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Side Chapter: Scootaloo

Author's Note:

This chapter takes place during the 2 1/2 years Sunset has been gone.

“Are you ready to go; Scootaloo,” Twilight asked

“No; but I don't have another option. Let's go before I change my mind,” Scootaloo said with a sigh “Goodbye Sunset.”

Twilight led Scootaloo out of the castle as they headed towards the train station. Scootaloo began looking around nervously; unsure of their location.

“Where are we?”

“Canterlot Train Station. This is the first time you've been here,” Twilight answered

“Sunset and I were placed in an adoption center here in Canterlot. We never heard why our parents died; but we were homeless for a while, before getting accepted.”

“I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there isn't any a record as to what they did,” Twilight replied

“That's the train? It isn't going to devour us, is it?”

“We have to climb inside in order to get to our destination,” Twilight said reassuringly “It's completely safe; I promise.”

Scootaloo boarded the train; albeit reluctantly as Twilight followed behind her. The pair took the closest seats to the door just as the train started moving. Having never been out that far; she took to looking out the window as Twilight fell asleep. About an hour later; the train reached their destination.

“Welcome to Ponyville. Our destination is nearby,” Twilight explained

Scootaloo was gently levitated on Twilight’s back as she was led through the town. She was glad to have a guide as she would have gotten lost without one.

“Here we are. Golden Oaks Library and my home,” Twilight commented

Once inside; Twilight directed her ward upstairs to the third floor where bedrooms were located, before heading into her own.

“If you need anything; I'll be right next door,” Twilight said


Sleep was hard to find as Scootaloo was awake long into the night thinking about what transpired earlier that night. Her sister's birthday was celebrated along with her death.

“Sunny; I'm so sorry.”


“You should have known messing with the castle was a bad idea,” Sunset said angrily

“I'm sorry sis.”

“Sorry can't return me from banishment or make me normal,” Sunset replied, lunging for her with fangs barred

“Be gone Night Terror,” Luna demanded, standing in front of Scootaloo

“Thank you; Princess Luna. But this is for nothing. I deserve to be tormented.”

“Why do you believe that,” Luna questioned

“It was my fault everything happened. I thought we could sneak in and steal a souvenir before getting caught. Sunset said I needed to survive while she took the punishment.”

“I would gladly have given you a tour if you had asked a guard to pass it on. If you want to keep that promise Sunset asked of you; than live your life to its fullest,” Luna said


The next morning after Twilight made haycakes for Scootaloo; she decided to take a walk and found herself at Ponyville Cemetery. Looking though the tombstones, she found two names that hadn't been mentioned in a while; Phoenix Shadow and Cherry Flame, her parents.

Looking at the tombstones; there wasn't anything written on them close to the surrounding area. No date of birth or death; let alone an epitaph stating who they were.

“I didn't think I'd find you again. I wish I had more time to be with you two. I don't know how to say this; but Sunset’s gone and it's my fault,” Scootaloo said sadly “I love you mom; dad.”

“I didn't think anyone else would be here. I'm Apple Bloom and this is my friend Sweetie Belle,” Bloom said, motioning to her right

“It's nice to meet you two. I'm Scootaloo.”

“I'm sorry you're family died,” Sweetie Bell added

“Thank you. Unfortunately they died when I was young. My sister knew them more than I did.”

“Do you know what they did,” Bloom asked curiously

“I don't know. They never told me.”

“We should get going soon. Our sisters are probably waiting for us,” Bloom said “You're welcome to join us, if you'd like.”

“Where are you staying,” Sweetie Belle asked

“At the library with Midnight Star.”

“I'd recommend not saying anything to our siblings. It's a touchy subject to them,” Bloom commented

“What happened with them?”

“Our sisters Rarity and Applejack; along with their friends Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were bitten by Midnight. Instead of becoming full vampires; they were turned into half-breeds,” Sweetie Belle explained “They are longer living ponies and have an extreme dislike of your guardian.”

"I'd actually say hatred over dislike," Bloom commented

After saying their goodbyes to one another's parents; the three left the cemetery and returned to town. First stop was to Carousel Boutique and Rarity Belle.

“Apple Bloom; what a pleasant surprise. And who might you be? Sorry about my rudeness. I am Rarity, the owner of the boutique,” Rarity replied

“I'm Scootaloo. It's nice to meet you.”

“If you don't mind; I'd like to make a dress for you,” Rarity said

As Scootaloo nodded in agreement; Rarity grabbed a roll of red cloth and began taking measurements for the dress. About an hour later; the preliminary work was completed and just needed to be put together.

“Where are you staying at; Scootaloo? I'd like to know where to contact when you,” Rarity asked curiously

“With a friend. Just let Sweetie Belle know and I'll pick it up.”

“If that is what you wish. Might I inquire as to your friend,” Rarity asked

“Midnight Star.”

“Please do not bring up that name again. It brings up bad memories,” Rarity replied

“Sorry. I'll make sure not to do that again.”

“Sis; do you mind if we hung out for a while,” Sweetie Belle asked curiously

“Go ahead. Just make sure you're home for dinner,” Rarity said

The three left and headed towards the back of Sweet Apple Acres; where a derelict shack stood. The walls had faded or peeling paint and holes in various places on the sides.

“Why are we here?”

“The three of us need a place to hang out away from everypony else,” Bloom replied

“Plus; we're all without our cutie marks. Maybe we can find them together,” Sweetie Belle added

“Some sort of crusader?”

“I like that. We should call ourselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders,” Apple Bloom said enthusiastically

“I like the sound of that. Well; the first thing we need to do is actually fix up the clubhouse.”

Before departing for the evening the trio agreed to meet back at the clubhouse the next day to have it fixed. Applejack decided to assist by supplying the wood and tools needed.

“Thank you sis for these,” Bloom said

“The three of you are welcome. I know Sweetie Belle; but I haven't seen you before,” Applejack said

“I'm Scootaloo. It's nice to meet you.”

“Come on; let's not waste time,” Sweetie Belle warned

“I'm here if you need me,” AJ commented

“We've got this. Thanks for the offer Bloom answered

Having never done manual labor before; Scootaloo found it hard to get used to but managed to keep up with her new friends. By the end of the day; everything was completed and looked new.

“Looks good girls. I'd say the clubhouse for the Cutie Mark Crusaders is open for use,” Bloom said cheerfully

“And the first three members are present,” Sweetie Belle added

“Now we have one thing left to do; figure out how to get our cutie marks.”

“Easy; Applejack, I don't want any trouble,” Twilight said approaching

“Then get off my farm and there won't be any trouble,” AJ replied angrily

“Sorry girls; but I need to go. My guardian is here.”

“You know this snake of a pony,” AJ demanded, turning to Scootaloo

“Yes. I don't know what sort of problem happened between the two of you; but I have nothing to do with it. All I ask is to be able to hang out with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.”

“Just be careful. I wouldn't want her to backstab you,” AJ warned

Twilight lifted Scootaloo onto her back as the two headed home. To their surprise; Luna was waiting inside for the two.

“Mom. I didn't expect to see you here,” Twilight commented

“I wanted to check on my daughter,” Luna replied

“Princess; could I ask you something?”

“What is it; my dear Scootaloo,” Luna inquired

“Could you please tell me about my parents Phoenix Shadow and Cherry Flame and how they died?”

“I am sorry to say; but I cannot do that as the information is classified. That is all I can say on that topic,” she said sadly

“Drat. I was sure you could bend some rules to do so.”

“I could; but what they did was detrimental to Equestria. I'm sorry they died; but they knew the risks in their job,” she countered

Scootaloo went to sleep with confusion; trying to process the information she was told. Her parents had some important job; but she'd never know what it was.
The next morning; instead of heading out to meet with her friends; a blue pegasus stood in her way.

“I hear you haven't flown and I'm going to change that. Name's Rainbow Dash,” she said smugly

“I've never told anypony about that. How'd you find out?”

“I didn't. I guessed you haven't flown; and I would be your teacher,” Dash replied

Dash picked her up before heading to the farm. The crusaders would spend time working on some ideas to try (and eventually fail) to gain their cutie marks; while Dash would try to help with flight lessons.

Although it took nearly two years; the crusaders managed to get their cutie marks in assisting others who haven't found their talents. While Scootaloo was still unable to fly completely; Rainbow Dash believed one day that could change.

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Don't worry you did a wonderful Jon my friend, a good story always leaves the reader wanting more.

Thank you very much

Clearly you need to play Pony Island.

The movie was a little inspiration for the story.

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