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No Going Back

A few hours later after her nap; Twilight was led to down the stairs with Luna towards the dungeon where Vinyl and the thestrals were waiting.

“Why are we here in the dungeon?”

“It's much easier to muffle the sound for one. And two; blood doesn't make a difference in here,” Luna replied

“How does this work?”

“Mom's going to bite you again to drain your blood. Following that, will be the worst pain ever,” Vinyl explained

“Are you ready; Twilight,” Luna asked

“I am. Bite me.”

Luna gently turned her daughter's head to the side and sank her fangs directly into Twilight’s jugular vein; eliciting a small moan in the process. A small trickle of blood ran from the wound as Luna feed. Some time later; Luna removed her fangs as the wound healed without a mark.

“That wasn't so bad.”

“The easy part is over,” Luna said

Twilight found herself slipping towards the floor as an audible tearing sound emanated from her body.

“What's that sound?”

“The precursor to Tartarus, itself,” Vinyl replied vaguely

Just as Vinyl said that, the tearing increased along both sides of Twilight’s body. The snapping of bones could be heard as new extremities were forming. Due to the size of the wounds; blood sprayed around the room freely.

“Help me,” Twilight begged reaching towards Vinyl, with tears in her eyes

“Sorry, sis. Everypony goes through this,” Vinyl replied sadly, kissing her forehead

The bone formation continued as blood flowed from the duel wounds. Time seemed to pass by at a snail's pace as the internal organs started to repair themselves in order to make room for the new wings. Once that was completed; the wounds started to close. Some time in the process, Twilight found herself passed out due to the pain.

“Twilight; please wake up,” Vinyl said

“I can't. It hurts too much.”

“There's one last thing you need to do. You need to drink from me in order to recover your strength,” Luna added

Luna lowered herself to the floor in order to meet Twilight. The latter started to move her head, before Vinyl used a hoof to gently correct her. Twilight’s head was now in the proper location for the task.

“Drink from here; in the neck,” Vinyl said

“Thanks,” Twilight replied weakly

Knowing where to be, Twilight bit into Luna’s neck and proceeded to drink. A few minutes later, she felt a gentle tap on a foreleg, getting her attention.

“That's enough, Twilight,” Luna said

Now having regained some strength; Twilight stood up on her hooves again. Looking around the room; she saw just why the dungeon was used. The smell of blood was intoxicating as Luna used a simple spell to remove the mess.

“How do you feel; Twilight,” Luna asked curiously

“Twilight Sparkle is dead. Midnight Star is born.”

“Nice name, sis. One down; umpteen more to go,” Vinyl said jokingly

“Just how many times have you changed your name?”

“I lost count after a while. The next time you ‘die’; I have a recommendation: don't commit suicide. your body will thank you from the pain that occurs afterwards. Have someone kill you and place you in the crypt,” Vinyl answered

“Won't they remember the crypt being used?”

“No. I placed a special spell around the grave preventing anypony from remembering. It helps when the same few die so often,” Luna answered

“What happened to the other vampires?”

“Dead. The six of us were tasked with their elimination. Many were killed over the years by townsfolk once it was found out they were vampires. Any other that killed for pleasure found themselves destroyed on Luna’s orders,” Dark Steel said

“The only ones that remain are: Vivian Mare; Ponyville’s mayor. Redheart, Fleur de Lis, and the two of you; not counting myself,” Luna added

“Well, there is something I'd recommend doing soon. Get your cutie mark removed,” Vinyl suggested

“How is that possible? No one can do that.”

“Star Swirl’s daughter, Starlight Glimmer is the only one capable of doing so. You'll find her in the mountains. Give her this and tell her ‘the Queen sends her regards’. She'll know it means,” Luna directed, handing Twilight a bag

“I'll go tomorrow. If I leave early enough; I can get there by nightfall.”

Twilight grabbed the cloak Luna wore and left. Having never been to Crystal Mountain; the trip took about a day to reach by walking. While she could have used the train; she didn't want to be recognized as a ‘zombie’ or something similar.

“Why'd this have to be so far away?”

“Perhaps you could stretch your wings,” Asmodeus suggested

“As? What brings you here?”

“I've been following you the entire trip. Luna asked me to accompany you. Sorry for not announcing my presence earlier,” he replied “Well; let's take shelter up ahead in Hollow Shades. Wait until night and we'll fly.”

“Sounds good. I'm exhausted with this trip already.”

“Most would have found easier methods of transportation,” he countered

The two approached the city only to find it completely abandoned. Finding a nearby house, Twilight made her way inside and fell asleep almost immediately. Some time later, she was woken by a gentle nudge.

“Come on, this'll be your first official flight lesson,” Asmodeus said

Upon opening her wings, Twilight was given a lift by her teacher as he followed next to her. A small desert area was flown over as they headed for their mountainous destination.


“Nearly. Our destination is somewhere near the summit,” he replied

“Buck me.”

Upon landing; the pair found themselves approached by a stranger wearing a cloak.

“What brings you out here,” the cloaked pony asked

“I’m looking for someone.”

“The pawn gives its service,” the stranger said cryptically

“The queen sends her regards.”

“Nice to meet you. I'm Starlight Glimmer. Please follow me,” she directed “Long time no see; As.”

“Indeed Starlight, it's been a while," he replied

Twilight was led deeper into the mountains towards a cave halfway up the side. The only way to it was a small pathway that seemed to be worn away with age. Once inside, Twilight found herself handed some water, which she gratefully accepted.

“What brings you all the way out here,” Starlight asked

“I was hoping you could help me remove my cutie mark and destroy it.”

“I haven't seen a vampire in quite some time. What do you want,” Starlight commented

“I don't understand what you mean.”

“Sorry. An explanation is needed. I can remove a cutie mark, but some actually wish to have a different mark. In order to do so; I cast a simple illusion over them so others see it, but the owner knows it's gone,” Starlight explained

Twilight drew a full moon with a shooting star passing by in the cave floor. She found that image came into her mind as she concentrated.

“This is what you want,” Starlight asked


“Sorry, but perhaps we should start introductions over. I'm Starlight Glimmer; daughter of Star Swirl the Bearded,” she said

“Midnight Star; formerly known as Twilight Sparkle. I have one thing I'd like to ask you.”

“Go ahead,” Starlight replied

“Are you and your dad vampires?”

“Immortal; but not vampires. His condition was caused by an age spell that backfired. In front of his student Luna, he used the same spell on me. I've seen so much over the years, but refuse to help out,” Starlight explained

“In Luna’s library; there are plenty of books about your father that I've read. I've always wanted to know what happened to him as nothing is recorded about that.”

“I honestly don't know. He left and never returned. Sorry I can't be much help with that,” Starlight answered “Are you ready to lose your cutie mark?”

“I am. I hate having to lie to my friends about my death.”

“Unfortunately, it won't get any easier. I'd also recommend altering your appearance so nopony recognizes you,” Starlight suggested

Twilight watched as Starlight removed her beloved cutie mark with a spell she never could have performed. It was levitated in front of her as a way of having one last look before being destroyed. The illusion was cast over Twilight as she reached into her saddle bag to remove a small pouch and handed it over.

“Thank you very much, Starlight.”

“You are welcome, Midnight,” Starlight replied “If you’d like to stay here for the night; you are more than welcome to do so.”

“Thank you for the offer; but I think I'd want to head home and plan for the future.”

With that, Twilight concentrated and found herself teleported back into the castle’s throne room. Thankfully, only Vinyl and Luna were there.

“Welcome back Twi; I mean Midnight,” Luna corrected

“Nice cutie mark, sis,” Vinyl said, giving a hoof-bump to her sister

“Between us in private, you can call me ‘Twilight’, but not in public."

“What do you plan on doing now,” Luna asked

“Starlight gave me an idea of altering my appearance. Do either of you know a spell to change my mane, tail and eye color?”

“What color do you want,” Vinyl asked

“Black for all. If anypony askes, I can tell them that I was Twilight’s sister who came to see where she lived. I'll tell them that Luna’s my mom and she asked me to return.”

Luna summoned a mirror for Twilight to use as Vinyl fired a spell at her sister. Twilight watched as her purple hair started gaining a black tip before flowing towards the roots. Even the tail gained the same appearance.

“Open your eyes for me,” Vinyl said

“I'll take this part. Close your eyes, Twilight,” Luna directed

Luna put the tip of her horn right between her daughter's eyes and allowed a small flash to occur. Twilight opened her eyes and looked closely at her reflection to take it in. She was no longer Twilight Sparkle; now she was Midnight Star, her long lost sister. The only worry was her former friends seeing through the façade.

“When are you heading home,” Luna asked curiously

“I'd like to return in a week's time.”

“There is one thing you might like as a vampire,” Vinyl commented

“What's that?”

'The ability to speak to others telepathically,” Vinyl said through her thoughts

During the next week; Twilight started to mentally prepare herself to return home. She hated the thought of acting like she doesn't remember her friends.

“You'll be alright. I'm going to be at the club if you need me,” Vinyl said reassuringly “Fluttershy will be waiting for you.”

“I know. It's hard knowing how much I hurt them by leaving.”

“Good luck; Twilight. I'm only a letter away if you need help or advice,” Luna said hugging her

Vinyl and Twilight decided to take one of the trains that ran late in the evening to avoid any prying eyes. Twilight returned to the library as Vinyl headed to the club. Waiting inside was a friend she was glad to see.

“Welcome back; Twilight,” Fluttershy said

“Thanks. Just so you know Flutters; Twilight Sparkle died. Call me ‘Midnight’ from now on.”

“It's good to see you; Midnight,” Fluttershy corrected

Once she was alone; Twilight fell asleep as best as she could. Her anxiety started to catch up now that she was back. When she woke up that morning was torture, knowing what's going to happen . Breakfast was a simple bowl of cereal before heading outside.

“How dare you? How dare you leave us like that,” Rainbow Dash asked, tackling her

To everyone's surprise; Dash punched Twilight in the stomach before grabbing her tightly. Twilight never flinched at the attack as it was barely felt.

“Get…off..me,” Twilight said pushing the mare off unceremoniously

“Girls; do you notice something different about Twilight,” Rarity asked curiously

“Her mane and tail are black. The same with her eyes,” Pinkie pointed out

“So, if you'll kindly let me up; I will explain. Perhaps we could head inside the library?”

Reluctantly; the others followed behind Twilight as she headed into the kitchen to set up some tea for everyone. Once they had a drink, Twilight started her planned explanation.

“I'd like to first start off by saying that I am not Twilight Sparkle.”

“How is that possible? You look just like her,” Applejack asked

“I look like her, because I'm her twin sister; Midnight Star. Twilight never mentioned me because I was adopted by Princess Luna after I was born. She told me about my sister and asked me to look after the library in her place.”

“If we believe what you say, than what do you want,” Dash demanded

“Would you mind giving me your names? I'd like to know with whom I am speaking to.”

“Alright; we'll humor you. That's Flutter Dash; over there is Rarity Pie; Apple Pink; that’s Pinkie Shy; and I'm Rainbow Belle,” Dash said sarcastically, pointing to her friends

“Thank you for at least giving me a name. Although I'm guessing that none of those are your real names.”

“You asked for names, so I gave you some. Back to my previous question: what do you want,” Dash asked

“I'd like to fill in for my sister. Coming here was a way to connect with Twilight and see the mare she became.”

“We'll give you some time alone so you can get acquainted with the library. Ever since Twilight died; we've helped out here in her memory,” Rarity said

“I'm sure she would thank you for helping out.”

Once the group departed, Twilight decided to rearrange the entire library in alphabetical order. It was true that changing the books didn't seem like much, but whereas Twilight was obsessed with lists and order; Midnight was about taking risks and making the most out of life.

“That's a shock. Seeing you destroying the order of the books,” Asmodeus said

“I need to live a little and change things.”


After departing the library; the others headed back to Sweet Apple Acres to have a private chat.

“Alright girls, I think we all share the same opinion,” Applejack started

“Twilight faked her death and is now calling herself ‘Midnight Star’,” Dash added

“We know Vinyl is a vampire from when she attacked Dash. It's possible Twilight is a vampire and reasonable to say that the princess is the one that turned them,” Pinkie continued

“Who's next to become a vampire? Fluttershy,” Rarity asked curiously

“That's not funny. I'm not a vampire,” Fluttershy said quietly

“If this is true that Twilight is calling herself something else to protect us; we will call her Midnight as she asked,” Applejack said

“But,” Pinkie started, as AJ held up a hoof

“As I was saying; we'll call her Midnight like she asked. But we will however give her space. If she wants to talk to us, than feel free; but don't force anything,” AJ finished


Twilight grabbed a scroll and started to write. After seeing her friends again; she knew something was wrong by how they were acting.

I wanted you to know that my friends know the truth. They may hide it; but they've figured out I'm a vampire’

Twilight sent the letter and decided to get ready to head out when an answer appeared. She decided on waiting until after she read the new message.

Please be careful with your friends. If anything happens; we may have to take alternate means to silencing them. I'm sorry to tell you that, but our secret needs to stay that way. Keep me informed of any changes that happen.
Love, mom’

“I should have expected that. Hopefully nothing happens that requires that extent.”

Twilight wanted to have some fun and headed over to her sister's club. Once there; the two bouncers moved aside, much to the irritation of other patrons in line. The bartender automatically handed her a beer before going to the dance floor. Vinyl informed the workers of Twilight’s arrival and status as protected guest.

‘Do you mind if I borrow the upstairs room for a while,’ Twilight asked Vinyl telepathically

‘Naughty things are going to happen; I take it,’ Vinyl replied ‘Keep it down, though. The rest of the visitors don't need to hear.’

After receiving permission from Vinyl; Twilight found a mare she had an interest in and brought her upstairs. She decided to break out of her shell and try something different. Immortality would allow her to have sex with as many ponies as she wanted. Eventually, she might try to lose her virginity; but for now it would be mares only.

Over the remaining course of the year, Applejack and the others started distancing themselves from Twilight. Since her death just after Nightmare Night; they couldn't believe their friend would lie and fake her death. As Hearth’s Warming approached; they received a letter asking them to Canterlot Castle for a private party.

● LUNA ●

“Twilight; are you sure you want to do this?”

“I am. The way they treated me was uncalled for. Instead of talking to me; they just abandoned me. This is a fair method of retribution,” Twilight replied

“Very well. If you believe this to be the right course of action.”

“Thank you mom,” she said “Could you also cast a temporary illusion on me?”

“Not a problem. Your old appearance; I take it,” Luna asked as Twilight nodded


Twilight looked out from her room in the castle to see a chariot arrive containing her friends. Taking a look in the mirror; she was glad to see her old appearance staring back, even though it wasn't real. Putting Luna’s cloak on; she made her way outside and hid.

“Hey girls; anypony having second thoughts about this,” Applejack asked in a whisper

“Yeah. I've got this feeling that tonight isn't going to end well for us,” Dash replied grimly

“If this is truly the end; it was great knowing you girls,” Rarity added

With hesitancy; the five were escorted into the dining room where Luna was waiting for them. To their surprise; Vinyl headed inside to join them.

“You! Why are you here,” Dash demanded, pointing a hoof at Vinyl

“I was asked by Princess Luna. How was I to know there would be other guests,” Vinyl lied

“Hello girls.”

Keeping the cloak on; Twilight headed inside, not allowing the others to see her face.

“Y-y-you. You c-c-can't b-b-be h-here. You're supposed to be dead,” AJ stuttered, as Twilight removed the cloak

“Am I not? I don't feel like it.”

“You're only a figment of our imagination. That's it. We're just seeing things,” Pinkie decided, covering her eyes

“Girls; I'm hurt. I thought you'd at least make my sister feel welcome; but all you did was abandon her. Midnight hasn't deserved that treatment.”

“Enough of the crap! We know you're ‘Midnight’,” Dash yelled “What in Tartarus do you want!?”

“I wanted to have fun with my friends. At least let us enjoy dinner first.”

“Buck off,” Dash replied bluntly

“That's completely rude. And in front of my family; no less. I'm sorry mom you have to hear such rude language. Sis; I'd apologize, but I know there's worse at the club.”

“It's alright, dear. Although; they do deserve that,” Luna added cryptically

“I agree. That is fitting,” Vinyl added

With the three in agreement; Vinyl used a simple flash of her horn to move the tables out of the way. Luna made sure to stop the others from resisting, as Fluttershy moved aside.

“What the buck’s wrong with you; Shy,” Dash asked

“I was the only one to show kindness to Twilight when she needed it. I do have to thank her for turning me into a vampire bat,” Fluttershy said

“You were supposed to return her to normal! No wonder my farm's been short on apples,” an angry AJ said

“I haven't taken any apples since that first night. Once a month I would either head here to the castle; or Princess Luna would send me a bottle of fresh juice to satisfy my craving,” Fluttershy answered

“This has to be a joke. You being a vampire; I mean. Pitch me and tell me I'm dreaming,” Dash said, shaking her head

“You should have told us you were a vampire,” Pinkie argued

“And be treated as an outcast? You wanted to kill the vampire fruit bats for just being themselves. Besides; you abandoned me when I needed friends the most.”

“You faked your death to get away from us! How could we be friends with somepony we helped bury and you show up a week later like it's nothing,” Applejack argued

“You saw me as a freak when I showed off my abilities! When I wanted to actually leave; it was you who prevented me! You who thought it was your ‘best interest’ to keep me alive against my wishes!”

“It was! Nopony should commit suicide! What kind of friends would we be if we didn't stop you,” Pinkie asked

“Which of you wants to be first?”

“I do hate to be rude; but go to Tartarus,” Rarity said sweetly, but defiantly

“Your first volunteer,” Vinyl decided

“I don't want to die. Please spare me,” Rarity begged

“I'm not going to kill you four. But I am going to be generous about this,” Luna replied

One at a time, Luna proceeded to attack her daughter's four friends, spilling some blood in the process. Twilight was glad to see them get what they deserve from being rude to her. After they were carried to a guest room, the three vampires returned to the dining room.

“Sorry I couldn't help, mom.”

“It's fine. New fledglings are typically unable to turn anypony,” Luna replied “Maybe in the future, you'll be able to do this yourself.”

“Thanks again for everything; both of you. I love you mom; Vinyl.”