• Published 23rd May 2018
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A Terrible Encounter - Amethyst_Dawn

Canterlot is visited by something horrible

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"Fear is Only a Consequence of His Visits..."

Author's Note:

Just a little doodle I decided to write after I watched Infinity War, hope you guys like it! :twilightblush:

I did my best to keep it spoiler-free, since a lot of people who might be interested in this haven't seen the actual movie yet, and I'd appreciate it if everyone in the comments section would show that same respect. If you do want to mention spoilers, please put spoilers over them, thank you. :twilightsmile:

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~Amethyst Dawn :heart:

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“Princess Celestia! We came as soon as we got your letter!” The small, purple unicorn called out as she raced to meet the regal figure that stood atop the walkway. She and six of her friends had been called to the tallest highest walk by the divine ruler over the land of Equestria, and her nerves were on edge from the urgency of the events described in the parchment. A tall, golden tiara bearing an amethyst star was placed on her head, and each of her colleagues carried similar jewels around their necks. The squad stopped as soon as she reached the hooves of her mentor, and placed her own hoof on the Princess’ shoulder.

“What’s wrong? Is it Discord? Sombra? Chrysalis?”

“No, Twilight.” Celestia said, more than a hint of fear in her stern, steady voice as she continued to stare straight ahead. “I’m afraid that this time, it is something far worse...”

It was then that the unicorn, Twilight Sparkle by name, finally noticed the hulking figure standing on the opposite side of the bridge. The sight of it sent chills down her spine. It was a bipedal creature, but easily twice the size of even the strongest Minotaur she’d ever seen. It was clad in thick armor, only revealing its face and a single massive paw, both showing that its skin was the same color as her own coat. And what was perhaps the cherry on the cake of impossible intimidation was that all the stonework immediately surrounding it was charred and melted, as if it had been hit with a pillar of fire.

Before she could open her mouth to ask what this bizarre creature was, it began to steadily lumber towards them. Every step was deliberate, careful, and oddly graceful. But the sheer size of the monster meant that the floor beneath them trembled in spite of its calm approach.

Finally, it stood directly in front of her. Or perhaps the more accurate term would be towered over her, as it cast its dark shadow over her and all of the other ponies present. Her knees were visibly shivering and her eyes betrayed her terror as she stared at the thing, but that didn’t stop her from taking a defensive stance against the beast.

She was surprised when the creature chuckled, and lifted its paws to its helmet. The voice clearly betrayed it as a male, unless his race had particularly deep-voiced females, and the laughter emitting from it was almost honest. The great creature kneeled in front of her, his bald head exposed to the world. There was a small smile on his face, one that was simultaneously sincere and untrustworthy by some twisted logic, and the look in his eyes was both threatening and calm. It was as if he could snap her in two in a moment while addressing her with respect.

“Well hello, little one.” He spoke, his voice carrying the same conflicting signals as every other feature on him. “I’m going to guess that you’re the little stone-bearer I’ve heard so much about, hmm? Twilight Sparkle, is it?”

He lifted the bare paw that still held his helmet, and scratched behind Twilight’s ear with a single digit. While a piece of her did appreciate the friendly gesture, the rest of her was blaring every alarm bell in her head. Twilight knew he was trying to placate her with such a motion, but his eyes were upfront and assuring. She didn’t respond other than turning her head to her friends in the hope of some sort of backup, but every single one of her friends was as dumbstruck as she. Even Pinkie Pie, the most rambunctious of the clique, was completely frozen in her own confused state. Twilight breathed a heavy sigh, and looked back up to the kneeling being.

“I suppose I am, sir.” She stated boldly, stepping forward in spite of her horror. “Now I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut to the chase, and ask what you want from us. Your presence here seems to be threatening.”

The look in the monster’s eyes never changed as he took his finger from behind her ear, and tapped the gem that was set in her crown.

“That,” he asserted calmly, as if he was asking for a stick of gum. “I want the stones that you and your adorable little warriors are wearing, that’s all.” He slowly rose again, burying the ponies under his silhouette. “If you do not give them to me willingly, I’m afraid I’ll have to take them by force. And I’d rather not spill so much peaceful blood if I don’t have to.”

The casual tone he held as he openly threatened her and her friends made Twilight’s blood run cold. What sort of horrible entity was this thing? Her pupils turned to pinpricks as Celestia stepped protectively in front of her.

“That won’t be necessary, Titan.” The Princess spat, her voice clearly displaying an anger and fear that surprised everypony present. “You’ve proven that your threats are valid. Take what you want and leave us in peace!”

Celestia quickly turned to the Bearers, and flicked her head towards the “Titan.”

“Give him the Elements, Twilight.”

Twilight stepped back in shock. “But Princess, I--”

”NOW, Twilight Sparkle.” The Princess thundered, her words stern and absolute.

Twilight cowered under the intensity in Celestia’s eyes, and immediately threw her tiara at the feet of the mad titan. The others quickly followed suit, one of the Pegasi so petrified with fear that she had to have her necklace practically torn from around her throat. Once all six of the stones were at his feet, the monster bent down and picked them all up with one swoop of his mighty paw. And much to the panic of all, crushed them in his bare fist.

When he opened his palm again, sparkles of gem dust blew away in the wind as bent gold fell to the ground. The jewels had combined into a single, glowing white gem. He held up his other fist, clad in a golden glove with six settings assumedly for rocks of the same size, and tried to place the newly-acquired power into one of the deposits. Much to his dismay, the gem fell away from the gauntlet, and clinked onto the ground, where it then split back into six familiar ornaments.

The frightened eyes of the ponies darted from the Titan to the gems, then back to the Titan. His expression was cool and thoughtful as he stared unflinchingly at the stones, and his intent was unreadable. When his calculating eyes suddenly flicked up to the ponies, they all stepped back. Even Celestia backed away with a lump in her throat. Finally, he spoke.

“I can see that this planet was a fool’s errand,” he chuckled, turning away coldly. “I am a man of my word, though. My presence will not be felt on this world ever again, Celestia, nor will my goals include it...”

He placed the helmet back over his head as a beam of light landed on him, and he began to ascend towards a gigantic ring-like structure that floated on its end.

“I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I’m making here…”

And with that, he was gone, and the ring flew upwards until it was outside of their world entirely.

Twilight slowly turned to Celestia, and choked down the trepidation in her gullet. “Do you think he’ll keep his promise?” Celestia stayed silent for a long time, never taking her eyes away from where the ring disappeared. When she did speak, her voice had returned to its normal, comforting tone.

“I don’t know for certain, Twilight, but I have a feeling that he will be true to his word… our world will never see him again.”