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Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos - Vaatidj

After waking up in the garden of an unknown castle, Ditzy Do finds herself forced to play a killing game with 15 ponies called the ultimates. Will she make it out through alive, or will the murderers escape free.

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Chapter 2: Unfortunate Seventeen - Deadly Life part 2

Resuming Investigation!

The first thing Rainbow Dash and I noticed upon entering the secret library was that the floor was littered with scrolls of various sorts. They were all spell focused scrolls, but they all had different things written or drawn on them. Some had small verses or hymns that must be said by the caster, while others had glyphs that simply needed to be struck with magic to activate. I hadn’t told anypony this because I didn’t really think it mattered, as there is only one unicorn who could have used it at that point, and they were now dead. It was at that moment I realized how similar this was to what Ditzy had described happening in the library.

“After talking with you two earlier today I made my way to the library to do some reading. When I arrived, it looked like it had been completely trashed, like the time a rain cloud had followed me into my house and destroyed everything. Anyways, I decided to clean… it… oh no.”

Whatever the murderer was searching for, they must have been looking for it in both places. Whether they found it here or in the library is one of the many questions that are going to need answering. In fact, there was far too many questions that I had absolutely no idea about at the moment, but that was mainly because I was more focus on gathering anything remotely suspicious or useful. If this was a suicide or a homicide, someone had assisted the murderer or not, how the door was locked when the lock was on the outside, and the location of Rarity’s body were all questions that bothered me. I had no clue if any of them could even be answered, this going far beyond the complexity of any murder mystery novel that I read, though I didn’t read that many to begin with.

“Why is this one blank?” Rainbow asked suddenly, shoving a scroll in my face and distracting me from my thoughts. “It’s one of the few in the entire library that was actually on a shelf, but it’s the only one with nothing written on it.”

Removing the scroll from my face I confirmed whether or not Rainbow was correct. Long story short, she was. Every scroll that I had seen up to that point had something written on them, many even being in different languages, but this was the first one with no writing or glyphs at all. It was like that one kid in a family that was the exact opposite of everyone else… something I just realized is uncomfortably familiar. However, even if it was strange that this was the only one with no writing on it, I had a theory.

“Rainbow,” I called to my fellow investigator. “Are you sure that none of the other scrolls were used? Is it only this one that’s blank?”

“Yeah, I’m absolutely positive!” She said in certainty, giving me a rather stiff nod. “None of the others seem to have… nothing on them. Actually, what are all of these to begin with? Does it have any connection to Rarity’s murder or is it just a coincidence?”

“I’m not certain that it’s connected, but one thing is clear,” I told her. “These aren’t just scrolls, or magic scrolls with instructions for different spells on them. They are talismans, which are activated by being exposed to the very magic it’s enchanted on. This is how complex spells and many curses are activated, and as long as there is a link - the effect caused by mana running from a unicorn’s horn to an artifact - it is active. However, deactivating turns the spell temporary, and that wouldn’t be long enough for the twenty five minute gap mentioned. However, I have heard of earth ponies and pegasi using less complex enchantments for things such as nurturing soil or changing mane style. Of course that is only if there is already magic being used in the area, which is why many farmers higher unicorns to check on soil and plant health”

“Wait, if that is the case then doesn’t that mean a unicorn had to be nearby?” Rainbow Dash asked me, getting a nod in response. “If that is the case, then the only pony who could have possibly touched used it is… Rarity herself?”

I didn’t let shock over take me at the revelation, though she was more than correct. Rarity was the only unicorn still here unless Thorax took the form of a unicorn. Considering that he was currently doubling as Flash and he didn’t seem very proud of his shapeshifting abilities when I brought them up yesterday, I wasn’t sure if he would do it. However, even if that is the case, Rarity is the only pony we can certain about using it, but the question now is whether it was used in the murder or not. It was entirely possible that it could have been used for something entirely unrelated.

Used talisman has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook
Secret library mess has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook

“Rainbow, I know this is going to sound weird, but I feel we need to check back with those at the crime scene,” I explained to her. “Redheart should hopefully have some idea on if there is any other injuries, and Flash is the only way we are going to be able to backup Thorax’s alibi.”

“Well, it would certainly help, so lets get that over with so we can investigate anything else that might be important.” Rainbow responded with a nod of her head.

With that we made our way back to the library, or rather that was the plan until I saw Applejack walking down the hallway, mouth apple and hat free. It was important to have an idea on where everypony was at the time, whether it is a solid alibi or not. Knowing their version could help show cracks during the trial, as the murderer is the most likely to have a made up account. Asking Rainbow to go ahead of me, I made my way to Applejack.

“Ah, how’s the investigation going Yearlin’?” She asked me with what smile she could muster. That smile quickly fell away after her greeting, being replaced with look of anguish and hurt. “Hopefully a gal like you is having a better time understanding the difference between what is and is not important.”

“Yeah, I don’t think many of us here have ever been inside a courtroom,” I said in agreement. “These trials aren’t the ordinary kind that you see in the judicial system, but nothing about our situation is ordinary to begin with. Actually, shouldn’t you be with your partner Applejack?”

“Oh, Octavia ya mean, she ditched me some time ago,” Applejack answered, looking away in embarrassment. “Mare asked if she could go back to comfort Pinkie and ah said it was fine. Either way ah haven’t found anything useful, or can think of anything that would be other than those ponies ah heard talking earlier.”

“Who was talking? Did you get to see their faces at all or did you only hear them?”

“Ah only heard them talk, two to be exact, and not anything ah could even make out other then somepony here having a fiance,” She explained to me. “Ah heard them as ah headed to breakfast late this morning, Bon Bon and Pinkie are my witnesses. Sounded like something rather serious, but ah could pin one of those voices. That’s what makes me doubt it as evidence.”

“You never know Applejack, it could lead to the culprit,” I explained to her, hoping that she would be willing to tell me. “The room was locked, which means the only ponies who know what happened is the victim and murderer. Anything, even if it is as insignificant as an alibi, can change the course of the trial in the innocents favor. So please, tell me who it is you recognized from their voice?”

“... Rarity,” Applejack answered, and hearing that explained to me why she was so unsure about it. “The voice ah could pin was Rarity, asking about someone's fiance, but I never could learn who. Ya think it’s possible that was the murderer leading Rarity to her final moments or not?”

“Without further evidence it is uncertain, but thanks for telling me Applejack.”

Applejack and I bid farewell to each other, and I found myself deep in thought as I made my way back to the lounge. So Rarity had met with someone, if Applejack was to be believed of course, and it’s possible they could be the murderer. I doubt Bon Bon would want to answer given how focused she was on trying to get Pinkie Pie out of her shocked state, and Pinkie wouldn’t be giving an answer for reasons that were just stated. Still, if I can back that up with anything, it could potentially lead to the culprit’s identity.

Applejack’s account has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook

As I finally arrived back to the library, I found that Octavia was indeed with Pinkie and Bon Bon, the former of the two having finally recovered from her shock. The fluffy mane that she always had was now as flat as a blanket recently dried and placed on a bed. I decided to leave the other two mares alone, not wanting to put Pinkie Pie through any more stress then she was probably already dealing with. Instead I walked up to Redheart, who was conversing with Rainbow Dash.

“Ah, perfect timing A.K.,” She said as I came within her range of sight. “It took some time, but I finally manage to get a good idea of Rarity’s state, and I found something that might intrigue you,” She walked us over to where Rarity lay on the ground, as motionless and deformed as the last time I had seen her body. She then proceeded to lift the pony up be the neck and directed our attention to a specific area of the body, though it all looked just as normal as a horribly burnt body could be. “It’s practically invisible, but I can’t help and think how smart the murderer’s plan actually was now that I’ve seen it. Two small, perfectly round wounds on the back of her neck, both the exact same size and width from the entry wound is to where it fractured her spine. It wouldn’t be enough to kill her, but definitely enough to permanently paralyze her from the neck down.”

“Maybe that’s why no one heard her scream during the murder,” Ditzy theorized, joining us. “Hope you don’t mind if I join in, I want to know just as much as I possibly can about this for the trial, even if I’m a prime suspect.”

“Completely understandable, but here is the clever part about the culprit’s plan,” Redheart said, part of me slightly worried as I saw the sparkle in her eyes. “Now, I may have never lost a patient in my life but I actually wanted to be a detective or forensic scientist when I grew up, so bare with me if I get a little hyper right now. Being a nurse is nothing compared to solve and revealing the plans of culprits whether it be thieves of serial killers. Eheheheh, thinking about it gets me excited every time, but when Twilight was murdered I was a lot angrier and upset at the time. She was, technically, the first patient I loss, even if not by my hooves, but that isn’t important now!”

I don’t know if she saw it herself, but the rest of us certainly did. Redheart had been caring and kind up to this point, willing to speak out against anything she saw as wrong or hurtful. That wasn’t the pony we saw before us now, or at least not the same side of her as we knew. I don’t know if she was just trying to point out the wound to us, but she was actually hugging the dead body, and not carefully either. She was looking down at it with glee and cheer, like a foal upon seeing a toy, and she was giggling absentmindedly as she talked.

“Anyway, hehehe, the wound blends into the body, and I mean it really blends into the body, which means that it had to be done before she was burnt, whi-which, hehe, makes a lot of sense considering that she would have died by being thrown into the fireplace. Not only that, but all blood that would have been on her body because of that one injury, well, Evaporated! This is easily one of, if not the most clever murder I’ve seen in both real life and-” Suddenly, her eyes went wide as if she had no idea what was going on. That crazed look in her eyes suddenly disappeared, and she moved Rarity’s body away and cleared her throat. “Anyway’s, burning was the method of death, but they needed to paralyze her… great job Redheart, now they think your crazy!”

Ignoring… whatever that was that I had just experienced, I nodded in reply. That’s all I really could do, too terrified to ask if there was anything else that I should know. When I had first talked with the Ultimate Nurse a few days ago, she seemed like a normal pony but… how she just acted was far from normal. Redheart walked away, but not very far before she stopped to stare at the body again. Rainbow, Ditzy, and I all did our best to not hear what she said next, but it had managed to stay in my head.

“I wonder what kinda fun things I could do with her now. Heh… heh… hehehehahahaheheh.”

Redheart’s Report has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook

“Hey Flash, quick question,” I said as the Ultimate Guard turned to me. “I spoke to Thorax not that long ago and he said that the two of you were guarding the entrance to the secret library earlier today. Can you verify if any of that is correct or not?”

“Well, the insect wasn’t my first choice in terms of being my fellow guards pony, but we did,” He really didn’t seem happy about bringing it up, though guessing from the way he worded that he wasn’t exactly happy about it. “It just so happens I was asked by someone - who wished to be kept anonymous - to guard the area in fear of somepony using it for murder. Changelings can mimic ponies well so, despite how much I really didn’t want to, asked him for help.”

“Um… kinda hate to tell you this Flash, being the Ultimate Guard, but you did a terrible job if that is the case.” Rainbow told him, his response coming in the form of a death glare aimed specifically at the pegasus. “We, uh, found a possible piece of evidence inside.”

“Well don’t blame me, it was most likely that somepony obtained whatever this evidence you found in there is yesterday,” Flash replied in an obvious attempt to protect his pride. “Besides, if Thorax did at any point slack off, I would have also been there to stop them from coming in.”

“Well that solves one mystery, but it adds another mystery on top of it all,” I stated before bidding Flash farewell. A quick goodbye to Ditzy later and me and Rainbow were making our way down the hall to where the stairs were located. “So the only two ponies who could have been in there today was Flash and Thorax, but both would have kept tabs on each other. I doubt Flash would have worked with Thorax, and it is more likely that the former would murder the later because, as he said, this wouldn’t have been his first choice.”

“So… did that actually solve anything?” Rainbow asked me, a question that I was already pondering in my head. “We still have no conclusive idea on who did this or how they did this. I’m really starting to hate just how smart this killer really is.”

“I guess the only way we’re going to find out anything is by pressuring him about the pony who assigned him there,” I explained. “They are the prime suspect up to this point, but until we get some answers to everything else going on we can’t focus on who commited the murder. The steps taken need to be figured out before any suspects are put center stage.”

Flash’s account has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook

“So I’m guessing that we are heading to Rarity’s room next?” Rainbow asked as we made our way downstairs and into the right wing of the first floor. I answered her with a nod. “Um, I hope this isn’t anything too personal, but how are we planning on getting inside.”

“The bow on my hat is attached with a pin, take a guess,” Rainbow thought about what I had just said before it finally came to her. She looked ready to respond, but I was already ahead of her on that. “Underneath this cloak I keep a few small tools, and being disguised as A.K. Yearling definitely has some merits to it, such as hiding the fact I have some needles small enough to fit in a lock and that I can walk into places without being suspected by an enemy or rival. Use the two together and you got yourselves a pair of difficult yet possible to use lockpicks at your service.”

“So I’m guessing you keep some of that stuff out of the books,” Rainbow said, and I once again gave her a nod of confirmation. “Makes sense as disguising yourself as A.K. would be an instant reveal to the public in a way, and especially to those enemies you mentioned.”

As we reached the entrance hall we went up the flight to the balcony area and found Rarity’s bedroom. As I prepared to grab the needles located under my cloak I accidently bumped the door, which I immediately realized was quite a happy accident. The door wasn’t lock, or even completely closed for that matter, meaning either Rarity didn’t close it before she died or Monokuma left it open for us to investigate inside. I knew other ponies would have complained because of the breach of privacy this would entail, but this was a blessing because I hadn’t noticed Flam actually entering the entrance hall. He probably would have had a few questions about it at that point.

“Ah, I see I’m not the only pony here who had the same idea now,” He said as he joined us in front of Rarity’s room. “Without Ditzy we haven’t really been able to work as a team and everypony has been doing their own thing to investigate. I say that, with what little time we probably still have, I should…” It was at that moment that he realized that Rainbow Dash was here as well. “Wait why-“

“Ditzy told her about Trixie, so technically she is with us now,” I explained before turning to Rainbow. “Look, I’m sure you probably have some questions about why we are working together, but let's save that for a different time. Right now we got to continue investigating.”

Without another word we made our way in, and I realized just how untouched the entire room seemed to be. The bed was made, dresser closed with all of the contents neatly folded, and not a single scratch or apparent sign of struggle in sight. It felt kind of off, seeing just how nice it looked compared to, well, the state of the pony who had acquired it. I had fully expected the room to have been in a complete disaster, though I guess that was probably a bit much.

“Um… A.K.” Rainbow called to me. “I think I found something, but it’s kinda… unnerving.”

Flam and I made our way to Rainbow’s side, my fellow pegasus holding what looked to be a card of sorts in her hand. She had closed it before we had reached her, but she handed it over to me for examination. On the outside, the card was completely normal, almost bland in a way, having no decorative design or pictures on it. Upon opening it, my eyes were greeted to a message, one that sent a shiver up my spine as I read it.

“Remember what you said to me before Twilight was killed by Trixie? About knowing a way out of here? Well, I think I might take you up on that offer now that we have this new motive. It would be the chance of a lifetime not just for me, but for my fiance as well to finally get noticed. Let’s meet outside the dining room, you can tell me all about what this plan of yours is than. Oh, and remember, send the reply message without a name, so that nopony can tell what’s going on.”

“P.S. I’m writing this right outside your room before placing it under the door, but make sure to discard this letter. Somepony might find it.”

“I found it in the trash can located under her end table,” Rainbow explained to me as I passed the letter to Flam. “I’m pretty sure whoever wrote this should have said ‘throw it away where somepony won’t find it’. In other words, anywhere but their room.”

“It sounds like somepony has been planning this murder for some time,” Flam added as read through the contents of the message. “However, the way it is phrased can’t help but make me think that Rarity had a murder planned and they were going to get another involved, or perhaps she tricked somepony into thinking she had found an exit and tried to kill her. This is easily the most frustrated I’ve ever gotten over not having answers, and I live a life full of not having answers.”

Neither of them mentioned it, but one thing about this message in particular had caught my attention. Yes, Rarity obviously had something planned here, but that wasn’t what stood out to me. What had was this ‘fiance’ the writer of the message had mentioned. They were the entire reason this all seemed to have happened, and if that was the case it was most likely… no, I’m not certain yet. All I know right now is that this perfectly matches what Applejack said she heard earlier.

“Ah only heard them talk. Two to be exact, and not anything ah could even make out other then somepony here having a fiance. Ah heard them as ah headed to breakfast late this morning, Bon Bon and Pinkie are my witnesses. Sounded like something rather serious, but ah could pin one of those voices. That’s what makes me doubt it as evidence.”

“... Rarity. The voice ah could pin was Rarity, asking about someone's fiance, but I never could learn who. Ya think it’s possible that was the murderer leading Rarity to her final moments or not?”

Looks like that doubt of hers wasn’t necessary in the end, because this message makes it a lot more believable. They met outside of the dining hall, just like the message said, and from that point they must have discussed this plan. Rarity probably asked who this fiance was for some reason concerning this plan of hers, but I’m not sure what. The problem in this mystery wasn’t just in the physical evidence, but whoever here was engaged. Sweet Celestia what is going to happen if we find them? I don’t want to kill somepony with a wedding on the line.

Rarity’s message has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook

Ding dong bing bong

“Alright, so I know some of you ponies are probably still investigating, but we gotta get this show on the road. It’s time for the heart-pumping trial… that really just doesn’t have the same ring to it as class trial, but whatever. Just, meet outside of the garden and we will get this entire thing underway.”

As Monokuma’s announcement came to an end I looked to the others at my right. Flam had dusted his hat off before giving a formal bow and walking off. Rainbow on the otherhoof, was on the edge a lot more than the Ultimate Con Artist. Her front hooves were shaking, though she was doing her best to hide that fact. She took a few deep breaths before turning to me, and despite looking ready I could see signs of fear under her eyes.

“Whelp, lets get this over with than.”

———- Chapter 2: Unfortunate Seventeen ———-

As we arrived in the garden, I suddenly realized just how… creepily similar it was to the first time we were here for this reason. With Thorax here is felt like nopony had even left, making me wonder if ponies had completely forgotten about Twilight or Trixie at all. It wasn’t something I was really happy about knowing how both had, in some way, sacrificed themselves for the rest of us.

“To think that we would be back here so soon, I guess it shows how bad things are going to get,” Flam states. “How many ponies are going to die before rescue arrives? How many time are we going to have be here for the same reason?”

“Too many, that’s for sure,” I replied. “None of us want to be here obviously, but with Monokuma we have no choice but to obey and follow this.”

“So is anypony else here at all confused?” Applejack asked the crowd. “Ah for one have absolutely no idea what’s about to happen. This entire thing just doesn’t make any sense.”

“We’ll only find out as after the trial starts,” Redheart answered. “Speaking of which, we should get this started. Standing around here isn’t going to get us any answers.”

As she said that the statue in the middle of the garden once again slid away, revealing the platform that led down into the trial hall. Without a word we all got on, knowing that it was the only thing we could possibly do at the moment. The platform started down as the fourteen of us stood on it. Rainbow was scared, not caring to hide the fact that her legs were shaking anymore, but her eyes were focus forward to where the trial area would be. Then it stopped, and the doors opened to the trial room.

“Welcome everyone, let’s skip the conversation and get straight to the trial.” Monokuma said, throwing his arms up in the air.

We did just as asked, and my thoughts immediately went to why we are here at all. Somepony and murdered the Ultimate Dressmaker, Rarity Belle. I couldn’t help but feel like we could have been better friends, despite how rocky are start was. Even then, we barely knew each other at all, and I couldn’t help but feel like that was part of the reason why this happened. That doesn’t change what happened, though, as it was set in stone.

One of us here murdered her, some reason we don’t know. There are so many questions, and so little answers, that I don’t know what to truly expect. The only way to find out, is to put together everything we’ve learned…

… and with that, this trial full of denial and acceptance, has truly begun.

Author's Note:

It’s trial time, that’s all.

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