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A while later; Luna and Twilight were back in Canterlot after taking the train home. Once in the castle; the two headed towards Luna’s room for a private chat.

“What's this meeting about?”

“Your future,” Luna replied vaguely

“Like what? When I'm going to get married or something?”

“Not exactly. More along the lines of when you're going to die,” Luna answered

“If that's a joke, it's not funny.”

“That's why I asked you here. There are certain areas underground that lead to and from the castle. In fact; one of them is what you're going to need to use,” Luna explained

“You're going to have to show me. I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.”

“Very well. Follow me,” Luna directed

As they did so long ago; Luna led her adopted daughter deep under the castle towards where the thestrals reside.

“Here? This is where the thestrals live.”

“You're correct, but there's more to this room than it seems,” Luna replied

Twilight adjusted her eyes to the darkness as Luna pushed open a panel in the wall and headed inside.

“This is part of the passageways that are hidden under the castle I mentioned earlier. Dark Steel and the others use these to leave without notice,” Luna pointed out

“That's fine, mom. But I still don't understand what that has to do with why we're here.”

“One of the entrances happens to be in the cemetery. As a vampire; you're going to have to die in order to live. I'm showing you this now, so you're ready when the time comes,” Luna answered

The two continued down a tunnel until the area opened up to a huge room with a single box mounted on the ceiling. Luna used her magic to open the bottom up.

“This is used as a one-way entrance to the tunnels. Hidden in the bottom of the crypt is a button that will lower the floor enough for you to slide out. When you choose to die; I'll have somepony meet you in here to escort you,” Luna explained

“This is a lot to take in. I know I'm going to have to die; but I really don’t want to leave my friends.”

“What are you going to do? Your friends can't know about you being a vampire,” Luna asked

“I'll get to that soon. In the meantime; I'll spend as much time with them as possible.”

“One last thing before you head back home. Your body will start expressing vampire characteristics such as accelerated healing, and increases in speed and strength. Do be careful with your friends,” Luna warned “You can easily hurt them without meaning to.”

“Thanks mom. I'll definitely try.”

After returning from Canterlot; Twilight knew she couldn't tell the others what she planned on doing. The promise she made to Luna would happen no matter what and decided her first visit would be to Rarity. With that; she made her way over to Carousel Boutique.

“Twilight? What can I do for you,” Rarity asked curiously

“I just thought I'd stop by and see if you wanted any help.”

“I could use somepony to help model a new dress that I am making. It was supposed to be for the mayor as a surprise for her birthday. Fluttershy had something come up and wasn't able to help,” Rarity said

“Of course. Lead the way.”

The two headed towards a back room in the Boutique where a single blue dress hung on a mannequin. Rarity levitated it onto Twilight who headed over to a mirror to check her appearance.

“This is beautiful. I'm sure the mayor will love it.”

“I just need to add a bit more to it. The fringe needs to be put on, along with the gemstones,” Rarity replied

Rarity started sewing the fringe around Twilight’s front left hoof. Without warning; the needle slipped and stabbed into the flesh, drawing blood as Rarity removed it.

“Oh my goodness! I am so sorry about that. Do you need to see a doctor,” a frantic Rarity asked

“I'm alright. It's just a small wound,” Twilight said, bringing the cut to her mouth “See? Nothing to worry about.”

“I insist on cleaning the wound. That is rather unsanitary,” Rarity replied

After removing the dress, Rarity headed to the bathroom and retrieved rubbing alcohol and cleaning wipes. Grabbing Twilight’s hoof, she started to clean it, before stopping.

“Where's the hole? I watched the needle stab you, causing a decent wound,” a confused Rarity commented

“It wasn't that bad. I guess by licking it; the blood stopped. Don't worry about it. Let's just continue working on the dress.”

With a sigh; Rarity put the first aid materials away as Twilight had the dress back on. Thankfully for Rarity, work continued without incident and it was finished about an hour later.

“When exactly is Mayor Mare’s birthday?”

“It's supposed to be soon, but I'm not exactly sure when. And no; I don't have an idea as to how old she is, either. A lady doesn't talk about her age,” Rarity said

“No matter when it is; I'm sure she will love your dress. You haven't made a bad outfit.”

“Thank you very much for the help, Twilight. I'm sorry about that incident,” Rarity said, hugging her friend

“I'm glad to have help. Let's just forget that happened. Tomorrow, I might help Applejack.”

“What brought this on? We see each other often; why the change,” Rarity inquired

“I just wanted to spend time with my friends individually. Nothing wrong with that.”

The next day, Twilight kept her promise and headed to Sweet Apple Acres to assist Applejack. She knew it was harvest time as the sound of hooves striking bark could be heard, followed by the sound of apples falling.

“What can I do for you, Twilight,” Applejack asked

“Need another set of hooves to help?”

“I guess it would help. Big Mac’s working on the far side heading this way,” AJ replied “You sure you'll be able to buck?”

“I'll try. If not; I may just use magic to drop the apples.”

Twilight headed over to one of the nearby trees and kicked. Not surprisingly, the kick was so light that nothing happened. Upon trying a second time, the apples dropped.

“Congrats, Twi. Your first successful apple buck,” AJ said

Knowing what to do afterwards made the chore easier as it would only take one kick to remove the apples.

“Hey, AJ,” Dash called from the air

As Twilight struck the next tree; her focus was broken, causing her kick to make a crater in the bark and resulted in the tree leaning over. The trio of Applejack, Big Mac and the newly arrived Rainbow Dash were in shock at what transpired.

“Twilight, you feeling alright? These trees have some of the thickest bark in Equestria, yet my brother and I can barely scratch these with a buck. That kick not only damaged the tree, but forced it over. No unicorn can do that,” AJ pointed out

“I feel alright. Even I don't know what happened.”

“Take a break Twilight. AJ and I will finish up,” Big Mac directed, without argument

Twilight headed to get some water and left the field afterwards. Rainbow Dash followed behind, not sure of what to do.

“I'll see another time AJ. Twilight might need some help,” Dash decided

“Alright sugercube. Be safe; both of you,” AJ replied

Noticing she was being trailed; Twilight started running around Ponyville, before heading back to the library. Even with Dash’s speed, she failed to catch up to Twilight.

“Twilight? What's wrong with you? You've never been like this,” Dash asked, as her eyes widened

“What's wrong is that I don't like being followed! Last time I looked in the mirror, I wasn't a filly that needed help! I'm eighteen for bucks sake and what's with that look?”

“Your eyes,” Dash replied

“What about my eyes!?”

“Your eyes are blood red,” Asmodeus whispered in Twilight’s ear

“Please just leave me alone, Rainbow.”

Instead of heading inside the library; Twilight went over to see Vinyl at the club. Upon reaching the door, the two bouncers stepped in front to block her unauthorized entrance.

“Let her through. Twilight’s my guest,” Vinyl directed

“Of course; Miss Scratch. Go ahead,” one bouncer said, stepping aside

Once inside; Vinyl immediately headed over to the bar and called Twilight over with a whistle. Without hesitation, Twilight joined her friend.

“Before anything else; you need a drink,” Vinyl said, handing her a mug

“Thanks. Let's go someplace private to talk.”

“Upstairs. I’m glad there isn't anypony here during the day,” Vinyl commented

Twilight headed towards the side door and up the stairs as Vinyl cleaned the mug out. Moments later; she joined Twilight in the room before sealing it shut for complete privacy.

“Alright, spill it. Why'd your eyes get red,” Vinyl asked directly, as she pulled out a scroll to start writing

“I guess it started yesterday. As I was helping Rarity with a dress; her needle slipped and stabbed me in the hoof. Once it was removed, I casually licked it, before she wanted to clean it.”

“The wound disappeared before it could get cleaned,” Vinyl guessed, as Twilight nodded “Please continue.”

“Just earlier today I was at Applejack’s farm when Rainbow Dash came by. When I bucked the tree, it created a crater in the bark and tipped it over. Dash followed me home as I ran and I seemed to be faster than ever. When she confronted me, I yelled at her as Asmodeus pointed out my eyes became red.”

“Luna is going to be notified right now about this,” Vinyl said, as she sent the note

“What's going on with me?”

“Well, mom just sent an answer,” Vinyl replied

‘Twilight and Vinyl-
Thank you for the immediate notice about these incidents. Your body is manifesting vampiric abilities faster than I thought. You may have to leave your friends sooner then you might have liked. Spend as much time as you can and I'll see you by week’s end.
-Your mom, Luna’

“I guess I have no choice. Can I stay here for the night and head home tomorrow?”

“Of course you can. So which of your friends do you plan on visiting next,” Vinyl replied

“Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy will likely visit me tomorrow night.”

“She's a vampire fruit bat; right,” Vinyl interrupted

“Yeah, how'd you know?”

“She visited me after you left and explained what happened. Be safe, sis,” Vinyl said, hugging Twilight

“No matter how many times I hear that, I still find it hard to wrap my head around. The two of us were adopted by Princess Luna at different times.”

After their conversation; the two headed down into the club before splitting apart. Vinyl took her usual position on the turntables in order to pump up the crowd, while Twilight went to the dining area. That evening was quiet as they returned upstairs for bed.

“Hiya Twilight! What can I get you,” Pinkie asked excitedly

“I wanted to spend some time with you, today.”

“I know why you're really here. Please don’t do what I think you're planning,” Pinkie begged

“I don’t know what you're talking about. I did want to help you out.”

With a little coaxing from Mr. and Mrs. Cake; Pinkie allowed Twilight to assist with cooking. Twilight actually found it fun to experience something more than what a book explains. Her skill actually increased as the three chefs made sure the recipes were followed.

“Thank you for everything, Mr. and Mrs. Cake. This was a nice experience.”

“You're very welcome Twilight. We're glad you learned something. Feel free to come back any time,” Mrs. Cake replied


“Alright, I think we need to talk,” Applejack said

Looking around; AJ and the others were sitting around an empty Sugercube Corner. Mr. and Mrs. Cake left for the evening as Pinkie promised to close up afterwards.

“We know Twilight has been acting strange these past few days,” AJ continued

“Everyone in Ponyville knows I'm the fastest; but somehow Twilight out ran me,” Dash said “Her eyes also became red when she yelled at me.”

“How is that possible? Nopony should be that fast,” Pinkie asked

“I unintentionally stabbed Twilight with a needle; but when I went to clean it, the wound was gone. It was deep into her hoof,” Rarity said

“Big Mac, Dash and I saw a crater in the bark of one of the trees, causing it to lean,” AJ started “Those trees have extremely thick bark and Twilight damaged it with ease.”

“Let's see: quick healing, speed and strength,” Pinkie started, before pulling a book from her mane “Oh no. If this means what I think, than we can't let Twilight leave.”

“Buck me. That can't be real. Twilight’s a vampire? What's next; Fluttershy is a vampire fruit bat,” Dash asked sarcastically, looking at the book

“Shy’s not here. Why can't it be possible,” Pinkie pointed out

“Well, for now we keep an eye on her. Besides, she could tell us about it,” Rarity said


“Is it true, Twilight? Are you leaving,” a voice asked

“Yes, it's true. Sorry Fluttershy, but I have to. The others saw a side of me that they shouldn't have. I don’t want to hurt them.”

“Very well. If I see you again, I'll welcome you back. Until then, this is so long,” Fluttershy replied, hugging her friend

“When I return; I will be different. You'll be the only one to recognize me as who I really am.”

Twilight went to sleep knowing that she wouldn't be coming back the same. Her friends have seen her powers and Twilight feared what they would think of her being a vampire. Her mind was made up on what happens next and nothing was going to stop her. The next morning, she made a quick breakfast before heading outside. Standing in front were her friends, including Fluttershy.

“We won't let you leave Ponyville,” Rainbow Dash declared

“Please don't kill yourself,” Pinkie pleaded

“Darling, we don't care what you are,” Rarity added

“I've made up my mind. Let me pass.”

“Sugarcube; you know we can't do that,” Applejack replied defiantly

“Let her pass. She's a grown mare and deserves to make her own decisions,” a voice said

“Vinyl? Twilight is going to kill herself. We can't let a friend do that,” Dash argued

“She can make the choice for herself. I've had a friend commit suicide so long ago. You can't make decisions for somepony in order to protect them,” Vinyl countered

With the attention diverted from Twilight; she took off towards the train station. It wasn't fair to leave without saying anything; but Dash wouldn't let her go otherwise.

“Where'd Twilight go,” Applejack demanded

“This was a trick! Twilight left without us noticing,” Pinkie replied

“I'll drag her back by force,” Dash decided

Dash took a running start and leapt into the air in an attempt to catch up to her friend. To everyone's shock; Vinyl teleported directly in front of the pegasus and found herself floating in midair.

“How the buck do you have wings,” Dash asked in amazement

Vinyl had a pair of white leather bat wings sticking out, supporting her in midair. Dash was able to see the actual skeletal frame of the wings without a problem. Even the others couldn't believe what they witnessed.

“Vinyl’s flying? How's a unicorn sprout wings,” a dumbfounded Applejack asked

“She must be a vampire. That's the only explanation,” Pinkie answered

Twilight found herself asleep on the ride towards Canterlot, knowing she forcefully abandoned her friends.

“Let me bring her back,” Dash demanded

Instead of an answer; Vinyl just let a simple spell emerge from her horn. Dash felt pain directly in her wings, positioned where they connect to the body.

“Alright, already! I give up,” a defeated Dash said sadly

Knowing what would happen if she struggled; Dash finally lowered herself to the ground defeated. Afterwards, Vinyl simply teleported to Canterlot in order to get away. In the meantime; Twilight made her way to the castle.

“Welcome back, Twilight. Although I'm curious as to what brings you here,” Luna asked

“Kill me.”

“Are you sure? You'll never be normal again,” Luna warned

“I'm sure. Once they think I'm dead, you can turn me into a proper vampire.”

“Very well. I'll use a simple poison to numb your body first. Let's head out tonight,” Luna said with a sigh

“You're actually going through with it,” a voice asked

“Vinyl! What brings you here?”

“I kinda needed to get away for a while. Your friend Rainbow Dash wasn't going to let you go and I challenged her in midair,” Vinyl replied

“How is that possible? You can't fly.”

“As a unicorn it's impossible; but not as a vampire,” Vinyl said spreading her wings open

“I'm going to get wings too?”

“Yeah, but the process hurts like Tartarus. I couldn't move for a while,” Vinyl answered

“What happened with Dash?”

“I grabbed hold of her wings as a threat. Once she relented; I teleported here,” was the reply

That night, Twilight joined Luna for a walk far away from Canterlot in the Ghastly Gorge. It was determined to be far enough away to not cause unwanted suspicion. Twilight was given some water with the poison in it to prepare her for what was going to happen soon.

“Such a nice night out. I’m glad to do this. I just hate to leave my friends so abruptly.”

“Ready,” Luna asked “The numbness will be taking effect about now.”


Moments after the poison took effect; Luna proceeded to grab Twilight’s neck and twist. Afterwards; Luna rolled Twilight down the side before teleporting away. Upon returning, she flew down to survey the damage that happened.
Not counting the broken neck; Twilight had unfortunately been skewered on multiple rock spires with plenty of blood surrounding the area.

“Goodnight, Twilight,” Luna said

Luna immediately headed to Ponyville to inform Twilight’s friends of her untimely death.

“I’m sorry to tell you girls this; but Twilight has passed away earlier this evening.”

“What did you do to her,” Dash asked accusingly

“I did nothing to her. Twilight went out for a walk and never returned. When I came upon her; I found her off the side of a cliff on some rocks.”

“When's the funeral,” Rarity asked

“Tomorrow. It will be held in Canterlot. A chariot will be here at the library in order to pick you up.”

“Thank you for informing us. We will see you tomorrow,” Fluttershy said

“You are welcome. Once again; I am sorry to tell you the bad news.”

After they were informed of the funeral; Luna teleported back home to have things prepared. Vinyl was sitting in a room with Twilight, surrounded by Dark Steel and the other thestrals.

“Mom! Welcome back,” Twilight said weakly “Those spikes really hurt.”

“Sorry I had to do that. I'm glad I cast that spell to protect you,” Luna admitted

“What happens next?”

“I'm afraid I have to give you a potion to make your body stiff. You'll be awake, but motionless. I'll also cast a concealment spell to hide the wounds from the others,” Luna explained

For the funeral; Luna had prepared Twilight’s body with assistance from the director, Dead Ringer. Twilight was given the potion for stiffness when he wasn't looking. A viewing table was erected to place Twilight on with a clear box around her. Her friends were the first to visit the body and pay their respects.

“Goodbye Twilight. I wish we had more time together,” Rarity said

“Bye, Egghead. Sorry; Twilight. It was nice to have met you,” Rainbow said

“Bye, sugarcube. We'll met again in Paradise,” Applejack added

“So long Twilight. I can't make a funeral party for you,” Pinkie said sadly

“Goodbye my friend. Thank you for everything,” Fluttershy finished

Twilight’s body was removed the viewing box and transferred to a simple box. The five girls carried Twilight into Canterlot Cemetery towards a large open mausoleum. Sitting in the center was a stone crypt that Twilight was lowered into, before Luna raised the lid back in place.

“Rest in peace Twilight Sparkle,” Luna said

“Goodbye Twilight,” her friends said simultaneously

Remembering what she was told, Twilight pushed a hidden button with her hoof; causing the floor to lower at an angle as she left.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Vinyl joked

“How do you feel; Twilight,” Luna asked

“Stiff. I haven't moved in hours.”

“Sorry. Let's have you rest for a while before we go through the ritual,” Luna suggested