• Published 5th Oct 2017
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Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos - Vaatidj

After waking up in the garden of an unknown castle, Ditzy Do finds herself forced to play a killing game with 15 ponies called the ultimates. Will she make it out through alive, or will the murderers escape free.

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Chapter 1: Despair Begins Again - Free Time Event (Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy)

------- Free Time Start! -------

I made my way outside to the castle’s front entrance, my eyes already scanning for a certain blue pegasus about. As soon as I had left my room my thoughts went to the only long time friend here, and as we haven’t seen each other for a long time I wanted to know what was new in her life. As expected, she was flying as high as she could, though it really wasn’t all that much due to the glass dome. Rainbow wasn’t the type to let up and back down, and I’m sure that if she was given the chance would spend the entire day trying to find some way out. It was one of the things that brought us close, even if it had taken a year for us to even see eye to eye.

“Hey Rainbow!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, hoping to catch the attention of my fellow pegasus.

I was successful as I saw Rainbow turn to look at me. I could see the annoyance on her face and how tense her muscles seemed to be. Even as she lowered herself to the ground I could tell that she wasn’t exactly in the best of moods, which meant it was up to me to put her back into a good mode. With that in mind I made my way up next to the pegasus, getting a pretty easy idea of the thoughts going through her head.

“Stupid dome. Stupid bear. Stupid killing game,” She said throwing her front hooves hard into the concrete. I’ve seen Rainbow mad, but this has to be one of the worst instances of that I have seen.

“Is everything-” I stopped myself as I realized I already knew from her attitude she was clearly not okay. Let’s try something else. “Hey Rainbow, how are you doing?”

I mentally slapped myself as I said that, know that all I had done was use different wording. Good job me, next time use a greeting that doesn’t included stating the obvious.

“Not well, Ditzy,” She said, taking a deep breath as she turned to face me. “Everything about this situation is just… it’s not cool. It’s the exact opposite of cool. It’s the twenty percent of uncoolness that I have been fearing in to see my entire life!”

“Yeah… that really does explain it well, huh?” I nodded my head as I responded. I needed to take Rainbow’s mind off things, and I knew exactly how to do it. “How about we take a walk? That seems far better than sitting here punching the ground.”

“Sure D… I can still call you Dee, right?” She asked me. Dee was the nickname she had given me in highschool, and I actually went by it for some time due to how much better it sounded.

“Did I ever say I didn’t want to be called Dee?” I asked her rhetorically, getting a light chuckle out of her.

The walk seemed to work well in calming Rainbow down. After sometime we managed to get on the topic of trophies and races, though it mostly turned into Rainbow bragging about her collection. She really hadn’t changed at all, still obsessive over the Wonderbolts and wishing to join them. It was great to hear that she still held that dream close to her, especially with everything that can happens in life. By the time we had finished our walk we had found ourselves back at the castle’s entrance.

“Hey… Dee,” Rainbow said as we arrived back where we started. “I know this is many years too late but… I’m sorry.”

“What are you saying sorry for? Last I checked we were having a good time?” I replied, tilting my head slightly in confusion.

“I… I mean that I’m sorry for how I treated you when we first met. I never apologized for how I acted when we first meet.” I quickly realized exactly what Rainbow meant, and I couldn’t help but wonder how long she had actually been thinking about it.

Rainbow was one of the bullies from back in highschool, or at least the first two years. It wasn’t emotional bullying either, as I remember the bruises that I had gotten from her and the others who were with her. I would actually rejoice whenever I heard she obtained an injury back then because I knew it meant I would have less problems for at least a day. It was one of the few times when I actually didn’t mind somepony getting hurt, as I’m typically the type who would rush to a pony's side when they obtained anything from a cut to a broken wing. Back then I wouldn’t have ever imagined I would be friends with that same pony… until I learned why she had done it.

Apparently one of the upper class ponies was furious with how good of a flyer she was and threaten to cut her wings off if she didn’t physically hurt me. That’s why she did it, so that she could keep her dreams of being a Wonderbolt alive, even if it made her feel horrible. The problem is that in the end, it apparently did absolutely nothing from stopping that upper classmate from actually trying to cut her wings off. I remember how I had come across them one day after school holding her up against a wall with said upper classmate telling boasting about what will happen after he cut them, and was laughing at how much of a fool she had been made into bullying me.

That was the moment something clicked inside me, and I realized that all that hatred I was directing at Rainbow was misplaced. I don’t even remember what I was think when I launched myself at the stallion, but that was probably the only time I ever actually beat someone. The teachers found out later, and soon our parents did, and that stallion was using crocodile tears and saying I had attacked for no reason. His plan failed when Rainbow Dash told the principal and board what happened and he was expelled for causing this. Rainbow and I still got detention, but that incident was what caused us to become friends, and why I was confused on why Rainbow was apologizing.

“Didn’t I tell you a long time ago that everything was that stallions fault and not yours?” I asked her, though she was already hanging her head in shame.

“I know... but it wasn’t cool of me, and it doesn’t change the fact I actually did it,” She explained as she sat on her haunches. “It’s hard to think that after everything I did you would actually be one of my closest friends.”

“Well I never thought I would be friends with somepony who had bullied me back in school, but here we are now,” I reminded her as I sat next to her. “That fact you stood up for me when he tried to expel me for saving you is the only apologie I ever needed.”

“Heh, and I guess the same goes for you saving me,” She says with a chuckle, one that we both knew was completely forced. “Though I still don’t think that I’ve done enough to earn your friendship, even if we are both friends.”

“Well… that’s why it’s your job to make sure that I survive all of this, and the same thing goes from you to me,” I responded jumping back onto my hooves. “If you really are my friend than that is what you have to do in order to show me you are really sorry.”

“I would have done that whether it was to show our trust or not!” She shouted as she suddenly shot off the ground. “I got your back Dee, and you got mine, alright?”

“Wouldn’t have said that if I wasn’t going to, right?” I asked her, seeing a smile on her face. With that she took off, and looking to the sky I saw that it was around midday.

After grabbing some lunch (and being reminded once again of the lack of muffins in this excuse of a castle) I decided that I still had more than enough time before night time rolled in. Well, not that I actually thought it was close to night time, just that it was the only excuse keeping me from being near whatever was inside that envelope. I remember how Fluttershy secluded herself to her room the night before after she earlier asked me to stay with her. Thinking about where the pegasus might be, my first thought went to the garden we had woken up the first day here.

Minutes later I found myself opening the door at the back of the entrance hall, and found myself looking at the strange statue that stood in it’s center. As I expected, Fluttershy was there, and I could see here talking to some butterflies. It was the first time I had seen anything other than a pony or that sadistic bear since I had arrived here. I had to wonder if that had somehow manage to get in here from an exit of some sort.

“Fluttershy?” The butterflies scattered slightly, but the Ultimate Animal Caretaker motioned for them it was fine. “Sorry if I’m interrupting something important.”

“Oh don’t worry, I was just chatting,” She told me as she got up. “I’m sorry about last night. I fell asleep and didn’t remember what I had asked you.”

“It’s fine Fluttershy,” I told her with a honest smile. “Actually, I was wondering if you would be willing to tell me about animal caretaking. I’ve always wanted a pet, but I don’t know how to take care of some of the more common ones.”

“I-I see, w-well I guess I could share a little… or perhaps more than a little if you need me to,” Fluttershy answered, though I could tell she wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea of asking someone else. “S-so… um, how do I even start.”

The next hour or two went about as well as I expected it to, with Fluttershy stuttering to describe what she had learned and constantly getting stuck on a word. Not saying I didn’t learn anything, but I could tell that Fluttershy wasn’t exactly use to being asked so many questions. What I did learn was rather basic, but she did give me specifics on the diets of certain animals and which ones would be easier to train or groom. I did ask her to stay within the norm, as I thought that was her main area of expertise, but that was proven wrong rather quickly.

“Say Fluttershy,” I said, the thought having been scratching at the back of my head for quite some time now. “When Monokuma first showed up you mentioned a Mr. Bear? Who are they.”

“Oh, Mr. Bear is a good friend of mine,” She explained. “He tends to stay with me during the summer months, but moves to the woods in the winter time. He must have been one of my first friends after settling down in Ponyville.”

“I see, so you two have known each other for a long time then,” I couldn’t help but feel like, with that description she had given me, this Mr. Bear was much more to her than a close friend.

“W-well, I never really thought about how long we’ve known each other, but it’s true,” She said, though I could tell something was bugging her about the way I was talking. “I was only a filly when I came to Ponyville, and I don’t remember much before that. Even than Mr. Bear was… he was one of the few first friends I made that I still had. He can be a bit loud and does get angry, but in the end we always work things out… one way or another.”

“Well, that really does make him sound like a special somepony, doesn’t it,” I could see her shrinking into a ball at the mention of ‘special somepony’, a message that I took completely wrong. “Oh, sorry, that was a little insensitive of me wasn’t it.”

“N-no, it wasn’t… that,” She told me as she looked back up in my direction, though I could now see that it wasn’t a blush that she had on her face. In fact, she seemed less worried or scared and more apologetic when she finally stood back up. “I-it’s true that Bear is his last name, but he isn’t a… well, a pony. The truth is, and I’m sorry for not saying earlier, but Mr. Bear is an actual… bear.”

It took me milliseconds to realize that I had not only made that entire conversation awkward for Fluttershy, but awkward for me as well. This Mr. Bear she was telling me about wasn’t a special pony, or even a pony for that matter. He was an actual bear, one that Fluttershy had been taking care of for most of her life and the reason she had obtained the title of Ultimate Animal Caretaker. It felt rather stupid, and I couldn’t help but feel like the awkward silence that followed was because of my bad luck.

“I think it’s about time for me to go to bed,” I told Fluttershy, not even looking at the clock as I made my way to the garden door. In my opinion, it had been a long enough day.

Author's Note:

This is a lot shorter then the other chapters, I know, but that's only because FTEs aren't all that long. Rainbow Dash easily got the most votes, but the second person I had to find an online roulette wheel for to choose. In the end that pony happened to be Fluttershy, and that's the reason she's in this chapter. However, there is going to be another FTE chapter before the first murder, so please put your votes down for who you want. We got the second part of chapter one's daily life beforehand, so you got lots of time between then and now.

Also, I would like to take the time to just say that I've started speedrunning V3, and the Danganronpa speedrunning community have made a twitch channel for those who want to see the game run. We would really appreciate it if you do, and while I won't post the link if you go to Twitch and search for the channel 'danganronpa speedrunning' you should find it easily. We hope you join and I'll be posting in my blogs upcoming events on the channel from here on out.

With that, please comment who you think is going to die and who you want to see Ditzy hang out with. Leave a like if you enjoy the story and give me a watch if you want updates on writing or Twitch events. With that, I will see you all later.

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