• Published 4th Apr 2017
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MLP Adventures Vol. 2: The Journal - Dante24

Spike, Blueblood, and Twilight set out to find Starswirl's Journal.

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Chapter 1

A month had passed since the battle with Spike’s dark half. Twilight and the girls were now more considerate towards Spike and his feelings. From Rarity no longer using Spike’s feelings for her own gain, to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash not playing as many pranks on him, and to Twilight bringing him along on whatever activity the girls have planned and doing her fair share of housework around the library. Before they returned to Ponyville, Celestia told Spike that she wanted to him to write letters to her whenever he could. Not to tell her what he learned about friendship, but little things like what his day was like, where he went and what he did. She wanted to be closer to him and she felt this was the best way to start doing that.

With Twilight away with Rainbow Dash to pick up the latest Daring Do novel, Spike sat in the room he shared with her; finishing up his letter to Celestia and awaiting word from Prince Blueblood. Spike remembered the fun they had at the Power Ponies convention, but it was after they made back to the castle that the two planned their next outing.


“What’s this?” Blueblood asked, looking at a book that was sticking out of Spike’s bag.

“Oh, that’s from the Starswirl The Bearded museum.” Spike explained. “The pony who runs it said that it was written by Starswirl himself and it’s supposed to lead to his journal.”

“Why would he give it to you?”

“Well, it’s written in a language nopony could decipher, so I suggested that maybe Twilight should have a look at it.”

Blueblood levitated the book to his face and opened it to a random page. “Let’s a have a look.” he said. “Follow down the narrow passage, there you will find the fifth marker.”

Hearing Blueblood recite a passage from the book caused Spike’s eyes to widen. “Y-you can understand that?”

“Of course.” Blueblood explained. “I’ve been studying dead languages since I was a colt. It’s a hobby.”

Blueblood flipped through the pages skimming through the words and a few pictures. “ You weren’t planning on trying to look for this journal were you?”

“Well, I was thinking how cool it would be to see Starswirl’s journal.” Spike explained.

“If you want, we could go looking for it.” Blueblood suggested. “I kinda want to see it for myself.”

“Really?!” Spike said with a bit of excitement.

“Sure, but it might take a while to fully translate this book; seeing how big it is. So i’ll tell you what, give me a month to fully translate this and then i’ll let you know when we’ll head out. Sounds good?”

Spike nodded.


Spike had wrapped up his letter to the princess and was about to send it to her when he suddenly burped up a letter that was from Blueblood. It indicated that the prince was not now finished with the translation and would be ready to move out at the end of week. Spike was now super excited after reading the letter and rushed to get ready for the trip.

Later on Twilight had returned home. She made her way upstairs to her room where she saw Spike packing his bags. “Spike, what are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m getting ready.” he answered.

“For what?”

“I’m going on a trip with Blueblood.” he explained. “He translated a map that was written by Starswirl the Bearded that leads to his journal.”

It took a moment for Twilight to process what she just heard. Starswirl’s journal. His actual journal. The one thing many unicorn have spent their whole lives looking for. Spike and Blueblood have a map that leads straight to it, and they’re going there to retrieve it.

“Um, Twilight.” Spike said waving his hand in front of her face.



“Yeah, we’re leaving at the end of the------” Twilight’s high pitched squealing cut Spike off. Before the young dragon could say anything else, Twilight ran off into her closet and began packing; making known that was coming along for the ride. Spike laughed as he watched Twilight furiously pack up her thing s for the trip. He started to go back to his packing when suddenly he burped up another letter from Blueblood.

Oh, one more thing. Don’t tell Twilight.


Spike rose his head from the letter with an awkward look on his face.


At the week's end, Blueblood showed up at the library with a backpack strapped to him. He walked in and called for Spike who came down the stairs. “Ready to go?” he asked.

“Um yeah.” Spike said as if he was unsure.

“Is something wrong?” Blueblood asked. “I thought you wanted to go.”

“I do.” Spike answered. “It’s just......”

Blueblood tilted his head; confused as to what Spike was trying to say. The prince was going to speak up, but noticed a purple blur from the corner of his eye. Turning his his head, he saw Twilight standing a little too close to him with a big goofy grin on her face. Blueblood's face went blank as he turned back to Spike. “You told her didn’t you?”


As the train pulled up at the station, Spike and Blueblood prepared to board it. Blueblood brought Spike to their private luxury car at the end of the train. After getting settled in, the pair sat down and waited for the train to get moving; Blueblood pulling out the map and taking another look at it.


The sound of somepony banging on the door caught Spike's attention. "Who's that?"

"Nopony important." Blueblood answered.

"Come guys open up!"

"That sounded like Twilight."

"Like I said, nopony important."

Spike was on his way to open that door, but Blueblood stopped him by levitating back into his seat. "If you're quiet, maybe she'll go away."


"I can hear you in there!"

"I still don't see why she can't come with us?" Spike asked.

"Because it's Twilight." the prince explained. "What do you think will happen if she gets her hooves on Starswirl's journal?"

"Point taken." Spike answered.


"Guys come on, this is a chance of a lifetime. I wanna go. OPEN UP I'M SERIOUS!" Twilight continued banging on the door harder and faster; almost threatening to break it down and screaming and begging Blueblood and Spike to let her in. The prince went back to reading Starswirl's map; ignoring Twilight's cries.


"Guys?! You GUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYS!" Twilight started crying hard while slowly banging on the door; causing Blueblood to raised an eyebrow.

"Is she seriously crying?" he thought. The prince looked over at Spike who looked back at him. Sighing heavily, he conceived. "Let her in."



Twilight was let in and sat across from Blueblood; who continued to ignore her. "You're a jerk." she sniffed; her eyes still red and watery from crying. "This is why you don't have any friends at all."

Blueblood lifted his head to face her. "Better that than to have to deal with you everyday."

Twilight just sat there and glared at the prince as he went back to reading the book. Twilight's anger died down a bit once Spike moved closer to her. She put a hoof around him and rested her head on his shoulder just as the train started move.


On top of the train station, three hooded ponies watched on as the started moving away. "Let's go." one of them said. Moving fast, the three hooded ponies leaped from the roof of the station onto the train as it began picking up speed. They snuck in one of the cars through an open window and took refuge inside one of the rooms. "So what's the plan?" asked the stallion.

"We follow them." answered the mare. "Keep a low profile until they lead us to the journal. Then we attack." Dark chuckles filled the room as the train rolled on.