealt with whoever had awoken him.

“Excuse me…” Spike said, interrupting himself with a yaw, “could you please go somewhere else, we are trying to sleep here,” he added, rubbing his eyes, not even noticing that he was directly looking at Celestia.

“Hello Spike?” Celestia said, turning to see the dragon at the door, concerned that he didn’t recognise her.

“Oh, hello Celestia,” Spike answer, his half-asleep brain that was working with only 2 brain cells didn’t even register that he was talking to Celestia or the fact that Luna was also there, or that there were over 50 different Pokémon disguised as ponies present too, “well, anyway, thank you for stopping all your noise, have a good day princess.” Spike answered, like if someone had said something even though no one had said a thing.

Spike then began to slowly close the door, only for a sleepy voice of a mare to call him from the inside the castle, “who was Spike?”

Spiked turned to look at his back, to where the voice had come from, “princess Celestia,” he answered in a low groan, as he began to close the door.

“WHAT!?” The voice from inside the castle shouted, this was followed by the castle doors slamming open, revealing the princess of friendship, Twilight Sparkle, still wearing her pyjamas just like Spike, however, her expression was similar to that of a pony that had just been awakened by the use of a bucket full of icy water; one could also see Spike making his way back to his room, not even bothering to turn around.

“Well, there goes that idea,” Celestia said to Arceus and Diancie in a low voice as she looked at Twilight.

“It looks like it,” Arceus answered, with the same low voice as Celestia.

“Hello Twilight, how art thou this morning?” Luna asked as she walked towards the castle.

“Hi Twilight,” Celestia added, following her sister's example with a wave.

“Oh, hello, I’m fine Luna… excuse me what are you two doing here?” Twilight answered then asked, looking at the two princesses as they walked towards her with Arceus and Diancie walking next to Celestia.

“We decided to do a surprise visit for the season,” Celestia answered, “you know, chat a little, spent some time together, eat lunch, basically relax and enjoy some quality time together.”

“Ok, but why didn’t you tell me you were going to visit? The castle isn’t exactly… all that clean.” Twilight said with a forced smile as she turned to see behind her, looking at what remained of the green pudding monster that Flurry Heart had accidentally created during Hearth's Warming Eve; it was less of a mess than before, as the majority of the thing had been removed, but considerable parts of it remained on the floor and walls, needing to be clean.

“Because you were going to freak out,” Shining Armour, who was holding Flurry Heart with his right frontal leg, and had been watching the hole exchange take place, called from a door at the end of the main corridor.

“What!? You knew about this!?” Twilight asked in a shout, looking angrily at her brother.

“Yes, we did, in fact the surprise visit was my idea,” Cadence answered, walking next to Shining Armour, she then smiled before tilting her head to the side, allowing her to see Celestia and Luna. “Hello aunties!” She shouted while waving one of her hooves, before studently stopping and tilting her head, “eh? So, who are your friends aunties?” She asked while walking towards the door, trying to get a better look of Arceus and Diancie.

“Hmm?” Twilight asked, before turning around, finally noticing that the princesses were alone, and to be frank she was quite confused by what she saw.

There was a very odd-looking pegasus filly who was hovering behind Luna, she was of a grey colour, similar to that of very well polished rook and with ruby-like eyes, that was wearing a white dress and simplistic as the one Rarity had given her during the first birthday Twilight celebrated with the girls, although the oddest thing about the pegasus was her hair, she had had a long pink mane, with the same sparkly effect as that of a crystal pony, an effect that as far as Twilight knew was impossible to achieve without been a crystal pony or been under the effects of the Crystal Heart, a filly that didn’t seem to notice Twilight but instead was occupied trying to get a better look of the inside of the castle.

The other creature was even estranger for Twilight, he was tall, even taller than Celestia, the tallest equine creature Twilight knew that wasn’t a giraffe, he looked like a mix of a pony and a deer, but only a little, as his mostly white body, with his grey underbelly and odd-shaped head, made the comparison quite weak, what was even odder was the golden ring in the middle of his body and his face, it’s grey colour, how it seems to sink to be protected by the white exterior, his green cheeks and eyes, with red pupils; Twilight had seen and read about many creatures, both real and from the realm of fantasy, both form Equestria and the human world, yet she had never come across something that even resembled the creature that was right in front of her.

“That’s a good question…” Twilight said, as she looked at Arceus, “who are you?” She asked in a loud tone, still looking at him.

“Twilight, Cadence and Shining Armor,” Celestia said, as the 3 adult ponies moved closer to the door, her tone been an exaggerated bombastic one, trying to make the situation more light-hearted, in an attempt to avoid the same kind of ‘stressful’ introduction Arceus had with Fleur and Fancy Pants early that day.

Celestia then moved to a side, letting them have a better view of Arceus, “this is Lord Arceus, although he prefers to just be called Arceus, he’s… well… how do I put this?” Celestia then turned to look at him, trying to figure out the shortest way to explain who Arceus is.

“Just say that I’m a creature from another world that arrived literally yesterday and that you and Luna, but in particular you Celestia, are basically babysitting while my family goes around as Equestria’s most odd-looking group of tourists,” Arceus said, with the same exaggerated tone as Celestia’s and a silly small smile, one that Celestia imitated while holding down a giggle.

“As simple as that narration is, we can agree that is the correct,” Luna answer, slowly shaking her head from one side to the other with a smile on her face in reaction to Arceus and Celestia’s antics.

“And this is one of those odd-looking tourists, one of Arceus’s daughters, Diancie,” Celestia added, looking at the Pokémon disguised as a pony.

“Hi!” Diancie exclaimed with a wave, imitating her dad and Celestia’s tone.

“Wait, hold on a minute! What do you mean with one of his daughters? She is a pony, an odd looking one but a pony nonetheless, how can he have a pony daughter when he has only been here for a day?” Twilight asked, looking at both Arceus and Diancie with a confused yet critical expression.

“I was about to ask the same question,” Cadence added, looking at Arceus with suspicion.

“Oh, I can explain that,” a female voice called form behind the Arceus, Celestia, Luna and Diacnie, who moved out of the way to let Faust/Golden Feather get close to the castle.

“You see princess, Arceus is a friend of mine, and he asked me to be his family’s guide during their visit to Equestria, and due to them being… well quite ‘striking’ I had to use a simple transformation spell to help them blend in,” Faust/Golden Feather explained while making a small bow now that Twilight, Cadence and Shining could see her, after all, she needed to act as any other pony will do in front of any of Equestria’s many princes and princesses if she wanted to keep her real identity as a secret.

“I see,” Cadence answered, giving Arceus a quick glance before looking back at Faust/Golden Feather, “excused me but I didn’t catch your name”.

“Oh, my apologies, your majesty, I’m Golden Feather,” Faust answered with a small bow using her head.

“Wait! Golden Feather? Is that really your name?” Twilight asked, as all her attention seemed to suddenly shift from Arceus to the somewhat tall unicorn mare with a red mane in front of her.

“Yes, is its princess, why do you ask?” Faust asked, tilting her head in genuine confusion, trying to figure out why her fake identity had caught Twilight’s complete interest.

“Golden Feather? A writer for The Canterlot Chronicle? The author of ‘Through Equestria, The Everyday Wonders of Travel’? The column right behind the coupons? That Golden Feather!?” Twilight asked while her voice increased in volume, walking towards Faust as she did so, getting uncomfortably close to her.

“Yes, that’s me,” Faust/Golden Feather answered with an awkward smile as Twilight was breathing right in front of her.

Twilight’s face changed into a massive childish smile, accompanied by her eyes becoming as wide as dishes, “Oh my Celestia!” Twilight exclaimed, completely forgetting that Celestia was right behind her, “I had been wanting to meet you for years!”.

Faust/Golden Feather was surprised hearing that, she never expected Twilight to be this fascinated by her fake identity’s column, “Wait, really? You've been wanting to meet me?”

“Of course! You are the only reason why I haven’t cancelled my Canterlot Chronicle subscription,” Twilight answer with excitement, “I been reading your column for a decade now, you are like the everyday version of Daring Do, even though Rainbow Dash said your work was too boring to be compared with Daring Do but forget about that, is just that, the way you describe things, how you narrate thing, trying to figure out their story, constantly mentioning Equestrian history and quoting all kinds of works, from literature, to games and nursery rhymes, plus your brutal honesty... is all just... so wonderful to read.”

As Twilight explained why she loved Golden Feather work she began to turn around, passing as she spoke, “but even more fascinating is the mystery, there’s barely any information about you, looking for information about you was like researching an almost forgotten author, I went to every Canterlot writer’s convention trying to meet you, yet I didn’t find you anywhere, sometimes I began to wonder if you were real, I even once consider getting a job at the Canterlot Chronicle to try to meet you and get…”

Twilight then quickly turned to see Faust/Golden Feather, a look of realisation on her face, “your autograph and a photo with you… give me a second!” Twilight’s horn began to shine and soon Twilight disappeared, teleporting to somewhere inside the castle.

“Did I mention Twilight loves reading?” Celestia asked, taking advantage of a sudden silence that she knew will be short, she tilted her head towards Arceus so he knew she was talking to him.

“No, you didn’t, but I can see what you mean,” Arceus answered, still looking in the direction to where Twilight had been going all ‘fan-girl’ about Faust work as Golden Feather.

“That was… odd,” Faust/Golden Feather said, still looking at where Twilight had been standing. "I might have gone a little over the top with her”, Faust thought to herself, she knew how Twilight overreacted after all Faust had created her, she had seen her do that a bunch of time, yet now that she was responsible for Twilight’s overreaction, she began to wonder if she had gone a little too far in a few places when creating her.

However, before Faust/Golden Feather could finish her self-critic, Twilight teleported back in front of her, holding one book, a pen, an inkwell and a camera with her magic, “can you please autograph my collection of your columns?” Twilight asked, holding the book in front of Faust/Golden Feather, leafing through the pages with her magic from the last page to the first, allowing Faust/Golden Feather to see that every page contain cut-outs of all the column she had written in the last 10 years, all glued to the book pages.

Twilight didn’t let Faust/Golden Feather answer, as she levitated the camera closer to her, “also, can I please take a photo with you, and can you please sight it? I want some evidence that you exist and that I meet you,” Twilight explained with a big smile that tried to have the same effect as Sweetie Belle’s puppy eyes, but that only managed to make Faust/Golden Feather feel uncomfortable.

Faust/Golden Feather then turned her head to see Celestia and Arceus for help, looking for a bit of advice on how to deal with the over-excited lavender pony in front of her, Arceus smiled at her, making it clear to Faust/Golden Feather that he understood her situation, that he too had been in situations where one of his creations had made him unsure of how to act or what to do; as for Celestia, she held down a giggle and simply moved one of her legs, making a gesture indicating Faust/Golden Feather to just say yes to Twilight’s requests; and that’s what Faust/Golden Feather decided to do.

“Of course,” Faust/Golden Feather answered, her voice recovering some sort of the security Arceus knew her for, “so, which one do you want me to sign first?” She asked as Twilight passed her the feather and ink.

“First my collection, then the photograph,” Twilight answered, holding the book that contained her collection, still one on the first page, holding it on her light-lavender coloured magic.

“Ok,” Faust/Golden Feather answer before turning her attention to the technically “fan made”, cover page, and with a few agile yet elegant moves of the feather in her ruby coloured magic aura Faust had sing the book with her fake identity of Golden Feather, probably the first time that she had autograph anything under that name.

“There you go,” Faust/Golden Feather said as she returned Twilight the book, who simply smiled as she looked at the signature on it, mentally crossing Faust/Golden Feather’s name out of her mental list of books she needed to get autographed.

While Twilight was occupied looking at the sigh, fascinated to finally get what she had thought in more than one occasion was a sigh she will never get to see as it belonged to an non existing author, Faust/Golden Feather took the camera off Twilight’s magic grip and into hers, “excuse me princess,” Faust/Golden Feather said, getting Twilight’s attention back, “weren’t we going to take a photo?” Fast/Golden Feather asked as she moved to get next to Twilight so the 2 could be in the photo.

“Oh, yes, sorry,” Twilight answered, tuning the entire book so that the page with the signature could appear in the photo.

Taking the photograph was considerably faster now that Fast/Golden Feather was a little more comfortable with Twilight’s eagerness, the same went for the autograft, as soon as the picture came out of the camera, Fast/Golden Feather took it in her magic, signing it in an instant before giving it to Twilight.

“Here it is princess,” Faust said as she handed Twilight the picture, the feather and the ink.

“Thank you,” Twilight said, at the same time writing in the bottom with part of the photograph where and when the photo had been taken and putting it on the inside of the book.

Celestia, seeing that Twilight was finished, cleared her through, getting the attention of her fellow lavender princess, “so Twilight, do you think we can come in?”.

“Oh, yes of course princess, please make yourself comfortable,” Twilight answered with a somewhat surprised tone, like she had forgotten that her former mentor was at the castle doors.

“And that includes you… lord and… misses,” Twilight said as she moved close to Arceus and Diancie, a little unsure of how to refer to both of them, “I have so many questions for you two,” Twilight added, her famous scientific curiosity and thirst for knowledge showing themselves as she moved around to get a better look at both.

“Does that invitation extent to the rest of my family?” Arceus asked looking at Twilight.

Twilight just looked at him confused, Arceus smiled at her before pointing at Twilight’s back, it was only when she turned around that Twilight finally realised that there were over 50 different odd-looking ponies in front of her castle.

“Wait, how big is your family, how many are there?” Twilight asked, in an incredulous tone, turning to look at Arceus.

“53 counting Diancie,” Celestia answer, turning to see Twilight, “mostly daughters and sons, although there are a few grandsons and granddaughters, although some of them are adopted,” Celestia explained turning to see Arceus, who smiled at her, happy and honestly impressed that Celestia did indeed paid attention during their entire ‘little chat’ on the train.

“Yep, and all 53 are unique, with their own abilities,” Arceus said with a nod before turning to see Twilight, curious to see how she reacted.

Twilight remained in silence, processing what was going on, something that didn’t take that long, “wait, so are telling me that the day princess Celestia and Luna make a surprise visit for Hearth's Warming, they brought with them an author that I thought I will never meet because the possibilities of her not even existing were incredibly high, and a family of over 50 members from a different world for me to study?” Twilight asked, her excitement tone increasing with the length of her question.

“I mean,” Faust/Golden Feather returned to the conversation, “I and Arceus’s family are only here because they wanted to see your castle, we didn’t organise any of this, it was just a coincidence,” Faust/Golden Feather answer, not even surprised that this had happened without her intervention, she had learned a long time ago that coincidences could spawn into reality without the interference of the creator of said reality.

“Indeed,” Luna added, cosigning what Faust/Golden Feather had said.

“Well, whatever the case might be I’m not wasting this opportunity,” Twilight answered, before turning to look in the direction of Arceus’s family and shouting, “every pony please come in!”

Before anyone could even move, Diancie shouted “YAY!” Before basically disappearing from Arceus side, flying as fast as she could to the door at into the castle, and as soon as she passed the castle doors her body shined in a white light, and less than a fraction of a second later the shined disappeared, revealing not a dark grey Pegasus with a pink crystal pony mane wearing a simple white dress, but a humanoid-like figure with horns, invaded in stone, a massive pink round diamond on top of her head flanked by two long pink diamonds simulating ponytails plus other pink more brutish diamonds in the stone, and that was also wearing a simpler white short dress; basically, her pony disguise had been undone, revealing her real Pokémon form, and Diancie didn’t even notice, she keeps moving during the whole process, all her interest dedicated to learning more about 'she’ (aka whatever was the living being Twilight’s castle was part of).

“Excuse me, but why did Diancie change?” Arceus asked, turning to see Twilight.

“I put up an anti-disguise-magic-barrier,” Shining Armours answer, surprising not only Twilight and Arceus, but Cadence, “there’s a pony quite dangerous out there, who doesn’t really like me or my family, and she makes use of that kind of magic so I prefer to be prepared,” Shining Armour explained, looking at his sister and Arceus but her eyes drifting towards his wife and daughter.

“I understand that,” Arceus answered, giving Shining a small nod of approval before turning to see his own family, “well, kids, what are you waiting for? You heard Celestia’s friend, please get in the castle it is freezing out here,” Arceus said in a joking tone.

They listen to him and soon they began to make their way into the castle, Twilight, Celestia, Arceus and Faust/Golden Feather stayed outside, mostly to make sure an accident didn’t happen as a result of the considerable size difference between some of the legendary real form and their pony disguise.

“By the way Arceus, can I ask you something?” Twilight asked, looking at the congregation that had formed outside her castle.

“Of course, Twilight” Arceus answered.

“Why did Diancie react in such a way when I said that your family could come in?” Twilight asked, her confusion based on experience, she knew that somepony, or somepokemon as Arceus had thought her that that was the proper expression, only reacted in such a way when something related to their most deep passions happened.

“Oh, you know, she can feel that your castle is alive, and is part of what I assume is the Tree of Harmony, she can even sort of understand her, you know the usual,” Celestia answers in a sort of joking tone.

“WHAT!?” Twilight exclaimed before taking off, flying in the direction of Diancie, “wait Diancie, I need to talk with you!” Twilight shouted; her desire to know more about the Tree of Harmony overshadow anything else, so much so that when she flew next to Rayquaza, who was already inside the castle in his real form, her feral equine fear of snakes didn’t even register that there was a massive snake looking dragon on her house.

Arceus and Celestia simply chuckled at Twilight’s antics, however, soon after Celestia turned to look at Arceus, her expression becoming serious, and it didn’t take Arceus a fraction of a second to know what she was about to say.

“Arceus, do you think we can continue the conversation we were having before Diancie interrupted us, later of course?” Celestia asked, still looking at him, but her expression made it clear that just like him she wasn’t exactly looking forward to that conversation.

Before Arceus could answer Faust/Golden Feather also made a similar question, “hey Arceus, do you think we count also talk later too? There are a few things I need to tell you about your family’s trip”.

Arceus simply nodded, “Ok, I will talk with both of you, just later”.

Celestia then turned her head towards the castle, only to look back at the alpha Pokémon, “Arceus, I think I and Faust aren’t the only ones who want to talk with you.”

Arceus turned to see Celestia, trying to figure out what she meant, but he didn’t need to ask, because he also saw what Celestia had seen to make her say that, it was Cadence, she was looking from the inside of the castle at Arceus with a mix of judgeful, angry, yet compressive, confused and sad eyes, like she was trying to figure out something about him.

Author's Note:

Hi everyone, so… I know that I say that I would upload a chapter before the end of January, and well, is almost the end of February, and that it was going to be the rest of chapter 11, is just that well, thing got complicated for me, and I got a little exited with this chapter and ended up deciding to uploaded in 3 parts (maybe even 4) rather than just 2 , because honestly, at this point I think I wouldn't have been able to upload anything until late march, plus the second part wound have been over 10K words long while the first one wound have been only 3k, so I decided to just publish what I have written rather than leave waiting for more, hopefully the next part of this chapter is out soon.

Now, I wanted to give you an idea on how, more-or-less, Faust/Golden Feather column will look, or well, read like, so here’s a video that more or less summarises how I imagined to be like:

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Celestia then turned her head towards the castle, only to look back at the alpha Pokémon, “Arceus, I think I and Faust aren’t the only ones who want to talk with you.”

I think you mean golden feather rather than faust.


By this point in the story, Celestia knows Arceus’s “””nick name””” for Golden Feather is Faust (check chapter X, there’s part where Arceus forgets that he’s supposed to call Faust Golden Feather to keep her identity as a secret, he then makes up an excuse that basically consist in Faust been a nick name), so she used it when referring to her.

Think of it like person-A telling person-B that person-C has a nick name and that is Penn, later when person-B and person-C meet again, person-B refers to person-C by its nick name (basically person-B calls person-C Peen).

However I understand the confusion I’m thinking that i might changes that.

By the way, what did you think of this chapter? And while we are it the story so far?

Hey this story is pretty good keep it up can't wait for the next chapter 👍


Thank you, I’m glad you are liking the story so far :twilightsmile:

Aww...Tree Of Harmony get a fan girl! Diancie want to come inside her!

....wait...why that sound so dirty? O.o

Anyway, now Twilight's big castle with so many rooms finally useful for something. I can't wait to see how Diancie gonna make friend with Treelight Sparkle..err...I mean Treehouse Of Harmony...Mmm...Tree Of Harmony...and how Twilight gonna make friend with all gods.

And now, Arceus getting so popular with mare so suddenly. Three mare want to talk with him at once. XD


Aww...Tree Of Harmony get a fan girl! Diancie want to come inside her!

....wait...why that sound so dirty? O.o

Yeah… I also had some “dirty ideas” as a result of Diancie wanting to go inside the castle… I might write a shit-post fic with that premise for April Fool’s Day, I even have a possible title: “The Horny Castle” XD

Anyway, part of this chapter (the entirety of chapter XI) was actually inspired by what you said about the many rooms on Twilight’s castle, I wanted to give them an use considering the show never did anything with them.

Also, I have plans to show “Treelight Sparkle” as you called her on the following part, and poor Twilight is going to freak out about it ;)

As for Arceus been a mare magnet, that is true for Celestia (remember chapter X was about both admitting that they find the other attractive, but one thing is finding the other attractive and other is love), as for Faust and Cadence, to give you a little spoiler for the next part of this chapter, Faust did find Arceus attractive, but in the past; as for Cadence, she’s just a little suspicious that none of Arceus’s “kids” look like him, and there wasn’t mention of a mother.

Thank you for the comment, like I said before I’m kind of happy to see one of my favourite creators of MLP fan content enjoys my little mess of a fic :twilightsmile:

The castle love to have everypony come inside her! :3

Yeah. And if Treelight could manipulate the castle freely, just like how she made a castle out of nothing. Maybe she can even make each room fit with each Pokemon too. Like when you open Reyquaza room and found space, open into Kyogre room and than fall into the sea. XD

That remind me of Door series... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crkbf3a1PnQ

Well, I know that Arceus only have an eye for Celestia like now. I just teasing him. XP

I love this! Now I REALLY wanna see Discord meet Hoopa- just imagine the chaos!


Glad to hear you are enjoying the fic :twilightsmile:

As for Discord meeting Hoopa, he’s going to do that. However he will soon lear that Arceus’ family is very competitive and some of them have a little thing called “a chaos competition”, an all war to see who can make the biggest mess. But don’t worry about Discord, he well be fine ... ish


Thx, I’m still writing this fic, is just that I have been terribly busy at the moment

Just wanted to share a nice message for ya :twilightsmile:

EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! :pinkiehappy:

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