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Redemption of a Nightmare - Sandstorm94

This is a sequel to "A Fragile Nightmare". Luna-Moon, now redeemed by the Elements of Harmony, has a steep learning curve ahead of her. With her sister and the Elemental Bearers at her side nothing could possibly go wrong... Right?

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A new life and Beginning

It had been several weeks since that fateful night, and Luna-Moon was in a chipper mood. Since she was ordered, by both doctors and Celestia, to stay in bed she took up reading on how the modern Equish language was. Luna-Moon was shocked at how drastically the language had changed, but coaching from Twilight had her “within the norm”, although Moon still struggled a bit.

“How much longer do we have to stay in bed?” Luna-Moon asked after Twilight's latest lesson, which surprisingly ended over some hot tea. “Next week will mark a full month since you and your friends rid us of our darkness.”

“That is up to Princess Celestia,” Twilight said after taking a long sip of her jasmine-honey blend, a favorite Celestia had passed on to her. “she has been busting her tail to ensure that there is as little backlash as possible.”

Luna-Moon blinked, her eyes becoming slitted, showing the former evil being was now in control. “Preparing for what exactly young one? She has said nothing to us about any potential plans, we just know that she has been busy with her duties.”

“Oh… I guess she has been so busy she forgot to tell you.” Twilight said with a sigh, a bit disappointed at her teacher for forgetting to say such an important detail. “Anyway, once she finally gets the stubborn nobles to come around, she plans to fully restore the Equestrian Diarchy, with you having a full pardon Princess Luna-Moon.”

Inside the shared confines of the body’s brain, both beings were stunned silent. Both Luna and Moon had chosen to keep their respective distance from each other for the time being, with the visible pupils showing which was in control at any moment. A large door separated the two, tightly bound by ancient magics, and it was at this door where Luna’s conscience now stood.

“Do you hear that Moon?” Luna asked with pure glee in her tone. “Our sister wishes to forgive us both for our past actions, this is practically a dream come true.”

“We know,” Moon said from the otherside of the door, a twisted emotional cocktail pounding in her own thought processes. “Although we still don't trust her, not yet anyway, and it will take more than this to make us change our mind. It is funny actually, because it was the same Elements that banished us that saved our lives. Yours we can understand, but not ours, we are -or should we say were- thou anger personified. It was us feasting on the very dreams that thy job was to get rid of that allowed us to keep us alive, so we don't know why we still exist.”

“The forces of Harmony are complex and vastly not understood,” Luna said while looking at the lock that separated the two consciences. “perhaps they saw your attempts to keep us alive as a flash of goodness in you, and saw that you were your own pony with your own feelings. There is still a lot we have to learn Moon, and we can learn them together, but we have to be together in order for us to fully succeed.”

“Are thee really suggesting what we think thou are?” Moon asked confused, a hint of fear in her voice. “We are seen as a monster, a cannibalistic demon that feasts on the mortal subjects of Equestria. Celestia made her subjects forget about thee for Faust's sake! Thus, we believe it will be best if we remain locked away, unable to break free so thy subjects can once again come to trust thee.”

“Harmony freed both of us, and that is something you know to be true if your searched your feelings.” Luna said in a firm tone, refusing to let her other half remain convinced of her own nonsense. “That makes you scared, I can feel it, if Equestria is going to give me a chance then they have to give you one. We share the same body now, so we are a package that cannot be taken at half value.”

“Fair enough,” Moon said pressing her head against the door. “but if thou go through with what thee desire, we must warn thee that some of our physical traits may manifest themselves.”

“We have equal sharing over the same form, it is only fair that it shows both halves. As with right now, our eyes and voice will show who is command, since they are different. Now prepare yourself, I'm about to unlock this door.”

Luna’s horn flared to life as she started to work her way through the ancient magical pathways that allowed the lock to remain in place. She could feel Moon’s resistance, and that manifested as a dark beam that shot out and enveloped Luna’s horn, smothering the glow. That minor inconvenience only increased Luna's will, and after a short period of time the beam started to ripple and morph.

Black faded, turning to a soft gray as Luna took control of the moonbeam, wrapping it around her as if it was a living organism. She could feel her magic pulsing through it, awaiting her command to remove itself from its embrace, and when the moment came it exploded into a vibrant white light that shone like the full moon. When the light faded, the lock was removed and the door open, allowing the two alicorn presences to stand face to face.

“So, thou wishes to go through it then…” Moon said as the doorway evaporated into the aether, leaving them in a featureless white void. “Why?”

“You are scared Moon,” Luna said in a soft tone, the tension in the air turning into a feeling of shock from the midnight mare. “all that you were made for has been resolved, now you don't know what your own future holds. Nopony, not even my sister or myself, knows their destiny beforehoof so you don't know what to do or where to turn. I suggest we start with something simple, make this area a place we can both feel comfort in.”

“How?” Moon asked confused. “Tis just a void we are in, thy dost thy thoughts encompass another space?”

“No, just this one.” Luna said taking a step forward, and to Moon’s shock a patch grass formed wherever Luna stood. “Here we can form our own sanctuary, away from everypony else, and be free from any outside troubles. It is here that you have a chance to reinvent yourself by no longer being seen as an angel of darkness, but as a defender of light. I know it will take some time, but I am confident that you will be able to succeed in that regard.”

“We don't know Luna, we still have a lot of doubt about this.” Moon said looking at the effect Luna was creating, a lovely beachside meadow now stretched as far as the eye could see, with blossoming lavender plants dancing in the light breeze under a beautiful blue sky. “Thy request is pure, but we don't know if we are ready to partake “

“Just let go Moon,” Luna said with a hum, closing her eyes and enjoying the breeze. “as I have already asked just let go of your past, how you used to be. If you could change anything about this place, what would it be? Focus on that and project it.”

Moon did as she was told. Glancing up at the sky her horn came to life, the sun moving until it was halfway below the horizon over the mental ocean. She didn't stop there, from the other horizon a full moon rose up, the sky transitioning from a sunset to a peaceful twilight with a few bright stars dotting the astral plane. Satisfied with what she had accomplished, Moon smiled and powered down her magic, enjoying the realm of their shared imagination.

“Well done Moon, what you just did really made this place all the more special, and it feels more relaxing.” Luna said while nodding in approval at the transformed space. “Now that is place has been established, now it is time that our two destinies…”

“Become one…” Moon finished, crossing her horn with Luna's, both their horns igniting to lock the realm in place. “Now, whomever is not in control can relax here, that is until they want a turn speaking or the need arises to fight.”

“So who shall get first turn with our new shared form?” Luna asked laying down amongst the lavender, its calming scent relaxing all her worries away. “I'm sure that both of us want to see what our form looks like now.”

“Thou art correct Luna,” Moon said basking in the light of the full moon. “but we feel it is meet that we have first turn of dominion over our shared fleshly form. It is our desire to tell our sister and the Elemental Bearers what took place here.”

“Sounds good to me Moon, enjoy your newfound freedom that has been given to you, because I am sure that you have a lot to prove to yourself.” With that, Luna drifted off into a blissful sleep, leaving Moon alone to her thoughts.

Is Luna correct? Have we truly been redeemed?” Moon thought to herself while looking at the sleeping mare before her. “Nonetheless, we have company to attend to.

With that last thought, Moon teleported out of the Realm of Tranquility, bringing her conscience back to the forefront of their shared mind. Once again able to see the surrounding world, she saw a very concerned Twilight standing by several doctors and Celestia, each of them sharing a look of complete shock.

“Are you alright Luna-Moon?” Celestia asked approaching the bed, leaning down to give the navy blue mare a nuzzle on the cheek. “Twilight came running for the doctors and myself when you fell unresponsive while she was talking to you.”

“We are fine Celestia,” Luna-Moon said with a sigh, both her eyes and voice showing that it was Moon who was once again speaking. “Luna and I were just having a conversation in our mental realm, and came to a mutual understanding. We apologize for any scare on our behalf, but it was a matter that needed to be addressed, and wish to fully explain once the other Bearers are here.”

“I can go get them,” Twilight said making a jumpstart for the door, but she paused in the doorway before facing the princesses once more. “we were finalizing our plans to return to Ponyville the day after tomorrow, but I am sure that can wait so you can talk to us Princess Luna-Moon.”

“Moonie will be fine for us,” Luna-Moon said with a smile, the small fangs in her mouth glinting in the light and making everypony nervous. “It will help distinguish between us and Luna that way, and give us the chance to reinvent ourselves.”

“Wise choice,” Celestia said as Twilight bolted from the room to get her new friends, the doctors leaving so it was just her and the hybridized mare in front of her. “seems that Luna got through to you to make that decision, and I am glad you listened to her.”

“Thy sister did convince us,” Moon said with a nod before her eyes narrowed. “However, we still have our doubts Celestia. Thy were foolish in making the subjects forget us, and we feel as if this is just another attempt for you to get all the praise. We believe that the saying about history repeating will apply after some time, and once again we will find ourselves back on the moon to be lost to the sands of time.”

“I was afraid you would say that, but what I have planned is the first step in order to show that I truly am sorry for what I did.” Celestia said with a sigh as she turned her gaze downward, sitting on the floor as Twilight returned with the others. “For 1000 years I had to live with the pain of the banishment, a 1000 years I had to be away from my sister, and it hurt me. Every night I looked up at the Mare in the Moon with sadness, despair, and guilt weighing me down, slowly eroding on my brain. Harmony fell silent on that day Moonie, and I had nopony to blame but myself for the punishment you had to endure. I know that it will take a great deal of time, time that I am willing to freely give, but I hope you will eventually forgive me.”

“Maybe we will in due time Celestia,” Moon said in a level tone, an unreadable expression on her face. “However, in the short term we will keep to ourselves, just to ensure we don't have a repeat of history. Luna was shunned by everypony, but mostly by you, and your rays of sunlight
shined brightly on your subjects while trapping her in darkness. We know her memories, and we were the equivalent of a foal as hate filled Luna's heart, and quickly grew as her unhappiness did. Thy deed greatly hurt Luna, more than thou could ever imagine, and it carried on as the stars counted our days.”

“I was a fool Moonie…” Celestia's depressed tone made even Moon stare at the Princess of the Sun in mild shock, nopony in the room believing that the pony who kept Equestria safe for so long could look so low. “I could have stopped this, I could have gave her the attention and affection she deserved, I-”

“But thy did nothing to stop it.” Moon said interrupting, her tone cold as frozen still, her glare the force of a full army throwing their daggers. “Thou eyes were blinded, thy couldn't see a lie if it slapped you across the muzzle… thou art nothing but a foolish pony Celestia.”

“I know…” Celestia knew she was beaten, and she didn't even try to hide it from her audience as she got up and headed for the door. “and I know that I can never make it up to her in my lifetime. That being said, I want you to promise me one thing Moonie, and it is the only word that I will hold you to until your return to the throne tomorrow but I want you to swear to follow it on your life.”

Moon frowned, confused. What was the very cause of her existence acting so vulnerable for? She just didn't get it, but despite suspecting trickery, she decided to play along with the Solar Diarch’s game. "What is it thoust wishes us to promise? Let us guess, not to overthrow thyself? Or perhaps to not try and banish thyself to thou own sun?"

“i do not blame you for guessing those kind of things, and although I hope you don't do them, but that is not what I want you to promise. I want you to promise me that you will protect her with your very life, something that I failed to do.” Celestia said as tears streamed down her cheeks, trotting over and kissing the bedridden alicorn on the forehead. “I will break away in my dreams Lulu, and I will see you there dear sister. Now, rest in your moonlight’s embrace… I love you.”

Celestia didn't say another word before teleporting out of the room, everypony falling into an eerie midnight silence. None of them dared to speak, any attempts died in their throats, and it was mutually agreed to give the older alicorn her space for the time being. Inside Luna-Moon's mindscape, however, things were vastly different. Dark and threatening storm clouds now covered the sky, a light rain falling and soaking a now-awake Luna.

She had heard every word that Celestia had said, and it had crushed her to think that all her hate had been pointless. Celestia loved her, and deeply regretted her actions and ensuing solo rule. The ocean reflected her mood, waves crashing along the shore with a thunderous roar, whitecaps on the surface showing her inner turmoil as an overwhelming sensation of grief filled her heart. For the first time in nearly a millennia, Luna wept for her sister, the tears only making her sore eyes sting shut.

“Luna!” Moon shounted above the wind, the fact is howled like a Timberwolf made her shout difficult to hear, but a swivel of Luna’s ears showed that it was heard. “Calm thyself before this storm destroys everything around ourselves!”

“I'm sorry Moonie,” Luna said in a tone that was more like a ghastly moan than normal Equish. “but I can't bear the thought that I hurt my sister so. I see now that I was the fool, the one who overreacted, and I fully deserved ny banishment.”

“Thy did not,” Moon said in a stern tone that made Luna pause, quelling the storm a bit to the point even the waves had died down. In the distance, across the ocean but above it, a very familiar dream wave was felt. “but as thou hast mentioned, that was in the past. Now calm thyself, it seems that somepony is having a nightmare, come for we have to do our duty.”

“Alright…” Luna said as she got up, the rain and wind subsiding as she did. “Let's go and see what we can do to help the poor pony in duress, hopefully it gets my mind out of it's current mood.”

Moon nodded, and the two spread their wings, taking off in unison. They flew in an upward arc over the ocean, starting close to the surface before quickly gaining altitude as they nearly flew straight vertical. Once they passed the cloud layer, the light of the mental sun and moon diminished, instead replaced by the thousands upon thousands of dream orbs when they reached the “space” of the dreamscape.

“It has been a long time since I was here as a free mare Moon,” Luna said with a small smile as a wave of nostalgia washed over her like a warm, fluffy blanket. “and I can honestly say that it has never felt so good to return.”

“We can tell,” Moon said as the pair shifted directions, altering their path so they headed towards the source of the nightmare waves. “Thou were always trapped when we were in control, when we were causing nightmares to feed us, so we understand how you feel right now. Thee hast the freedom that has long eluded you, and even with as good as it feels, we need thee to focus.”

Luna nodded and the two narrowed in on the dream bubble, soon entering it and were stopped in their tracks by what they had found. The dream was Celestia's, and she was replaying the events that had transpired a thousand years prior.

“You don't have to do this sister,” Celestia said as she blocked another bolt of magic from her corrupted sibling. “please stop this nonsense and listen to me!”

“Thee already had thy chance Celestia,” The dream version of Nightmare said with a crackle. “but that chance has come and gone. Thou overlooked us, turned our subjects against us, and they only dream about and praise thyself. It is time our subjects see who the true princess is, and we will start with thou defeat.”

The scene continued just as it had a thousand years prior, bringing up some very painful memories for Luna in the process. Soon, the moment came that was known all to well, with Celestia summoning the Elements of Harmony to overwhelm Nightmare’s magic and send her to the moon. However, she realized something was very wrong since the Mare in the Moon did not appear, instead her body was lying unconscious on the floor.

“Lulu?” Celestia asked in a panicked tone ask she quickly closed in on the fallen alicorn, finding no pulse. “Oh no… what have I done?!”

Both Moon and the real Luna were stunned, their bodies not wanting to move, their voice not wanting to react as they watched Celestia weep over the dead body before them.

“Celly…” Luna finally managed to croak as she and Moon flew down to be by Celestia before putting a hoof on the alabaster mare’s wither. Her throat was raw from keeping down the stomach acid that threatened to violently escape from her muzzle, and she could feel her sister's grief. “Please stop this, I’m right here.”

Celestia acted like she didn't hear Luna, instead snapping her head up and looking up at the heavens. “Oh, Mother Faust, please hear my plea. Please bring me my dear sister back, for I was wrong to turn my back and ignore her for so long. She was my sister, the only family I had left, and I foolishly turned a blind eye as she descended into darkness. Please Mother Faust, have mercy upon my soul and bring Lulu back to me… I would gladly give up everything that I have just to have her again. My kingdom, my crown, my wings, my very agelessness are all things I would surrender. I am incomplete without her, so please… PLEASE bring my sister back to life.”

ENOUGH!” Moon’s voice tore through the very fabric of the dream, ripping it apart at the seams as her horn brightly glowed, pulling the negativity into it. Luna, who was an emotional wreck and crying from Celestia's begging prayer, changed the dreamscape to a peaceful mountain cabin as Moon put her wing around the Princess of the Sun to. “We are not dead Celestia, why does thou dream of such things?”

“I couldn't help it Moonie,” Celestia said with a sigh, a bit of shame in her tone. “I realized that everything you said was right, and on that night I lost my sister, the one pony closest to my heart. I don't deserve any of this, and I am not a fit ruler since I couldn't see my biggest mistake was betraying my own family.”

“I am right here Tia.” Luna said in a soft tone, nuzzling under Celestia's muzzle. “I am alive and well, you were just having a guilt fueled nightmare. It happens to everypony, even me on occasion, and nopony is perfect. We all need this, Equestria needs this… we need to show our subjects that the three of us are their protectors, and that Moonie here is reformed.”

“How do you plan on that?” Celestia asked as she sipped on some cocoa that Moon had prepared and served, the warm liquid calming her as it went down her throat. “You and Moonie share a body, how can we show all three of us at the same time during the ceremony tomorrow?*

“Leave that to me dear sister,” Luna said as she leaned back against the wall. “ I know exactly how to make that happen. All I ask is that you trust me enough to allow it.”

“I completely trust you Lulu,” Celestia said wrapping one wing around her younger sibling, the other wing going around Moonie. “so what is the plan that you have in mind?”

“I want it to be a surprise to everypony, even you Tia,” Luna said with a fake pout, but soon giggled and booped her sister on the nose. “or can I not have fun? I hope that you have not forgotten the prank wars me and you had as fillies.”

Celestia shuddered, some very unpleasant memories coming to mind at the mention of their so-called 'wars’, each ending badly for her with Luna winning more times than not. She still didn't forget the time Luna replaced her coat cleaner with bleach, and never will forget since her coat never did revert back to its original sunrise orange.

“I never will forget them,” Celestia said in as calm of a voice as she could manage. “so do as you wish, as long as you promise that my guards won't have to arrest anyone.”

Luna’s face turned sheepish, lowering her gaze since she suddenly found the floor more interesting. “That I can't promise, and they might have to arrest a few, but rest assured it will be better for the long term.”

“I hope you are right Lulu… I hope you are right…” Celestia said in a soft whisper before fully relaxing, thankful to once again have her sister’s love and embrace.

Author's Note:

Thanks to Ulyra-the-HedgeToaster for allowing me to write this, and my editor Penalt for giving me the meeting of the minds idea and for editing this.

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