• Published 10th Sep 2018
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Fizzlepop's Number One Assistant - milesprower06

Settling into his new life in Ponyville, Grubber wonders how he can best help out with Fizzlepop's duties around the castle.

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Help Wanted...?

"Ugh. And here I thought a day off meant you have to find your own misplaced books..." Spike grumbled as he came out of the front doors of the castle, seeing Grubber on the front railing, content to watch the construction taking place east of the castle.

"Ah, I see you've found the future School of Friendship. Twilight says it's going to look amazing when it's finished. Hopefully by this August. In fact, I think today she's writing invitations to Princess Celestia, Prince Rutherford, Queen Novo, Princess Ember, and King Thorax to see if they have any prospective students they'd like to send at the end of the summer."

"It should be interesting having so many different creatures in one place. So, what's next?"

"Well, if she sticks to her schedule, spoiler alert, she does, she'll be heading into town to have a quick meeting with Mayor Mare, so we've actually got a little time to ourselves. Knowing us, we could get together an early lunch if you like."

As if on cue, the front doors opened and Fizzlepop came down the front steps, with saddlebags strapped to the back of her chestplate.

"Good morning, you two. Taking in Twilight's new school?" She asked, stopping at the bottom of the stairs to greet the hedgehog and dragon.

"Yep. We're just taking a short breather."

"Breather? From what?"

"Spike's showing me the basics of being an asssistant. I'm hoping to fit in somewhere with your squad!" Grubber exclaimed, standing up on the railing excitedly.

"O...oh. Is that so?" Fizzlepop asked, doing a quick check of her composure.

"Don't worry. We'll make sure to stay out of the way." Spike reassured her.

"I see. I'm just headed out for my weekly meeting with the mayor. Say, Spike, could I talk to you for a quick second? Just a few quick pointers." Fizzlepop said, continuing her trot down the road towards town.

"Sure. Hey Grubber, meet you in the kitchen?"

"You got it, Spike." The hedgehog answered, hopping off the banister and headed back inside while Spike caught up with Fizzepop.

"So, I appreciate the sentiment, Spike, but I'm not exactly concerned with you being in the way. When were you thinking of telling me? This squad thrives on efficient communication."

"He came to me with the idea just a few days ago. I figured we'd get an idea of your routine, then come up with some ways of how he could fit in." Spike explained.

"And how's that coming so far?"

"Honestly, not that great. Twilight's right; you and your squad are extremely self-sufficient."

"A fact that I continue to take pride in. Spike, even if I don't need one, I'm not sure I want Grubber trying to assist me."

Spike wasn't exactly expecting a reply like that, and it showed in his expression.

"Um, why not?"

"It's complicated. But I think it's best to nip this in the bud before he ends up putting in a lot of effort just to be disappointed. Since you're the one that entertained this idea, I'd appreciate it if you found some way to un-entertain it."

With that, Major Fizzlepop was on her way into town, leaving a rather perplexed Spike in front of the castle.

As he made his way back inside towards the dining room, he suddenly wasn't sure this was such a great idea.

In the five minutes that since Grubber had gone back inside and Fizzlepop had given Spike a wake up call, the dragon honestly wasn't sure how to handle this situation. He knew the best solution was probably to tell him straight out, but he wanted to try and let Grubber down easy.

By the time he got to the dining room, he saw Grubber coming out of the swinging doors to the kitchen, having already put together a plate of nachos, covered in steaming hot liquid cheese, and what looked like half a garden's worth of vegetable toppings.

"Come on, dig in." Grubber said, hopping up on the closest chair and set the plate down on the table.

"Listen, Grubber," Spike began, coming up and taking a seat on the chair next to the hedgehog's. "I feel I really have to re-emphasize the difference between royal routine and military routine. Have you given any thought about what you'd like to do if Major Fizzlepop can't find a spot for you?"

"Um, I mean, kinda, since this morning's dime tour of the barracks. But I figured I'd cross that bridge when we came to it. I'd rather not be pessimistic about this whole thing." Grubber said, taking a small handful of nachos and biting into them.

"Don't confuse pessimism with realism, or realistic expectations. If you constantly expect just one outcome, the chances of disappointment are pretty high. It'll be fantastic if she can find a spot for you, but it wouldn't hurt to have a backup plan or two."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Grubber admitted.

"If you like, I can see if Twilight is available to talk to, see what she thinks." Spike said, grabbing a cheese-and-veggie covered chip and popped it in his mouth.

"Mmm, not bad. Not bad at all."

Author's Note:

Writing is a lot like cooking.

Sometimes, you dump everything into one pot, and it heats up immediately and tastes terrific. Like when I can somehow write 10,000+ words in the span of a week and bombard your feeds with chapter updates.

Then there are times like this. Stir, simmer. Stir, simmer. Stir, simmer.

Sometimes the ingredients take a little time to blend together in just the right way, so apologies for the shorter chapter. Thanks for reading!