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Months after Sunset’s birthday party; the end of school was quickly approaching and everyone was looking forward to it. Most were worried about finals; except Sunset.

“Damn, this sucks. There's so much to remember,” Dash whined

“We're almost done; darling. Everyone's dress has been made for prom,” Rarity said

“If it weren't for you making it for me; I wouldn't be wearing a dress,” AJ replied, as Dash nodded

“I received a message from Midnight.”

“Oh? What's it say,” Fluttershy asked

“I'll read it to you all.

Thank you for letting me know about your graduation. I will be there with a surprise you'll definitely like.

Once everyone had heard the message; Sunset removed a pen and began to write a reply.

‘Thanks for being there. I look forward to your visit’

“What do you think the surprise is,” Pinkie asked

“Don't know. We'll have to just wait.”

A week before the end of the school; the students were getting ready for prom. Sunset had a red dress made for her with gold trim; while Vinyl decided to wear a gold tuxedo to complement it. Rarity decided to attend with a boy by the name of Flash Sentry; while the others went with one another as friends.

“You look good,” Vinyl said, with a kiss

“Same to you. Thank you for coming.”

“I wouldn't miss it, since my girlfriend is here,” she replied

To their surprise; Principal Celestia named the pair as homecoming royalty while everyone else cheered.

“Just as a reminder; Friday will be our graduation at 10 o’clock,” Celestia said, before they left

“Congrats on being prom queen,” Dash said

“Thanks. I'll let Midnight know about graduation.”

Just as a reminder; my high school graduation is being held this Friday at 10am.’

‘Thanks for the reminder. Everything is prepared for it. You'll just have to wait. See you soon.’

On the morning of graduation; Sunset felt completely thrilled about the event. Sitting still actually felt like a challenge with everything that was supposed to happen.

“Calm down; Sunset,” Lydia said

“I'm trying but I can't help it. My cousin has a surprise for me.”

Lydia drove Sunset to school, knowing that her passenger might not be able to think straight to drive correctly. Waiting outside the school were her friends and someone that wasn't expected to be there.

“Yo,” Vinyl said casually with a wave

“Who's the old geezer in blue,” Dash asked, before receiving some looks from the others “Sorry.”

“I am Star Swirl; Vinyl’s father,” he answered

“Good to see you again; old friend,” Sunset said, hugging him

“I told you I'd be here,” he replied

“How do you know him,” Rarity asked

“Long story for another time.”

Twilight headed through the portal and stepped aside to assist with the other visitors. Scootaloo appeared in an orange dress with a belt containing her cutie mark. Luna emerged in the same black dress as her appearance years ago. Vinyl showed up dressed in mismatched clothes, with some being ripped in various places. Finally; Starlight emerged wearing a black robe.

“This way please,” Vice Principal Luna directed

Luna led the group to the back of the school where the ceremony would be taking place. Celestia had the students already sitting down so they were ready to have the names called.

“Finished,” Luna whispered backstage

“The first student will be our valedictorian. Will Sunset Shimmer please step forward,” Celestia called

Sunset took a breath to steady herself before walking onstage to receive her diploma. Once there and looking out at the audience; the weight was lifted once she saw her family looking back at her.

“Congrats on your award,” Twilight said, hugging her

“Thank you all for coming to see this.”

“It's good to see you Sunny,” Scootaloo said, hugging her

“Hi dad. Long time no see,” Starlight said hesitantly

“Wait a minute. Vinyl is Star Swirl’s father; right? How are you his daughter,” Dash questioned

“Perhaps things are best left unanswered. Besides, what am I; chopped liver,” the Equestrian Vinyl commented

‘In order to differentiate us; call me Melodious,’ the Equestrian Vinyl said telepathically

“Mel! You're looking good.”

“Melodious. It's been too long,” Vinyl said

“I believe introductions are in order. You already know my daughter Midnight Star. Scootaloo Shine is Sunset’s younger sister. As was pointed out; Starlight Glimmer is Star Swirl’s daughter. I am Equestria’s Princess Luna,” she said

“‘Melodious’. That sounds familiar,” Rarity commented, tapping a finger on her chin

“The name's Melodious Harmony,” the Equestrian Vinyl said simply

“Perhaps we could take this home.”

“We'll see you later; Sunset,” Rarity said before they departed

Sunset decided on calling one of the maids to have another car sent to pick up some guests. Once it arrived; Sunset helped get Luna and the others inside before leaving with Lydia.

“This is a nice place. Your adopted parents,” Vinyl commented

“Yeah. Glad it's just us here. Twi; could you give me a hand downstairs?”

“Of course. What do we need,” Twilight asked


With that; they headed to Sunset’s room to grab a few pints of blood for everyone. Twilight had a few water bottles in her hands while Sunset had four pints for the others.

“What are you going to do next,” Luna asked

“I actually want to return home. It's been too long since I left.”

“You shouldn't go without notifying your friends. They should get a chance to say goodbye,” Luna warned

“I'll let everyone know now.”

‘Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash-
If you have free time, could you meet me back at school? I'll explain there.’

I'm heading home and wanted you to see me off.’

'We'll be there

'Hell yeah I'll be there.

“They'll meet us at school. Let's get on our way.”

“It's true; Sunset? Are you really leaving,” Lydia asked

“I am. The statue and diploma are to stay here. I'm sorry; but Equestria is my home.”

“Take care. What do you want to do with the blood,” she replied

“Keep it just in case Vinyl wants it.”

With one of the maids driving; Luna and the others would be in the same car while Lydia would take the other. Once at school; they were dropped off as the cars left to return home.

“Have any of you thought about my offer,” Vinyl asked curiously

“We have and came to the agreement about you becoming half-vampires,” Rarity replied

“Very well. As a reminder; you won't have to drink blood to survive and will find your speed and strength increased as compared to a normal human. If you want to ever become a full vampire; you may want to have a child beforehand as full vampires are sterile,” Vinyl explained

“Bye Sunset. Thanks for everything,” Pinkie said, causing a group hug

“This isn't ‘goodbye’, only ‘so long’. I'll be back again sometime.”

“I'll help in transforming you girls,” Luna said

“Why don't you all head inside,” Principal Celestia suggested

“Princess Luna is from Equestria; right? How can she help with this,” Applejack questioned

“The simple answer is that I transformed your Vinyl here hundreds of years ago,” Luna replied

“I'll lend an extra hand,” the Equestrian Vinyl added

With that; the three got to work on the ritual. Each would be bit on the wrist while allowing the wounds to connect. A slight transfer of blood would allow the five to become half-vampires.

“That's not too bad,” Fluttershy commented

“Much different from the books,” Rarity added

“The books are bullshit. It's impossible to turn someone by biting them in the jugular. Technically; there's a variation on this ritual. This is slightly easier without leaving any scars,” Vinyl said

“Before I leave girls; I have something for you.”

Sunset proceeded to hand them two books. The first was recognized as her contact book; while the other was unknown to them.

“History of Equestria? Why would you give this to us,” Applejack asked

“So you could learn about my home. The book will be used to contact Midnight and myself. Take care girls. I'll see you soon.”

With that; the group headed back outside to the portal. The first to leave was Starlight who seemed to be relieved to get home; followed by Vinyl.

“One last thing before you go. Could we please get a picture,” Pinkie asked

“Of course.”

With Princess Luna’s assistance; a picture was taken of Sunset and her friends with Luna and Celestia in the background. A second was taken by Celestia featuring solely the seven girls. Twilight was pulled into a final hug before the four returned home.


Rarity and the others found themselves in college following slightly different paths and meeting a significant other. Before their twenty-fifth birthdays, all of them had a big decision to make.


“Flash; I'm sorry to do this to you and our daughter Sweetie Belle, but I need to leave for a while.”

“Mommy, please don't go,” Sweetie Belle begged

“Take care honey. We'll see you soon,” Flash said

“I'm sorry for what will happen.”

“It's your decision to go through with this,” he replied


“Cheese; take care of Berry Patch for me. I have to leave.”

“I'd say ‘have fun’; but this is all about business,” Cheese Sandwich answered


“Soarin; I'm leaving.”

“Don’t worry about me; I love you,” Soarin said, hugging her


“Orange; I gotta leave you for a while. Take care of Apple Bloom while I'm gone.”

“Bye mom. I love you,” Apple Bloom said

“We'll see you when you return,” Orange Peel replied


“Hugger; I'll be home soon.”

“You're actually going to go through with becoming a vampire? It's a one-time offer,” Tree Hugger commented

“I know; but it feels like the right thing to do.”

“It's your decision; dear. Be safe,” she said


The five agreed to return to Ponyville from their separate locations and met at Canterlot High School where Vinyl was waiting for them.

“Everyone's made their decision; I take it,” Vinyl commented

“We have,” they said together

“Climb aboard. There's a specific destination I have in mind,” Vinyl said, motioning to her tour bus

With that; their journey was set as Vinyl drove to her old mansion. After getting the door open, she led the others towards the dining room.

“Who's place is this,” Applejack asked “Isn't this breaking and entering?”

“You need not worry about that. This house is mine and everything here is real,” Vinyl answered

“This is amazing! So much from history located in one place. This should be a museum,” Rarity said

“I'd rather it not. There are things in this house that are better left unknown,” Vinyl replied cryptically “Would you mind having a seat and we can start the ritual.”

“How do we do this,” Fluttershy asked

“I'm going to use the other variation of the previous ritual,” she replied “Please put both hands in front of you on the table.”

The ritual consisted of Vinyl stabbing her fingertips with the nails of the opposite hand, creating ten open wounds. One at a time each of the girls found themselves feeling the same sensation; before the bloody fingertips were connected sending vampire blood into their bodies.

“That wasn't so bad,” Dash commented flatly

“Give it a moment and say that again,” Vinyl replied, slightly sarcastically

Vinyl listened closely as the others’ pulses started becoming strained and slowing down. Each clutched at their chest as a final ‘THUMP’ resonated from their heart.

“I'm sorry for what I'm about to do,” Vinyl said sadly

Walking behind each of them, Vinyl grabbed around their heads and twisted sharply; breaking their necks. Each were careful placed on the ground where they woke up a short time later. Before waking up; a goblet was placed on the table for them.

“What the fuck happened,” Pinkie asked “And why does my neck feel stiff?”

“First time you've ever sworn,” Applejack commented

“Congratulations. Every one of you is now a full member of the undead,” Vinyl replied “Drink the contents of your goblet. You'll feel better afterwards.”

“What happens now,” Rarity asked

“This is the only vampire coven in this world; so we must be careful. Before you leave; please write down your addresses. Once a month you'll receive two pints of blood each. I warn you not to miss out as otherwise your hunger could have disastrous consequences,” Vinyl explained

“How do we explain the marks on our fingers,” Applejack asked

“They'll disappear soon.”

After spending the next couple days getting used to their abilities; everyone returned to their families. In order to save time, a letter was written to explain their situation in simple language. In the back of their minds was the constant reminder of the fate they were spared from.


“Mommy; what's wrong,” Sweetie Belle asked

The three sat at the dinner table as Rarity held her head in her hands, leaving her food untouched.

“She's still thinking if the right decision was made,” Flash replied

“Just knowing I'm going to outlive my family is stressful; but least I'll be able to always make dresses.”


“Welcome back; my Party Animal,” Cheese said with a pull of a party cannon

“Thanks. This will take time to get used to. For safety; my parties will have to be held at night.”

We'll compromise. I'll take the ones during the day for children while you have the adult parties at night. If you need help with them; I'll gladly do so,” Cheese replied

“What would I do without you?”

“You'd adapt with time,” he said “Besides; I help with everything you need.”


“Welcome back; babe,” Soarin said

“Thanks. It's good to be home.”

“Looks like you have an advantage now,” he joked

“Well; I will be taking it easy in competition. Being a vampire is a blessing and curse when it comes to sports. It's possible I just retire from competition.”

“Whatever decision you make; I'll gladly support,” he said, hugging her


“Hi mom,” Apple Bloom said cheerfully

“Everything's going to be different now; huh? Your new habits,” Orange Peel commented

“I wouldn't say that. No matter what; I'll always love you both.”


“Welcome back Critter Lover,” Tree Hugger said, kissing her wife

“Thanks. It was different to get used to.”

“At least you have the ability to sleep in,” she joked “I can look after the shelter in the meantime.”

“I appreciate it.”


‘Sunset & Twilight-
I wanted to let you know your friends have become vampires. You'll see them next time you return.’

‘Thanks for letting us know. We look forward to seeing them soon

Over the years, Twilight and Sunset would find themselves returning from Equestria to visit their friends; only to leave later. The two did not want to create any lasting impressions on citizens in order to make their exit unnoticed. With Vinyl’s urging; everyone would change their names every so often and pass off they were the descendants of their original selves to hide suspicion.

“Do we really have to change again,” Rarity complained

“Sadly; yes. No one can know your previous name,” Vinyl replied

“I'm calling myself ‘Flash Bow’. It pays respect to my old name and husband,” Dash decided

“Mine's going to be Pinkamena Sliver. This is the first time I've used my full first name before,” Pinkie replied

“I suppose ‘Diamond Facet’ will have to suffice for now,” Rarity said with a sigh

“Barbara (Babs) Seed. It was an ancient relative of mine,” Applejack said

“I don't know,” Fluttershy replied sadly “I can't think of one.”

“Sunflower Petal,” Vinyl suggested

“I like it. Thank you Vinyl,” Fluttershy said cheerfully

“What about you two,” Rarity asked

With that; everyone turned to Twilight and Sunset who hoped to keep out of the discussion.

“Velvet Nightlight. Named after my parents,” Twilight said immediately

“Phoenix Shine will be mine,” Sunset decided

“Sorry you have to go through this process again,” Vinyl said “It never gets easier as the centuries go by.”

“You aren't getting out of this one; Vinyl,” Dash said firmly

“Snow Rose. I once called myself ‘Melody Snow’ and ‘Winter Rose’ so I could easily pass myself off as her descendant,” Vinyl said

“Very well. Thank you for the help, girls. Your new identities will be ready soon,” Star Swirl said