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Long Live The Empress - morion87

The once and future ruler of Equus is reborn. But what does this have to do with Twilight Sparkle?

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Journey To A New World part two

In a Canterlot Castle store room, the World Mirror hummed to life for the first time in months. No though was there to hear it. Nor did anyone see Sunset Shimmer fall through the portal a moment later, landing with a thud on the floor.

"Ow." Sunset mumbled as she took in her surroundings and her pony. "I'm, back in Equestria? I thought this thing wasn't working?!" She growled as she stood up on shaky hooves.

Looking around, she didn't notice anything she recognized, which meant Princess Celestia had moved the mirror, which also meant Sunset had no idea of where she was in the castle now.

She sighed. "Great. Like I needed anything else to go wrong at the moment."

And there was a lot going wrong it seemed. Canterlot High was at each other's throats over the up coming Battle of the Bands and even her friends were at it.

Sunset would be lying if she said she didn't like a competition. She had won her fair share of them as a filly and then more when she had moved to the Human World, even if those had been ones she never honestly expected to win.

But ever since those three strange girls had shown up the day before, it had gone from good natured, to outright cut throat in a flash. Sunset also swore, to those who knew about it at all, that there was a wiff of Equestrian magic about them. Not the random bursts that had been occuring all over the city, but this felt natural for them.

Honestly, Sunset was at her wits end trying to figure out what was going on and finding a way to stop it. She couldn't even go back to Equestria and ask for help. Until now that is.

Pushing open the door, she stuck her head out and looked around. Nopony was in sight, but she did recognize the hallway she was in. Which made it easier as she turned to the right and began trotting toward Princess Celestia's Private Chambers. With the time dilation, it should just be right before she called it a night.

Hopefully she was in a good mood.


Princess Celestia always regarded this as her favorite time of day, alongside sun rise each morning. Of course the sun didn't rise until she set it on its course for the day, but that was beside the point.

Court had finished for the day, dinner was done, and she had traded places with Luna for the night. Her regalia sat on a nightstand next to her bed, and she was completely relaxed as she reread some of Twilight and her friend's old Friendship Reports. She'd be lying if she said she didn't miss getting them, but they had all grown past that it seemed. Not that she didn't mind of course. Call it a case of nostalgia.

Speaking of Twilight and her friends, she had received a letter several weeks before that had surprised her. They had found the Celestial Orrery. Apparently one of Pinkie Pie's sisters had found it while exploring the Everfree Forest for some reason.

In truth she was not that surprised they had found it. It would naturally draw its master back to it. What did surprise her was that a twenty eight door had opened in the Grand Occulus, one that had not been there before, which was odd. As far as they knew, only twenty seven doors were meant to be there. What it meant she didn't know.

Something else though did worry her. For some time now she had been noticing something very wrong with her former student, and it had nothing to do with her emerging power. Or maybe it did. There was still so much they didn't know about Cosmos.

But that was a concern for tomorrow. Tonight was free and would not spend it worrying about what may or may not come. So when a guard knocked on her door, she was understandable annoyed. "Yes?" She asked.

"Pardon the intrusion your highness, but there is somepony here to see you." The guard replied.

Celestia frowned. "My schedule said nothing about meeting a pony this late. Tell them to come back tomorrow, and I will happily see them then."

The guard hesitated. "She is being very insistent princess, and is not taking no for an answer."

Celestia sighed as she stood up and walked over to the door. "Fine then. Stand aside and I will handle this myself."

She could hear his hesitation but eventually his training overcame his sense and he stood aside as she opened the door. And came face to face with the last pony she expected to see.

Sunset Shimmer smiled sheepishly. "Um. Surprise?"


The next morning found the Mane 6, Spike, and their new friends on the train north to Canterlot. A letter that morning had requested that they arrive as soon as possible.

And this had Twilight worried more than usual. As far as she knew, there was nothing going on that they needed to be at.

"Any idea what's going on Twi?" Applejack asked after a time.

Twilight shook her head. "No idea. Princess Celestia wasn't very clear in the letter. Just that there was somepony she wanted me to meet, that I should bring the Element of Magic, and that you should all come with me."

"She seems to be doing that a lot lately." Rainbow said as she floated lazily in the air. "Does anyone else think she's not telling us something?"

Everypoyn nodded. It was a feeling that had been growing for some time now, but only became concrete after what had happened to the Tree of Harmony. They still weren't sure what to make of what they had been told, and even less so Spike since he hadn't been there, and neither did their new friends.

But something was up, that much was for sure, and now there was this. Celestia rarely asked that they all come like this directly, and even more since she had asked that Crystal, Emerald, Celestial, Orchid and Water Lilly come with them as well.

For these five, this would be the first time they had ever been to the capitol. Of course they were excited to see it, but something else was on their minds at that moment.

As if by some signal, Twilight's head chose that moment to throb painfully. She clutched her eyes shut and sucked in a breath, fighting to keep her stomach where it was. After a moment the pain passed.

Fluttershy was worried. ""Another migraine?"

Twilight nodded. "They're getting worse and worse." As if to prove the point, another throbbing pain arched through her, and this time she had to swallow her bile as it rose.

"Have you tried talking to Princess Celestia about it?" Celestial asked.

Twilight shook her head. "Not yet. But I plan on. On..."

She never finished the sentance as another throbbing pain hit her, but this one didn't stop. In fact it kept growing worse and worse. Her vision blurred as her friends looked on in horror as she fell forward.

The last thing she heard was her friend's cry of Twilight?! Before darkness claimed her, and Twilight knew no more.


Sunset could only give Celestia a unconvinced look. "Are you sure this is a good idea? It took me forever to get used to a new body over there, and you want to send her now? I mean, if there wasn't something going on, then yeah. But."

Celestia smiled, one that always warmed her heart no matter what. "Twilight is a very capable mare Sunset. In fact she reminds me a lot of you." She looked away a moment. "I always intended to show Twilight the World Mirror one day. Maybe in the hopes that the two of you might be able to work out how it works."

Sunset tried not sulk. No matter what Celestia said, she couldn't help but feel she had been replaced by this new pony. But then again maybe it was her own fault for not leaving well enough alone with the mirror when she had gone through all those years ago.

Why she had, she still didn't know. Not after what it had shown what she would have become. Not that monster.

Her thoughts were interupted then Throne Room doors were thrown open and eleven ponies and one dragon ran inside, even as the door guards looked on with a worried look.

Sunset tried to hold in her unease. Five of the ponies she knew quite well, and four of them only in passing. The other two she didn't know.

Princess Celestia was shocked. "What-"

"Please." Fluttershy began as her tears fell. "You have to help." Applejack turned so they could see what was on her back. Celestia felt her breath hitch.

Twilight lay there in a bad way. Her wings were askew and her mane deshelved. Her coat was soaked in sweat and her breathing was shallow.

Celestia had never seen Twilight so bad before, yet before she could do anything Sunset rushed over and put a hoof to Twilight's forehead.

She was shocked by what she felt. "She's burning up with a fever." She said as the girls gave her odd looks.

"And you are?" Rarity asked.

Sunset forced a smile. "I'm a friend. We need to get her to a doctor now."

That forced Celestia out of her funk as she turned to one of the guards. "Get the Royal Physician in here now! I don't care where she is." One ran off as she turned to the other. "Find Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Bring them here as soon as possible.

She paid him no mind as he saluted and off as she walked over to the group. Her heart sank seeing Twilight like this. "Don't worry Twilight. We're all here for you."

Twilight could only whimper in response.

Author's Note:

Okay. Orginally this was supposed to be a longer chaoter that would have ended with Twilight and Sunset going through the World Mirror for the, now moved foward in time, Rainbow Rocks, but real life decided to throw me a curve ball.

Writing Twilight's worsening conidition hit home to close today. Not the idea of what's happening to her, but because of something else.

My uncle passed away today. He had been in and out of the hospital for some time now, and had just gone into I.C.U last week with what we thing was pneumonia. It obviously turned out to be more than that it seems.

I had been out all afternoon, just regular stuff I do on Monday, but when I come home, that's one of the first things my parents tell me, so yeah, there goes my good day right out the window.

Tomorrow's chapter will finish this, and this arc, before I move onto the Rebirth Arc.

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