• Published 3rd Aug 2012
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Weak wings and a useless unicorn. - Sugar Moon

Rarity wants nothing more than applejack but will she be generous enough to take in an orphan?

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Chapter three

"Rarity, can I speak with you outside for a spell?"

Rarity nodded, so Applejack trotted towards the door. She opened it, and ushered Rarity outside into the hall, before turning to face Scootaloo.

"We'll be right outside, sugar, so don't you go nowhere. You don't want me to have to find ya," she warned, closing the door behind her.

Scootaloo was all alone in the hospital room.

They knew now. Both of them did, and soon, so would her friends. Know that she was a orph-
She stopped her mind from thinking the word. Panic was beginning to set in, but she forced herself to calm down and run through her options. The way she saw it, there were three. First, she could run away. It wouldn't be so bad, would it? It wasn't as if she had a lot of stuff. Just pack up what few precious things she did have, and put them in a bindle. She could probably make it to the next town on her scooter before anypony knew where she went. Well, except Rainbow dash. She wasn't that fast.

The Running of the leaves proved how fast Dash was, at least when she wasn't cheating. Crud. The Running of the leaves. The little filly remembered with a hint of disdain that Applejack was in that as well. She might even have been as fast as Dash, if not faster. Applejack would catch her, that much was becoming clear.

Even if she wanted to, she couldn't run away. Applejack's threat made sure of that. Besides, she wanted to stay here. All of her friends were here; she couldn't leave them. What would Dash say to her running away. "Jeez squirt, abandoning your friends cause you're scared? What a wuss. Would I, THE Rainbow Dash, do that? Me, the most awesomest pegasus ever? Don't forget, I'm the element of loyalty. And I thought you were my most loyal fan," The phantom Rainbow Dash murmured sadly.

That did it. There was no way she could leave now. She'd be letting down too many ponies. She wouldn't do that to her friends.

So she was staying. That narrowed her options down to two. Namely, Applejack or Rarity.

She could stay with AJ for a while, before... she shuddered. Being put in a home. No, she couldn't do that. Staying with Applejack would be great. She was almost as cool as Dash, but the second part? There was no way in Tartarus that she would ever go to a home. She wasn't scared. Nuh-uh. It's just that homes are for stupid ponies who were alone. She wasn't alone. Okay, technically she was on her own, but she wasn't alone. She had everypony she could ever need. Her friends, Dash, and even Dash’s friends. She wasn't alone, was she?

But if she was put in a home, then she would be alone. Her friends might visit, and maybe even Rainbow would, but then they'd go. And she'd be alone again. Just like when Mom di... Stop it, she mentally castigated herself. Don't think about that. You're not alone. You're not alone. You've got your friends, and Rainbow Dash, and… Rarity?
She thought now on what Rarity had said. "I'll do it."

Live with Rarity? Frou-frou, fussy Rarity? She'd probably make her wear dresses all the time.
That sounded almost as bad as going into a home. Almost.

Could she do it? Live with Rarity? She'd still be in Ponyville, so that was a plus. And she could hang out with Sweetie Belle all the time. There was definitely an upside to this.

She made her decision. Rarity was the only option, and besides, it would only be for a little while. It's not like Rarity was trying to adopt her or anything.

She chuckled. Rarity adopting her? Now that was silly.

Outside in the hall, Rarity was looking at an angry Applejack.

"What in tarnation are you playing at?" Rarity could almost see the smoke coming out of the earth pony's nose. "Do you know what you’re saying? What this means? She ain't some fancy cat, Rarity; you can't just take her in ‘cause you think you need a new ponnequin."

"What in the name of Luna's bright flank are you saying Applejack? That I'm doing this because I need a new model? Do not be so dense. I'm doing this because I care about her. Don't you?"

"Of course I do, but I'm being realistic. I can't look after her. She needs to go to an orphanage. She can find a proper family there, and somepony who can look after her. She needs that. She deserves that."

"How long do you think she'd be at the orphanage, hmm? How long before somepony actually decides to adopt her? Nopony adopts fillies who are that old, and even if they did, would they love her nearly as much as one of us would? As much as what our sisters feel for her?"

Looking straight into the fashionista's eyes, Applejack had to admit she had a point. She had never seen Rarity look so determined. She was going to do this.

"Land sakes girl, are you sure about this?"

"I've never been more sure. She can live with me, and I can adopt her. She doesn't have to go to a home. I'm not going to force her to live with me, but it’s an option, and truthfully, I want her to. She may be a handful, but I care about her. And I know you do too, darling."

"You know I do, sugarcube. I just want to do what’s best for her. Are you absolutely sure about this? I know you're the element of generosity, but this is a big step, even for you."

Rarity walked closer to Applejack. She knew that this was what she wanted. Knew that if Scootaloo was willing, that she would adopt her in a heartbeat. It was the right thing to do.

"Yes. I am going to look after her with the same fervour that I would look after Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, you, or the rest of the girls. When she was lying there on the ground, unconscious, I realised I cared for her as much as I did my sister. I couldn't bear to see her hurt. I'd give anything to make her safe. To make her happy. So that's just what I'm going to do."

Applejack quietly listened to these words, replaying them in her head. Rarity was sincere. She wanted to protect Scootaloo as much as she did her own sister, or even her. Applejack blushed, thinking back to what she learned earlier. "She wants to date me." Her face turning a shade resembling her brother, she pushed those thoughts out of her head. No time for that. I've gotta think about what’s best for Scootaloo. Is Rarity the right choice? As she replayed the words Rarity had said so passionately, she knew the answer.

"Rarity, that's what I wanted to hear," Applejack said, smiling at a now befuddled Rarity. “You love her like she's yer own kith an' kin. I support ya. And I'm here for you and her. I'm going to help in every way I can."

Squealing with delight, Rarity threw her hooves around Applejack and hugged her close, not noticing Applejack’s furious blush.

"Darling, thank you. This is the right thing to do, you know. I may be young for a mother, but with you and the rest of the girls helping, I know everything will be perfect. Especially with your help."

Applejack stammered, trying to think of something to say.

But she couldn't think of anything, except how Rarity felt in her hooves.