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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 9: Nova's 1904

“Well that was interesting.” Fergus said shortly after entering the main hall. Everyone was back from the winter break. Daisy was sort of his girl friend, and he didn’t give one knut if the girl’s parents were muggles. She was a faithful girlfriend. Just like clockwork she came strait to him, with a gleam in her eye, and went right past. Daisy had been followed by Ruth, who had that same fire in her eyes, and went past the boys like they hadn't even been there. The two girls sought out Maggie and Florence, and after a freakish display of bouncing up and down, and unintelligible squeaks, all four girls took off as fast as they could go without getting scolded for running.

“What was that all about, I wonder?” Newt asked.

“What’s to explain, they’re girls.” Harold offered. “Come on, lets get up to Gryffindor tower, and Maybe Andon will know something.”


“Nope, don’t know a thing,” Andon said when confronted. “All I can tell you is that Miss Nova Moon has all but sequestered herself in her room. She comes down for dinner, and that’s about it. - Ruth and Daisy are nearly as bad.” - I’m kind of feeling abandoned. - What’s more, is our professors don’t seem to mind one bit.”

“Well, then why didn’t you sneak up there, and find out?” Newt asked.

“Oh like that’s even going to work.” Andon protested.

Newt placed an arm around his shoulders. “What about if you tried using your Animageus form?”

“Oh no, no, not going to happen.” Andon protested. “Even if I got past the stairs, I’d never get past the girls. - It’d be just like when those damned fox hounds went after me.”

“Well, go on up during dinner then.” Thoarin prompted. “And I’m making it an order.”

“You can’t order me to do anything that’s not Quidditch related.” Andon protested.

“True, but I can bench you though,” Thoarin informed him. “Any time I want, for absolutely no reason.


That night at dinner the five girls came down with the biggest smiles on their faces, and Nova looked absolutely radiant. The girls sat down at the table, and Phenik joined them a moment later.

“So, how’d your holiday go?” Fergus asked.

“I’ve had a wonderful Christmas.” Maggie offered. “Thank you for asking.”

“Well, you did go home,” Fergus replied. “Daisy… you didn’t even say hi to me when I got back.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Daisy offered. “It’s just that I wanted to show Maggie and Florence something.”

“Phenik, fetch Andon,” Nova said.

“What, he’s just running late.” The boys all stated at the same time. Phenik vanished with a pop.

“Interesting that you all said that at the same time,” Caydence observed. “What are you up to?”

“Up to? Us?” Harold offered.

Phenik reappeared and deposited a small red fox in an open seat.

“Tell me, little fox, what pray tell were you up to?” Nova asked with a vicious gleam in her eye. The fox shrunk down. “You do know what a vixen does to a male fox, that’s not her mate or kit, what attempts to sneak into her den, don’t you?” The little red fox shook his head no. “She uses their fur to line her bed.” The little red fox shrank down even further, and let out a diminutive eep. “Now transform back, and make yourself ready for dinner. - As for the rest of you, he made no such attempt while you all were away, though we neglected him.”

Headmaster Scrimgeour and Professor Marchbanks having seen the exchange gave each other a smile. “So how do you think she knew?” Scrimgeour asked, and Marchbanks whispered that a mother knows. He then got up, and welcomed everyone back.

Nova enjoyed the meal as well as any, though her thoughts went constantly back to her little Goldwine. He was developing much faster then a foal in Equestria would, which had prompted her to foal proof just about everything, starting with the exits. Both she and Alalme dreaded the thought that the two foals might get outside. Stairs, on the other hand, stopped being an issue by the end of the first week. The foals loved to glide down the steps to the lower landing, would turn around, climb back up, and do it again until they’d worn themselves out. The rotunda now had a large double door with stained glass panels that only the adults could open, and the outer doors were locked. Just in case. The open hearth kitchen now had a door preventing access from the hallway, and the lounge upstairs had been completely reconfigured. Everything that need not be accessed regularly was locked, and breakables put away.

It was all the girls could do not to talk about the foals at dinner Nova having allowed them limited access. There furtive glances, giggles, and fits of barely contained exuberance, had convinced Caydence that they were up to something. After dinner, Caydence quietly ascended the stairs and followed the girls up to their room. She wasn’t happy that Nova Moon was being allowed to sleep in her own trunk apartment. Nor was she happy about the fact that she couldn't get in there to make sure they weren’t up to something.

Caydence watched furtively as the girls went down, into the trunk, followed, and then went down into the trunk before it could be closed. “Alright, I’m going to find out what you’ve been up... to… wow, this is nice.” To the right was a large mural of a park that looked almost real. Though we already know it’s just a window. Nova having foreseen that sooner or later someone would make it down those stairs, and the need to keep the foals in had devised a subterfuge. The window now had a picture frame around it and had been enchanted so that if anyone looked close they’d see brush strokes, and the image they saw would take on a two-dimensional appearance. Directly in front of her was a small lounge with chairs, a table, lamps, and a writing desk. Beyond the desk was a wall filled with books. She’d have no way of knowing the wall was a front. The shelves were real enough and held all the books Nova had purchased in Diagon ally. To the left was a doorway into the guest apartment which had been fixed up to look like that’s where Nova had been sleeping. The access to the rest of the complex was hidden in the back of a large walk-in closet, that opened into the library.

“Can we help you?” Nova asked as she placed a book over a magazine.

“This place is...” Cadence stopped, the motion of Nova hiding something registering. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing.” Daisy, Nova, Ruth, Maggie, and Florence all chimed.

“Nothing is it? Give it here.”

“But?” Nova protested.

“Now.” Caydence demanded.

Nova reluctantly uncovered the magazine, ‘The Pugilist’ took one last look at the cover, and surrendered it to Caydence. Caydence took it with a snatch. The magazine was none other than the manly art of fisticuffs, a magazine on boxing. On it’s cover a stalwart gentleman in tight pants, boots, did I mention the tight pants, boxing gloves, a magnificent mustachio, and little else. It was a wizard magazine as well, and within the publication were other stalwart gentlemen similarly attired, taking up various posses. There were articles as well, but whoever really reads those.

“Girls your age should not be reading such… Oh my.” Caydence said as she looked at the pages, turned, and slowly went up the stairs to the dorm room. “Ooo, ten points for Gryffindor.”

“I wonder if Professor Marchbanks is going to get her magazine back?” Nova said in a whisper. It was all they could do not to bust up laughing. Later she would restrict the girl’s access to the colts even further, which lead to them being properly downcast.

In the Headmaster’s office, Brutus Scrimgeour met with two of the local officials. The three pegasi that had, assaulted Mr Hendrixson, had been seen going from place to place as if in a desperate search. Scrimgeor thought it possible the ponies in question might be looking for Miss Nova’s new wet nurse, but he only said the ponies were likely looking for the pony that got away from Hendrixson. They now suspected that a heard had been scattered by the wyrm’s taste for pegasus eggs. The weather wasn’t making things any easier on them in their search. Nova had of course done the sensible thing, what any new mother might do, and that was to stay indoors with the new arrivals.

Nova said goodnight to the girls, walked into the closet, took her clothes off, and walked out into the other room once more a pony. She closed up the bookshelf wall and went to the large shared bedroom. Goldwine sat up looking at her. He was snuggled up with Alalme and Alya in the big bed. She went over to him, nuzzled him, sniffed, and levitated him to the bathroom for a quick clean up and change. When she returned, Alya needed a change. Finally, she was able to snuggle into bed and pull the covers up.

Nova had care of magical creatures on Tuesday, and as luck would have it, the weather cleared, and it turned into a nice day. Her class went out through a back entrance and trudged through the snow, and across an old stone bridge that was slick with ice. On arrival at the barns, they were handed shovels and put to work clearing snow from the various paths to and from the barns. Nor could they use magic as that could potentially upset a number of the more magical creatures in the barns.

“Art thou not a princess? How is it thy teachers put one such as yourself to work doing such menial chores?” Asked a voice from within a paddock.

It took Nova a moment to realize she was hearing old Ponish. She looked up to see a hippogriff. She bowed politely and whispered back in the old language that it was the lot of a student to do as their teachers bid, regardless of rank.

“I had a teacher back home that would make me move water from one trough to another and back again to teach me patience, and perseverance,” Nova added whispering, and went back to her task. “So why is a noble hippogriff such as yourself living behind a fence?”

“I’m old, and it’s a nice place to rest.” He offered. “Except for when that wyrm showed up. Twice it did. I must confess, I did not expect you to be conversant in the language of the beast, but then you have both a phoenix and a night mare at your beck and call.”

“That night mare is the avatar of one of my moms. The one who nursed me when my own mother could not. And I know the language as the old language of pony kind. We call it old Ponish.”

“Your mother? - Old Ponish you say?”

“I’m no human princess if that’s what you thought.” Nova offered with a smile and a wink. “I also rescued Miss Alalme of the silver wood, and her little filly Alya.”

“She’s alright then? That’s good. And she’s got a filly. That is good. Foals are so young and tender. Her kin have been looking for her. When no one could find her we feared she’d been lost in the snow, or the other Wyrm got her. They always come in pairs you know, and folks are mighty worried the other will show up.”

“Well spread the word that the mate is dead as well, to include a clutch of eggs.” Nova paused in her labors. “Alalme didn’t know how to contact any of her kin. I gather the last she saw of anyone they’d left her in old man Hendrixson’s barn with the assumption she’d be safe.” Seeing the teacher was watching, she quickly went back to shoveling snow.

“Dead you say, that is good news. And that old fool has made a grave breach of trust, but then I expect little better out of many wizards.”

“Mr Mackintosh, and his family are, I imagine, an exception to the rule. They are good people. They remind me of some ponies I once knew. - The Wyrm was discovered in a secret place deep under the castle, and nearly got a boy who I’d call a friend.” Nova shuddered at the memory.

“And you say you are, a pegasus was it?”

“A pegacorn. I can do magic, and transform.”

“Show me.”

“Now would be a bad time.” Nova protested. “There are only ten who know of my pony form. Not all of those have guessed that it's my true form. I can transform into a small white fox with wings like an owl as well.”

“Oh ho, so that little spitfire is you is it?” The hippogriff asked, and then laughed.

“Ya. Flying in that form is so much fun, and everyone sees me as a wizard Animageus so I don’t need to hide that form. They also think I have a blood curse because my human form is less than complete.”

“Haha, the assumptions of wizards. But tell me, what is your name, little one?”

“Nova Moon.” Nova offered. “And Alalme and I have a secret place where we share the joy of caring for our foals.”

“Foals you say? - But surely you are not yet old enough to have a foal of your own? But forgive my manners, I’m called Raumo, he who rides upon the storm. Now, what’s this you say, more than one foal? You only mentioned the one?” He clacked his beak and quickly licked away some drool. If Nova noticed, she made no indication.

“I rescued an egg from the wyrm, and have a beautiful golden colt I now call my own for lack of a mother to return him to. Nor would I gladly give him up as he is my pride and joy.” Nova paused in her shoveling once more. “From what I’ve learned I suspect his mother was the same Brighteyes who was slain in the hay barn on the very same day I retrieved the egg, and the beast was slain.” She studied him carefully, no she wasn’t going to tell him who it was that killed the Wyrm.

“There is much you are not telling me. But it is good that at least one foal was saved from that creature.” He clacked his beak. “Oh, and that Alalme has hers as well.”

“I’m not sure you’d believe me if I told you the whole of it anyway. And I think I’d best get back to my task.” Her instructor had indeed been watching her, though what was going on in their mind was anyone’s guess. Theirs was a mixture of concern due to the proximity of the hippogriff mixed with irritation and confusion due to the fact that Nova was both slaking in her task, and appeared to be holding a conversation with the hippogriff. As for Nova, she’d stopped completely at the sight of a large blood red roan draft horse with a palomino mane pulling a snow plow with no supervision. Nova was mesmerized by the rippling muscles on the stallion that so resembled Applejack’s elder brother.

“You’re drooling.” Teased Raumo.

“Who?” Nova asked.

“Why that’s Mr Mackintosh.”

“He’s been holding out on me, he has.”

Raumo laughed, followed by Nova’s teacher going up to them, bowing to the hippogriff, and moving Nova a good distance away from the old gray beak.

Nova couldn't resist luring Alalme out to see if they might spot Mr Mackintosh hard at work later that day. Nova had decided to venture forth in her pony form, and the foals were presently taking a nap in the care of Moonie. Moonie had been a bit of a shock to Alalme at first, but she soon grew accustomed to the appearance of the night mare. As luck would have it, Mackintosh was still hard at work along with a number of older students who’d picked up where the previous classes had left off. To the students, the sight of a pair of cute pegasi sneaking out of the cottage didn’t really seem all that strange. Watching them teasing the big draft horse had been hilarious. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

“Alright knock it off the both of you.” Mrs Mackintosh ordered with her hands just above her hips. She’d rushed to her husband’s rescue the moment she got wind of what was going on. “That’s my Stallion, keep your hooves off him.” Nova and Alalme nickered, horse laughter it was, and as it’d been a while since either had had a good chance to really stretch their wings they lifted off and soared heavenward. Raumo, having witnessed the exchange, recognized Nova by her markings, and could only laugh at the antics of the young mares.

“Mrs Mackintosh… correct me if I’m wrong, but do you have a pegasus, and a pegacorn which just happens to be one of the rarest of magical creatures, living in your house?” The care of magical creatures teacher asked walking up to her.

“Wouldn't be the first magical creature that wandered into the house.” Mrs Mackintosh offered as though there were rare exotic creatures tramped through her house every day.

“There’s a pegacorn tramping around, and you never said a thing? To anyone? - We are talking a flying unicorn here.”

“The headmaster knows, and I’m under no obligation to tell anyone about the comings and goings of wild pegasi.”

“Wild pegasi?” The teacher protested. “Three of them put old man Hendrixson in the hospital.”

“And if he’d ‘ave provided support instead of a tether, he’d not ‘ave got the beating he got, now would he? Pegasi are intelligent creatures that form strong bonds with those they care for and can be every bit as gentle as a mother cat with her kittens. A woe be on those who threaten their foals, so don’t be poking around try’n ta figure out where they’ve nested.”

As for Nova and Alalme, they were high overhead enjoying the brisk cold air.

“You have got to be the most interesting pegasi I’ve ever met,” Alalme called.

“Is that good or bad?” Nova called back.

“It’s good. I find you very likable despite your being so different.”

“So is it the eyes or the teeth?” There was silence between the two, with only the sound of wind rustling past feathers reaching their ears.

“You’ve the look of a predator. Right now your eyes are down to narrow slits, and they reflect light at night. Not so much when you are in human form though.”

“Not so much? I seriously need to work on that. Listen, the old hippogriff, calls himself Raumo, he who rides on the wind. He told me that there are ponies looking for you. I let him know that you are alright, and asked if he could get word out. No point in us trying to find them.” She thought about the gray beak for a moment. “Though to be honest I don’t know if he’ll pass the word on or not. Not the sort I’d trust with foals.”

“Even if we wanted to find those pegasi, we couldn't go far, and you have your studies.”

“I suppose so. If I knew where they were, and they weren’t too far away I could fetch them. I'm capable of covering vast distances in a very short amount of time.” They continued on in silence for a bit, till Nova broke the silence. “Would you want to go back to your herd?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I have to go. In spring. I’d like very much for you to come with me, and we can be sisters.”

“Where are you going?”

“Through a portal that’s going to open up.” She'd a thoughtful expression on her face. “It’s a one-way trip, no going back, and I’ll likely never see anyone here ever again.”



“That’s too soon to wean Goldwine.”

“I thought it might be. I’d consider letting him stay with you.”

“Even though it’d break your heart and his?”

“I want to go home, and it’s going to require going through that portal. The portal will take me about eighty-eight, maybe ninety years, give or take, into the future.”

“How’s that get you home?”

“I don’t belong here. I belong to another world and another time. That portal gets me closer to home.”

“Goldwine doesn’t belong here either. He can’t come to the forest. His color is too bright. Such foals don’t last long, and then there is the issue that he and my foal have no fear of you despite your look of a predator. They could mistake a wolf for yourself.”

“I’d never thought of that. I’m a fox pony. I’m nocturnal. I never thought my own heritage could be a liability for a foal. I’m so sorry...” Nova was a gasp.

“My fate was sealed when I followed you. I will go with you, and I’ll not regret it.”

“Really, you will? - Yes!” At that Nova did a loop, followed by a victory roll. Alalme had to laugh at Nova’s antics, nor was she that much older than Nova. Life in the forest was hard, short, and sweet. They were lucky to live into their twenties. In Equestria Alalme would be considered underage, but that was Equestria where even an earth pony could live a hundred years or more. Heck, after a ninety-year jump she’d be the oldest pony in her clan since the fall of the Princess of the Night. The idea of becoming a figure of legend had its appeal, and Nova was going to make a good sister. Nova was an enigma to Alalme as well. Nova could demonstrate maturity and level headed thinking, and yet she seemed very much like a foal under that exterior.

“You ready to go in, it’s getting cold?” Alalme asked once Nova had settled down.

“Probably a good idea. I don’t have a flight suit on, and all this soft living makes my fur thin. - Too many people at the cottage lets just go to the tower. If we are quick they won’t know where we went.”

“How do you know where the opening is?”

“I use my internal navigation. Come on, just follow me.” Nova looped around to line up with the hidden opening, reached out with her magic, swooped down, and opened the doors to land in the rotunda. Alalme dropped in right behind her.

“How’d you know the doors were open?”

“They weren’t.” Nova offered as she closed the doors. “Advantage to having a horn. I could teach you magic that doesn’t require a horn. It’s what wizards call wand-less. Um, dare I ask what your reading skills are?”

“I know some of the ruins, and can read and write just enough to leave messages, or read messages.” “Nothing like what you can do, and that wyrm destroyed out little schoolhouse.”

“In that case, I think I’ll get out my primer in old ponish.” Nova opened the door to go into the rest of the apartments where two foals waited. "It'll do you good to improve on what you already know."

“Mama!” Goldwine called to Nova. Nova dropped down and gave him a hug and a nuzzle. Her fur was ice cold, he squealed, broke free and ran away squealing.”

“You’re next,” Alalme said to Alya with a grin on her face. Alya saw her doom, her eyes growing wide, squealed, turned, and followed after her nest sibling. Nova and Alalme couldn't resist chasing after them.


That night at dinner a growing rumor that there were pegasi nesting in the top of the Gryffindor tower was nearly Nova’s undoing. People had seen them approach, but lost sight of them. No one saw where, but as the two pegasi hadn’t simply gone past the tower, it was assumed they’d somehow gained access to the tower.

“Aha! So that’s it!” Caydence said standing up. She then began pointing an accusing finger at Nova, Ruth, Maggie, Daisy, and Florence. “You lot figured out how to get into the attic, there are foals up there, and you haven't been sharing!”

Headmaster Scrimgeour having overheard, along with practically everyone in the hall, banged his goblet on the faculty table and stood up. “Miss Caydence Luyif, sit down.” He waited a moment while she sat down.

Newt, Fergus, and Cygnus looked at Nova not quite sure what to think. Had she laid an egg? Is that what her secret project was?

“Now...” Headmaster Scrimgeour said in a tone that left no doubt in the minds of anyone who heard him. “It seems that there is an interesting rumor going around.” He wasn’t entirely sure what the whole story was, though he did know about the two fillies teasing Mr Mackintosh. “The attic spaces and crawl spaces are off limits. If there is indeed a pegasus pair nesting at the top of one of the towers, they are to be left alone. No one is to approach any space suspected to contain a pegasus nest, nor pester them in any way. Any harm done to any of the pegasuses will be dealt with severely.” Having nothing more to say he sat back down and went back to his meal.

After dinner, nearly every girl in the Gryffindor tower wanted to know where the access was.

“You heard the headmaster, there’s to be no going up there.” Caydence admonished, and then asked where the access was.

“I know nothing about any access,” Nova said, went down into her trunk, closed, and locked the opening behind her. She then raced through, not bothering to switch, ran downstairs and asked Granny if any of the eggshell was left. She then told her, and Alalme what the problem was, said she needed lots of sticks, and raced to the stairs that went up.

She’d yet to even go up that way as there’d been no reason to. What she found was a typical attic space filled with things Princess Celestia had thought Nova might need inside boxes with lists attached to each and every box. And then there was one more set of stairs going to a flat section of the ceiling. Nova climbed the stairs, drew a bolt, pushed a hatch open, and climbed up into the Attack of Gryffindor Tower. She didn’t know how that worked and wasn’t going to ask.

It was dark, cold, and full of cobwebs. Nova transformed, and used her horn to light up the attic space. Aside from an attic ghoul that had been minding its own business, there wasn’t a thing in there. Nova saw another hatch slowly start to open. It made a terrible creak. In a flash, she jumped on the trap door sending whomever it was crashing to the floor. By the sounds of the yells and complaints, it’d been the boys. Another hatch started to open, and Alalme quickly stepped on that one.

“So now what?” Alalme asked in a whisper.

“We need to give them something to find,” Nova whispered back. “Look, there’s a shuttered window. We build a nest, leave some old feather floof, and what’s left of Goldwine’s eggshell. How fast can you build a nest? I’ve never built a nest in my entire life!”

“Can’t we just fasten the hatches?”

“Won’t work. They’ve been told to stay away. That’s like mooning an angry Manticore.”

“So what you are saying is they are no different than a typical foal.”

“Pretty much, only with fewer self-preservation instincts.”

Granny Smith popped up a moment later with a bundle of sticks. “Start ta building.”

“I guess you figured out what I wanted,” Nova said with a smile.

“Mister Mac has more,” Granny announced as Nova’s hatch started pushing up despite her being on it. “Oy, get up here.”

Mackintosh came up with two bundles, saw the problem, set the bundles to one side, climbed the rest of the way up, sat next to Nova, and transformed. Nova found herself getting scooted away, the hatch slammed shut, the floor creaked, and dust sifted through the cracks down to the room below. Nova squeezed out from between Mackintosh, and a very confused ghoul, and went to sit on the hatch to the girl’s rooms. Alalme quickly set to fashioning a nest with the material Granny had brought up, along with additional material, and the eggshell.

“What should we do with the egg shell?” Nova asked.

“Let the ghoul chew on it.” Alalme offered. “We usually just discard them. What were you doing with it?”

“Grinding it up and giving it to you as a calcium supplement,” Granny informed her.

“Makes for strong healthy foals.” Nova offered.

“Oh,” Alalme said. “I’d never thought of that.”

“Keep building,” Nova said with horn to hatch. She then hit the latch with a powerful locking spell. “That’ll hold the girls. - For a while at least.”

“Can you do that to the other one?” Alalme asked. “Mac and Granny are going to have to go back down so I can position, and finish the nest. We can fly out the window. Don’t think it’s going to be very convincing though.”

“On my way. Mac?”

No sooner had Mackintosh turned back into a human, and stepped away from the hatch, the hatch flew open, and a boy’s head popped up. Nova hit him with a jinx right between the eyes, trotted over, and started taking pot shots at everyone down there. Pew pew pew…

And there was much cursing and scrambling.

“You are enjoying that entirely too much,” Mackintosh said as he crossed the floor. He and granny went back down, closed, and latched the hatch. Alalme pushed the nest into position and finished it up complete with padding made of feathers. They hoped no one would notice that the feathers were mixed feathers from the farm.

“The shutter’s locked from the outside?” Alalme said half panicked.

“Stand aside, and close your eyes.”


“Just do it.”

Alalme did as directed. Her ears heard an explosion. She opened her eyes to discover the shutters had been blasted clean away. Even part of the sill was gone, and that which was left was smoldering. Nova slammed the hatch to the boys' dorm down and hit it with a locking spell.

“That won’t last long!” Nova announced, and the two jumped out the window to circle down to their balcony even as the boys burst the hatch open.

“Core, there’s a nest up here!”

Nova popped her head out of her trunk to witness Professor Marchbanks reading the riot act to the girls. Through the wall could be heard the sound of one of the men doing much the same. The next morning, the welts on quite a few of the boys convinced the girls to never try that again.

Detention for those known to have been involved wasn’t pleasant, and the lecture in Care of Magical creatures included showing everyone the remains of the shutters. “This is what happens when you corner a pegacorn.” The instructor said sternly. “You boys are lucky she held back.” The boys all replied yes sir as they fidgeted uncomfortably in their seats. To be true, the welts Nova had given them had faded much faster than the welts the teachers had given them.

The remainder of the month went without incident. The weather swung back and forth between rain and snow, and by the time February came around everyone was looking forward to the Valentine dance. Nova went if only to stem off suspicion. She didn’t really want to be there but wore her best wizard robe. She mingled, danced with some of the boys, and when she felt she’d stayed long enough, made her excuses and left. Upstairs in her apartments, the house elves had prepared a candlelight dinner out on the lawn of her greenhouse. A dinner for two. In there at least it was nice and warm.

“You know, you just might civilize me yet,” Alalme said with a smile.

“I thought you might enjoy it. Back in Equestria we call this Hearts and Hooves day. It’s a different time of year, but it’s the same sentiment. - You’ve been such a blessing, I couldn't go to a party, and leave you out of all the fun.”

The weather was mild for the remainder of the month, even so, they'd yet to hear anything about the ponies who’d been looking for Alalme.

With the mild weather, everyone began to look forward to the quidditch game coming up. The game was scheduled for the last Saturday of the last full weekend of the month, Hufflepuff against Gryffindor. There’d been a light dusting of snow the day before the game, but the day of the game was a beautiful sunny day. So much so Nova needed her goggles from her shadow bolt messenger uniform. They fit her human face a little funny, but they were better than nothing. The teams flew out, landed, shook hands, lifted off again, and took up their positions. The balls were released, and the game began.

This time the snitch had been jinxed to fly away from Nova any time it got near her. It’d fly to her, turn, head in some other direction, and then come back and do it again. Almost like it was teasing her. The Hufflepuff seeker saw this, and before long the two players were jockeying back and forth in an effort to see who might catch it first.

And then it happened.

There was a stillness in the air, and a lack of all sound save the activity of the game itself. Nova became aware of it, the lack of bird song as birds sing even in winter was unnerving – her hair stood on end.

She felt where it was coming from and turned her broom just as the wind exploded with a mighty crash. Most of the players were immediately grounded, the snitch had turned into the wind, and the Hufflepuff seeker had copied Nova simply because he’d seen her do it. He was being pushed back, no matter how much he wiled his broom forward. Nova was getting buffeted by the outfit that had been made extra baggy to camouflage her girlish shape. It’s a Victorian thing. The girls hated flying in those outfits, it slowed them down, but it was what the ministry wanted. For those who were still watching they saw Nova’s outfit get torn away save for bits of it, to reveal a blue-gray jumpsuit with gold lightning bolts around the cuffs, and a vapor cone began to form in front of her. She was also, more or less, stationary the wind was so strong. The stands began to creak and sway prompting spectators to abandon them.

Nova knew she had to finish this quickly. The snitch for its part was still racing into the wind as fast as it’s little wings could go. It wasn't making much headway. Nova maneuvered behind it, sparks began to fly from the sweep of her broom, followed by bright red and yellow flame, then white fire streaming back making more racket than the wind itself. If that could even be possible. She punched through the vapor cone and snatched the snitch.

“She’s got the snitch, Gryffindor wins, everyone inside!” Shouted the announcer, their sentence being punctuated by a loud crack.

Nova was nowhere in sight.

At the moment she’d caught the snitch she’d angled up, and rocketed into the stratosphere. It was as though she’d fallen into the sun. She looked at the snitch and asked it if it was having fun. As for the view, it looked to Nova as though she could see the entire world. Far below was Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the barns, greenhouses, the forest, and the rail line snaking away into the distance through the highland hills. To the west, she could see the Atlantic, and to the east high mountain peaks, and beyond that the North Sea. All about the land is rugged, and more peaks can be seen to the south, and southeast.

Getting back down was going to be a challenge.

Nova angled down, tucked the snitch into her gut, and blasted forward into the wind. By the time she made it back the wind had toppled the quidditch stands. She angled over, and then down to land in the relative shelter of a large courtyard, and made her way to the great hall. Bits of her quidditch outfit still hung to her, and about her neck, her pendant was clearly visible, a chain of lilliputian silver horseshoes, from which the moon pendant hung glistened in the light. Her goggles were also about her neck as she’d pulled them down the moment she’d entered the building.

“Where have you been?!” Her friends and several faculty members asked as she walked in. Outside the wind sounded like it was trying to pull the place apart.

“In orbit.” Nova offered. She’d her broom in one hand, and the snitch in the other. “Fifty thousand horns at least.” Fifty thousand whats, they asked themselves?

“I’ve never seen the like.” Professor Marchbanks said looking at her. “What on earth, I thought your broom had burst into flame. And what are you wearing?” Several girls were presently covering the eyes of the boys around them as Nova’s flight suit fit very tight with the bits of her quidditch outfit only making the effect that much worse on the minds of the properly modest Victorian mindset.

“I used a propulsion charm.” Nova offered. “And it’s my flight suit. I sort of summoned it when my clothes ripped apart. Not sure how I did it though, I just needed it, and suddenly I’m wearing it. Kind of looks like long underwear don't it?” Nova was a healthy fourteen-year-old, her birth date being November twentieth by the Equestrian calendar, and had she been home she’d likely be in an apprenticeship now. The behavior of a number of the girls seemed rather odd to Nova that they’d react that way over an Equestrian flight suit, and then she wondered how they’d fair in pony society where clothing, when worn, was nothing more than an accessory.

“That fire, was that more of your wand-less magic? - Or is it this pendant you wear?” Professor Black asked.

“Not exactly either.” Nova offered. “My broom has the same elements as my wand. Granted there’s more too it, but it can, in a pinch, be used to cast a spell.” She looked at the end of the sweep. Numerous ends were curled, and or smoldering. “And I’ve only singed it a little.”

The wind continued unabated, and many of the students and staff had been worried the towers might collapse. Nova more than most, and went upstairs despite protest, to retrieve her suitcase. She placed her broom in a holder inside the first apartment, extinguished the smolders, went into the walk-in closet, put a skirt and blouse on, and summoned her waistcoat to herself putting that on not having taken the time to remove the flight suit. She then let the snitch go in the library for the foals to chase, exited the trunk, reconfigured it to a suitcase, and brought it back to the main hall where everyone was gathering. She regretted not telling Alalme what was going on but didn’t think she had the time. Gryffindor students and Ravenclaw students were temporarily relocated to unused ground floor classrooms do to their dorms being located in towers and provided cots and blankets. For perhaps the first time in their life, the Slytherins were glad to be in the dungeon.

Nova set her suitcase in a corner, reconfigured it to a steamer trunk, and went in. She passed through the closet making sure to close and lock the bookcase, and went and found Alalme.

“What’s happened, all the outside doors are gone?” Alalme asked. “Where have you been?”

“I moved the primary location. The front door so to speak. The wind is blowing harder then I’ve ever seen it before, and there’s a fear the Gryffindor tower might collapse. - I’ll see if I can reconnect the farmhouse door.” She then went down to the open hearth kitchen, and with a little effort reestablished the connection.

“Is everyone alright in here?” Nova asked as she opened the door. The place sounded like it was about to fly apart.

“Miss Nova!” Granny shouted over the wind. “What happened to the door? It vanished.”

“I had to move the apartment. We’ve evacuated the Gryffindor tower.” Nova shouted in turn. “Where’s Mrs Mackintosh, have her grab her little ones, and come into my kitchen. You should come to.”

“And Mr Mackintosh?” Granny asked.

“Well, I figured he’d be out trying to tie things down. - I can’t help. This is too much for me.”

“Aye, you’re right. He’s out in the thick of it.” Granny shouted back.

Just then there came a pounding at the outer door. Granny opened the door with an effort to discover three pegasi outside, a gray and two chestnut paints.

“Don’t just stand there!” Nova shouted in old ponish. “Get in here! This way.” The three hesitated only a moment and made their way into Nova’s kitchen. Once inside they marveled at the realization that the only sound of the storm came from the doorway. Granny, and Mrs Mackintosh came in with two young very alarmed children a few moments later.

“I’m going to assume you three are the ones who have been looking for Alalme?” Nova asked. “You picked a fine time to come calling.”

“We got blown here.” One of the paints offered. “Who are you, and how do you know about Alalme?”

“There was a big stallion out there throwing chains over roofs to fasten everything down.” The other paint offered. “I’ve never seen the like. - He told us to go to the house.”

“That’s Mr Mackintosh. Big Mac to his friends.” Nova offered. “He’s a wizard, though I suspect he’s more horse then wizard.”

“And who are you?” The gray asked as the door was shut. The sound of the storm vanished. Outside the window could be seen the farmyard, and things were not well.

“What happens if the house gets blown away?” Granny asked.

“So long as there is a wall there, the door will remain.” Nova offered. “I’m Nova Moon. Alalme and I have a sister pact.”

“But you?” The gray asked.

“Come, follow me, all will be explained.” Nova offered and headed for the door to the hallway. She opened the door, and the three ponies looked through to see a park outside a window where none should be. Nor was there any wind despite the wind raging outside the kitchen window. Nova walked down the hall until she was out of view.

“Well?” Said a unicorn with nova’s hair and voice looking back around the corner. “Are you coming or not?”

“Who are you?” The gray asked.

“I’m Nova Moon. Though you’ve yet to introduce yourselves.” Nova walked back in, and their jaws dropped. For whatever reason, her entire outfit had transformed with her, and it was clearly a pony uniform of some sort. Or at least that’s what it looked to be to them. Nor had they expected her to come trotting back as a winged unicorn after vanishing from sight.

“I am called Gadgull, and the mares are Istel, and Talma.”

“Well, Gadgull the Gray of the Silver Wood, come and I will introduce you to our foals.” They hesitated a moment longer, and then followed Nova upstairs. Gadgull marveled at the armor still on the clotheshorse. The skull and wing was a symbol out of legends.

“Alalme, we’ve got visitors,” Nova called. Alalme came out of the bedroom, let out a squeak, trotted to them, and there was much wing hugging and nuzzling.

“How is it that you are living like humans,” Gadgull asked in astonishment. “And what is this place.”

“Humans, this is how Equestrians live. Well, maybe not this grand as I’m to understand this estate is large even by Equestrian standards. We’ve been living in the wild, in out little village so many generations we’ve forgotten what it is to live as a civilized pony.” Alalme responded with a smile. “Do not our oral traditions say we once lived as this? - And this, my dear brother, is Princess Kitzumi Nova Moon of Equestria. And my new sister.”

“You’ve found yourself an interesting sister, she is half beast.” Gadgull protested.

“I’ll not deny it,” Nova responded as a small golden mechanical bird landed on her. Nova looked at it, it was clearly the snitch, but it now looked more like a proper bird. Had the Equestrian magic changed it, or was that Tia’s doing? Was there a difference? She looked back over to Alalme. “By the way, where’s Phenik?”

“With the foals. I put them down for a nap.”

“Well, you are coming with us. Now!” Gadgull ordered.

“You have got to be jesting?” Nova said in disbelief. “I invited you in to bring you to safety, and now you wish to throw my hospitality in my face? - Have you forgotten what it’s like out there in the brief time you’ve been inside?” She glared at him. “Nor will I suffer my sister to be compelled to go anywhere that is not of her choosing.”

“Nor would I willingly give up toilets.” Alalme offered. Nova smiled.

“So what you are saying is you love me for my indoor plumbing, is that it?” Nova teased.

“I must confess, not having to go out into the weather to poop does have its appeal,” Alalme replied with a wink. “And the window where the balcony normally would be is evidence enough, that the weather outside is not fit for mad dogs, nor English men.”

“Tell us of this thing called indoor plumbing?” Istel and Talma chimed.

“Well I did offer to show you the foals, so let's see if they are asleep.” Nova offered, went to the chamber door, and slowly opened it. She peeked in and was rewarded with the exclamation of mama. A moment later a little golden foal was under her, pressing against her legs.

“So much for naps,” Alalme said as Alya came out as well. She saw the strangers and dashed to her mother. Alalme and Nova gave Gadgull withering looks so as to impart on him the stupidity of his word as Istel and Talma cooed over the cute foals.

“They are beyond precious.” Istel offered. “Especially now when our heard is scattered.” She turned on Gadgull and gave him the same look that Nova and Alalme were giving him.

“And to even think about taking foals out into that wind is beyond insanity,” Talma said as she too added her glare.

“I may have been a bit hasty.” Gadgull offered as he took a step back.

“Well, now that that is settled, Miss Aiko, Can you provide our guests with accommodations?” Nova asked.

“Yes, Miss.” Offered a white pony with a maid uniform. Gadgull jumped at her sudden appearance.

“I can only imagine what he’ll think of Moonie.’ Alalme whispered.

“Let's find out,” Nova said with a smile. “Moonie?” The Night Mare appeared as from nowhere. Gadgull’s wings popped out in a display of arousal at the sight of the mare. Moonie nickered under her breath while Istel and Talma gave Gadgull an icy stare. “Well, now we know. - Moonie, can you keep an eye on the foals? I need to go back out to the school.”

“Awwww.” Goldwine said and held tight to Nova’s leg.

“I know, I know, I just got here, but I need to get back before they miss me.” She gently extracted herself from his grip, levitated him to Moonie's back, transformed, and teleported to the entry lounge of the smaller upstairs suite.

Nova’s sudden appearance put a temporary halt to an argument that was going on. The suite was filled with seven-year girls who had been arguing with Nova’s roommates, plus Daisy.

“How’d she do that?” One of the seven-year girls asked.

“Never mind that. We are commandeering this apartment for the seven-year girls.” Commanded another seven-year student.

“This apartment is the sovereign territory of Eques.” Nova scolded boldly. The last thing she wanted was girls that might find their way through the deception, and these girls were being rather presumptuous. Add to that the weather, and Gadgull’s attitude earlier had her on edge.

“Listen to the princess, thinks she’s so high and mighty.” One of the other seven year girls said. They all laughed.

“It’s ours now.” another informed boldly. “Now get out. Senior girls privilege.”

“Tia, dungeon,” Nova said in angered breath. There was a flash, and the seven-year girls were gone. “Keep them locked in, and lock the outer door.”

“Where’d they go? How’d you do that?” Daisy asked astonished.

“They wished that I accommodate them, and I did.” Nova offered. “They are in my dungeon.”

“Hey, um… where’s everyone?” Caydence asked coming down the steps.

“I provided them other accommodations. Would you like to join them?”

“Ummm… no. I’m good.” Caydence replied figuring she knew where that other accommodation was.

“I’ve room for the first years.” Nova offered. “That is if I’m to offer accommodations in here.”

“Alright, what is going on down here?” Professor Marchbanks asked as she descended the steps. “Where are the seven years?”

“Nova locked them up.” Daisy offered.

“They were being a bit presumptuous.” Nova offered.

“Just how presumptuous?” Marchbanks asked.

“Attempted seizure of the sovereign territory of Eques, and gross disregard for the inhabitants,” Nova informed her. “Such statements were made that I’d be well within my rights to seek a formal apology from the ministry.”

“They were going to try to kick Nova out,” Maggie added. “And take the apartment for themselves.”

“Well, they had to learn the hard way sooner or later,” Marchbanks said as she gazed into the park mural which she knew to be just a window with an enchantment. The park was filling with magical creatures. Nova took one look, vanished, and then a pegacorn appeared in the painting, wearing the same outfit Nova had on a moment ago.

“Ahhh, what am I seeing?” Caydence asked. “She vanished, and then a winged unicorn appears in the painting...”


“Raumo, what’s going on?” Nova asked as she glided down.

“Our barn was in danger of collapsing. Gadgull was generous enough to invite us into this wonderful enchanted shelter.” Raumo informed us.

“Well, I guess I can’t very well say no. Do you think you can keep everyone in line?” Nova asked still hovering in the air.

“Why of course.”

“And tell them that this is not a shelter, but the garden of a princess of Equestria. If anyone destroys anything, so help me I’ll have their hide.” And with that, she sped off to the entrance.

Nova was relieved to find that Tia had added a large door to exit straight from the kitchen plus two more to restrict access to the downstairs corridor.

“Miss Nova, I hope you don’t mind,” Granny said on seeing the pegacorn enter the kitchen. “Gadgull said you’d be alright with it.”

“Well he’s not wrong,” Nova said her apprehension about the whole situation showing. Her care of magical creatures teacher was standing there looking at her with a perplexed expression. “Mr Percival.” Nova said acknowledging the man. His jaw dropped when Nova transformed back to her human form. “Mr Percival, please tell me you have other emergency shelters for the more quarrelsome, and or destructive creatures?”

“You can turn into a winged pegasus?” Mr Percival asked astonished.

“Yes, and I’ve three pegasus mares and two foals upstairs,” Nova informed him. “This space is inside my luggage. The nest in the tower was just a diversion to keep people from putting two and two together, and realizing there was more inside my trunk then just a deluxe apartment.” A thought suddenly hit her. If anyone moved her steamer trunk, this entrance would slam shut. “I need to go!” Snap!

Nova climbed the stairs just as two girls were about to pick up, and move the steamer chest. “Stop! Fix position.”

“We’re just… It won’t budge?”

Nova breathed a sigh of relief.

“What’s going on?” Marchbanks asked her in a whisper.

“The back door is being used to bring in animals to shelter them from the wind,” Nova replied in a whisper. “Move the trunk, and the door will slam shut.”

“Oh my. What’s going on?”

“I’m to understand a barn is in danger of collapsing. - Animals are being evacuated. - For whatever reason, one of my guests decided to open my doors to all comers, and it’s making me mighty jumpy. They are not being very selective, and I’m not happy about it. - Now, I’m going to go back down there, and see what all is being done.”

“What’s going on?” Caydence asked as Nova went back down, and vanished once more.

“Nothing you need be concerned with dear.” Marchbanks cautioned. Nor did she wish to mention that there was a potential for any number of magical creatures to come out of Nova’s trunk at any moment.


Nova turned back into her pony form and flew over the gardens. There where any number of creatures running about, squabbling, and staking out territories. Nova cast a bright light spell about herself, and called out in old ponish with the royal Canterlot voiced, “Silence, and be still! By our leave, thou have come, and by our hoof in thine backside will thou leave if thou faileth to behave! Pick a place to rest, and sit quietly!

And upon the field a hush fell, none daring any utterance.

Nova continued to the kitchen entrance, still shining brightly. Gadgull was standing in the entrance, but he grew week in the knees and bowed low on her arrival.

“You started this mess, I expect you to follow through, and see to it that some semblance of order is kept,” Nova said as she walked past him. From there she walked into the kitchen, wings not quit fully closed up, with light streaming off her like she was some heavenly being.

“What, what was that?” Mr Percival asked. He hadn’t understood any of it, but it was clear that a powerful magical creature wasn’t pleased by the goings-on. The sight of Nova back in her pegacorn form, ears and wings telegraphing agitation, and glowing like a celestial being… the realization that he’d just invaded the nest of a powerful magic being began to creep up his spine.

“That was me.” Nova offered and changed back to human form.

“You’re, um, glowing.” Granny offered. Things had gotten out of hand, nor had she realized Mr Percival would start bringing in dangerous animals when she’d told him it was alright to use the garden.

“Ah, so I am,” Nova said looking at her arm. She took a deep breath, let it out slowly. She countered the spell she’d cast on herself, and the light faded till she was back to the ordinary mild mannered Miss Nova. “There is a lot of squabbling going on. Creatures who have the mistaken belief they can take and hold territory, trampling my lawns, and my gardens. Coming dangerously close to my nest.” Nova let that sink in a little. “I trust every last one that isn’t a pegasus will be out as soon as you are able to do so.”

Mr Percival nodded his head, Nova said thank you and teleported upstairs.

“What was that shouting?” Alalme asked on seeing Nova.

“That was me.” Nova offered and turned herself back into a pony. “It’s pandemonium. I do hope the foals can’t get out.”

“We seem to be locked in.” Alalme offered.

“That’s just as well then,” Nova replied. “Tia is likely weighing the need to provide shelter with the necessity to keep the foals safe. - How are they?”

“Looking out the window at all the goings-on.”

“Maybe I can get them to settle down. At the very least I need a nap. All that magic wears a pony out.” Nova tried working a kink out of her neck. “There’s resistance from the Hogwarts wards every time I teleport, and it wears on me.” Nova went into the lounge, picked out one of the large sofas, and lay down. It didn’t take long for Phenik, and Goldwine to join her, Phenik on her back, and Goldwine burrowing in under a wing. Nova and colt soon fell asleep, while Phenik kept one eye open.


It was decided to risk having dinner in the main hall that night.

“Professor Marchbanks, where are your seventh-year girls.” Brutus Scrimgeour asked as they waited for everyone to settle down. The wind outside had died down a bit but still made an ominous racket.

“As the muggles are prone to say, they are at Her Majesty's disposal.” She offered dryly. “Miss Nova hasn’t come out since the last time I saw her, so I haven't been able to ask her to let them out.”

“She sent me an owl to let me know she’ll be staying in until something can be done about the animals trampling her garden,” Scrimgeour informed. “Not that I can blame her.”

“Lawns?” Merrythought asked.

“You remember the memory I showed you, of the Wyrm under the castle being killed?” Scrimgeour asked. “She’s the one who killed it. - She recovered a pegasus egg, and as she was able to demonstrate she could take care of it, I allowed it. Since then she brought home a nursing pegasus mare with a foal.”

“Where is she keeping them, surely you aren’t going to say her luggage?” Merrythought asked.

“She’s got a small estate in her luggage. It’s the reason we did the red tags for the train. I allowed her to set up access out at the barns, where she linked her kitchen to the Mackintosh kitchen so that they’d be able to provide them with some support without anyone knowing.”

“She opened a door from the dorm to the farm?” Professor Black asked astonished.

“I’m to understand that’s the limit of the estate. Or at least the range.” Scrimgeour offered. “It worked out perfectly well until one of the barns started to topple. Mr Percival it seems was given access to the estate and decided to use it as an emergency shelter for pretty much everything. - Needles to see she’s none too happy about it but has allowed it out of concern for the creatures. The downside is any number of those creatures pose a threat to the foals.”

“And the seventh year Gryffindor girls tried to commander the portion of her apartments that are accessible to the people in the dorm.” Marchbanks offered. “She’d be within her right’s to request a formal apology, and she’s said as much. She did make that section available to the first years. And I think she did the right thing. The apartment is isolated from the sound of the wind, and the younger girls needed that. The older girls were just expecting privileges that weren’t theirs to take. I suspect she may not be able to get them out, without leading them past all the animals. She mentioned that moving her luggage would cause all the outside doors to shut, and I’m assuming disconnect.”

“Which would cause the door at the Mackintosh kitchen to disconnect, creating an even bigger headache.”

“But didn’t she already move it?” Professor Black asked.

“Reconnected.” Scrimgeour offered. “I’ve already heard the door had vanished. She reconnected it, and then let in three more pegasi who were looking for shelter. She sets up space for pegasi, and then gets creatures that hunt pegasi added to the mix.”

“Surprise house guest, followed by a flood of house guests.” Professor Black commented. “That’s enough to put anyone on edge. Guests that might eat your kids? It’s no wonder she didn’t come to dinner.”

“My biggest concern is the student body will learn the truth concerning that specific piece of luggage,” Marchbanks commented. “They’d all want a look, and try to get her to make improper connections.”

“How do we know she hasn’t already added improper connections?” Merrythought asked.

“She wouldn't need to.” Castor Steorra offered. “With her fox form alone she could zip back and forth to Hogsmeade, and we’d be none the wiser. Add to that the fact that she can use Unicorn magic. A winged unicorn.”

“She can apparate within Hogwarts grounds, I’ve seen her do it, despite the wards.” Marchbanks offered. “This afternoon she was racing back and forth in her estate.”

“And she did it to save Harold.” Scrimgeour offered. “She abides by the rules because it’s in her nature to do good. She’s not going to break the rules without a good reason. In that, we can be sure of.”


“I want to see,” Newt said on hearing about all the magical creatures that were presently occupying the mural in Nova’s apartment.

“We can’t get into the girls… hang on, they aren’t in the dorm, are they?” Fergus said as a big grin formed on his face.

“You behave yourself, Fergus Potter.” Daisy scolded just as the headmaster banged his goblet on the head table.

“Well, this wind has certainly gotten us all just a little bit unhinged.” Headmaster Scrimgeour said. “Hopefully everything will have calmed down by morning. When it does, there will likely be a need to do clean up. Make sure to check with your dorm supervisors first thing in the morning. - Now then, let's eat.”

“Say where are all the seven-year girls?” One of the older boys asked.

“Miss Nova locked them up for treaty violation,” Daisy informed the boy.

“Come on Daisy, you’ve got to sneak me in, I just want to see the mural.” Newt pleaded.

“It’s true, he’s more interested in animals then girls.” Cygnus teased from the Slytherin table. There was much laughter, more so when Newt admitted he couldn't dispute the claim, and that he was never the less, dead set on penetrating the sanctity of the girls lodging. No one heard the word ‘lodging’.

The wind quit sometime in the early morning, and the grounds were a mess.

“A week?!” Nova asked in shock. She’d just been informed that it’d be at least a week before they could rehouse any of the animals in her garden. “You can’t be serious? It’s a miracle they lasted overnight. Not to mention that there are a number of them that eat meat. Not just small prey, but large prey, and the only thing keeping them from gaining access to the student body and my baby is a pain of glass.” The workmen and professors looked at her stunned. Did she say her baby? As in she had a baby? At her age?” Of course, the issue regarding the student body was simple, close off or remove the access to the other end.

“Oh sure, lock them in with me, and mine in here with them.” Nova protested. “If the entrance within the school is moved, all other entrances close, and must be opened anew.”

“I can take some animals.” Offered old man Hendrixson. “Least I can do for the harm I did. - You have that pegasus and foal I so mistreated, don’t you? You have ponies in there, and you fear for them.”

“I do, and if you will do this, I will gladly reimburse you the repairs on your barn.” Nova offered.

“Won’t be necessary.” Hendrixson offered. Several other locals offered to house the various beast, and before the day was out, they’d managed to find a place for every animal, save the pegasi which nova gladly invited to stay. That is to say, she’d actually gained a few pegasi in the night. The last creature to leave was Raumo.

“Surely you wouldn't cast me out into the weather?” Raumo asked.

“Perhaps not, but I would.” Offered a commanding voice he did not know. He turned and beheld the sight of the celestial alicorn ablaze in light as though she was a shaft of sunlight come to life. “You’ve been offered a nice warm barn, and I can’t help but think your reasons for wanting to linger where foals play might be less than wholesome.”

“Y-y-you judge me harshly. I’d give them only the kindest care, anoint them with oils, and rub herbs and spices...” *!!

“Before or after you pluck them?” Nova asked. Her eyes lit up, and her mane began to flow as thou blown by an unfelt wind.

“I should be going!” Raumo said, and hurried to the exit with more spring in his step then he’d shown in many a year.

“Tia, my dear Tia, could you possibly do a sweep, and see to it there are no more hangers on”

“He was the last, not counting the ghoul in the holding cell.”

“Oh no, I forgot! - The girls. - Please tell me the house elves at least fed them?”

“They’ve been well cared for, and I myself have seen to their reeducation regarding the errors of their ways.”

“I do so love you,” Nova said with a smile.

Nova went out to the Mackintosh kitchen, and let them know she’d be disconnecting the door soon. Their kitchen and house were worse for wear, but it was still livable. She then went back upstairs to the now vacant classroom.

Professor Griselda Marchbanks was waiting.

“It’s been a long day I gather,” Marchbanks said as Nova ascended the steps out of the trunk.

“It has. - Back to the dorm?”

“Afraid not. To much damage to the roof. The tower is intact, but the top bedroom is now off limits until it’s repaired. We’ve reshuffled everyone, but the Headmaster feels it might be better to place you in a guest room.”

“All I need is a blank wall after all.” Nova offered with a smile. “Too many people know about the estate now anyway. Not sure I could keep it in the dorm without somebody… I nearly forgot again. - It’ll be safe to let the girls out now.” Nova unlocked the position of her trunk and opened to the door that opened into the holding cell. Sitting inside the guard space was the ghoul from the Gryffindor tower. The ghoul had on the rags of an old pair of pants on its thin frame, but nothing else, and it was just sitting in a corner. “Oh, there you are. Sorry, but you can’t stay in there. Out you go.”

Professor Marchbanks pulled out a wand, and the ghoul hissed at her.

“Professor, just stand back, it’ll go find a corner in the attic somewhere.”

“Ghouls are dangerous.”

“Not to ponies, they aren’t. - They are normally quite docile, and great for keeping pest under control.” Nova explained. “Maybe it’s just humans they don’t like. This one seems to be fine with Animageus as well. Come on out you go.”

The ghoul got up on all fours, and being more or less a humanoid, looked quite gamely. It ambled out hissing at Professor Marchbanks, and swallowed hard so that the gulp was a rather unnerving gollumn. It ambled over to a window, climbed the window frame, and vanished into an unseen hatch to a crawlspace in the ceiling. Just before the hatch closed up, they heard it say ‘preciousness’ gulped again, and was gone.

If Professor Marchbanks was unnerved, it said nothing for the mental state of the girls when Nova let them out of the cells.

“There, there was this thing...” One of the girls said as she slowly walked out.

“Yes, I saw the ghoul, but being locked in with a ghoul can’t be that bad?” Marchmanks asked.

“Not the ghoul.” Another girl corrected. “I think it was an elder god.”

“She lectured us for hours!” Announced another.

“What about food?” Marchbanks asked.

“Oh the food was quite nice, and the beds very comfortable.” They all agreed.

“I’m sorry I left you in there so long.” Nova offered. “I know what my aunt’s lectures can be like.”

“That was your aunt?”

“Her avatar to be exact.” Nova corrected. “She’s even more intense in person.”

“We promise we’ll never try to bully anyone to get that which isn’t ours ever again.” The girls all chimed as they dropped to their knees. “And we're sorry about the way we treated you.”

“Apology accepted,” Nova said. “Now, um, can I get you to leave, I need to move my luggage to wherever it is I’m to be housed.”

“Housed?” One girl asked.

“The top of Gryffindor tower received extensive damage, and the top floor is no longer usable.” Marchbanks offered. “Everyone is going to be a little cramped until the repairs can be made. There isn’t going to be enough room for everyone, and as Nova has her own apartment, all we need to do is provide her a place to put her luggage until the repairs are done.”

“Oh, that’s… hang on, what happened to the pegasi?!”

“I imagine they found shelter somewhere.” Nova offered. “After everyone rushed the attic, they left. Took their foals with them, and now I can’t finish the report I was working on.” Nova turned to wink an eye at Professor Marchbanks, who rolled hers. “We’ll never know though. Poor little foals, out in that horrible wind.” Nova shuddered at the thought.

“You know, I wouldn't mind getting a report of what you can tell me.” Professor Marchbanks said. “You know, just in case we ever need to provide assistance.” She prompted the seven-year girls to be on their way. The girls walked out looking more downcast than before. Nova folded up her suitcase and waited for Professor Marchbanks. The seventh-years were sent back to the dorm to freshen up for dinner, and Nova was taken to the medical wing where she was given an unused private room. There was a window that looked out in the direction of the barns where a great many people could be seen scurrying about like ants.

“You’ll find that’s nice and quiet, and it’ll be easier to come and go from your balcony as this will be a blind spot in regards to what students will be able to see.” Headmaster Scrimgeour offered walking in behind them. “I thought it best that perhaps you should consider distancing yourself from your friends. - Assuming you do plan to leave us.”

“To be honest, I won’t know myself until I attempt the spell, and I’ll have a finite window of opportunity.” Nova offered. “If it doesn’t work, you’re going to be stuck with me.” Nova set the suitcase down, propped it against the wall that was right of the window so as not to tempt the configuration, and pulled up the large door to the rotunda. “They’ll be looking for a steamer trunk, must of the students at least, not a big door like this.”

“And your roommates will know the door when they see it,” Marchbanks commented with a smile. “Will we see you at dinner?”

“I imagine I should, or people will be wondering what became of me.” Nova offered. She then opened the door to a small group of Pegasus who’d somehow managed to guess right concerning which door she’d open. She said thank you, went in, closed the door behind her, and turned back into her proper self. “Tia, you can push the bookshelf back into the library, we won’t be needing it to block off the other apartment for a while.” She gave Alalme a hug. “I need a bath, and then I have to get dressed to go back down for dinner.”

“You look worn out.” Alalme offered.

“Having all those potential threats so close… how did you manage out in the forest?” Nova asked.

“I guess we just got jaded enough, it seemed normal,” Alalme replied.

After dinner, Nova was halfway to the Gryffindor tower before she remembered that she wasn’t up there anymore, and on Monday morning showed up late to class because her new nest mate had thought she should be allowed to sleep in. Detention was helping to clean up the aftermath of the wind storm that had blasted thru.

The weeks wore on, with one thing or the other keeping Nova from many of her friends except those she had classes with. Often she’d see Maggie only at dinner time. They, in turn, had been kept so busy they had precious little time to go looking for wherever it was Nova had been secreted away to.

It was right around Easter, that Maggie found Nova waiting in the dorm room with her owl, Owldrey Hepbarn, and her broom. “Nova?” Maggie said on seeing her. She went to her, and they hugged. “We see you so seldom now, what brings you here?”

“And with broom and owl.” Ruth pointed out.

“I have a momentous decision ahead of me.” Nova offered. “Maggie, I’d like you to take care of my owl, and my broom. In fact, I’ll be giving you Owldrey. I’ve neglected her far more then I should, I’ve so many other responsibilities now.”

“Mmm, alright, I guess. I suppose I should say thank you, but why am I getting this feeling like you are going away?” Maggie offered.

“And I’m giving you my broom to keep. Take good care of it, and it will take care of you.” Nova continued ignoring the pleading question.

“Ah, Nova?” Florence asked sounding concerned. “This doesn’t have something to do with the flock of pegasi that have been flying about the castle, does it?”

“And I couldn't possibly take your broom?” Maggie said, her voice wavering.

“Don’t be silly, Maggie, of course, you can. I’ve already made a better one.” Nova said trying to sound cheerful, though it was becoming difficult. “And yes, I have to return to my people, my kind. I’ve a son. I can’t stay here. I need to go.” The truth was Nova was going to go to the future, but she’d rather the girls think she was going to be leaving with the pegasi to go live in the forest somewhere in the highlands. At least perhaps that way they’d have some comfort in believing she was out there enjoying life, and raising a family.

At dinner that night there was an atmosphere about the girls that seemed wrong to those around them. They were cheerful enough, but it was a forced cheer. Nor could they know that Nova had already seen to certain financial necessities either by owl, or in person at the bank in Hogsmeade, as she had seen fit to give the goblins as much information as seemed prudent. To their mindset, she was simply going away for a few years. If one could consider a time period approximately eighty-seven and a half years just a few years, but then goblins were rather long-lived and such an absence was a trifle. After dinner, Nova went back to her apartments, informed everypony there what was about to happen, and if they didn’t want to be dragged along, they’d need to be out within the hour. Naturally, Alalme stayed, there would be the two foals they shared, and to her delight, Gadgull, Istel, and Talma were staying. Istel, and Talma had laid a couple of eggs in one of the ground floor bedrooms, were brooding those eggs, and were not about to budge. Or leave indoor plumbing. They were informed they’d never see any of their friends or relatives again. They replied that Alalme and the foals were their only remaining close relatives, and they’d no sooner give then up then Nova would want to give up Goldwine. The clan of the Silver wood was effectively no more anyway as it really only consisted of themselves. Those remaining had been of other clans.

Once everything was settled, Nova closed up her suitcase and went down to the corridor that leads to the dungeons. For Nova it just seemed to be the best place to attempt the spell. Waiting for her was Griselda Marchbanks, Galatea Merrythought, Brutus Scrimgeour, Phineus Black, Sir Arthur Weasley who’d been requested to come, but not why, Mr Percival, Dietrich Flieger, and Castor Steorra.

“So, how does this work?” Headmaster Scrimgeour asked.

“Right now the border between now, and then, today and tomorrow is paper thin.” Nova offered, popped open a compartment on her suitcase, from which came seven small lamps, orange, pink, blue, purple, vermilion, magenta, and green in color. They took up positions, hovering in a circle in the hallway forming a sort of gateway. A mist began to form, and the hallway that could be seen framed by the lamps began to take on a completely different look. “The link between will form a time warp if it works.”

“It’s astounding,” Marchbanks said.

“Time is Fleeting.” Castor offered.

“Madness takes its toll.” Beatrice offered as she approached. She’d figured something was up and had gone in search of Nova, and the Gryffindor ghoul was strumming quickly on a guitar.

“But listen closely,” Nova continued. “Not for very much longer, I’ve got to keep control.”

And then a ghost started playing the piano while singing.

I remember doing the time-warp

Drinking those moments when

The blackness would hit me

And the void would be calling…

And all the ghost sang:

Let's do the time-warp again

Let's do the time-warp again

And then nova instructed, “It’s just a jump to the left.”

All, “and then a step to the right.”

“With your hands on your hips,” Nova instructed.

And then everyone sang

You bring your knees in tight

But it’s the pelvic thrust

That really drives you insane

let’s do the time-warp again

let’s do the time-warp again

And then Nova said in a soft voice, “It’s so dreamy, of fantasy free me
So you can’t see me, no, not at all

More singing
In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention…

Nova was gone, but as in all songs sung in the MLP franchise, everyone was compelled to continue till the last note died.

“What just happened, and why are we all standing here?” Professor black asked as all the ghosts and ghouls melted away into the shadows. “Miss Lulamoon, why are you out of your dorm at night?”

:trixieshiftright:Beatrice Lulamoon wanted nothing more than to follow after Nova. Nova was her first, and best friend. Three years later she found the room of requirement, and within was stored the mirror of Erised. Seeing herself stepping into the mirror, she did just that. The passage seemed to take forever, and then she found herself in a small storeroom in a ruined old castle. What’s more, she was now a light blue unicorn with a white mane.

“Yes, I am the great and powerful Trrrixie!”

Author's Note:

Ya, it's not an MLP story without everyone braking into song at some point.
The time warp, Rocky Horror meats Harry Potter

The wind storm was inspired by a real life event that had happened a year earlier.

There is more I could have done, but I really wanted to push this forward.

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