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Midnight Arrives

Sunset was finally thrilled as her final year was here with graduation around the corner. Rarity had reiterated her reasoning for prom and planned on making everyone’s dresses. Currently; Sunset and Vinyl were sitting in the latter's tour bus after having a musical jam session.

“I can't believe prom is so close.”

“Funny thing is; this will be my first prom,” Vinyl replied

“Really? Why didn't you ever go?”

“Never cared to go,” she replied “If you want; I'll wear a tux. Dresses aren't my style.”

“Well, on another topic; my birthday is approaching. If you're free; would you be able to come over?”

“Between us; how old are you going to be,” she asked “I'll be there. If only to keep you from doing something stupid; then gladly.”

“Eighteen in this world; but twenty-three in Equestria. Funny thing is; I was eighteen when I was turned into a vampire."

“I'm guessing with your age; you're not a virgin,” Vinyl commented, slyly

“Kind of. As a pony I'm not; but I am as a human.”

“Your bag is glowing,” she pointed out
Sunset casually the book from her backpack to find a message from Twilight.

‘I'll be coming through the portal later to celebrate your birthday with you. By the way the portal's open longer. I fixed it to be open at all times.'

‘Thank you so much! These next few weeks will be the longest wait I've had.’

‘I'll be there a few days before to spend some time with my sister.'

‘I'll see you then sis.'

The next few weeks went by slowly as Sunset waited in anticipation of seeing Twilight and headed to school to meet her.

‘I'm on my way to the portal.'

Sunset and Vinyl watched as Twilight emerged from the portal and rushed forward to catch her.

“Oh, come on! All that work for nothing,” Twilight asked out loud

Looking at Twilight’s appearance, Sunset remembered she had black hair and a different cutie mark than the design now on her skirt; consisting of a cluster of multiple-six pointed stars.

“Welcome. Follow me.”

Vinyl led the two into the school and directly into a bathroom. To make sure they had privacy; Vinyl stood guard outside while Sunset locked the door and removed a pair of black pants from her backpack.

“Here. Put these on.”

“Why did it have to return my hair color and cutie mark? I fought so hard to change my appearance,” Twilight asked in a whisper

“Couldn't say. Perhaps it recognized that wasn't your true self and returned it,” Sunset guessed “Throw that in here for now.”

The two had just barely left the bathroom when Pinkie Pie rushed up to them.

“Ohmygosh!NewstudentIhavenotseenbefore,” Pinkie said breathlessly (Oh my gosh! New student I have not seen before)

“Breathe Pinkie. This is my cousin, Midnight Star. She came to visit for a few days.”

“I have to throw a party for you,” Pinkie said, throwing confetti out of nowhere

“Why not this weekend? It's not only Halloween, but my birthday as well.”

“Sunset? Could I have a moment with you and your cousin,” Celestia asked

The three headed towards the offices to find just Luna waiting inside as Sunset closed the door behind them.

“Please take a seat,” Celestia directed

“What brings you here; miss,” Luna added

“Midnight, ma'am. Midnight Star. I wanted to see Sunset,” Twilight replied

“Are you the same as Sunset? A You-know-what,” Celestia asked; lowering her voice

“I am,” Twilight replied

“Be careful. Enjoy your visit,” Luna said

“Before you go; please wear this. That way there's no incidents,” Celestia directed, handing Twilight a badge

“After school, there's a place I want to show you.”

Sunset helped Twilight in pinning the badge onto her shirt. Everyone viewing it immediately would know she was only a visitor and was permitted to wander around campus.

“While you're busy; I'm going to head to the library,” Twilight said


Luna decided to walk her guest to the chosen destination.

“You're one of the princesses of this world?”

“I am the vice-principal of the school. There's no royalty in this world,” Luna replied

“Looking at your sister; there isn't record of a counterpart at home.”

“Oh? What happened,” she asked

“The princess fought against a being known as Daybreaker. Apparently; that was Celestia that was destroyed quite some time ago.”

“Sorry to hear that. It was certainly a surprise to see her years ago. I hope you have fun while you're here,” Luna said “This is the library.”

“Thank you for walking me here; Vice-Principal Luna.”

“You are welcome; miss Star,” she said, before departing


After going through the classes; Sunset left her final class early. Five minutes before the bell was to ring; many of the students gathered by the door. When the teacher wasn't looking; she slipped out and headed for the library.


“I was wondering when you'd get here. I'm starting to get hungry,” Twilight replied

“Let's go. I'll buy for you.”

“What do they have here,” she asked

“Today's lunch is pizza; hamburgers and fries or salad. Your choice.”

“I've had salad so often, I really don't want another right now. It's going to be one of the others. Which are you getting,” Twilight decided

“Probably the burger. I was going to have pizza for the party.”

“Sounds good. This'll be the first time I've had meat,” Twilight commented

“I'm sure you've had it before,” Sunset said with a nudge

“Not even. Mares only,” Twilight whispered

The two managed to just barely beat the influx of students to reach the cafeteria. After getting their food; they headed to a table in the back where the group usually sat.

“Who's your guest,” Dash asked

“Girls; this is my cousin Midnight Star. Star; these are my friends Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you all,” Twilight replied

‘You know I already know who they are; right,’ Twilight thought

‘I still have to introduce you. They don't know that you know their counterparts.’

“What about me,” Vinyl asked, wrapping her arms around Sunset from behind

“And my girlfriend; Vinyl Scratch.”

“A pleasure to meet you as well.”

'Thanks for the help when I entered through the portal,’ Twilight thought

‘You're welcome. Have fun in this world,’Vinyl replied telepathically

“What brings you here to Canterlot High,” Applejack asked

“I wanted to see Sunset. It's been quite a while,” Twilight answered

“You're from there; right,” Dash asked

“Yes,” Twilight said simply

“Since the 31st is on Friday; we'll hold the party at my house. In the meantime, I wanted to spend a little time with my cousin.”

“That's fine with us; Darling. We'll see you tomorrow at school,” Rarity said

Once school let out, Sunset called Lydia to inform her that she would be late and grabbed her cousin.

“Follow me. We're heading to the rear parking lot to my car.”

“What's a car,” Twilight asked

“Carriage with a motor. It's safe; trust me.”

Sunset drove to the Everfree Forest and parked in a designated lot. Unfortunately; they still had a ways to walk before reaching their destination.

“Where are we,” Twilight asked

“The Everfree Forest.”

“This is much different than the forest at home. It seems normal against containing timberwolves and other dangerous animals,” Twilight commented

“This world doesn't have magic; which might explain why.”

Twilight was led to a clearing that seemed to be extremely isolated from anything else.

“Why did you bring me here,” she asked curiously

“This was where it happened. My parents died here.”

“Uh; what was that,” Twilight asked nervously, hearing a howl from the forest

Before she could get a reply, a wolf emerged from the forest and walked over to Sunset. To Twilight’s surprise; Sunset started petting him as it proceeded to lie down and roll over onto his back.

“How can you do that,” Twilight asked in awe

“He recognizes us as friends. Plus, he was one that helped out with that.”

“Impressive. Did you ever name him,” she asked

“No. Come on and pet him.”

“Attempting to kill another innocent person,” a voice asked

“Shining Armor. I should have known. What sort of crap did I ever do to you?”

“I'd have said ‘Officer’; but I'm officially retired from the police force,” Shining replied

“Shiny,” Twilight asked nervously, before tears started to form

“Twily,” Shining questioned, before shaking his head “No; you can't be. I watched her murdered when I was younger.”

“I'm sorry for the loss of your sister. My name is Midnight Star, and I'm Sunset’s cousin,” Twilight answered, wiping her eyes

“Why'd you retire?”

“Your girlfriend. She explained everything to me about you being a vampire from another world. Having seen enough death, I decided to retire and take it easy. It was fifteen years ago when I saw my young sister killed. Sorry for being such a jerk to you,” Shining explained, holding out a hand

“You were an asshole admittedly; and I accept your apology.”

“I was also part of the email you received years ago; the one mentioning Crystal Prep. My wives Cadence and Chrysalis wanted you to know how screwed up the school is,” he added

“Thanks for telling me. I actually didn't plan on going as it would've made returning home impossible.”

“I'd be correct in assuming Midnight came the other world,” he asked

“Yes. My family, including your counterpart; were killed by a vampire which resulted in me becoming one myself,” Twilight answered

“I'm sorry for the loss of your family,” he said

“And I with your sister,” Twilight added

Shining walked over and gave Twilight a hug before departing without saying a word. The girls decided it was time to leave as the wolf decided to escort them.

“Alright, this is as far as you go my friend,” Sunset said, scratching the wolf behind the ears “Be safe.”

A short time later they headed home to Sunset’s house when they were met by Lydia.

“Nice to meet you Midnight. I'm Lydia; the head maid here,” she said “Dinner is ready. Spaghetti is waiting for you girls inside.”

“How long are you staying for,” Lydia asked

“The week. I managed to make some alternations to come and go as I please,” Twilight replied

After eating, Sunset led her cousin down to the basement before handing her a spare set of pajamas.

“I'll sleep on the floor if you'd like.”

“Nonsense; I don't want to kick you out of your bed. I'll take the floor,” Twilight replied

“We'll settle this easily. The bed is big enough for both of us to share. It's not the first time I've slept with someone.”

“You did say that you planned on holding off sex; right,” Twilight inquired

“Yeah. Besides; I lost my virginity at home.”

“Alright; girls. Time for bed,” Lydia called from upstairs

Although the two fell asleep on opposite side on of the bed; some time during the night; Sunset found herself being held by Twilight.

“Sorry Sun,” Twilight muttered quietly


“Morning girls. Sleep well,” Lydia asked during breakfast

“Um. No comment,” Twilight said sheepishly

“What happened,” Lydia asked, raising an eyebrow

“During the night my cousin cuddled up behind me.”

“Please don't tell anyone about that. I don't want them getting the wrong idea,” Twilight begged

“I wasn't planning on it.”

Once at school; Twilight was actually informed about the possibility of sitting in on Sunset’s lessons. She wasn't going to turn down a chance at learning about this world.

“You actually have to dissect this,” Twilight asked, staring at a fetal pig

“Yes. This was better than last year. I'm sure miss Shimmer could tell you about her incident,” Discord replied vaguely

“I learned my lesson after that.”

Sunset led the dissection of their pig without hassle. Twilight knew about anatomy from her adolescent readings; but hearing that pigs were similar to humans was certainly a surprise.

“What exactly happened last year in anatomy,” Twilight asked casually during lunch

“I slit my wrist drawing blood.”

“That's the stupidest thing you could have done! What made you think that was a good idea,” Twilight asked scolding her

“I didn't have the proper tools to draw blood and was given a razor to use. In hindsight; I should have used my arm to cut.”

“When would you like us to come over,” Applejack asked, changing the subject

“Around 5 tomorrow evening. That should give me time to pick up some things from the store.”

“What about costumes,” Pinkie questioned

“Wear one if you'd like.”

“I don't know about the rest of you; but I'm glad tomorrow's a holiday,” Dash said

After getting home from school; Sunset started writing a list for what she wanted the next day.

“Want me to write everything for you,” Twilight asked

“If you don't mind."

“Not at all. That way; you can focus on everything,” she replied “Are you going to dress up?”

“Probably not. What about you?”

“I don't think so. I don’t completely celebrate Nightmare Night,” she answered

“Why is that; if you don't mind me asking?”

“When I told Shining Armor about my family being killed; it was actually on my birthday on Nightmare Night. Years later I found out it was just a case of ‘wrong place, wrong time’. It hurt to know that my mom was the one who killed them; but I still have my photo albums of them,” she said sadly

“Sorry that you went through that.”

The next day, Sunset headed to the store with Twilight to pick up snacks for everyone. Twilight felt overwhelmed as she looked around the store at everything for sale.

“How's about those,” Twilight said, pointing to a shelf

“Grab a couple bags; if you don't mind. That'll be a nice surprise.”

Sitting in the shopping cart were a couple boxes of popcorn, fruit punch ‘blood bags’, and a few bags of various candy. Sunset just set a few cases of soda in there as well.

“One more place to go.”

“Where to next,” Twilight asked

“The electronics section. I wanted to buy some new movies.”

Going through the movie racks; a few seemed to stand out. The first was series about a haunted hospital, while the other was a series about killer puppets. Considering she worked at a hospital for a while; the former was extremely interesting.

“Anything else we need,” Twilight asked

“We have drinks, snacks and entertainment. Besides ordering pizza tonight; that should be everything.”

“Should we have something other than soda? Maybe water to drink,” Twilight questioned “It is healthier for the body.”

“We'll grab a case if anyone wants it.”

Finally finished with the shopping; they headed home to put everything away. Lydia and a few maids carried the leftover cases down to Sunset’s room. All drinks were loaded into the fridge in order to chill them.

“Thank you all for the assistance. What do you have planned for tonight?”

“If you don't mind; I hoped to see my family,” a maid replied

“Let the others know that all of you have a few days off. Afterwards you are free to leave.”

“Thank you Sunset,” Lydia said cheerfully

“You're all very welcome. The girls and I will be fine.”

Once they were alone; Sunset decided to give Twilight something.

“Happy birthday Twilight,” Sunset said, kissing her on the cheek.
“You too. Why'd you send the maids home,” Twilight asked curiously

“You'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime; let's take a little nap before the others show up.”

A few hours later, before 5 o'clock; a knock resonated from the door. Both girls looked at each other, not knowing who it was.

“You told the girls 5pm. It's only 4,” Twilight commented

Opening the door revealed someone completely recognizable by Sunset; a male wearing his usual blue clothing.

“Star Swirl! It's good to see you again.”

“You're Star Swirl the Bearded!? I'm such a fan of your work,” Twilight said excitedly

“Thank you; young one. May I come in,” Star Swirl replied

“Of course.”

“My daughter informed me today was your birthday. It's not much, but this is for you,” he said, handing Sunset a wrapped box

“The history of Equestria? Thank you very much,” Sunset said hugging him

“You're very welcome. I wrote the original copy and kept one with me as a reminder from home. With hundreds of years of age, a rewrite was needed,” Star Swirl replied

“I only know one daughter you have; Starlight Glimmer. How did you have a human daughter,” Twilight questioned

“That is a long story; but I have a human daughter. Originally known as Melodious Harmony; she now calls herself ‘Vinyl Scratch’,” he answered

“It's interesting that both Sunset and I actually have the birthday,” Twilight commented

“I'm guessing you girls have plans of your own; so I bid you farewell. I'll see you around graduation,” he said, before departing

After Star Swirl departed; a quick peek at a nearby clock showed the time to be 5pm. Before Sunset could think about the arrival of her friends; a knocking on the door startled her.

“Trick or Treat,” a voice called

Upon open the door; five girls were revealed to be wearing costumes. A witch, devil, vampire, clown and surprisingly; a princess were worn by Sunset’s friends Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash; respectively.

“Welcome. Come on in.”

“Don't. Say. Anything,” Dash said “My parents made me wear this."

“I think it looks good,” Rarity commented

“There is one thing I'd like to show you all."

With Twilight joining the group; Sunset led everyone to an upstairs room. Once inside; black lights revealed an area that contained a perch with a black creature.

“This is my friend, Vlad.”

Sunset held her arm out as the bat landed on it, much to the surprise of the others.

“A bat? Why do you have such a vile animal as a pet,” Rarity asked

“Bats aren't vile. They just have different habits than humans. I don't consider him a pet as he can leave any time.”

“He's pretty friendly. How'd you get him,” Fluttershy asked curiously

“He flew in and landed on the dinner table. When Vlad returned so often, he became a friend to me. On another topic; shall we head downstairs?”

Having seen her friend; the group descended into the bedroom where they had planned on celebrating.

“So what's the movie going to be,” Dash asked “Same old thing or something new?"

“New. What do you think about these,” Sunset replied holding the two up

“That one definitely,” Dash decided “Creepy puppets look awesome.”

“What's the other about,” AJ asked

“Hospital of the Damned,” Pinkie answered simply

“Couldn't we watch the other one? I don't want to fear my toys coming to life,” Fluttershy asked nervously

“It's only a movie, dear. We promise nothing will happen with your toys,” Rarity said, hugging her

“Food's here,” Twilight commented wildly

“I didn't hear anything,” Pinkie said

“Excuse me for a moment girls.”

A few minutes later Sunset returned carrying four boxes of plain cheese pizzas along with plates. The first movie was started as they enjoyed the food.

“Before we forget; we need to tell you something,” Applejack said

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” they said together

“On behalf of Midnight and myself; we thank you.”

Throughout the night, Twilight was quiet and sat with her knees pulled into her chest while the others were shaking during the movie.

“Anyone want some punch and popcorn?"

“If it's not too much trouble,” Applejack asked

“Not at all."

Sunset headed to the cabinet in the back and removed a package to make popcorn. Minutes later, she handed the bowl to the group and passed them containers to drink.

“Uh, this isn't what I think it is; right,” Fluttershy asked

“It's fruit punch. I just thought it was fitting. Here's one for you Star.”

“Can I have a taste of yours,” Pinkie asked

“I guess,” Twilight said hesitantly

Pinkie proceeded to squeeze a small of drop onto her finger and tasted it, before immediately chugging the rest of her punch in response; hoping to get rid of the taste.

“How can you drink that,” a horrified Pinkie asked

“Tastes fine to me,” Twilight replied

“Fine? It had a metal taste to it. Almost like,” Pinkie asked before stopping and covering her mouth

“Like what? Come on; Pinkie spit it out,” Dash asked, making a circular motion with her wrist

“What do you think we're doing here,” Pinkie asked “They're going to drink our blood!”

“You know, I was being nice. Bringing my friends here for a party. Guess I have to change that.”

Sunset proceeded to race to the door and locked it, in the blink of an eye. Twilight remained motionless on the couch still drinking from her blood bag while watching the movie.

Upon returning, Sunset grabbed Rarity before cocking her neck to the side as her fangs extended; much to everyone's horror..
“What about you? Are you going to attack us,” Dash demanded, grabbing Twilight’s shoulders

“It's funny. I've always thought of myself as a ‘pure’ vampire,” Twilight said with a chuckle

“What do you mean by that,” Applejack asked curiously

“I've never actually fed from another person. I guess there's a first time for everything,” Twilight replied, licking her lips

“God bless this water,” Dash muttered “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

With a makeshift bottle of holy water in hand; Dash splashed some into Twilight’s face, only for her to turn away at the last second. Twilight immediately wiped the right side of her face with her shirt to remove the water.

“I thought that was supposed to harm you,” Dash said

“I told you; I'm a pure vampire. My soul isn't tainted by feeding,” Twilight answered “I should pay you back for that.”

Twilight proceeded to drop Rainbow Dash on the floor before pressing a knee on her abdomen. Applejack attempted to grab Twilight from behind in the hopes of restraining her.

“Easy there sugarcube. I don't want to hurt you,” AJ said

“I was actually thinking the same thing,” Twilight countered

Getting to her feet; Twilight threw AJ over her shoulder next to Dash. Both lay on the floor as Twilight grabbed a bottle of water to drink.

“Sunset; please. I don't want to die,” Rarity begged

“It's only a little bite. I won't kill you.”

“Glad we're staying out of this,” Pinkie commented

“Yeah. I really don’t want anything to happen,” Fluttershy added

In the confusion; Vinyl decided to check on Sunset and picked the lock to enter. She watched as Twilight had Dash in one corner and Sunset had Rarity in another. Some time in the course of the events; Applejack was sitting tied up between Fluttershy and Pinkie on the couch.

“Alright; let's calm down,” Vinyl said with authority

“What are you doing here,” Applejack asked “At least someone untie me.”

“My girlfriend asked me to come by,” Vinyl answered “Now; let's all find a seat.”

“Are you a vampire,” Dash asked

“Yeah. Want me to prove it,” Vinyl replied

“If you don't mind,” Rarity said

Vinyl removed the jacket and shirt she was wearing; giving everyone a view of her breasts. She wasn't worried about the weather as it couldn't harm her.

“You wouldn't mind if I borrowed a knife; would you,” Vinyl asked

“Not at all. They're in the cabinet by the microwave.”

She retrieved a butcher knife and proceeded to thrust it into her chest, striking her heart. To everyone's shock; her body dropped to the floor. Pinkie knelt down and felt for a pulse; before not finding one.

“Vinyl’s dead,” Pinkie said

“Pull…knife,,” Vinyl said weakly “Five.”

“Five what,” Pinkie asked

Sunset walked over and started to grasp the handle, before being stopped. Applejack simply shook her head in response.

“We don't want to risk harming her,” AJ warned

Despite the warning; Sunset yanked the blade out and mentally counted five seconds. To everyone's confusion and relief, Vinyl sat upright very much alive.

“How? How the fuck are you alive,” Dash demanded “You used a trick knife; didn't you!?”

In response; Sunset grabbed a cutting board and stuck the blade into it.

“This look fake to anyone?”

“Take a look; the wound is gone,” Vinyl directed

“How long,” Fluttershy asked “How long have you been a vampire?”

“Seven-hundred and fifty years. I was born a vampire and I've been around enough to see the dark side of humanity. Luckily; I have also been a musician just as long,” Vinyl answered

“What did you play,” Pinkie asked

“Everything. In some form or fashion; I have learned all forms and played often. Melody Winter; DJ-Pon3 and a slew of other aliases have had their names as clients of Canterlot Record Company,” Vinyl added

“What are we going to do now,” Rarity asked

“Enjoy the rest of the evening,” Twilight suggested

“I can't speak for anyone else; but it's a bit unnerving being surrounded by three vampires,” Pinkie said

“I regret my actions of attacking you; but I didn't want you to know about my situation.”

“What do you mean,” Fluttershy asked

“I've killed people before. The first was deserved as he wanted to rape me; but the other three were different.”

“We promise to hear you out with whatever you have to say,” Applejack said, as the others nodded

“Go ahead; Sun. They need to know,” Vinyl said, before kissing her

“It wasn't an accident that Filthy and Spoiled Rich died. I drained them of blood along with the Sunset Shimmer of this world,” Sunset said, before taking a breath

“Why'd you do it,” Dash asked

“I was homeless in Equestria and fucked up before being sent here. Upon getting here; I became homeless and saw my human counterpart and knew what I thought was needed. Once I learned everything about her; I killed her and took her place. Her parents found out and although they accepted the truth; I didn't want to run the risk that they did say anything; so I killed them as well.”

“You wanted a better life and didn't care to have anyone spilling secrets. It's a shame three people had to die; but what's done is done,” Rarity replied

“Do you mind if we restarted the movies? With everything that happened I actually have no idea as to what's going on,” Twilight complained

“Of course. Is everyone in agreement?”

With no arguments Sunset restarted the movie as the group planned on paying attention. Some time early the next morning everyone started falling asleep; leaving only the three vampires still awake. After making sure the others had pillows to sleep on; the three cleaned up quietly before falling asleep themselves.

“Sleep well?”

“First time in years I've slept on the floor,” Rarity complained

“Glad it wasn't a coffin,” Dash said

“Well the first time isn't that bad. Just sleep on your back for a while,” Vinyl commented

“No thanks. I don't care to claustrophobic,” Applejack added

“Sunset; thank you for inviting me to your birthday; but I have to get home,” Twilight said

“You're welcome. I'm glad you came, even if it didn't go as planned.”

“Nothing in life works as we want. It happens,” she replied

“Thank you for everything Sunset. We need to get home ourselves,” Applejack said “It has nothing to do with last night's events; just so you know.”

After heading upstairs to have pancakes, bacon and sausage for breakfast; everyone decided to head home. Sunset and Vinyl drove Twilight back to the school to use the portal.

“Bye sis.”

“I'll return soon,” Twilight said


“Buck! Buck! Buck,” Twilight yelled

“What is the problem,” Vinyl asked

“This,” Twilight replied

Twilight proceeded to turn her head to the side as Vinyl saw the problem. Covering the right side of her face was severe redness.

“What happened,” Luna asked directly

"During the party for Sunset; we were drinking from a pint bag when the human Pinkie asked to try it. Following that; Sunset attempted to attack Rarity while I had Rainbow Dash. She muttered something about ‘God’ and splashed water on my face. No damage was done as a human,” Twilight explained

“Holy water. We ran into it once a few hundred years ago,” Luna replied

“In the meantime we can call the right side ‘Midnight’ and you Twilight,” Vinyl replied jokingly

“Buck you,” Twilight said

“Anytime you want,” she answered

Apparently holy water is really bucking painful’

I bet it really is fucking painful. Sorry it happened

‘It'll go away soon. I'll see you again soon

Tell Scootaloo I love her’

‘Of course’