• Published 30th Aug 2017
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Octavia's Eleven - Tumbleweed

When Octavia's priceless cello is stolen by a greedy dragon, it's up to a ragtag crew of musicians, scoundrels, and special agents to get it back. But things are never that easy, especially once a certain princess gets involved.

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Some Notes on Some Notes on The Text

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading! It's always warmed my heart to see a pony with his or her nose stuck in a book. Whether it's a volume of mathemagical theory, or just a tawdry romance novel, every book has the potential to educate and inspire in countless ways.

Every book, including this one.

To tell the truth, I did not know Flash Sentry very well. At least, I didn't know him nearly as well as I thought I did. I certainly didn't know Flash Sentry as the cowardly rake he describes himself as over the course of his memoirs. It's also worth noting that while I was acquainted with Carrot Top, I was completely unaware of her career as Special Agent Golden Harvest. Which, I suppose, is a testament to her skills as a secret operative, and certainly not an indication of any sort of obliviousness on my part, much less Princess Celestia keeping secrets from me on a “need to know” basis.

With this in mind, I have refrained from comment on the previous installments of The Flash Sentry Papers. Professor Fresian's scholarship has been nothing but impeccable, and I cannot fault his methodology in the publication of Flash's memoirs. This said, given the events of this volume (and my personal involvement thereof, however tangential), I feel the need to contribute certain commentary for the sake of clarification.

To this end, Professor Fresian has graciously allowed me offer my own thoughts and recollections on the affair, helpfully delineated from his own notes by this differing font (which I hope you have noticed by now). It is my hope and intention to provide valuable context to this volume of the Flash Sentry Papers, and thus enhance your educational experience.

Your Friend,

Princess Twilight Sparkle