• Published 23rd Jul 2012
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My Darling Sugarcube - Seanessy

When love hits, it hits hard.

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Chapter 6

The next few days seemed to fly by. Hoity Toity and Photo Finish adored the outfits, which helped Rarity’s already booming business blossom. After the fashion show premiered she would be flooded with more orders. She hoped to rest after the two fashionistas left but not too soon after the presentation of her dresses, Applejack had dropped off Sweetie Belle, limping as she was tuckered out from dealing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders whose efforts to earn cutie marks in wrestling failed; to no surprise. Of course, Sweetie Belle, being the filly she was, wanted to do fun things with her big sister. Applejack had to catch up on apple bucking for she missed two days of it from the sleepover at Rarity’s house and the Cutie Mark Crusaders adventure the day after. By the time both ponies were caught up on their responsibilities they were too tired to even move. When they finally regained some of their strength they agreed to meet up for a one on one picnic in a secluded part of the park close to where they let their pets play.

“Howdy there, princess.” Applejack said as she arrived to find Rarity who was already relaxing on her portable sofa.

Rarity smiled and blushed a little.

“Room on that there couch fer two?”

Rarity slid over and rubbed the empty spot.

“Wipe your hooves off first.” Rarity said jokingly.

Applejack smiled and leaned in as she planted a gentle kiss on Rarity’s cheek.

Rarity sighed happily. “I’ve missed you.”

Applejack nuzzled her nose.

“Ah’ve missed you too hun.”

Their lips intertwined gently in a passionate kiss. They both moaned softly as Rarity pulled Applejack’s head closer. The earth pony wrapped her forelegs around the unicorn’s back, and Rarity used her other hoof to remove Applejack’s hat and her hair tie that kept her mane in a ponytail. Applejack playfully bit Rarity’s lip as they smooched causing a slight pleasure whimper to escape the white mare’s mouth.

“Whoa…” a voice came from directly above them. The two ponies eyes shot open and they backed away from each other and looked around.

“Up here guys.” Rainbow Dash said looking at them from a cloud with a smug smile while trying to stifle laughter.

Applejack’s face turned as white as Rarity’s and Rarity herself looked on the verge of fainting.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just…” Rainbow said trying to finish her sentence before bursting into hysteric laughter. “OH CELESTIA THIS IS TOO RICH!”

Both Rarity and Applejack became flushed with embarrassment and couldn’t even look at each other, let alone Rainbow Dash.

“I can see it in the headlines now!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as the cloud lowered. “”Ponyville’s Persnickety Princess Heads South for a Bit of Apple Affection ”!” She plopped on the cloud and clutched her stomach in laughter. “Oh Gabby Gums needs to make a comeback!”

Rarity growled. “What were you doing spying on us anyway? Haven’t you ever heard of privacy!!?”

“I was just gathering some clouds to fly into Ponyville when I happened to see my two friends in a secluded area. So I thought myself “Hey maybe I’ll give ‘em a little lightning scare. I could use a good prank”. But it turns out I’m the one who got the… SHOCK!” Rainbow Dash started rolling around on her own cloud laughing hysterically at her joke.

“Ya can’t tell no pony Rainbow Dash!”

Rainbow Dash tried to stifle her giggles.

“Rainbow Dash! Promise us!” Rarity exclaimed.

The blue mare’s eyes filled with tears as she tried to keep from bursting with laughter. Both Rarity and Applejack growled at her.

“I just…hahaha...I…heehee…ahem…I just need to know one thing. Why were you guys… kissing?”

“I…uhm it…ehh…” Applejack looked at Rarity.

“It’s…it’s very hard to explain Rainbow Dash.”

The pegasus tilted her head in confusion.

“I mean…are you two…?”

“No no! Not at all!” Rarity exclaimed. She thought to herself for a second. She was attracted to colts as far as she knew. Yet, she had felt no stronger feelings than the ones she’d experienced with Applejack. It was confusing to say the least; how could she even begin to explain?

“It’s really hard to explain Rainbow,” the blonde haired mare began. “…it’s… just that, well, when ah’m with Rarity ah feel happier than a caterpillar in an apple tree. Ah’m not quite sure what it is, but it just feels right.

Rarity smiled. “And when Applejack and I…eh…kissed for the first time…it just…felt magical.”

“Like unicorn magic?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“No, not at all…a different type of magic, a…an emotional rush. A euphoric sensation that entangles your body and engulfs your mind. It’s like floating on clouds.”

Rainbow Dash raised a brow then looked down at the cloud on which she was standing. Applejack chuckled a bit and Rarity gently scratched her head smiling as she realized the irony in her analogy.

“Eh, sounds boring. Whatever, I’ll leave you two love ponies to your…uh…whatever it is…”

“Promise us that ya won’t tell anypony first!” Applejack demanded. Rainbow Dash let out an annoyed sigh.

“I promise I won’t tell anypony.”

“Pinkie Promise!” Rarity exclaimed.

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” The pegasus said while making the necessary gestures to initiate the Pinkie Promise. Rarity and Applejack smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Whatever.” Rainbow Dash said as she flew off with the cloud headed back to Ponyville.

Applejack and Rarity looked at each other awkwardly before both looking down at the ground. An uncomfortable silence passed.

“We… we should stop Applejack.”

“Beg pardon?”

“Look at us. Look how carried away we’ve gotten, we were almost caught by our sisters, and now we’re out in public. I mean, what were we thinking? Who knows what other Pegasi could’ve seen us?”

Applejack nodded.

“Yeah, I reckon yer right sugarcube.”

“Word would get out, and we’d both be shunned and lose our businesses.”

“Princess Celestia would prolly find out and we’d be banished…or even worse”

“I shudder to think.” Rarity said shivering.

“Well, ah guess… ah’ll see ya’ll round then?”

“I guess.”

The two ponies left the park and began going their separate ways, Applejack stopped and turned to Rarity.


“Yes?” the unicorn said as she turned around.

“Yer still one of my best friends, and the most beautiful princessy princess ah know.”

“Oh Applejack, and you’re the most dazzling country mare and greatest friend I could ever ask for.”

Applejack walked up to Rarity and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Ah love you…darling” the earth pony said. The white equine’s eyes moistened and she reimbursed Applejack’s kiss with a soft peck on the lips.

“I love you too…sugarcube.” Rarity said in her best imitation of a southern accent while letting out a slight giggle.

Applejack blushed and smiled. The two ponies turned tail and headed back to their homes.