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“I'm going through the portal,” Luna decided

“Are you sure it's wise to do so? It closes at the end of the night,” Vinyl asked

“I am. It'll be a quick trip and I'll be back shortly. I'm just glad Twilight left, otherwise she'd be begging me to go.”

“We both know how much Twilight needs to examine everything,” Vinyl said jokingly

Luna quickly stepped through and looked at her appearance in the mirror. Her hair was down and came to her waist as she wore a black dress and matching heels. Sensing the presence of multiple heartbeats inside; she headed to the doors and used a small bit of magic to open the door.

“Who are you,” a voice asked from the darkness

“Would you lead me to a room so we could talk? There are some things you should know.”

“Sister? We have a guest,” the person in front called

“Bring them in Luna,” came the reply “What brings you here so late at night?”

“I have no doubt you saw a young girl emerge from that statue in front of the school,” Luna started, as the other two nodded “That was Sunset Shimmer; my niece and the reason for my arrival. I am Princess Luna of Equus; the ruler of the land of Equestria on the other side of the mirror. She and I are vampires and I feel that in the near future will be enrolling in this school. She will want to be close to the portal when it reopens in thirty moons.”

“Why should we care about vampires,” the human Luna demanded

“When she enrolls; you should be careful that she doesn't bite any students. Keep an eye on her and make sure nothing happens.”

“Very well. Thank you for the information, Princess. My sister, Luna and I will watch over her. I am the principal of Canterlot High School; Celestia by the way,” she replied

Having informed the humans about this; Luna turned to leave when a familiar sight caught her eye. An elderly gentleman in all blue was waiting outside for her. He seemed familiar; but she couldn't quite place him.

“Long time so see, Lulu,” the male said casually

“I'm afraid you have me mistaken with somepo(one) else.”

“I couldn't mistake my old student. Or have you forgotten about me in your old age,” he asked jokingly

“Star Swirl? It really is you!”

“What brings you here,” Star Swirl asked curiously

“A young pony I turned into a vampire and sent her here. I asked the heads of the school to watch over her.”

“What is your daughter's name,” he replied

“Sunset Shimmer. I guess she is another daughter to me.”

“I'll watch over her as much as I can. With this weather; I don't think she'll get too far. Plus; since she's new to being human, someone's got to protect her. I just hope she doesn't kill her human counterpart,” he commented

“And on the off chance she does and replaces the human? What would you do?”

“I'll still find a way to watch over her. It'll be from the shadows as I don't need Filthy and Spoiled Rich getting suspicious about an elderly homeless gentlemen watching their daughter,” he said jokingly “I'm not perverted by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Thank you very much; my old friend. I must take my leave and return home.”

“Farewell Luna. It was a pleasure to see you again; even for a short time,” he said

After sharing a final hug; she headed through the portal while Star Swirl departed. He took many alleys and back streets to find his way to his current location; behind Donut Joe’s shop.

“What took you so long,” a female asked curiously

“Mira. I ran into an old friend,” Star Swirl replied

“That person was from your home? The pony one,” Mira asked

“Yes. She wanted me to look after her daughter who was sent here,” he explained

“If that was her wish. I'll do whatever I have to,” she said

“Thanks. It means a lot,” he said

“Of course. I can't let you do it alone,” she said with a chuckle