• Published 23rd Jul 2012
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My Darling Sugarcube - Seanessy

When love hits, it hits hard.

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Chapter 3

For the next few days no one had seen mane or tail of Rarity. The last person to speak to her was Fluttershy for their usual spa get together. Rarity informed her that Photo Finish, Hoity Toity and recently a new client Lady Zsa Zsa contacted her hours apart, asking her for fresh new designs for their clothing lines. Knowing this would be excellent for her business, Rarity took on the challenge, alone of course. Everypony knew when Rarity was working, especially on something this important, it was best to leave her be. The only other time anyone had been near her Boutique was Fluttershy who went to pick up Opalescence for the gang’s usual pet-play date.

As Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash sat down for lunch, they went on about their usual opening topics of discussion as their pets played. Twilight would ask if anyone was interested in talking about a topic she had studied in one of her books. Of course, being the good friends they were, they would oblige and listen as much as they could before their eyes started to droop, Twilight would then quickly change topics as to not bore her friends to death. Rainbow would, of course, give details on some new flying moves she was working on, while the others would chip in with ideas of their own from an audience perspective. Pinkie would begin to talk about parties, and then ramble off about something nonsensical which was always amusing. Fluttershy would give an update on her animals, and Applejack would talk about business on the farm.

“Oh yeah, since we’re on that subject, I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to help you a few days ago Applejack.” Twilight said apologetically.

“Me too. It’s just this poor little girl bunny was so defenseless; I just had to nurse her back to health.” Fluttershy said. She squeaked as an apple hit her in the head from far away. She looked over at Angel who glared at her then resumed frolicking with the other animals. The yellow pony threw a sweet smile his way before turning back to her friends. “Angel wasn’t too happy about it since I was showing just a teeny tiny bit more attention to her than to him.” The girls laughed.

“It’s alright ya’ll’ Rarity ended up helpin’ me.”

“Ha! Did she show up in a special frou-frou apple bucking dress?” Rainbow Dash joked. The girls laughed again.

Pinkie Pie styled her mane and tail to match Rarity’s.

“I prefer NOT to get my hooves muddy!” Pinkie said imitating the fussy unicorn sparking more laughs from the gang.

“Nice one Pinkie Pie.” Rainbow laughed.

“Oh, I do believe I’m beginning to sweat…how dreadful!” the pink pony continued before joining in the laughter as her mane and tail poofed back to its original style.

Applejack wiped a tear from her eye as she controlled her laughter.

“Well ya’ll know Rarity, after an hour of applebuckin’ she only had half a bucket full! She was tryna sort the good apples from the bad apples before she had even knocked em all out the tree!”

“That’s our Rarity!” Twilight exclaimed.

“But in the end, she showed some real spunk, we got into a lil’ disagreement and we ended up scufflin’ and wouldn’t ya know it? She actually pinned me.”

“Wait, Rarity pinned YOU?” Fluttershy queried in shock.

“Hehehe yup.”

“Wait, are we talking about the same Rarity? The flips her mane every three seconds, says “darling” every three sentences, and is terrible at Tic-Tac-Toe Rarity?” the pink pony asked.

Applejack laughed.

“Yup, same Rarity sugarcube.”

The other ponies just stared in awe.

“Oh, don’t go gettin’ yer tails in a twist, remember, this was after three hours of me applebuckin’, ah was plum tuckered out.”

“Yeah but still, who would’ve pictured Rarity actually wrestling? Let alone pinning down the second strongest pony in Ponyville.” Dash said.

“Second strongest?” Applejack said raising a brow to the blue winged mare.

“That’s what I said. Guess you’re not so tough after all if RARITY can pin you! HA!”

“And on that note we’ll end this play-date before it turns into a pony war. I’ve got a schedule to keep! Owlicious!” Twilight called. The brown owl landed on his owner’s back and Twilight started on her way back to the library.

“I’ll see you later girls!”

Pinkie Pie lowered her head and Gummy crawled his way into her mane before she merrily bounced off. Rainbow Dash gave Applejack a smug smile before grabbing Tank and the two took flight disappearing leaving nothing behind but a stream of multi-colored rays.

“Alright Opalescence, let’s get you back to Rarity. Come on Angel.” Fluttershy beckoned.

“Ummm Fluttershy. How’s bout ah take Opal back ta Rarity?”

Fluttershy gave Applejack a confused look.

“Oh, it’s ok Applejack, she can be quite a handful.”

“No really, ah was gonna head over there anyway just ta check up on her.”

“Well…” Fluttershy thought. “I do have some raccoons that need tending to…you sure you’re ok with this Applejack?”

“I done handled, cows, goats, parasites, herds a buffalo and tons more wild creatures, I think I can handle Rarity’s cat.”

Fluttershy smiled. “Um, ok then, thank you Applejack.” Fluttershy kneeled down to Opalescence.

“Now be a good kitty cat and do whatever Applejack says ok?”

The cat gave Fluttershy an apathetic look. The yellow pony gave her a cold, demanding stare and the prissy kitty smiled innocently and rushed to Applejack’s side purring and rubbing against her legs.

“Just to be on the safe side.”

“That’s some gift ya’ll got there Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy grinned. “Thanks again!”

“No problem. C’mon Opal! Get along there Winona!”

Winona growled at Opalescence who retorted with a violent hiss. Applejack stepped in between them.

“I’d better walk in the middle of ya’ll two, just ta be on the safe side.”

Opal raised her head high and Winona gave out another low growl before looking forward. Applejack and the two pets started on the path to Rarity’s Boutique.