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Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos - Vaatidj

After waking up in the garden of an unknown castle, Ditzy Do finds herself forced to play a killing game with 15 ponies called the ultimates. Will she make it out through alive, or will the murderers escape free.

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Chapter 1: Despair Begins Again - Trial part 1


Truth Bullets
Monokuma File #1 (A folder giving the basics of Twilights murder. She was killed at 11:30 last night by a slashing object that cut her multiple times and stabbed her deep through the chest.)

Motive Photos (A.K. has written down the connections of everyone who had shared their motive photos yesterday during the morning meeting in the lounge. A.K had Flam, Flam had Flash, Flash and Flam, Pinkie had Rarity, and Ditzy had Rainbow.)

Fluttershy’s Account (Fluttershy had slept with Rainbow Dash the night prior and was the first one to discover the body. According to her, they woke up at the same time and upon discovering the body her memory went blank.)

Sword in Hedge (Flash discovered a sword hidden in one of the garden’s hedges while guarding the crime scene. It appears to have been washed, and as it was the only weapon in the area. It is most likely the murder weapon.)

Flash’s Patrol Route (Flash Sentry was patrolling until 11:20 last night and was the last pony to have seen Twilight alive. His route covered the entirety of the castle’s interior save for the living room and dining room area. The only pony who he came into contact with during the time was Octavia.)

Signs of a Struggle (Twilight had multiple large cuts on her front legs that both Redheart and A.K. Yearling believe show signs of a struggle between Twilight and the murderer.)

Stab Wound (Upon inspection of the blade and the stab wound on Twilight’s chest, Redheart summarized that the blow was done through the front of her body. It had pierced through Twilight’s heart and through her back, which is why their is a smaller wound in the front than the back.)

Blood Streak (A trail of Blood was found outside of the garden, the location of the murder. Not even A.K. seems to truly understand how the blood streak was created, but believes that it isn’t Twilight’s blood on the floor.)

Glittering Water (Water was found on the floor leading to the dining room and kitchen hallway, most likely washed up by the killer through some means. Despite the lack of light shining into the entrance hall during the investigation, the water seemed to sparkle through some means.)

Secret Kitchen Entrance (Pinkie and Bon Bon had discovered a secret entrance to the kitchen via a button disguised as a stone brick. This would have bypassed the nighttime rules as it only applies to the dining room, not the kitchen.)

Octavia’s Account (Octavia was up some time before the murder, unable to fall asleep due to Bulk Bicep snoring in the room next to hers. This left her extremely tired in the morning when the body was found.)

Rainbow’s Account (Rainbow Dash slept with Fluttershy and was with the pegasus when she found the body.)

Weapon Rack (A sword was missing from one of the weapon racks in the barracks, and must have been removed during the as stated by the rules.)

Trial Commence

“Allow me to start by giving a simple explanation on how this trial is going to work,” Monokuma said from his spot on his throne. “Throughout the course of the trial you will all give your arguments and present evidence to try a prove who the blacken is. If, at the end, you manage to find the blacken through popular vote, than only they will receive punishment. However, choose wrong and everyone besides the blacken will get executed, and they will earn the right to leave this castle. Now then, let's get this trial started!”

I looked around to everyone, all of us waiting for the other to start the conversation. With a sigh, I decided to take the initiative.

“So, I guess the only place to start is with the scene of the crime itself,” I suggested to everyone else. “That way we can clear up any needed confusion someone has about Twilight’s murder.”

“Well I ain’t really up for it, but we got no choice in the matter now do we?” Applejack replied. “So, I guess the first thing we should really clear up is exactly what injury caused Twilight to die.”

“Yeah, the Monokuma File only stated what injuries she had obtained not which one killed her!” Bulk Bicep yelled, which I quickly realized was his default tone of voice.

“In that case, let’s do an overview of the case before going any further,” A.K. told everyone. “If any inconsistencies are to pop up, then it will be there.”

I saw A.K. turn to me after she spoke, and I knew what she was expecting of me. If I really wanted to find who murdered Twilight, than I was going to have to be in control of this debate. Twilight is depending on us all to rest easily, and that all starts now.

Non-stop Debate

Loaded truth bullets: Signs of a Struggle, Monokuma File #1, Fluttershy’s Account.

Rainbow Dash: “Twilight was killed at 11:30 during nighttime, at which point everyone was already asleep.”

Rarity: “Except for the murderer of course. As soon as they could they headed to the garden and murdered Twilight.”

Octavia: “They must have known Twilight was going to be there and had planned a weapon in advance.”

Doctor: “And without realizing what was happening, Twilight died. I doubt she couldn’t even fight back.”

Wait! That’s wrong!

“Actually Doctor, Twilight was fully aware of the murderers intentions of killing her,” I explained to him. “Or that should be the case if what Redheart said was correct.”

“Your talking about the cuts on her front legs?” Redheart asked me, and I nodded in return. “Well, to be more specific, it’s on the outer parts of her front legs that the cuts are seen. If it was the inner area than I would be willing to say that somepony here went crazy, but that’s not the case. I would say that it is more than likely for those injuries to have been caused by blocking the object that had cut her down.”

“I see, that is… much more tragic than I had wanted to believe,” Doctor Whooves said with a sigh. “She tried to fight back against her killer, but in the end was unable to shake them off.”

“U-u-um, since that was cleared up, how about the blood l-l-leading to the g-garden’s door,” Fluttershy managed to say, despite her voice sounding like it wanted to fail on her. “D-d-didn’t the M-monokuma File state that the murder happened in the g-g-g-garden?”

“That’s why ah think Monokuma is trying to trick us in some way,” Applejack replied, reminding me of her accusation that the mechanical bear was the one who actually murdered her. “Ah didn’t see any red grass from the body being dragged through the garden, and just thinking somepony would purposefully do that to throw us off is just… wrong.”

“But you do have to admit that it is entirely possible,” Flam spoke up for the first time in the trial. “Nopony knew the Monokuma File was even a thing until after the body discovery announcement, so maybe they did drag the body to try and throw us off.”

“What exactly do you mean by throwing us off?” I decided to ask, though I did feel rather uncomfortable about his suggestion.

“So imagine that Twilight was killed in the garden, and then the murderer tried to make it seem like it happened someplace different,” He explained to us. “To do that, they dragged Twilight’s limp body out the doors of the garden and into the entrance hall just enough for us to be able to notice it. Then they dragged her back to where she was originally slain, finish there little trick.”

“Th-that’s absurd!” Rarity shouted. “I’ve read plenty of mystery novels in my life and even that seems absolutely crazy.”

“It’s just a suggestion, but it is quite possible since unicorns have the lowest body weight average of all ponies.” Flam replied with a shrug. Despite how horrible the image he created in my head was, I couldn’t help but agree that it was entirely possible.

“In that case, let’s turn our attention to the one who discovered the body,” Bon Bon suggested, looking furiously at Fluttershy. “The culprit will always return to the scene of the crime, and that is none other than Fluttershy.”

“Wh-wh-wh-what?” Fluttershy stammered in replied, looking as if she was going to faint from shock.

“Hey, why are you picking on Fluttershy now?!” Redheart yelled at the Ultimate Candy Maker.

“I’m not picking on her, I’m simply putting her into the spotlight until she presents an alibi,” Bon Bon said in defense. “It is completely reasonable to assume that the one who discovered the body might very well be the murder.”

I could understand where Bon Bon was coming from, but it just didn’t seem right. I knew Fluttershy was innocent, I just had to prove it to the rest of the ponies here.

Non-Stop Debate

Loaded Truth Bullets: Octavia’s Account, Flash’s Patrol Route, Rainbow’s Account

Bon Bon: “I’m not say that she is definitely the killer, but nonetheless Fluttershy discovered the body.”

A.K.: “As true as that might be, couldn’t you be jumping to conclusions right now?”

Rainbow Dash: “Yeah, Fluttershy’s innocent! She’s too timid to do anything of the sort!”

Fluttershy: “Y-y-yes that’s right. Besides, wh-why would ever ever murder anyone?”

Bon Bon: “But you weren’t there with her last night. So unless she was with somepony all last night than I won’t believe that.”

I agree with that!

“While we were investigating, Fluttershy told me about the events that persisted the night before,” I told Bon Bon. “She indeed was the one who discovered the body, but she was also staying with Rainbow at the time of the murder.”

“You may say that,” Bon Bon said, ready to try and contradict what I told her. “but unless Rainbow-”

“Yep, it’s true,” Rainbow told the earth pony, interrupting them. “She couldn’t fall asleep so we slept together last night. I was also there with her when she discovered the body so she wasn’t alone at any time. Well, not alone until I went to grab everypony that is.”

“Kinda ironic that your own words are the ones that set Fluttershy free, isn’t it Bon Bon?” Pinkie Pie joked, giggling at the thought. “Kinda like sending a party invitation the day after it was held, and everyone showing up on time anyway.”

“You should probably work on that comparison darling,” Rarity told the Ultimate Party Planner. “It’s pretty off.”

“Well, if that’s the case than… sorry Fluttershy,” Bon Bon apologized, looking to the ground in shame. “I guess I was jumping to conclusions a bit.”

“N-no, I could see why you thought that.” Fluttershy said, just audible for anypony to hear it.

“In that case let’s get back to overviewing the murder,” A.K. suggested. “We’ve cleared up the fact that she wasn’t caught by surprise, but their is a lot more that should still be discussed. Let's continue by talking about the weapon that was used.”

Non-stop Debate

Truth Bullets: Sword in Hedge, Weapon Rack, Monokuma File #1, Glittering Water

A.K.: “We cleared up what Twilight’s final moments were, but now we need to all agree on a weapon.”

Flam: “It had to be long enough to pierce the heart, if we believe that the stab wound was the cause of death of course.”

Trixie: “They must have hidden the weapon somewhere Trixie couldn’t find it, and Trixie is excellent at finding things.”

Applejack: “No doubt that whatever weapon was used had to have blood on it. Ah don’t think they would have been able to wash it afterwards.”

I agree with that!

“I’m sure you already know what the weapon was A.K., we did find it together after all,” The Ultimate Author smiled at me as she heard those words. “There was a sword hidden in a hedge at the far side of the garden. Flash was the one who showed it to us.”

“I remember having seen it shining in the hedge, which I will admit is strange considering that the hedge kept it shaded,” Flash Sentry explain. “It was the only ‘sharp object’ that was found near the crime scene, and I made sure to check the other hedges after finding it.”

“And that’s why it makes since that the sword we found is the murder-“

Use your brain idiot!

“Hold on Dee,” Rainbow shouted at me before I could finish speaking. “I find it hard to believe that a sword that clean and that wide could have killed Twilight!”

“Rainbow, please, let me explain!” I exclaimed, attempting to calm her down to no avail.

“You can explain yourself after I make it clear why it’s impossible, Dee!” She continued to yell at the top of her lungs. She’s not going to give up, that’s for sure; all I can do is wait for her to mess up in someway.

Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Blades: Stab wound, Blood Streak, Signs of Struggle, Sword in Hedge

Rainbow Dash: “Flash isn’t the only one who saw that sword you know. I saw it too, but one look at it and you can tell two things. One: it’s too clean for it to be used to stab Twilight. Two: It’s too wide to fit the entry wound! That means there's no way that sword is the murder weapon!”


Ditzy: “I can get the clean part, but what does the sword’s width have to do with this?”

Rainbow Dash: “Take a look and it should become very clear. The wound on Twilight’s body is way too small for a sword like that! Since the entry wound is through Twilight’s back that means the weapon had to be small, and that sword isn’t small enough.”

I’ll rip your argument apart!

“Rainbow listen, the entry wound isn’t through Twilight’s back,” I explained to her, finally getting an opportunity to talk. “The entry wound is through the front of her chest, something that Redheart had pointed out during her examination.”

“Yes that is indeed correct,” Redheart replied in acknowledge, giving a nod as she started to explain. “There are two stab wounds, or rather one singular one that manage to pierce through both the front of her chest and the part of the back over her heart. There is no doubt that whoever is responsible, despite how clean it may look, used that sword.”

“We can also assume that the sword was taken during daytime, as the castle courtyard is completely off-limit during the night,” A.K. reminded everyone. “And through investigation it’s clear that the barracks was where the sword was originally located.”

“That’s crazy! I’ve spent my entire time in the training field yesterday and saw nopony!” Bulk Biceps exclaimed. “I’m pretty sure that I would have notice somepony carrying a sword out of the barracks if they really did take it from there.”

“What about the day before?” Rarity asked. “I think it’s more likely that the murderer had taken it than. Monokuma can prove that.”

“Oh really now?” The monochrome bear asked in disbelief. “I don’t remember talking to you, and my memory is as good as hawks eyesight, or a bloodhound's nose if you prefer.”

“Yer talkin about the morning announcement yesterday, ain’t ya sugarcube?” Applejack questioned the Ultimate Dress Maker. I took the moment to think back to the day before, and I realize exactly what Applejack and Rarity had meant.

“Attention everypony, it is now 8:00 am. The courtyard and dining room are now open. Let's all look forward to another great day in this wonderful killing game! Oh, and can I please ask for those of you using the barracks to please put away the weapons after you use them!”

“That’s right!” I shouted in realization, looking at the bear that was forcing us to participate in this twisted game. “You mentioned something about putting the weapons away in the barrack yesterday morning. If that’s the case than it’s pretty likely that the killer had taken it the day the motives were handed out.”

“Which means that they had opened their motives at that point as well, which should rule out Rainbow Dash as a possible culprit, given she hadn’t seen her motive as of yet.” A.K. mentioned, Monokuma sighing as he seemed to realize exactly what happened.

“I see, so that's why that sword disappeared on tuesday,” Monokuma said, seeming extremely upset. “It was taco tuesday you know, I spent the entire day looking for that damn thing. I had little toy men that needed to be glued and a theater performance missed because of this killer. Oh well, I guess it’s all good if it’s in the name of killing!”

“Yer sick,” Applejack told him, “Absolutely, totally sick and you couldn’t care less.”

“So we managed to piece together how the murderer prepared for the crime, but that doesn’t get us anywhere,” Trixie reminded the rest of us. “The great and powerful Triiiixie will not have her head brought to the axe. Can we please get back to the most pressing issue here?”

“Most pressing issue?” I asked her, “What would that be?”

“Trixie is talking about how the murderer knew where Twilight would be at the time of the murder!” She shouted at me. “How could that not be the most pressing thing.”

“Th-they p-p-probably heard that she would, you know, b-b-be investigating the garden,” Fluttershy suggested. “I-I-I don’t know w-who but… that’s probably the best thing right now.”

“Then I guess that’s our next topic of discussion,” A.K. stated. “Who could have know where Twilight was at the time of the murder?”

Non-Stop Debate

Loaded Truth Bullets: Flash’s Patrol Route, Octavia’s Account, Blood Streak

Bon Bon: “So who was up during that time? How would anyone but the killer and Twilight know that?”

Rainbow Dash: “It was rather late at night, I doubt anypony was still awake. Nopony would willingly be up at midnight after all.”

A.K.: “Maybe not willingly, but they could be up against their own will. It’s happened to me at conventions before.”

Pinkie: “The only times I stay up is when I have a sleepover, and I wasn’t in sleepover mode last night.”

Bulk Bicep: “If you talked to anyone who knows me, you know I sleep like a log! I doubt I would have woken somepony up sleeping!

Wait! That’s wrong!

“Bulk, you might be a heavy sleeper, but those sleeping next to you aren’t,” I explained to him. “I’m sure that somepony next to you might have been kept awake by your snoring.”

“M-m-my snoring!” Those words were so loud that it almost made me dizzy, but I could get his reaction.

“Yeah, Octavia is in the room right next to you, correct?” I asked him, getting a nod from the Ultimate Bodybuilder. “I’m sure that she could tell you all about it!”

“Hate to rain on your parade Ditzy, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Applejack told me, motioning over to Octavia… who was fast asleep at her podium.

“OCTAVIA!” I yelled at her, but she was not going to wake up no matter what I did. Did she get any sleep at all?

“I doubt Octavia is the murderer,” A.K. stated, adjusting her hat and glasses at the same time. “If the account isn’t enough, than I think the scene before us sums it up pretty well. The murder happened at 11:30 pm, and as late as that is it would have given her plenty of time to sleep. However, if she really did have that trouble last night than the scene before us makes sense.”

“What if she switched rooms with somepony else?” Flam asked. “I’m sure she wasn’t the only other pony at the time, especially considering the more personal connection she had to… somepony here.”

“Your referring to me, aren’t you?” Flash answered with a question of his own, the response being a wicked smile. The Ultimate Guard seemed rather peeved at being thrusted into the spotlight, but explained in the end. “Twilight had asked me to watch her during night time yesterday while she investigated the statue. She thought that it may lead to an exit but as we learned today that isn’t the case.”

“So let me get this straight,” Applejack started, look at Flash Sentry with a sour expression on her face. “You were up during night time, around Twilight who is the one who got murdered, and as a member of the royal guard you two would obviously be familiar with each other,” I felt something sink in my stomach as I heard Applejack say those words, realizing exactly where they were leading. “That means you would have the best chance of murdering her!”

“Preposterous!” He replied. “Why would I want to murder her majesty's own personal student?”

“Now now Flash, we should hear her out,” Flam suggested, tipping his hat with a devilish grin on his face. “You better have an alibi ready if you are to prove your innocence to the rest of us.”

Despite my mind wanting to believe that Flam was setting Flash up as the murderer, I felt as if he was trying to hint at something. Something that nopony, not even A.K., had thought of up to this point that he knew about. Despite his talent, Flam has shown to be trustworthy to this point, and I was going to keep trusting him. Please don’t make me regret this Flam, and that goes the same for you too Flash. You fall apart, and everything we’re going to do is pointless.

“You were the only pony other than Twilight that could possible be awake during that time,” Applejack continued to press. “Whether or not you are the murderer, you are the most suspicious pony in the room at the current moment.”

“I’m telling you, I would never murder somepony as important as Twilight,” Flash argued back.

“Are you ready Ditzy?” Flam said to me. “If you truly believe that Flash is innocent, now is the time to prove it. Spotlight the weaker argument, then find the part that doesn’t fit. That’s the only way your going to succeed.”

Applejack: “Do ya have evidence, Flash?” Flash: “I am in no way guilty of murder!”

Argument Tug-a-War

Truth ropes: Flash’s patrol route, Signs of a Struggle, Octavia’s Account, Secret Kitchen Entrance.

Applejack’s statement: “Stop spattin all that royal guard crap. You were up during the time of the murder and was in the garden with Twilight at around the same time. It would have been possible to murder her than, especially since you must’ve spent a lot of time investigating with her. Even if you left for a for a few seconds, that would still leave plenty of to kill her.”

Flash’s statement (sided): “As a member of the royal guard, doing anything such as murdering the princess’s student would be frowned upon. Besides, I had no quarrel with Twilight in the first place. Even if I was up during the time of the murder, I went back to my room ten minutes before the time stated in the Monokuma File. If you use reason instead of jumping to conclusions, you would have been able to realize that.”

Spotlight: Applejack

Applejack: “Twilight asked you to watch her, and that meant you spent the entire night in the garden!”

I’ve rounded up your argument!

“Applejack, Flash didn’t spend the entire night in the garden,” I told her. “In fact, I think that he might have spent less time there than he did any other place in the castle last night.”

“Really? Why’d ya think that?” Applejack asked, rubbing the back of her neck.

“She thinks that because of this drawing,” A.K. responded, grabbing the book she’s been taking notes in and showing it to Applejack, or the map showing the route Flash Sentry patrolled last night to be exact. “When Flash found the sword, he mentioned that he didn’t see last night while patrol. I asked him to draw the route he took, and the result shows that while he did visit the garden, much of his time would have been spent in the halls and entrance way.”

“As well thought out your stance is, there is a fatal flaw in your thinking,” Rarity started with a look of pride. “I doubt somepony of Flash’s stature or position would lie about patrolling, but think about it real quickly. No matter what the map says, it always shows that he went back to the garden, and that means he still had a chance to kill her. Also, one other thing,” Rarity pointed a hoof accusingly at Flash. “A stallion never leaves a lady unprotected, so don’t even bother saying some excuse like ‘I went to bed before she did’, got it?”

“Rarity please,” I begged the dressmaker. “Flash didn’t kill Twilight, no matter what you think. Just let it-”

P.O.V. change: A.K. Yearling is now in control of the trial!

“I’ll take over from here Ditzy.” I told the worrying mailmare, how looked at me wondering why I was keeping her from answering. “I know how you feel right now, but there’s a point where you have to let somepony else take the reigns.”

“Wh-what?” The wall-eyed mare shouted at me, a response that was more than natural.

“We both investigated together, but acting like you know everything can make it dangerous,” I told her. “You feel responsible for Twilight’s death, I understand that, but you can’t go on think you are the only pony here who is right. You make a mistake, and you may pay for it dearly, and that’s exactly what you were going to do,” I looked to Rarity, who was patiently waiting for one of us to response. “Yes, it’s true that Flash still had opportunities to murder, but I still have heavy suspicions that he is innocent.”

“So what you're saying is he might possibly be guilty, but it isn’t definite that he is?” Rainbow summed up, nodding as she continued to talk. “I will admit that I also have my doubts, but until somepony can convince me than I think he’s the culprit. It makes too much sense when he was up that late in the night.”

“A.K., please don’t screw this up.” Ditzy requested of me, her face still showing signs of concern. It was surprisingly difficult to read the mares emotion as anything other than innocent and happy considering the position of her eyes.

“Don’t worry Ditzy, you did your part, now I’ll do mine,” I reassured her, adjusting my glasses. One of the good things about living so isolated is that nopony knows how you truly act, which gives me some flexibility through my pen name. “Now then, let’s see which side is correct.”

Non-Stop Debate

Truth Bullets: Octavia’s Account, Motive Photos, Blood Streak, Sword in Hedge, Stab Wound

Rarity: “Flash Sentry might have been patrolling other areas at the time of murder, but we can’t say that for sure.”

Pinkie: “Who knows what he could have been doing at 11:30. I mean, nopony saw him around that time, so it’s logical to think he committed this act.”

Ditzy: “So whether or not he’s guilty isn’t based on evidence, but on who saw him at the time?”

Doctor: “That definitely seems unfair. However, he has no stable alibi, which means this is our only choice.”

Ditzy: “That seems… terribly unfair.”

I’m going to correct that statement!

“Actually, there was somepony else who was aware of Flash’s presence at around that time,” I told them all. “But to do that, I’m gonna have to ask you a favor Bulk.”

“If it helps than I’ll do anything you need me to!” I smiled invisibly as he said that.

“Everypony, please cover your ears,” I warned, before giving my command to Bulk. “I want you to scream at the top of your lungs and give our sleeping beauty a wake up call.”

He looked at me as if I was crazy, but everyone else had already braced themselves for what was to come. After a pleadful stare, I sighed in defeat, cleared his throat, and yelled at the very top of his lungs. Everypony knew better than to take the full front of his voice, even Monokuma who jumped behind his throne and was probably holding his paws over his ears. The only one wasn’t was Octavia, who woke up from the glass breaking voice of Bulk Bicep, letting out a scream of her own.

“Who, what, where, when,” She said in hysteria before looking to Bulk Bicep. “Why?”

“Oooow,” Rainbow groaned in annoyance as she leaned over the ground, her cyan coat looking slightly green around the cheeks. “Can you not… do that… again?”

“I’m going to agree with the ego,” Monokuma said, looking rather ticked off. “For a second I thought my monobomb was going to explode from faulty wiring it was so loud.”

“Wh-what’s going on here?” Octavia asked, and I realized that she probably had no idea about any of the discussion that had gone on for the majority of the trial. “Did I miss something? Is the trial still going? Did I make fun of Monokuma in my sleep?”

“Calm down Octavia, I’ll tell you everything during intermission,” Pinkie said with a warm smile on her face. “I mean, it’s going to happen after we found out what happened with you last night, so you should only have to wait a few more paragraphs.”

“Flash said during the investigation that you were up during the period of time the murder occured,” I explained to her. “I overheard you talking with Ditzy and she stated earlier that you were having trouble sleeping due to snoring. Is that right?”

“Oh, I see,” Octavia said, and despite the messy main and bags under her eyes I was pretty certain she wouldn’t be falling asleep again. “Yes, my room is right next to Bulk and the two of us are the last two bedrooms on the right side of the entrance balcony. Monokuma stated that those walls were soundproof, but I don’t think he accounted for anypony as naturally loud as Bulk.”

“My voice helps me express me energy, and I have tons of energy!” Bulk stated, probably feeling as if he needed to explain himself. “So when somepony goes up to me and says that I should quiet down, I tell them ‘than you should be more expressive of your energy’ in an even louder voice.”

“Bulk, I understand that you have to feel strong due to your condition, but that isn’t how you should deal with those situations,” Redheart told him. “Instead you should take their advice or maybe realize what you are doing is wrong. Not everypony wants to feel like their in a hoofball stadium twenty-four seven.”

“Oh! I mean, oh.” He said, the second time almost feeling unnatural as he talk in a more standard speaking volume.

“So to say that I’ve had trouble sleeping is a understatement,” Octavia continued, shaking her head as she started to close her eyes. Did Bulks scream just cause some form of trauma? “Same goes for last night, and even though Flash asked me if I wanted to share a room, I said no because of… well I think you can guess.”

“She was scared that staying with somepony would give them an opportunity for murder,” Flash replied. “I tried to tell her that I wouldn’t do such a thing, but she still declined and went back to her room.”

“If I had to deal with the loudest snoring, even if it left me in, well, the state you all saw me in earlier,” Octavia said. “I would rather deal with that than put myself in any position to be a victim. So can somepony please catch me up to speed?”

“Lets call a quick recess in that case,” Monokuma said. “I need to find a way to get the ringing outta my ear anyways so you all go ahead and fill her in.”

Looking to Applejack, I could see that she still wasn’t all that convinced. I had to find someway to get her to believe me, because I know that Flash isn’t responsible anymore. There had to be something that would change her opinion, and I have to find because if I don’t…

… than everypony is going to choose the wrong pony.

Trial intermission!

Author's Note:

Since Super Danganronpa and Danganronpa V3 both had intermission in the middle, I felt like it would make sense to split this into two separate chapters. That and I'm trying to keep chapters at a maximimum of 6000 words, so yeah. I also planned to add music tracks for different parts of the trials, and while I still plan to do that I will probably add them in later. Of course those tracks belong to the wonder person responsible for them and are not by me in any means.

Still hope you’re all enjoying the trial, part 2 is coming soon... if I’m consistent of course.

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