• Published 10th Sep 2018
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Fizzlepop's Number One Assistant - milesprower06

Settling into his new life in Ponyville, Grubber wonders how he can best help out with Fizzlepop's duties around the castle.

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"So, everyone liked it?" Grubber asked, following Spike down the hall from the dining room, clad in his brand new chef's whites.

"Liked it? Dude, that dinner was amazing. I, for one, can't wait to see what you can do when you actually plan out a menu and you have a staff. That uniform looks pretty sweet too." Spike replied, his belly nearly bursting with gem-encrusted pancakes, one of the specialty dishes made for him that night when Rarity brought him back from Carousel Boutique. Grubber insisted on compensating her somehow, but she professionally refused, claiming that her monthly stipulation from the castle petty bits fund was more than enough for any tailoring service she offered to the castle staff and caretakers.

"So, what now? Are we turning in for the night?" The hedgehog asked as they came back out to the foyer.

"Not even close. Tonight, Grubber, I show you one of the most important aspects of life here in the castle." Spike told him as they walked up the stairs to the large double doors of the throne room. Spike shoved them open, and Grubber saw seated at the table, Big Macintosh, patiently waiting, and Discord, not-so-patiently waiting. The Lord of Chaos raised his claw and gave it a snap, an as the doors closed behind them, the surrounding throne room vanished, and Grubber suddenly found himself surrounded by a vast, mountainous landscape. He saw Spike was now clad in a mage's robe and hat.

"Spike? What is this?" Grubber asked, realizing that his chef's uniform had transformed into a rogue's leather outfit.

"Grubber," Spike began, motioning to the vast landscape before them. "Welcome to Ogres and Oubliettes."

Author's Note:

This is what happens when I don't outline properly. I completely forgot that this was the scene I wanted to end this story with.

Short and sweet. Thanks for reading!

Comments ( 9 )

Sweet, Grubber gets new friends on top of his new job!

Oh, I'm so glad you added this on. And I think a rouge is the perfect role for him, too.

I need to have a sequel where grabber joins the O&O sessions

Um, that is precisely what happened here.

No I meant where he plays o&o. Guess I wasn’t too clear there


I'd need more of a plot than that. That sounds like a side scene by itself. Right now, no plans to continue this series. That could change at anytime, but nothing concrete right now.

Of course Grubber should be the Head Chef! Another good story in the series. Thanks again for creating and sharing.

Lol no problem! I've had the same thing happen to me. :twilightblush:
I really do enjoy your work!

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