• Published 10th Sep 2018
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Fizzlepop's Number One Assistant - milesprower06

Settling into his new life in Ponyville, Grubber wonders how he can best help out with Fizzlepop's duties around the castle.

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A Glowing Issue

"Alright, wait out here, and I'll see if she has a few minutes." Spike told Grubber as the duo stood outside Twilight's private study, which was just off from the castle's main library. The dragon knocked twice, then slipped inside, closing the door behind him. He found Princess Twilight at her desk, papers shuffled around the surface, and a clipboard currently in her magical grasp. Currently behind her desk was a sizable map, which included Equestria as well as the lands beyond its borders.

"Hey there, Twilight. I was hoping you have a few minutes, we're in need of some Princess-ly friendship advice." Spike said, coming up to the desk.

"Yeah, I could use a break from this anyway, I've been at it since sunrise." Twilight replied, setting her clipboard down. "So what's up? I thought you wanted the day off to hang with Grubber."

"I did, and that's why I'm here. He's waiting just outside. He wanted me to show him around and get an idea of Major Fizzlepop's routine, because I'm pretty sure he's hoping to be her assistant like I am to you." Spike began to explain.

"Huh, you know, I couldn't really picture her offloading any of her daily routine onto him." Twilight told him.

"Yeah, that's half of our problem. We toured the barracks, and didn't really find anything he could help out with. But secondly, she got wind of it about a half-hour ago, and she isn't warming up to the idea. Like, at all; said it 'was complicated', but asked me to nip it in the bud before he sets himself up for disappointment. I'm kinda hoping you can help me let him down easy." Spike requested.

"Well, I'll see what I can do. Send him in, I'll talk to him, just the two of us." The Princess of Friendship told him. With that, Spike turned around, returned to the door, and waved Grubber in. They passed each other in the doorway, and Spike closed the door behind Grubber as he walked up to Twilight's desk and climbed up on the chair in front of it to take a seat.

"Good afternoon, Grubber. How've you been liking Ponyville so far?" Twilight asked him as an icebreaker.

"A lot better than the Everfree Forest, I'll give you that, Princess."

"Just Twilight will be fine. I'm not as into titles as Major Fizzlepop is. Speaking of Fizzlepop, Spike tells me you'd like to be her assistant. I take it you two have some history before you came to Equestria?"

"Yeah, I guess you could call it that. I mean, we kinda looked out for each other."

"If there's a story behind it, I'm all ears, Grubber."

"Well, back in the Storm Corps, I was just a lackey with everyone else ten times my size; an extra pair of eyes that the Storm King made second-in-command because he knew I was too cowardly to try to pull what my predecessor did. That was it; it didn't get me any more respect or admiration. But then she came along. We chased after her when she got her hooves on some enchanted stone. I was amazed at her magic, her abilities for how small she was, and knew the Storm King would be too. I arranged the introduction, and it immediately propelled her into a position of authority. Part of me wanted to be jealous that I was now under her, but another part of me didn't care because, well, she was the first one to treat me with any kind of respect. The difference wasn't night and day, mind you, but she made me feel like a valued part of her team. If it's possible, I'd like to go back to something like that. But, you know, without the whole 'conquering' thing."

"I see," Twilight replied. "Well, right now, she, along with Spike, really can't figure out a place for you to fit in. But I've seen her build her squad from the ground up. I promise you, that if she finds a good spot for you, she'll let you know. And if she can't, I promise that I'll also try to find a place for you to fit in around here. It can be tricky, especially with the culture shock you must have been experiencing these past couple weeks, so I definitely sympathize with you there. Just take it one day at a time, and you'll do fine."

Grubber smiled up at her.

"Thanks Pri- err, Twilight." He thanked her, and she smiled with a nod as he got down and walked out of the room. With that taken care of for now, she returned her focus to the invitation letters on her desk, as well as the regional map behind her. It was an awful lot to do in eight months, and she was also a bit nervous about the construction timetable for the school, but Commander Rivet had given her his every assurance that things would remain at or ahead of schedule.

She was about to return to penning the latest invitation letter when out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the walls of the room shimmering in an upward pattern.

"That only means one thing..." Twilight said, setting the letters down again, getting up herself and leaving the room, trotting down to the throne room.

Indeed, the friendship map was activated, and a single cutie mark was floating and revolving around the map's representation of her castle. She came up to the table, and got a closer look.

The cutie mark in question was a pair of neon pink and blue exploding fireworks.

"Oh..." Twilight commented.

She heard the throne room doors open behind her, a throat clearing sound made her turn to see her visitor.

"So," Major Fizzlepop began, standing at parade rest. "My flanks just started glowing and tingling in the middle of my meeting with the mayor, and she immediately cut it short and suggested I return here. I take it you know something about it, Princess?"