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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 24: These ponies go to eleven

The equestrians marveled at the large, mostly empty, government building. It being a Sunday the place was nearly as empty as an abandoned ruin, and the people needed to set up the identifications for the Equestrians had to be called in. Not that they minded too much when they saw that they’d be helping cute girls, all of whom were very well dressed.

The men weren’t bad looking either.

“How come we weren’t provided with ID’s and passports when we went to school?” Sweetie Belle asked. Photos had been taken, documents signed, and all they need do now was to wait for everything to be put together. The wait in the boardroom provided for them was proving a little boring.

“Because, while you were at school you didn’t need it.” Bon Bon offered. “Being it’s an exclusive private school, they already knew who you were before you went, and they already had all the paperwork that was needed. - And for that matter, you had been scheduled to come in on Monday. The incident at the hotel changed that.”

“Oh.” Sweetie Belle replied unaware there had even been paperwork. There had actually been none beyond the acceptance letter she'd received. At the time, all Dumbledore knew, or cared about, was that their names had been added to the master enrollment book in that other handwriting. It had never occurred to him to require any sort of identification other than the letter they’d received. Even now Dumbledore just assumed Eques was just another country. The answer also seemed to satisfy a number of hangers-on who’d either been called in or were there to try to catch up on paperwork.

No one seemed to really know anything about them, nor had anyone even heard of the Kingdom of Eques. What they did know was that the Queen herself was keen on seeing to it they were welcomed, and when some enterprising individual decided to do an inquiry on them, they found out that the Moon family had a sizable account in the Bank of England. No one could be sure how much they were worth, only that the money had been wired from an offshore account some years back. It was an influx of foreign capital right when the economy needed it. Add to that, at least one individual had recognized Nova’s simple sundress that she’d worn along with Alalme’s outfit as being original Rarity creations. The entire party was wearing clothing made by Rarity, their Rarity, and the human Rarity was presently one of the fashion designers to watch. What Nova had worn was an old pony dress she’d received in another dimension with a few modifications to make it pass human sensibilities. Being a typical pony dress it was rather drafty in the front prior to modification.

There was as yet one remaining issue regarding the ponies, and that was what to do about identification for Alalme? Alalme was not a citizen of Equestria. Luna, Nova, Sweetie, Scootaloo, and Apple bloom would all have identification appropriate to visiting state VIPs. And the Shadowbolts were provided with embassy credentials, despite the fact they’d yet to have an established embassy the muggle government could recognize. I’m working out of my suitcase simply didn’t cut it.

“I was born in Scotland,” Alalme replied when asked if she was also an Equestrian.

“She, that is her family, are what you’d call expats.” Shimmer offered. “They’ve been living in Scotland for more generations then I can name.”

“I’m from Coille Airgid.” Alalme offered using the language native to Scotland to name the Silver Wood. Somehow it just made it sound more like a place that might actually exist within the human world. She did know the language but had few chances to use it these days. As is, her command of the English language had more than a few words that’d gone out of usage in the last ninety years, and a bit of a Scots Gael accent. Without knowing it she was projecting herself with all the airs of a fine young Scot’s dame.

“I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with that town.” The clerk offered. Where is it?”

“Well, it was in the highlands.” Alalme offered.


“Well, you English blew it up,” Alalme stated. She was feeling a bit cheeky.

“Now see here, we haven't blown up any towns in Scotland… at least not in the last...” She had to stop and think about it. Now when was the last time the English destroyed a town in Scotland?

“It was just shy of two weeks ago on account of the spider infestation.” Nova offered. “I doubt we’ll ever find any of her records.”

“Nova, do you mind? That’s a confidential matter.” Bon Bon scolded. “She doesn’t have the clearance. - Or any of the other people listening in.” Bon Bon added. “None of you heard anything.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Nova replied.

“We blew up a town in Scotland?” the clerk asked sounding stunned. “Just to kill a spider?”

“Sounds reasonable to me.” one of the other clerks offered.

“For what it’s worth I’m adopting her into our family,” Luna informed the clerks.

“It was a big spider.” Alalme offered. “The closest town is Hogsmeade, though they’d not likely have any records as they’ve no government offices to speak of.”

“It’s an undocumented region nestled right between County Aird, and the Muir of Ord.” Bon Bon offered. “We’ve only just recently discovered it. - There’s a whole community of people who’ve no documentation aside from their own family records. - In fact, since the advent of Satellite surveying, we’ve been discovering little pockets all over the United Kingdom.”

“I see.” The clerk replied sounding stunned. The fact that the citizenry of the UK tended to resist any kind of national identification only helped lend credence to what she was hearing. She also recalled seeing an article about a village in Japan that had been completely cut off from the modern word do to its remote location. “Miss Silverwood, when were you born?”

“In or a-boot eighteen eighty-five.” Alalme offered.

“Let’s just use a projected date.” Luna offered.

“Eighteen Eighty-Five!” The clerk exclaimed.

“Part of the reason they are getting preferential treatment. - Miss Alalme’s case is rated as a matter concerning The Doctor.” Bon Bon offered. “It’s all rather confidential, but to put it in terms you’ll understand, it’s a similar situation to that of the Scandinavian countries offering dual citizenship to that Thor fellow. - Also, keep in mind that what I just told you is highly confidential.”

Eques literally intersected with England in several locations thanks to the mirror portals. There was also a connection in the states, as well as a known naturally occurring connection on a remote semi-tropic island in the Caribbean, but the clerk hardly needed to know any of that. Not at the moment. The island having been found to be uninhabited for ‘reasons’ was now undergoing a makeover to tame and/or outright eliminate some of those reasons, and to make it look like a former British colony. Many of the reasons being due to the other end of the connection being located in the Everfree and all manner of extremely dangerous plants and creatures had found their way through the portal.

“Oh, I see.” The clerk offered. “They aren’t going to become involved in some super battle are they?”

“Super battle?” Apple Bloom asked. She wasn’t sure if such a thing was a good thing or a bad thing. Could a pony get a cutie mark battling supers, she wondered? Having their cutie marks would not stop the crusaders from exploring, and categorizing every known cutie mark.

“If called upon by the Queen of England to assist in any matter that pertains to the protection of this land we will act, but as a rule, we do not wish to become involved in internal, or external affairs any more then we can help it.” Luna offered.

“So is that a no?” The clerk asked.

“I sure hope so.” Sweetie Belle offered.

“We do not wish to become embroiled in the dealings of metas.” Luna offered. “Not if we can help it. - Part of the reason we are being so secretive is so that we do not attract the attention of such individuals, criminal elements, or other governments who might get it into their heads to try to exploit us.” Luna also knew full well the higher-ups in the government of the UK would be measuring well her words.

“Ah, yes of course.” The clerk offered. “Quite sensible really.”

“And in that light, the Prime Minister would appreciate you saying only that you were called in to help provide identification to a visiting Princess do to an oversight.” Bon Bon offered. “And if anyone asks where Eques is, you may tell them it’s a former colony that got swallowed up by the Bermuda triangle. - It’s in the Caribbean, and we thought discretion best.”

The island in the Caribbean wasn’t unknown to any of the equestrians present, as they’d all been briefed on its approximate location and Celestia’s intentions for it. After all, they would need to go public, sooner or later. Later was preferred as the Island needed a lot of work to make it look like people had been living there ‘continuously’ for years. The island itself was surrounded by dangerous reefs where many a lost ship lay to include a recent cruise liner. Details of the wreck had been heavily covered by the tabloid press and squelched in the mainstream press due to the fact that none of the survivors could account for how they ended up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, USA. On the island, itself could be found the remains of a number of makeshift huts along the shoreline, along with downed aircraft scattered about. The area around the portal was surrounded by a number of stone ruins that looked more Greek then South American and featured reliefs of winged unicorns. What became of the people, well most of the people, was open to debate with three likely possibilities. One they got off the island, two they found their way to Equestria and were subsequently transformed, and three… well, they’d found the remains of a few who’d succumbed to the third option.

“Yes of course. With all due discretion.” The clerk and the various other people in the office agreed. No, it simply did not do to be saying things that would fall upon the ears of the wrong sort of people.

“Now what about the foals?” Alalme asked.

“Foals?” The clerk asked. Bon Bon took that moment to facepalm.

“Our children. They were born in Scotland in the Hogsmeade area, and have had all their appropriate inoculations for their ages.” Nova said quickly. “And are presently at an estate I am in possession of in the care of our staff.” She herself had received several inoculations shortly after Loki had arrived to include such things as Tetanus, Equine Encephalomyelitis, Rabies, Equine Herpes virus, and Equine Influenza. If they ever had to show their shot records to the humans it was going to be quite a surprise.

“I don’t imagine that’s going to be an issue.” The clerk offered while looking the girls over. They all seemed far too young to be having babies, causing her to reevaluate the ages of the girls. At Luna’s prompting Alalme’s age was put down as twenty with Louise, and Nova being put down as seventeen. “You may wish to make sure you have birth certificates. - Married?”

“Widowed.” Alalme offered. “His name was Freawine, the young Chief of clan Coille Airgid.” A sadness crossed her face. “There aren’t many of us left.”

Nova announcing that the father of her foal child had also been the Chief, raised quite a few eyebrows. As for Scootaloo, well she couldn't very well name a father now, could she? Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are the fathers, just wasn’t going to cut it. Alalme came to their rescue and informed everyone that Nova’s son was actually her elder sister’s child who never saw her own, and the father of Scootaloo’s child had been her elder brother Angus. Both having been killed. For the clerks, it was sounding like the young lord had married the elder sister, who’d died in childbirth, married Alalme followed by the lord and the brother passing away. This was followed by Nova taking in what was left of the family following some horrific event no one wished to speak of, and had been given primary custody of the infant son. There were of course concerns, but Luna impressed on the government officials that the girls had plenty of support.

When they’d finished, Luna leaned over to Alalme, and quietly suggested she be more careful about what sort of information she volunteers.

“I’m so sorry.” Alalme offered as Nova gave her a hug.

“It’s alright. I screwed up too, and you’ve never really had to guard what you say. Just keep in mind that they have a whole slew of laws concerning what they think of as livestock. - They might get it into their heads to demand we surrender our babies.” Alalme shuddered at the thought. “You did make up for it though.” Nova gave her another hug. “As long as we remember to use the human terms we should be good.”

“So where to now?” Scootaloo asked as she too leaned in and gave Alalme a hug. “Are we done now?”

“Well...” Bon Bon began. “The family have all been invited to have lunch at Ten Downing Street.” With the exception of Luna, the ponies all looked at Bon Bon wondering if that was supposed to mean something. “You’ll see.”

From their present location, they were escorted through the building, down to an inner parking area, through an archway, and out onto Downing Street via a gate. Number ten was right across the street at a slight diagonal. They also took note of the police standing about, along with the iron fences surrounding the building, at either end of the street along with more police, and quite a few onlookers on the other side of the fence.

“Thought we were going to Number ten?” Sweetie Belle asked as they walked right on past to Number Eleven.

“This group goes to eleven. You'll meet the Prime minister and tour the offices, but for the sake of deniability we'll actually be in number eleven.” Bon Bon offered as she presented her pass to the officer standing outside number eleven. “Now, we kind of need to split up at this point, as the security detail isn’t to go inside. - Princess Luna, Nova, Alalme, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom.”

“Let's not leave Loki out,” Nova stated more than requested.

“Loki?” Bon Bon asked giving her a puzzled look.

“Ensign Loki Moon.” Loki offered.

“He is legally my son after all.” Luna offered with a smile. Technically they are all family, but we won't push it."

“He is?” Bon Bon asked sounding surprised. "They are?" It was a tidbit of information that wasn’t widely known. The Bolts were also technically family in that they’d been banished right along with Luna during that fateful fight so long ago. Princess Celestia wanted to break up the group and send them all out to pasture as it were. Celestia’s idea of making it up to them for what had happened. They were offered a pension, and the opportunity to go forth and do all the things they ever dreamed of. Being Princess Luna’s personal guard was the one thing they’d all dreamed of. Luna made them her legal wards complete with titles and put the decision in their hooves. They had nowhere else to go. So the bolts all choose to stay together and continue their duties towards Princess Luna. All be it in a somewhat more relaxed fashion.

“And Loki has got ideas about changing his status from adopted son to son in law.” Shimmer offered. There was a high possibility Shimmer and Luna would wind up as mothers in law, and if the herd didn’t split, that would also include Rarity, Princess Celestia, and the Apple family in that group as well, which meant Loki had his work cut out for him. The next Apple family reunion had the potential to be really big.

“Oh does he now?” Bon Bon said with a smile for Nova, and the other fillies.

“He’s got his work cut out for him,” Luna emphasized with a wink.

“Well then, we’ll be including Loki.” Bon Bon offered.

“What about our security team?” Nova asked. “I do so hate to leave them in the lurch.”

“Yes, of course.” Bon Bon offered and had a quick word with one of the officers who said they’d find them an escort.

“Alice...” Nova called softly to the Lieutenant. She then pulled out the cash she had on her and gave it to Alice. “I’m fairly sure you’ve no local currency, and you can pay me back whenever it’s convenient. Preferably while in Eques because I'm poor as a church pony back home.” Church ponies were likely descended from humans who'd found their way through a portal, but when one is in a world where the reigning goddess is both tangible and can tell you what they think without the need for an intermediary, it kind of puts a stop to people trying to make things up to suit their own selfishness. As such, the places of worship that had been established quickly morphed into simple shrines with the ponies running them having to go out and work for their living.

“You’re giving her money, and no one else?” Captain Hoofstrong asked teasingly.

“I know she has a good head for finances.” Nova offered as Luna decided the cash Nova had given her might not be enough for the six and gave them the cash she had on hand. A few moments later the now smaller group entered number eleven.

What they entered looked more like a modest apartment converted to office space than a proper government building. Bon Bon led them into a modest entrance hall, through a corridor, and into a lounge with green curtains and upholstery. Bon Bon asked them to wait, left the room, and they were joined a short time later by a Mister Robin Butler, a gentleman by name of Colin McColl along with Prime Minister John Major, and his wife Norma.

“Gentlemen, Mam, Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna.” Bon Bon offered, followed by polite bows, and then Bon Bon introduced everyone else.

“Princess Luna, it is so good to finally get to meet with you in person.” Mr Butler offered. "We've much to discus."

“Yes, indeed.” John Major echoed.

“And it seems we owe you a debt of gratitude.” McColl offered. “Just one thing though, how many of our people are your people?”

“Norma, why don’t you take the young people for a tour of number ten.” John Major suggested. Mr McColl has some concerns he’d like to address before lunch.

“Yes, yes, of course.” Mrs Major offered and escorted Nova, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Alalme, and Loki back out into the hallway.

“Spies, you mean don’t you?” Luna teased once the others were out of earshot. “Don’t think of them as spies, think of them as bodyguards. - Extra special advisers.”

“Bodyguards? Do you mean to sit there and freely admit to infiltrating our government?” McColl asked.

“It’s not like we tried to hide that we are from Eques.” Bon Bon offered. “It’s on my application as country of origin.” After all, no pony wanted to get in trouble for falsifying an application. How the applications went through without ever being questioned had baffled the Equestrians.

“Churchill’s stroke wasn’t natural,” Luna informed the three men before they’d a chance to react to Bon Bon’s revelation. “Let’s just say that when we discovered the schism within your government where one side was completely unaware of the other… well, let's face it, you’ve got organized crime running a secret branch of your own government. I might even go so far as to say a nation within a nation. - It was in our best interests to do something about it, starting with the most dangerous individual of the bunch. - The spiders were just a side project, and you can’t deny that needed to be done. - Either way, we knew that sooner or later we’d start ruffling feathers, and if they couldn't strike at us, they might go after you.” She gave them a moment to mull what she’d said, and then continued. “There is absolutely no oversight of what goes on in that community, and a few have been responsible for some serious collateral damage. If the worst of the magic users were to gain power over their government, and yes, they’ve come very close to doing it, and if they were to discover one of our portals...” Luna paused for a moment. “Well, I think you might possibly just be able to imagine the damage it could do.”

“It looks like I owe Miss Bon here far more than I realized.” John Major offered.

“These people are mired in the feudal age with attitudes to match.” Shimmer offered. “They are just touching the edges of the industrial revelation, and yet it’d take an army of metas to even have a hope of stopping them should they ever unite against the non-magic users.”

“War on a scale you can’t possibly imagine.” Luna offered. “Starting with terrorist actions you’d be powerless to stop. - They could topple your government overnight.”

“Ergo the meta department we were helped to set up at MI6.” Mr Butler offered, sounding resigned.

“Military Intelligence Black ops unit,” McColl said dryly. “Can’t say we didn’t need it. - Even before Prime Minister John Major and Mr Butler informed me of the issue, we needed a special unit. - And you are saying Churchill’s stroke wasn’t natural, that he’d been, well... assaulted?”

“My understanding is his staff all knew. It’s why it was hushed up.” Luna offered. “Churchill wanted to reign in that government. He didn’t like the idea that there was a shadow government he had no control over. - That no one had any control over. They don't even answer to the Queen, and we find that most distressing.”

What Luna told them had left a rather cold sinking feeling in their guts. The idea that they could get their brains scrambled, and be powerless to do anything about it was rather unsettling. Nor was the idea that an outside government had infiltrated their government any easier to take. Regardless of how beneficial that infiltration might have been.

“And this from someone who doesn’t want to get involved in our affairs.” Mr Butler drolled.

“A strong unified England under wise beneficial leadership is our best defense strategy.” Luna offered. “I’ve given you what you need, and pray that our faith in you is not misplaced.”

“Last year’s mortar attacks?” McColl asked.

“Completely unrelated to the wizard community I’m afraid.” Luna offered apologetically. "At least so far as we've been able to determine. There were some German connections in the 1940tys to certain organizations, but that seems to have been some time ago." From there she decided it best to tell them about the island they’d found, and their plans for a cover story. The fact that Equestria had no individual using the title of King or Queen would help cement the notion that they were indeed a former colony now seeking a relationship with the mother country. The caveat, or perhaps icing, depending on one’s point of view, was that the region was plagued with naturally occurring electromagnetic phenomenon, as well as what could be considered magical radiation, that made campuses and electronics all but useless. Fortunately, the equestrian tech had a way around these issues, but that was going to be maintained as a state secret.


Elsewhere, the young ponies are being introduced to James, John Major’s son, who was kind enough to offer them some biscuits prior to lunch. He’d just graduated high school and was now in his first year of college. He was also prone to pranks and was quite bemused when his latest victims actually liked the biscuits his older sister had brought back from college.

“James, what have you done with the biscuits I brought back from school?” His sister called as she came down the hall. “Those are for the ponies.”

“Once again, I’m undone by a cookie,” Nova muttered and took another bite.

“James?! How could you?” Elizabeth asked with a horrified expression on the realization that the horse biscuits had been given to guests.

“They are actually quite good.” Alalme offered as she looked at hers. “Should I be concerned as to what’s in them? - The thing is, I’m nursing right now, and I wouldn't want to be ingesting anything that might be bad for the babies.”

“No, they are relatively harmless.” Elizabeth offered. “They are a mineral and vitamin supplement. - Don’t you find them a bit salty though?”

“No more so then salted licorice.” Apple Bloom offered while James muttered something about aliens.

“Nursing, as in you have a baby?” Norma Major asked sounding stunned. “At your age?”

“Hi, I’m Nova.” Nova offered to the newcomer hoping to deflect the awkward question that was about to be asked. “This is Alalme Silverwood, Louise Magnus, Scootaloo to her friends, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Loki Moon.”

“Those sound like pony names,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

“Did you say Loki?!” James asked sounding as though he wasn’t sure if he should be thrilled or horrified.

“Not that Loki.” Loki offered. James deflated a little.

“And you’ve a baby?” Mrs. Major asked.

“Yes, she has an adorable little girl named Alya.” Scootaloo offered. “My daughter is Rose Myrtle, and Nova has a son named Goldwine.”

“I was rather hoping to avoid that conversation.” Nova offered with a smile.

“Well, I figured, I might just as well get it out there.” Scootaloo offered.

“All three of you have babies?”

“I took in Alalme, Alya, and Goldwine after their family was killed. By our customs, I’m Goldwine’s surrogate mother.” Nova offered. “And we aren’t really supposed to talk about what happened.”

“Oh, the spiders, I heard about that. - You’re from there aren’t you?” James asked with an edge of excitement to his voice.

“That’s supposed to be a confidential matter.” Nova protested. She wasn’t about to mention the wyrm, but apparently, the spiders weren’t quite the secret she’d hoped they’d be. Surely he hadn't heard about it from someone in the office? News travels fast, but he was far more likely to have heard it from some other source.

“So it’s true,” James stated excitedly. “I heard about it from...”

Loki had maneuvered behind him and placed his right hand on the young man’s shoulder giving it a hard squeeze. “Alalme lost her entire family. Do please have some decorum.” He whispered. “And have a care who overhears such talk.” By rights the two looked like they were around the same age, no, Loki was closer to Elizabeth’s age in general build and appearance. Granted that Loki’s physique was that of a full grown horse who was battle hardened. He let loose once he was satisfied James had gotten the message.

“Let's see if lunch is ready, shall we?” Mrs Major offered. She’d seen the look on her son’s face and chose to ignore it. The boy was being impertinent.

“Goldwine’s birth mother was Alalme’s sister,” Nova explained as they headed for the corridor. “They are with a sitter right now.”

“Still though, the three of you seem rather young, if you don’t mind my saying so. - Alalme, dear, when were you born?”

“Eighteen-eighty-five.” Alalme offered. “They put nineteen-seventy-two on my identification.”

“We all had to use projected dates.” Loki offered. “Still using the lunar calendar.”

“I see. - And when were you born, if you don’t mind my asking.” Mrs Major asked.

“Oh, I’d have to say some time around the end of the tenth century.” Loki offered.

“He’s teasing.” Nova offered with a smile. “He’s twenty.”

“I’m an Ensign in our country's military.” Loki offered as they turned down the hall and made their way back in the direction they’d come.

They found their way back down to the Green Room of Number eleven, where by this time, those gathered had switched to far lighter topics of conversation. They all had a seat, and a short time later, household staff came and let them know that lunch had been served in the small dining hall in number eleven.

The girls have been telling me that they’ve got babies.” Mrs Major announced as they sat down for lunch.

“Dear Alalme is a widow.” Luna offered. “Her family were victims of some rather dangerous nonnative animals that were illegally imported, bred, and set to roam.”

“Probably not the best topic for the table.” John Major offered.

“The school for all its exclusiveness isn’t up to standards either.” Luna offered. “Though I’m not too concerned with Nova’s education. She actually understands quantum entanglement.”

“I’ve kept up on my mathematics on my own.” Nova offered.

“Quantum entanglement? Impressive. - Are you saying they don’t teach mathematics?” Mrs Major asked.

“They teach logic.” Nova offered, casting a glance at her as servants brought in the food. “But yes, their mathematics is lacking.”

“No higher mathematics, limited literature, no formal writing courses, and their history class is abysmal. It’s mostly a trade school.” Luna offered. “I had the opportunity to teach there for a short time, and I’m afraid to say that they aren’t even up to their own standards.”

“That sounds like you are going to pull us out,” Sweetie suggested. “Not that it’s been a bed of roses.”

“It’s been an interesting, and educational experience.” Scootaloo offered. “But I’d understand if you wanted to pull us out.”

“Far as I’m concerned, you got too much education.” Luna said in a mildly scolding manner.” Mrs Major raised an eyebrow figuring she knew what Luna’s comment meant. Scootaloo opened her mouth and then shut it again on realizing the implications. Nor could she explain about the egg to the humans. “Still though, I’d want Rose to be a part of your life, no matter the circumstances, and I’m sure you miss Mr Angus a great deal.” Luna continued giving her a smile. "Louise is also a widow." Might just as well stick with the dead husband story. “And no, I don’t have any plans to pull anyone out just yet. I’ve still got it in mind to do a bit of meddling yet. See if we can’t bring them up to standards first.”

“Hear hear.” John Major offered with a smile.

Luna then went on to tell Mrs Major how Louise had suffered similar circumstances as Alalme had. Returning to Equestria was going to be another problem as it was going to look like Scootaloo had been fooling around, and had to be sent away because of it.

Elsewhere in the depths below Whitehall, Dumbledore has arrived at his government office to find a delegation from the ICW waiting on him. Concerning as this visit was, it wasn’t anywhere near as concerning as the smirk on the face on the painting of the Roman goddess of the moon. It was the exact likeness of Princess Luna. Indeed it was Princess Luna for all intents and purposes.

“I’d suggest you take a seat and make yourself comfortable, but I see you already have.” Dumbledore offered not bothering to look at them. The painting had been there as long as he’d had the office, and yet it was Princess Luna. Was she also a time traveler, or was she really that old?

“Professor Dumbledore.” One of the wizards said addressing him. Dumbledore continued to gaze at the painting. “We have serious matters to discuss.”

“For what it’s worth the muggle government has carefully orchestrated the evidence against former Minister Fudge and certain others to look like a rather mundane case of corruption.” Dumbledore offered. He didn't have to be told why they were there. “It’s his own undoing for telling the muggle court what his real job is.”

“And have you done anything about it?” a member of the delegation asked.

“By any chance have you seen the photo spread in the Daily Prophet?” Dumbledore asked. His tone was noncommittal, casual, and seemed to be a bit off topic concerning the issue of Minister Fudge.

“We have. - Care to explain how the situation got so bad that the muggle government had to clean it up for you?”

“You’ve dodged my question, Professor. What have you done about the muggles?”

“They’ve confiscated my wands,” Dumbledore replied tersely. Granted that he suspected that the elder wand had never fully accepted him else it shouldn't have been so easy to pick his pockets. “They are being helped.”


Dumbledore pointed at the large painting of the goddess Luna.

“Oh, you are not seriously going to tell me the Roman goddess Luna is behind all that’s been going on?”

“So don’t believe me.” Dumbledore offered with a shrug. “They’ve taken Hagrid’s dog too.”

“I’ve a report from our people inspecting the bombed-out village.” Offered a Japanese member of the delegation. “They reported being watched by armored unicorns the entire time they’ve been out there.”

“We have in our school this year some of the most interesting students.” Dumbledore offered and made his way to the seat behind his desk. They watched him while wondering what any of that had to do with armored unicorns, and weren't that a bit off topic? This was the first Dumbledore had heard of armored unicorns but then considering there had been armored pegasi… “We’ve several new students who have the most amazing animagus forms.” He offered as he sat down. “A Gryffindor first year can turn herself into a unicorn. Another Gryffindor first year can turn herself into a horned pegasus. A first-year Slytherin achieved the form of a white thestral. There is another who seems to have two forms, that of a horned pegasus, and a small white fox with wings. - Would you happen to know anything about celestial foxes?”

“A student who can turn into a winged fox?” Asked one of the delegates with a look of confusion. “Do you mean an albino flying fox?”

“No, they have wings just like an owl. Rather fluffy, and would be easy to miss when folded up.” Dumbledore offered. "Mr Yamada, did you have something?"

“Just the one fox?” Mr Yamada asked. His expression indicated he’d a good idea what sort of fox was being spoken of.

“I’m to understand there are two, counting a wild one. Assuming there aren’t three, counting our student.” Dumbledore offered.

“Number of tails?”

“I wouldn't know,” Dumbledore replied the others looked at their college wondering what it was he knew? “Same girl that attended school in nineteen-oh-three. Back then Slytherin’s monster was smoked out, and killed by a Night Mare.”

“Kamii-sama.” Mr Yamada hissed under his breath, followed by the announcement, “I’ve heard enough.” as he got up.

“Now hold on Mr Yamada, we aren’t finished here.” One of his colleges chastised.

“You may not be, but I am.” Mr Yamada corrected. “Professor Dumbledore has just told us that he has at least one individual identified as, or at least suspected of being a divine personage, possibly more, and at least two byakkosan. More commonly known as Inari foxes, but could be thought of in terms of a Tenshi kitsune, an angel fox, or Divine Celestial Fox. Granted they aren't generally depicted with wings in mundane art, but it's well known that they can fly. And yes, the wings can be hard to spot if tucked up due to the texture of the wing. They also have powerful magic and can use that to augment their flight. Humans don’t transform into magical beings, it’s the other way around. Young byakkosan always serves a powerful master, and they aren’t paying me enough to get involved. You could very well be facing an uprising of powerful magical creatures who have grown sick and tired of English businesses as usual.”

“For what it’s worth they went after Voldemort.” Dumbledore offered to give himself time to process what he’d just been told. From everything he presently knew it might be worse than just an uprising of magical creatures. “Telling everyone he got away with the Philosopher’s stone was just a way to get his old followers to turn on each other. - And the boy who obtained the form of a white thestral is well known to me. He's no divine being.”

“It doesn't mean he's not somehow in league with such beings. They've taken an interest, that you can be sure of, and I suppose it was only a matter of time till the dark wizards in England attracted the attention of some heavy hitters.” Mr Yamada offered. “They’ll likely not stop until they’ve turned your world upside down. - Good day gentlemen.” And with that, he bowed to them and left.

“I do believe he’s serious.”

“Well then, short of losing my job I’d say I’m in the clear,” Dumbledore stated. The idea that he might be on the hit list could never cross his mind. After all, he was always striving for the greater good. Still, though, he was troubled. How far would Princess Luna go to obtain her goals?

“Now here’s the thing...” Dumbledore continued as though nothing untoward had just happened. “We tell the Prime minister about magic. There is nothing that says he can’t discuss the matter with former Prime Ministers. It allows them to confirm that our little visit wasn’t some kind of prank. They may in accordance to the law tell their family, and those working for them who’ve a need to know.” He raised his hands momentarily to forestall any protests. “The thing is, they don’t want the average muggle to know about magic anymore then we do. They fear it could lead to hysteria, and I’d say it’s a justified fear. At the same time the office of the Prime Minister wants to have a more open relationship between their office, and the Ministry of Magic to better cope with issues such as our recent spider infestation. I honestly had no idea the problem was as bad as it was, and if they could have come to me, and told me what they knew, we could have acted much sooner. - And presumably with fewer witnesses.”

“The ICW isn't going to like it.”

“Well if Mr Yamada is right,” Dumbledore cautioned, “they may not get much say in the matter.”

As for Mr Yamada, he hadn’t gotten far when he was stopped by Trixie.

“Can I help you, Miss?”

“Trixie, the great and powerful, Minister of Magic, and no, I’m not a fox." She said on approaching him. She'd a rather devilish smile as she knew full well what had been discussed in Dumbledor's office. "I do know a few, and yes, there is a nine tail involved.” Trixie couldn't help but smile at the look on the man’s face. “Dumbledore endangered all the students this year by bringing both the Philosopher’s stone to the school, and a Cerberus which was placed in a corridor the students had access too.” She handed him a file folder marked INTERPOL, Eyes Only.

“And this?”

“Someone stole a dragon egg, all but gave it to Hagrid to get information out of him. The egg was tracked by its mother. The dragon had to be put down by Thor, the Nordic god of thunder. The muggle governments tracked the incident and did your job for you in hushing it up. If Dumbledore had not brought the Philosopher's stone to Hogwarts that incident would never have happened." She gave him a moment to soak in what she'd just said. "I do hope you have a nice trip home.” And then without another word, turned around, and began to walk away.

“Hang on, dragon?” He called rushing to catch up. “What became of the egg, and what do you expect me to do with this?”

“The egg hatched, certain students managed to talk Hagrid into getting rid of it and organized a plan to get it out of the country. It was taken to a Romanian Dragon sanctuary. Harry Potter was one of the students involved in doing what Dumbledore should have taken care of himself, was caught out of the dorm at night after having passed off said dragon, and given detention along with two others. The students, all first years, were placed into the very care of the man responsible for bringing not only a dragon on campus but releasing class 5X creatures into the forest as well. Hagrid then took those first years out into the forest to help him go unicorn hunting, he abandoned them, and our boy in question, one Mr Harry Potter, who nearly got killed. - Surely the boy who lived deserves better than that?"

“And I’m assuming I’m supposed to show this to someone?”

“Indeed. Present it to the ICW when you make your report concerning Professor Dumbledore's activities that have brought about this new understanding we have with the muggle government.”

“You know they want blood.”

“We are counting on it,” Trixie informed him with a big smile on her face. “We are counting on it.” She started laughing, he stopped dead in his tracks, and just watched as she walked down the hall. He figured she was likely quite mad, and he’d just been ensnared in her madness.

Author's Note:

Ready or not, and here's hoping their aren't too many goofs.

The title is actually a 'Spinal Tap' reference.

One of the things the books failed to address was the political fall out concerning what had happened at the school that year. In the canon material, 'the whole school knew' or at lest everyone knew some version concerning what had happened. Professor Quirrel had gone after the stone, and Harry had stopped him. Rumors would have run rampant, and it would have still been a hot topic when everyone went home. Granted my version is decidedly different, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill. Quirrel is still identified as the person who went after the stone, and Harry still ends up in the hospital wing. Students still go home and tell their families, and this time around we have a major breach of the secrecy laws.

There is a political backlash mounting against Dumbledore, and Princess Luna is no stranger to back door politics.

I'll be honest I hadn't really planed a lot of this out, but in the process of thinking about cause and effect, how one action leads to another, I found myself just a little further down that rabbit hole. :trixieshiftright:

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