• Published 19th Mar 2018
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Redemption of a Nightmare - Sandstorm94

This is a sequel to "A Fragile Nightmare". Luna-Moon, now redeemed by the Elements of Harmony, has a steep learning curve ahead of her. With her sister and the Elemental Bearers at her side nothing could possibly go wrong... Right?

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Dawn of Moonlight

It was late evening, and all of Canterlot's residents were gathered in the courtyard of the castle. It had been a widely announced event, with guards not only running a constant patrol but also getting the courtyard ready to welcome the crowd. Every citizen, from the beggars to the heads of the noble houses, were waiting for the arrival of their ruling princess. However, even with the air buzzing with a mix of excitement and nervousness, not everypony was in a good mood.

“Celestia is making a big mistake,” Penny Wise, the head of the House of Cents, said as he and the other heads awaited from their reserved balcony. “I know she is thrilled that her sister has returned, but making Equestria a Triarchy? That is just pure nonsense, the commoners will never approve of such a thing!”

“Don't be so sure,” Twilight Velvet said, looking towards the copper coated stallion. “After all, they have approved of much more… ‘questionable’ measures, such as National Prank War Day and the annual Battle of the DJs.”

“Mrs. Velvet, with all due respect, I believe your opinion to be a bit biased.” Blueblood said, sipping on some tea. “Your daughter was chosen by the Element of Magic to be its wielder, and that is a high honor in itself. Considering the Element of Magic is the most important of the six, it showed that it knew who had the most class out the lot. As for the other five, random peasants that make up the others, only Harmony knows why it did so.”

“Only you could turn such a historical moment into a manurefest about Equestrian society.” Guilded Sight, the head of the House of Haysay, said as she rounded on the pampered unicorn. “In fact, you alone give the rest of the nobility a bad name all because you are Celestia's great-great-grandniece four times removed. Well, you are the worse example anyway. Not all of us have direct ties to the Princess, and we had to earn the right to stake claim to our respective positions.”

“Which makes me the most important member of the Noble Council.” Blueblood said, earning glares from the other seated ponies. “I am the only one with royal blood, it is Auntie Celestia's fault that she doesn't recognize it.”

“Yet you wonder the reason,” Upper Crust sneered, her husband Jet Set having to keep her from jumping out her seat. “Your ‘royal blood’ has been so diluted and tainted that you have to trace your lineage just to prove you are a noble!”

“Says the pony whose family bought their way into power two generations ago.” Blueblood said, smirking at Upper Crust's shocked reaction. “You don't think I read the historical archives? If I had my way, there would be no Council, for my opinion is the only one that truly matters.”

“Cry me a river Blue,” Sharp Quill, head of the House of Leypoin, said as she threw her voice into the discussion. “You blow through bits like water going over Rainbow Falls. It takes a majority 3-2 vote, since Celestia insisted on some form of democracy to keep her subjects happy, and we are not above the laws we helped pass.”

“Rules are simply guidelines that the less intelligent blindly follow.” Blueblood scoffed, getting in Sharp’s face. “You know how I feel about you all overruling my own personal changes, so I take great pleasure in ruining your own.”

“Yet you follow them,” Penny Wise said, smirking as Blueblood froze in place. “So, I guess that makes the almighty Blueblood the Fifth just as intelligent as the rest of us.”

“Just to avoid trouble with my Auntie,” Blueblood said, trying to regain his composure. “Besides, only reason you are the head of your House is because your parents refused to pay for you going to clown school. Oh, by the way, your act is so boring that I'd rather watch Dry Paint walk her pet snail.”

“It was for fillies and colts!” Penny Wise protested, only to blink when Blueblood's words fully set in. “Wait, why in Tartarus were you even at that show? I never saw you while I was doing my routine.”

“That is because I was in the back corner, away from the crowd.” Blueblood said, once again standing in a defensive posture. “As for why, it was because I was curious if you were going to teach them proper etiquette on looking down to their inferiors.”

“You seriously thought that something meant to make them laugh was going to give a history lesson?” Guilded said, rubbing her forehead with a hoof to ease the headache being caused by Blueblood's foolishness. “That is low, even by your standards. Penny Wise does his best, and my niece wants him to perform at her birthday party in a few weeks, it isn't our fault that you hold yourself to such a high regard and refuse to accept common means of entertainment.”

“I agree,” Velvet said, nodding in approval. “Faust knows my little Twilight gets herself wrapped up in her studies, especially now that she is Celestia's student. Hopefully, she can become friends with those other mares, antisocial behavior is not healthy for anypony, although that might be why Blueblood is such a grinch.”

“No need to be so rude,” Blueblood said, ignoring the snickering from the others in the balcony. “For the record, I do have friends, just none that live around here.”

“Of course you do,” Sharp said, rolling her eyes. “If that is the case then name one.”

“Archduke Birdnaid of Purrsia,” Blueblood said, causing the other nobles to go quiet in shock. “Me and him do weekly correspondence and have tea time in Manehattan every Saturday. The only time I’m here is if something comes up that requires my immediate attention.”

“Such as the long-awaited return of Princess Luna?” Velvet said, the edge in her voice easy to see by the tiny traces of flames in her eyes. “Or is the only reason you're here to try and make a good first impression for the Triarchy?”

“You mean Diarchy,” Blueblood said, his personal butler refilling his teacup. “That being shall not be a nuisance for long, for my best scholars are already working on a complex spell matrix to end its existence.”

“You are willing to commit heartless murder?” Sharp said, the color drained from her and the other nobles’ coats. “Have you lost your mind?!”

“No, I have not,” Blueblood said, clearing his throat and straightening his posture. “Now, if we may put this off until another time, I believe the ceremony is about to begin.”

True to the call, a thunderous sound of fanfare poured over the courtyard, all eyes drifting up to the royal balcony above. After a moment, Princess Celestia herself appeared, dressed in full regalia and flanked on her sides by Fluttershy and Rarity as cheers erupted from the crowd.

“My dear subjects,” Celestia said, her voice bringing the crowd to silence. “It is with great honor and pride that I announce that my dear sister, Princess Luna, has returned!”

Once again the crowd erupted in cheers, only for Celestia to hold up a wing.

“Now, before Luna comes out to address you all, I have a few things I want to get cleared up. For 1000 years the tale of Nightmare Moon has been passed down from generation to generation, and as with all events in the distant past, the truth has been muddled and erased. For Nightmare was not a spirit that possessed my sister, nor is she the Boogymare that steals away little foals at night, she was born because of me…

I created the Nightmare.”

“What…” Blueblood said, spitting out his tea as the crowd erupted into a frenzy. “Surely she must be possessed to make such a claim!”

“How would you know?” Night Light said, bapping Blueblood on the muzzle. “She was there, so she would know.”

“Quite disturbing, this is.” Penny Wise said, gulping to keep the contents of his stomach from being spewed all over the floor. “That was mentioned nowhere in the historical archives, so why would she admit this now?’

“You seem to be forgetting something Penny,” Twilight said, keeping a calm face and even tone as the guards began to settle the crowd. “She is here, and this is her way of publicly apologizing. Twilight told me that Celestia broke down in tears when she was talking to Moon, she poured her heart out then, and is doing it now.”

No further comment was made, for the populace had been calmed, and Celestia cleared her throat once more.

“Please, allow me to explain.” Celestia said, mentally begging and pleading to the stars for this to end as fast as possible, yet she knew she had to press on. “Back then, everypony regarded me as the true Princess of Equestria, and they all bowed to me in service. Yet, for all the praise I received, Luna received none. I foolishly let it get to my head, and ignored all of Luna's pleas and begging to help her. Instead, the darkness, hate, and animosity that was born out of that grew and she let it take over. That, my little ponies, is how Nightmare Moon came to be.”

Numerous angry shouts erupted from the crowd, only for the guards to take some of the more rowdy ponies away. Things seemed to be settled, that is until one little filly pushed her way through the crowd and kept jumping in place while frantically waving her hoof.

“Well now, what do we have here?” Celestia said, gently picking the filly up with her magic and placing her on the balcony. “What is your name little one?”

“S-sunrise Melody, Your Highness,” The filly said, lowering into a bow. Her nervousness was evident by how much she was shaking, barely able to remain standing. “I-I was wondering if you could answer a question.”

“You may ask,” Celestia said, moving a wing to tilt Sunrise's face up to look at her. “What is it that you want to know?”

“You said that you created Nightmare Moon, right?” Sunrise asked, and after Celestia nodded she continued. “I was just wondering if you had any evil in you as your sister did?”

Celestia froze, her pupils shrinking to pinpricks as she remained locked in place. An all-too-familiar chill rushed through her body, chilling her to the core as a wicked laugher resounded in her head. However, the ramifications of the amplifier spell that had been placed on the balcony drew her out of her mind and back to the crowd below, who were anxiously waiting for the answer.

Princess Celestia, the Princess of the Sun, and protector of Equestria was now exposed.

“Out of the mouths of foals,” Celestia said, giving Sunrise a small nuzzle. “In short, yes, I could become evil, but I choose not to.”

“Why?” Sunrise said, her innocent eyes piercing Celestia's own and calming the flaming sun inside them. “What made you decide to be good?”

“Because I know that I will be a better pony by being good.” Celestia said, picking up Sunrise and giving her a hug. “Daybreaker, my evil self, wishes for eternal day. She wants everypony to bow to her, a tyrant who wants nothing more than to watch the world burn, and all who oppose her be turned to ash. It is my love of everypony, from beggars to above, that keep her at bay.

We all have good and evil in us. It is up to each individual to decide on what road they choose. There are cases of ponies who were evil that redeemed themselves, just as there as those who were born good but descended into darkness. That being said, it is my personal belief that everypony deserves a second chance. The crown I wear is a symbol, the symbol that I do love and care for every citizen of Equestria. Canterlot, Ponyville, Manehattan, Ponyville, and everywhere else within the border is my responsibility. However, now it is also the duty of the Elements of Harmony as well as both Luna and Moonie. Does that answer your question Sunrise?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Sunrise said looking back over her shoulder to the crowd below. “Um, can you please put me back down there so I can return to my parents? I didn't think you would bring me up here when I convinced them to let me ask my question.”

“Gladly, but before I do, please give my thanks to your parents for raising such a well-mannered foal, I have no doubts that you will go far if you continue on the path you trod.” Celestia said, gently setting Sunrise back down in the courtyard. “Now, enough about me, it is time for the mare of the hour herself. Please welcome your Princess of the Night, Princess Luna!”

As both royal sisters expected, the applause Luna got was nowhere near the reception that Celestia had received when she had stepped out on the balcony. Nonetheless, being flanked by Twilight and Pinkie Pie helped to not only calm her nerves, but also showed that she was, in fact, an authority figure that needed to be respected.

“Thank you, Celestia, for that wonderful speech and introduction,” Luna said, stepping up to take her preassigned spot beside her sister as she looked over the crowd. “Considering that my sister covered most of the basics, there is not much I would like to add. In the time since my return, I've noticed so much has changed since I was imprisoned in the moon. From the dialect, to the literature, to the very way everypony lives is all still strange to me. However, I want it known that Celestia’s student Twilight Sparkle has been an excellent coach in helping me in adjusting. Please give her a round of applause.”

“Way to go Twily!” Velvet said, her shout causing everypony to look at her in bewilderment. The other nobles were baffled that she acted the way she did in public, whereas the citizens were surprised that a noble could have feelings. “That's my little filly!”

Twilight, who was not used to being put on the spot, tried her best to not let her nervousness show as everypony clapped their hooves. Politely giving the crowd a small wave and bow, she returned to Luna's side as the alicorn motioned for silence.

“That millennia in the moon was a time of great despair.” Luna said, once again taking control of the event. “Imagine being stuck in your head with no way out, while being confined in a box that you built yourself. That is the best way I can describe what it felt like when I was imprisoned. I had no method to remove myself from the moon, for Harmony's terms are absolute in nature and can't be changed. Moonie gave me comfort when I had none, a voice that fulfilled everything that I wanted.

I am in charge of the dream realm, and will once again resume that mantle starting tonight. However, where it is my job to banish nightmares away, it is what gave Moonie substance during my banishment. She feasted on them, in the process keeping both of us alive. A few centuries into my banishment, I tried to reflect on that fateful night, but every time I tried my hatred grew stronger. Soon after, Moonie was not only able to feed off of nightmares, but also to my horror manipulate them. It was then I tried to rebel, but due to the Elements of Harmony I was nothing but a bird in a gilded cage, unable to do anything but watch the stars recount my days.”

“Better do something quick,” Celestia said, noticing the crowd growing increasingly restless as Luna continued her speech. “If you don't say something encouraging soon, we are going to have a full-blown panic induced riot on our hooves.”

“I was just about to get there sister,” Luna said, a slight annoyance creeping in her tone as she tried to calm down the crowd. “Please, dear subjects, calm thyselves. Harmony decided that my fate is still to be written, just as it is for each and every one of you. Look to your left, then right. If the pony next to you did you wrong, then asked for another chance, would you give it? As my sister said earlier, everypony deserves at least a chance at redemption, are you going to exclude me and Moonie just because of ancient myths and what took place? Ask yourselves this, how would you want to be treated if you were in my hooves for this situation?”

A very uncomfortable silence overtook everypony, and even Blueblood dared not say a word. A few shuffled their hooves, a few coughed, and a few glanced down at the ground in shame.

“That's the reaction I hope you would have,” Luna said, a smile forming on her face. “I forgave my sister for what she did, just as I hope in time you will forgive Moonie for her actions. Change is something we all fear, but once that fear is overcome great things can take place. I wish to not be a stranger to any of you, but to also be a friend just as much as I am your princess. Today will go down in history as the start of a brand new era, an era where the realm of shadows will no longer be feared, and all nightmares will be vanquished!”

The crowd instantly turned, murmurs of doubt being replaced with a grand applause at Luna’s closing speech. The atmosphere also felt lighter, the previous tension disappearing under the embrace of soft moonlight. For the first time since her fall, Luna felt relaxed, basking in the cheers as the crowd started to chant her name.

“Do you hear that Lulu?” Celestia said, whispering in such a low tone the amplifier spell didn't register it. “Your ponies adore you.”

“No Tia,” Luna said, whispering back. “Our ponies are chanting my name… but now the fun is about to be doubled.”

“Lulu what are you-” Celestia’s question was cut off as an eerie mist began to form, slithering through the crowd like a silent serpent before collecting on the balcony. The shadows in the nearby vicinity, from the buildings to every pony, began to gather and collect around Luna's horn as she channeled them through her and causing an impenetrable black mass to build around her in a sphere.

Two batponies, each sounding a trumpet chorus of jubilee, circled like vultures as they landed on the balcony in front of the sphere. Raw archaic magic pulsed from the sphere, shattering it into thousands of pieces as a simultaneous scream developed from the crowd at the sight of Nightmare Moon standing beside Luna.

“It's Nightmare Moon!” A unicorn said, begin. quickly subdued by two guards as he tried to break himself free. “She is here to make us all her slaves!”

“Slaves?” Nightmare said, a small smile pursing her lips as she chuckled. “We have not such desire. Have ye not been listening to Celestia and Luna? We are here to help lead thyselves at Celestia's side.

We knoweth thy concerns are justified. We knoweth that thy do not trust us. We knoweth thy wishes for us to simply vanish like shadows at sunrise. However, thy wishes are not possible, for we are bound to Luna, just as Luna is bound to us. We are grateful Harmony gave us another chance, we hopeth thy will too.”

“It's a trap!” Berry Punch said, getting into a striking pose before being tackled to the ground. “She is trying to use the same mind control technique she has on Princess Celestia to bend us to her whelm. I say we show you just how much we think of this takeover, who's with me?!”

Much to each alicorns’ dismay, but to Blueblood's delight, nearly everypony agreed and started to look for things to throw. Suddenly outnumbered against the enraged mob, the guards tried their best to keep the peace, but after Corporal Spear Point was hit by a fence post digger, they lost control of the situation.

Suddenly everything not embedded in the cobblestone streets became a weapon. Pitchforks that were groundspony property, arrows set on fire by lanterns, and even fruits and vegetables lifted from the celebratory buffet table all became projectiles. A few unicorns, using their magic to their advantage, started using their magical grip to increase the velocity of their weapons, one to the point a corn cob got embedded in the castle wall.

Unicorns were not the only ones to start using their species traits, with a few pegasi being bold enough to start doing air raids. That plan of attack was cut short, with the two batponies doing defensive maneuvers and knocking the airborne attackers clear out the sky. Both made their presence known, returning fire by raining down rotten mangos that had been placed out of sight as an absolute last resort.

“Enough of this,” Celestia said, her horn blazing to life and bathing the area in its golden glow, but there was a slight heat behind it that caused everypony to instantly ceasefire where they stood. “I am greatly disappointed in you all. All the three of us asked was for you to keep an open mind, and welcome my sister back with open hooves. Although you did it, I am old enough to know when it is just to play face. In addition, this little disturbance cannot go unpunished, and I will leave Moonie to decide the means that it will be handled.”

Cold, hard fear raced through the crowd like a raging tsunami, locking them in place as they gazed up at the Empress of Nightmares. Moonie, keeping her gaze unreadable and stoic, looked over the crowd before closing her eyes. For those few tense moments, imaginations ran wild, with everything from banishment to mind wipe being thought of by at least one citizen.

“Thy sentence is as follows,” Moonie said, shattering the silence like a sledgehammer to a wall. “A week of community service, starting with cleaning the mess here and repair the damage to the castle.”

The simultaneous jaw-dropping would have caused a quake if they were all Earth Ponies, but luckily those were the minority of the group.

“We knoweth thy reaction was out of fear, nothing else.” Moonie said, knowing full and well everypony was paying attention. “Tis but the first example that we can be fair. We have our faults, thy do as well, but instead of focusing on the negative look at the positives. Celestia has her sister back, and that in itself should be celebrated, for now Equestrian leadership is as it should be. Are we perfect? No, but neither is anypony else. Thou art imperfect, the Keeper of the Flame is imperfect, and the Keeper of the Stars is imperfect. However, we will still lead, protect, and guide you, for that is our job.

Our weaknesses should be used to make us and thyself stronger, not as a means to scorn and cast judgment. From ponies, to the distant dragons and yaks, to everything in between; we all trod the same ground, we all sail on the same ocean, and we all look up to the same sun and moon. We may be different species, and that includes different pony species, but we are all made of the same cells, tissues, and organs. Who knows what we could achieve if we worked to overcome our obstacles and focused on the greater good. So come now our children, and let us welcome the change that Harmony itself has bestowed upon us. I dream of the future, a future where we all are not cast away for what we are, but are welcomed with open hooves and recognized for the accomplishments that we have done.

“Woah,” Penny Wise said, himself just as moved as the crowd below. “That is a future that I think we can all agree that will be great indeed.”

“Great,” Blueblood scoffed, moving towards where the exit was from the balcony. “The things she just said were indeed grand, but coming from her, it is like finding a cure for hoof in mouth disease. It will never come to fruition, no matter how hard she tries or what she does, it is just impossible.”

“I hate to bust your bubble, but there is a cure for that.” Night Light said, much to Blueblood's embarrassment. “Little Twily had it when she was a foal, all it took was a prescription and it cleared right up a few days later. So, by your own example, her plan will work in time.”

“I'm still not going to help the filth clean their mess.” Blueblood said, his butler starting the curtains for him to move through. “You can all help if you want to get your hooves dirty, but my business here is finished.”

Beating a hasty retreat, he was at his carriage in record time. A plate of warm pastries awaited him, the plush interior having been fluffed to his liking as the Earth Pony servant pulling the carriage started to pull off, but was instantly stopped by the two batponies.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Blueblood said, his face turning red as he shook his hoof. “Do you two have any idea who I am? I could have you demoted to the point you'll be lucky to find work cleaning sewers. Step aside peasants, and I'll let you off easy by telling Auntie Celestia to give you both a stern talking to about knowing your place.”

“Thou hast no authority over us,” The batpony with a dull dirty blond mane said, taking a few steps forward. “We serve Her Highness Luna-Moon, and her commands art our only commands.”

“We know who thou art Blueblood,” The other batpony, who's grey mane and tail glistened like a smoky prism, said as she joined her partner's side. “For Princess Celestia warned us thou might giveth us trouble. Her Highness said that everypony was to help clean up, and that includes thyself. Also, our ears are better than most ponies, so we heard all the hateful remarks thou hast made towards Her Highness, so we suggest thou help.”

“Her speech should be just about finished anyway,” The first batpony said, looking up towards the royal balcony. “Would it trouble thyself to stay for the grand finale?”

“I-I suppose not…” Blueblood said, turning his attention back to the speaking alicorn. “Although I hope it ends soon, it is getting late.”

“It is just beginning for Her Highness,” The blond-maned batpony said, “Firing off a salute with a wing as Celestia, Luna, and Moonie raised theirs, the whole crowd and every noble bowing in response. “Now watch.”

Once again the shadows started to circle Luna and Moonie, the air crackling with energy as they were engulfed in darkness. In one quick pulse, the sphere evaporated, and nopony could believe their eyes. Where two alicorns had stood, only one remained. Her fur had changed, starting with Luna's navy blue on her head and gradually transitioning to midnight black halfway down her fetlocks. Her mane and tail had remained mostly the same, but the stars in both were more numerous and vibrant, multiple constellations being visible.

“This is us, our combined form,” Moonie said, her slotted eyes glistening in the moonlight. “Our eyes and speech will be the key to tell us apart. If we speak with this style and have our eyes, it is us who is over this body, and during all other times it is Luna who will be in charge. We addressed Celestia and the staff last night about this, and now we are telling thyselves for when thy visit Night Court. The night is still young for us, our subjects, but we bid thee farewell so we can start hunting nightmare and our sister can get her rest. Good night.”

Making their way back inside, Celestia, Luna-Moon, and the other element bearers were joined by the two batponies. Taking off their enchanted helmets, Rainbow and Applejack's heads returned to normal shortly after.

“Your plan actually worked Luna-Moon,” Rainbow said, flexing her still-bat like wings. “And I got to say, these wings feel good once I got the hang of them. I mean, I still prefer my pegasus wings, but wouldn't mind switching it up from time to time.”

“Yea’” Applejack said, nodding in agreement. “Ah wouldn't mind it neither, and like this I could do some night time apple bucking durin’ harvest season. That is if you let us keep this armor anyway.”

“Thou may,” Luna-Moon said, smiling at the pair. “All we ask is for thy to not pull any pranks with it, and for it to be used in a responsible manner. Thee Armor of Elune is a mantle few have trotted, but thou proved to be more than capable. Besides, even under our wings during the night, thy will still be under Celestia during the day. Rest well, for we will guard thy dreams with our moonlight's embrace.”

“Thank you, Your Highness, but I'm in the mood for a midnight snack.” Applejack said, bowing as she put her helmet back on. Looking to Rainbow, she trotted over and booped her friend on the nose, flashing a fanged grin in the process. “Last one to the mango fields is a bad bat.”

“I am not a bad bat!” Cheeks flushed and puffing her chest fluff, Rainbow slammed her helmet back on her head and bolted after Applejack, taking off into the night as everypony started laughing.

“You have some interesting friends Twilight,” Celestia said, recovering from her giggle fit. “I have no doubt that the bond between you and your friends will only grow stronger with time. Harmony made the right choice to have you girls carry the Elements, and you have already done more that I could imagine. Well done my student, you have passed another test.”

“Thank you Princess,” Twilight said, looking up at her teacher and ruler with a bright smile on her face. “Can I give you my Friendship report now?”

“You may Twilight,” Celestia said, chuckling as she put a wing over Twilight's mouth, muffling the unicorn's yawn. “Do it whenever you're ready so you can go get some sleep, I need to turn in myself.”

“Alright,” Sitting as straight as her tired body would allow her, Twilight cleared her throat.

“Dear Princess Celestia…”

Author's Note:

Keep in mind, this is an AU, so not all things are going to be in accordance with canon!Questria. As you can see, there is some deeply rooted lines drawn between the nobles, and that will come into play. Also, Guilded calling Blueblood Celestia's great-great-grandniece was a slip up I did not catch (a viewer brought it to my attention in a Discord server) but I'm gonna leave it to be used as a parting shot.

Penny Wise is not a killer, and won't be one, but does have a nephew nicknamed Georgie that he loves very much and was the driving force behind him pursuing his old hobby of performing for fillies and colts.

If the speech Moonie said sounds familiar, it should. Anyone who grew up in the early 2000s and watched Pokemon the First Movie knows the speech that Meowth had with his clone (and for those who don't, I strongly suggest you look it up because it is a lesson that the world needs today.)

Each pairing of the Elements was symbolic:
Fluttershy&Rarity with Celestia
Twilight&Pinkie with Luna
Applejack&Rainbow with Moonie

Have fun discussing the symbolism in the comments.

As always, thank you to Penalt and HiddenMaster for editing and giving me suggestions.

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