• Published 23rd Jul 2012
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My Darling Sugarcube - Seanessy

When love hits, it hits hard.

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Chapter 4

Applejack and Opalescence finally arrived at Rarity’s Boutique. She thought it best to take Winona back to Sweet Apple Acres first since the two pets were exchanging hateful stares back and forth halfway through the trip. Applejack knocked on the door and it swung open. Opal ran in and Applejack looked around before entering slowly.


“You can just leave Opal in the living room Fluttershy! Thank you so much for aiding me in this time of insanity!” the unicorn’s voiced called. Applejack chuckled to herself at Rarity’s obliviousness towards her presence.

A gust of wind blew from the passing unicorn, as she used her magic to do several tasks at once. The earth pony’s eyes widened with astonishment. She saw a sewing machine stitching, fabric being snipped, designs being sketched by quill, and decorations gently falling upon different beautiful outfits on mannequins. It was a rather amazing sight. She knew Rarity was a unicorn and therefore capable of magic, but this kind of precise multitasking was impressive. As Applejack walked forward staring in awe at the creations, Rarity bumped right into her, breaking her focus and stopping all tasks at once. Rarity shook her head and looked up adjusting her red sewing glasses as she did so.



“Wh-what are you?”

“Oh, ah just decided to stop by and see how ya’ll were doin.” Applejack observed Rarity. Her mane and tail were completely tousled and her usually even coat looked ruffled as if she had slept on the floor wrong.

“Ya alright sugarcube?”

“I’m fine…just sooo busy…I really can’t stop and tal-“

“That’s fine, ah just wanted to check up on ya and oh yeah, ah brought Opal back fer ya.”

“Why, than-”

“Aaaaaand, I brought ya this…” Applejack said as she pulled out a brown bag from her hat which contained a dozen freshly made apple turnovers.
“Ah know sometimes ya’ll get so wrapped up in yer dress makin’ ya forget ta eat sometimes, so ah figured ah’d bring ya something ta snack on fer when ya don’t have time ta cook.”

Rarity smiled as she took the bag and set it on the table. Her eyes moistened a bit, she admitted to herself that deep down she was afraid that Applejack thought differently of her after the “incident” but such a nice gesture confirmed to her that nothing about their friendship had changed.

“They smell absolutely lovely.”

Rarity took one out of the bag and devoured it. She closed her eyes and her entire body quivered. The conflicting softness of the baked apples and crispy texture of the bread danced on her taste buds while the sweetness of the ripest apples made love to her entire mouth. A sigh of euphoric relief washed over the unicorn. She let out a small belch and blushed. Applejack chuckled. The nitpicky unicorn was still elegant even in her current disheveled and flustered state.

“Forgive me; I haven’t eaten since I started. Thank you so much Applejack, this was so thoughtful.”

“No problem, how far along are ya?”

“A little more than halfway, both Hoity Toity and Photo Finish wanted twenty completely new, original designs. So the first two days were spent going through books and coming up with ideas. And these past two days I’ve been working practically non-stop to complete them all. Not to mention I still have to find time to get the materials for Lady Zsa Zsa’s outifit. She’s a fantastic client who pays well but she wants the most bizarre outfits…she asked me to make her a dress out of nothing but flower petals, no fabric or anything just flower petals.”

“When ya need em’ done by?”

“Tomorrow afternoon…accept for Lady Zsa Zsa’s one dress which she isn’t expecting for another few weeks.” Rarity sighed. “Which reminds me, I better get back to work. Thank you again for the apple turnovers Applejack.”

Rarity stuffed another apple turnover into her mouth and used her magic and began resuming all the tasks she had temporarily halted. Applejack frowned. Rarity was working so hard that she didn’t even give herself time to eat. Who knows how much she actually slept in the past few days if at all? Applejack thought for a second then came up with an idea.

“Say, why don’t ah help ya'll finish these dresses?”

Rarity laughed as she gently guided the fabric through her sewing machine.

“Oh Applejack that’s a good one darling.”

“Ah’m serious!” the earth pony said as she approached her. “You helped me with apple buckin’”

“Yes but…it’s different you see, your job requires brute force while mine demands an incredibly keen eye for detail. Something you…” Rarity stopped and tried to find the right words without sounding offensive.“…don’t naturally possess. Not one stitch can be out of place, not one jewel can be incorrectly positioned.”

“Ah think ah’m just as capable at doin’ yer job as you are mine. Ah mean, it can’t be that hard ta put some fancy shamncy jewelry in the right spot.”

“Applejack, it’s more than just that. There’s so much more than knowing what goes where; there’s blanket stitching, running stitching, hems, pleats, seam allowance, over locking, armsyche, darning, embroidery, gussets and those are just the basics. Why, it would take far too much time just to teach you the terms and what they mean.” Rarity exclaimed as she ran over to her mannequins putting yet another completed dress on one of them.

Applejack was befuddled. She didn’t know there was so much that went into sewing. It didn’t seem like much that one occassion when she, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy helped make Rarity’s dress for the gala, but then again it was the four of them under the instruction of Fluttershy who shared an almost equal knowledge of Rarity’s profession. Even still, Applejack was determined to do something.

“Well, maybe ah could help with, ya know, lil’ stuff! Like…” Applejack looked at the sewing machine.

“Like pushin’ this here fabric through the machine! Ah seen ya do it plenty times!”

Rarity gasped.


Rarity dived and to stop the fabric but it was too late. The oblivious country mare had accidentally sewed two pieces of fabric from two different fabric rolls together. Now the rolls were married to each other.

“Uh, sorry! But don’t ya worry now, I can fix it! Applejack grabbed some scissors with her teeth and started cutting around the stitch to free the two rolls from each other. The problem was it was impossible using scissors with just your mouth and hooves so she wasn’t cutting the straightest of lines. The fabric was freed but there were terribly crooked lines at the edges of both rolls. It looked like a filly unicorn with a pair of scissors used spontaneous magic to cut arbitrary patterns in it.

“Hehe…oops…sorry Rarity…”

Rarity growled through gritted teeth. Naturally she was about to get angry; she hated it when anypony tampered with her equipment and messed with her work, but then a second thought hit her. The kind gesture of bringing Opal back in place of Fluttershy was just an excuse to see her. The freshly baked apple turnovers, the country pony’s over eagerness to assist with her work when she clearly knew it was over her head. This wasn’t a mere coincidence. Rarity cleared her throat and sighed.

“It’s fine…you were only trying to help…”

Applejack tilted her head and looked at Rarity. She was in shock at the fact that the unicorn didn’t chew her out for being so destructive. The earth pony pondered if that was from lack of sleep or had the over worked fashionista finally snapped. Rarity smiled and approached her.

“Now I understand what you saw when you were watching me trying to do your work.”

Applejack blushed. Rarity nuzzled her.

“I appreciate it Applejack but this is really something I am better suited to do by myself, but I’m quite thankful for your offer and of course for the delicious snack you brought me.”

Applejack turned an even brighter shade of red and smiled.

“Hehehe, guess ah did get a bit carried away there.”

Rarity squinted a bit. It seemed slightly clearer now but she still couldn’t put her hoof on it. It was almost like a game and despite her brain demanding she get back to work, she wanted to play. She initiated her next move.

“Actually, I just thought of a brilliant way you can help me.”


“Certainly, and you won’t even have to worry about messing up it’s so easy.”

“Well hot diggedy! What am ah doin’?’”


Applejack glared as she stood on the modeling stool Rarity had by the mirror. In her mouth was a pin cushion from which the unicorn would occasionally take pins. For the past few hours the blonde haired pony played a “live mannequin” for each and every dress Rarity finished.

“Remine me neher to ofhur mah helf again…” Appejack said.

“Oh but darling, you make such a wonderful mannequin!” Rarity exclaimed as she made a few more adjustments to the dress on her table.

“Alright, last one!”

“Fank Shelestia.”

Rarity slipped the last dress on Applejack. It was a beautiful golden yellow one laced with white at the bottom and encrusted with rubies and sapphire gems. Rarity gave a sigh of relief as she observed the final dress.


Applejack spit out the pincushion.

“The dress? Or me?” Applejack asked jokingly.

“Both, thank you so much Applejack for your help today. You were of great assis-” Rarity yawned and smacked. “ Excuse me…you…you were… of great assisstan-“ Rarity collapsed on the floor out cold; her glasses falling to the side.

“Rarity!” Applejack screamed. She gently slipped out of the final gown and placed it on Rarity’s table. She ran over to the unicorn only to find her sleeping softly. Applejack smirked.

“Aw shucks, yer just plum tuckered out is all.”


A splash of warm water met Rarity’s face and she gasped. She looked around and despite her blurry vision she could tell she was in her bathtub. She inhaled the sweet smell of Passion Fruit Mango bubble soap. She rubbed her eyes and saw Applejack gently placing the soap down and adding additional water causing the bubbles to foam up more.

“Applejack? Wha-?”

“Ya passed out right after ya’ll finished yer last dress. And you smelled sweatier than a hog getting chased by a horse, so ah thought ah’d run ya a bath.”

Rarity smiled gently. Voluntarily being a mannequin and now a bath? This was almost too friendly. It still wasn’t quite enough for the unicorn though but she had to be patient about this.

“You’re so thoughtful.”

“Ya deserve it after workin’ so hard sugarcube.”

The two ponies exchanged sweet smiles.

“Well, I better be going, letcha have yer privacy.”

“Applejack wait...”

Applejack raised a brow. The unicorn paused, her heart beginning to race as she contemplated her next words. She had to say something to get the country pony to stay.

“You’ve been working hard for me all day, and well, I haven’t really talked to anybody in the past few days so…why don’t you enjoy this relaxing bath with me?”

Applejack raised a brow. Silence sliced through the room. Rarity’s heart pounded so fervently she could’ve sworn it was causing vibrations in the water. The tension that filled the air began to suffocate her.

“Ah…uhm…” Applejack looked as Rarity’s eyes gleamed innocently. “Well, alright…”

Applejack slowly lowered herself in the bath and felt her hind legs buckle a bit. The water was hot but felt amazing. The earth pony sighed as she immersed herself up to the shoulders.
The unicorn allowed herself a deep breath of relief as she closed her eyes for a couple of seconds. Once she opened them the two ponies exchanged pleasant smiles. Rarity got a hoof-full of bubbles and placed them on Applejack’s chin to make it look like a beard. She giggled.

“Now you’re just Jack!”

Applejack smiled.

“Now ah’ve heard some pretty lame jokes, but that there just may top the charts.”

Rarity scoffed in mock anger as she splashed a bit of water at Applejack.

“Well! I never…”

The two ponies laughed and began to play splash each other. Applejack caught Rarity off guard as she was preparing a ball of bubbles and the suds hit her in the eye.

“OW! My eye!” Rarity said covering it with one of her hooves.

“Sorry sugarcube… you ok?”

The unicorn whined as Applejack got closer.

“It stiiiiiiiiiinnnnngs!”

“Alright, alright now settle down ya gotta flush it out with water.”

“Noooo! The water is all soapy it’ll only make it worse!”

“Quit yer whinin’ and just let me-“



The two ponies tussled a bit before causing a big splash wetting the floor outside the tub. Rarity ended up on top of Applejack again, whose neck below was submerged under the water while Rarity’s lower half was only semi immersed. Rarity blinked her left eye.

“Oh, that does feel better. Is my eye red at all?”

“Lean a bit closer, I can’t tell.”

The unicorn leaned in closer.

“Lil more sugarcube.”

Rarity leaned in even closer. Applejack examined her eye, yet she couldn’t focus. She wasn’t sure if it was the warm bath or the soothing aroma of the soap but her head started to fill a tad woozy. Suddenly she found her thoughts lost as she stared into the unicorn’s azure colored eyes. Her mind flashed back to the kiss. It happened so quickly, yet it felt like slow motion. Her beautiful purple mane dangling down the side of her face, her cobalt eye shadow complimenting her thick eyelashes, her soft lips as they lovingly grazed hers for those quick seconds. A tingle ran down Applejack’s spine as it almost felt like her body was liquefying and becoming one with the water.

“Uhm…nope… yer fine.” managed to say as her gaze fell upon the unicorn’s lips.

Rarity looked closely at Applejack’s eyes. They burned with passion and desire she just knew it. This was her chance. The purple haired temptress leaned a bit closer until their lips almost touched and whispered.

“Are you sure?”

Applejack didn’t hesitate and met Rarity the rest of the way. The two ponies lip locked for the second time. Applejack rested her head in the tub in a way so she wouldn’t be completely submerged under the water allowing Rarity to adjust her body to rest on top of the orange pony’s as they kissed. They turned their heads slightly; both releasing gentle moans as they exchanged body heat making the bath feel more like a jacuzzi. Their tongues began to get acquainted. The two pink muscles shuffled around and poked at each other at first, both being too timid to be aggressive until finally they grazed each other mutually and began to dance, swiveling and pressing against each other romantically.

As the kiss slowly broke, Rarity and Applejack’s eyes met.


“Shh.” Rarity didn’t need to hear anymore. She planted a soft peck on Applejack’s lips before she got out of the tub, dried off and slipped on her robe. After letting out a deep sigh, Applejack exited the tub as well and dried herself off. She then proceeded to dry the floor. As she finished Rarity presented her with a robe. The orange mare smiled as she slipped it on and Rarity gestured Applejack to follower her.

The elegant unicorn walked into her room and slid into her bed. She left a spot wide open next to her, rubbed her hoof against it while biting her lower lip and stared sensually at the gorgeous country equine. Applejack smiled and leaped into the bed. The force of her gravity sprung Rarity and the blanket up high then back down as she bounced two times before she landed next to Applejack and the blanket landed on top of them. The blonde equine giggled to herself as she wrapped a hoof around Rarity drawing her closer.

The snowy coated unicorn rolled her eyes and smiled.

“You really know how to spoil a moment don’t you?”

Applejack smiled and nuzzled Rarity’s nose.

“Ah’s just havin a lil fun sugarcube.”

Rarity’s smile dropped to a bit of a frown.

“Right, fun…” Rarity sighed as she turned over.

“What’s wrong?”

“I…it’s nothing Applejack.”

“Come on sugarcube…tell me the truth.”

The unicorn remained silent.


Rarity turned over to face her friend.

“Are you just sparing my feelings? Or do you lo-…actually care…about me?”

Applejack opened her mouth but not a sound came. Rarity let out a sad sigh then turned over again.


“Sugarcube n-”

“There’s no reason for you to be here in bed with me…just leave…please.”

“Now just wait one cotton-pickin’ minute ya’ll invited me to sleep over witcha!”

“And now I’m un-inviting you…go.”

“What in the hay is yer problem?”

“My problem? My problem?!”

The white mare suddenly turned over, facing Applejack again.

“My problem is, I’m a finicky prima donna who obsesses over the tiniest of details when making dresses, and when I’m not doing that, I’m either sketching designs or researching my craft to ensure I’m always informed about and ahead of the newest trends!”

Rarity started to feel tears well up in her eyes and she turned away from Applejack again.

“But, I thought ya’ll loved doin all that fancy shamncy fashion stuff?”

“I do…but all while trying to run a business alone, be a good friend, a daughter to be proud of, a better sister and keep up my appearance at the same time …it sometimes gets overwhelming…”

Applejack raised a brow and curled her lips. She started to speak but then Rarity murmured something under her breath.

“What was that sugarcube?”

“I said…sometimes… I just wish I had somepony…”

“Yer considered the prettiest pony in Ponyville…Ah’m sure anypony would wanna…”

“It’s not just that Applejack…most of the colts I’ve talked to seem sincere at first…but they all turn out to like me only for my looks, I can barely hold a conversation with most of them…sometimes…I just want somepony to listen…to hold me…to tell me-”

Rarity’s words were cut off by a short gasp that left her lips, she stirred gently as Applejack wrapped her front legs around her and whispered in her ear.

“It’s gonna be ok?”

Rarity slowly turned again to face Applejack. The unicorn’s azure colored eyes gleamed so softly. Applejack smiled.

“Heh, now ah get why ya’ll go to the spa so much! All those problems must make ya one frustrated filly!”

Rarity blinked; she scoffed and began to turn away again. Applejack pulled her back.

“Ah’m joking sugarcube.”

“Applejack, I’ve never felt such strong feelings for anypony before…not Spike when he gave me that Fire Ruby, not any colt I’ve met in Equestria, even my hopeless crush on Blueblood didn’t feel like this. I’d much appreciate it if you didn’t make jokes right now.”

“Ah’m sorry sugarcube.”

“Please, can you just leave?”

“Well hold on a sec now, don’t ah get a chance to talk about mah feelin’s?”

“It’s pretty clear how you feel.”

“Shut yer trap, ah aint say nothin’ to give ya that impression.”

“Applejack, seriously I don’t want pity aff-”

The orange mare pressed her hoof against Rarity’s mouth so silence her.

“It isn’t pity sugarcube…”

Rarity looked at Applejack in shock.

“Ah… ah’ve always really admired ya Rarity. Yer keen fashion sense, yer ability to prettify dern near everythin’. Why, sometimes, ah…ah’ve been a bit jealous of ya…”

“Jealous? Of me?”

“Well yeah, guys is always lookin at ya all googly eyed, even if’in they already seen ya a thousand times. Even when yer not around they are sayin’ nice things bout ya.”

“How do you know all this Applejack?”

“When I go in to town to sell apples, I hear ‘em talk aboutcha when they walk by, and…” Applejack stopped, allowed herself a slight laugh and then sighed.

“And what?” Rarity inquired.

“Some of ‘em come up to me, just to ask about ya…”

“You’re kidding…”

“Nope, they come right up to me and say: “Hey, ya’ll are friends with Rarity ain’t ya? Tell her I said “hi” or “Do ya know if she’s seein’ anypony?” stuff like that.”

“They don’t even intend on buying apples?”


Rarity blushed and put a hoof to her mouth to stifle laughter.

“I’m glad ya’ll find it funny. I personally think it’s annoyin as hay.”

“I’m sorry Applejack.” Rarity tried to say sincerely but her giggles were fighting their way out. The earth pony shook her head.

“Yeah, it does get kinda frustratin’ when you think yer gonna make some profit fer ya business just ta find out they’re only interest in ya is the connection to yer friend…” Applejack said apathetically. Rarity’s giggles slowed at Applejack’s words then stopped completely when she saw the earth pony’s eyes get misty. It was very slight but Rarity noticed.

“Sometimes…ah wonder what it’s like ta be as pretty as you are…or at least be told ah’m beautiful…”

“No colt has ever told you you’re beautiful?”

“Mah pappy used ta…all the time before he passed away…” Applejack let her gaze fall onto her hat that rested on Rarity’s doorknob. Rarity looked at it, then back at Applejack.

“What about Big Mac?”

“I never talked ta him about this kinda stuff before, and I love ‘em in all but he’s the last one to get deep into sentiment.”

Rarity nodded.

“Plus he’s my brother, not that if’in he were to tell me ah’m beautiful it’d be bad but…it’s different when it’s from family versus somepony ya ain’t know. But o’ course, ah don’t take time to prettify myself like you do so…”

Applejack shrugged.

“Applejack, I think you’re absolutely beautiful darling…inside and out.”

Applejack chuckled.

“Now who’s pityin’ who?”

“I mean it, with all of my heart…”

Rarity placed a gentle kiss on Applejack’s lips. The orange mare blushed.

“Aw shucks, thanks sugarcube.”

Rarity smiled.

“And ah do lov-…ah mean…care about you a lot or else ah wouldna been yer man-ny-kin and put on all those dresses for ya ta make changes on today!”

Rarity snuggled against Applejack and yawned.

“I know…I guess…I just needed to hear it…from you.”

Applejack wrapped her front legs around Rarity.


“Yeah sugarcube?”

“Those colts, the ones you say who only come up to talk about me? What do you say to them?”

Applejack looked into Rarity’s eyes.

“Ah use to just change the subject and focus back on apples…but this one time recently…heheh”


Applejack smiled.



Applejack pulled the rope connected to the bell on her cart to attract the attention of all ponies nearby. Today was a relatively slow day, but she was determined to have the cart empty by sundown. She took one apple and shined it graciously with her apron. She presented the fruit as it gleamed in the sunlight. Two colts did a double take as they passed orange equine’s cart. As they approached, Applejack got a better look at them. One, a crimson furred pegasus with a spiky yellow mane and three lightning bolts as a cutie mark, the other, a unicorn with purple fur and a black mane that lay on his head almost as elegantly as Rarity’s and a pattern of stars that was possibly a constellation that Twilight could make out as a cutie mark. Both of them were very handsome looking horses.

“Well howdy gentlemen! Ya’ll likin what ya see?” Applejack said as she presented the apples.

“We sure are!” said the pegasus.

“That’s Flash, I’m Galaxy. Applejack correct?” the unicorn said in a sultry low voice.


“We were just out and about and figured we’d stroll into town. You’re our first stop.” Flash stated.

“Well ain’t that somethin’! Ya’ll just made my day, what made lil’ ‘ol me yer first stop? Didja hear good things about the Apple Family Cider? Or was it the apple turnovers?”

“Actually no…it’s something else.”

“Ah knew it! The good ‘ol fashioned apple pie!”

“Actually…we heard that you were good friends with Rarity. The elegant equine whose fashion sense is like none other.” Galaxy said proudly.

Applejack’s pleasant smile faded slightly.

“Oh, yeah, she’s quite skilled at her dress makin’ and what not. I guess ya wanna know where her Bootique is so ya’ll can get yerselves a sweater or somethin’?”

“Well…we actually passed her Boutique already but felt that we should stop and see you first.”

“Really?” Applejack said raising a brow.

“Yeah we figured, with you being good friends with her and all, you must know if she…has a certain special somepony? Or if not, what features she’s looking for in one?” Flash winked.

“And perhaps, maybe even if we buy some of your delicious apples, you could mention our names and a few other good things about us to her?” Galaxy added.


“They bribed you just to get me to talk to them!?”


“What did you tell them?”

“Well after ah felt they bought an appropriate amount of apples ah told em a lil’ somethin’.”

“Which was?”

“If’in they can’t muster up the courage ta talk ta you their selves, than they aint worth ya time. And thas all ah said to em.”

Rarity giggled.

“How may apples did they have to buy just to hear something that obvious?”

“Let’s just say that’s the fastest and easiest way ah ever emptied a cart full o’ apples.”

Rarity and Applejack burst into laughter.

“You are simply terrible for that darling! Still, how clever!”

“Ah think such a life lesson was pretty low-priced considering the prize they were after.”

The earth pony winked at her friend. Rarity softly nuzzled her head into Applejack’s chest.

“Goodnight Applejack.”

The orange equine smiled as she wrapped her front legs around the unicorn. Rarity closed her eyes and sighed happily. Applejack kissed her head gently before closing her own eyes.

“G’night Rarity.”