• Published 4th Apr 2017
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MLP Adventures Vol. 2: The Journal - Dante24

Spike, Blueblood, and Twilight set out to find Starswirl's Journal.

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"Forgive us sir." said the Snow Clan mare. "We've found the journal, but Prince Blueblood and two others got there before us. We attempted to steal it from them, but all me managed to get was this one page." All three ponies kneeled and awaited their punishment for failing, but instead they received a chuckle from their leader.

"Well done." he said. They looked up at him with confused looks on their faces. "This one page is all we need, you're dismissed." With that, they left; relieved that they succeeded in their mission. The leader of the Snow Clan entered a back room where two other ponies were waiting for him, a stallion and a mare.

"Father, where is the journal?" asked the stallion.

"This is all we need, son." he answered as he presented the torn page.

"A torn page? That's it?" his son said with a confused look.

"Look at what's on the page." he said as he placed it on the table. "It gives the location to what we seek, one of the Dragon Stones."

"I know that location." said the mare. "Isn't that....."

"Yes." said their father. "It's the location of the Crystal Empire. Starswirl must've hidden it somewhere in the wretched kingdom."

"I've heard that's where something called the Equestria Games are supposed to he held." she explained.

"Then that's when we'll make our move." said their father. "While everypony is distracted with their games, we'll search the kingdom for the Dragon Stone. The two of you should start preparing, this will be your mission."

"Yes, father." they said in unison.

As the two ponies left, their father continued to look at the page. "We're almost there, the Dragon Empress will rise again."


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YEAH!!!! Ive been waiting for this :pinkiehappy: Thanks for finishing it :) can't wait for the next story in the adventure, also looking forward to seeing whats gonna happen with Spike, know its not really about shipping but I'd love some Sparty hahaha :twilightsmile: Thanks again


Dude, thank you so much. Vol. 1 is one of my favorite stories, not only on this site, but for the fandom, and I honestly thought you had abandoned this story entirely, which bummed me out. Buuuuuut, you didn't, so THANK YOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!

That being said, is there gonna be a Vol. 3??

I enjoyed the story, and honestly, I'm on Blueblood's side, for the most part. Don't judge me. But the way Twilight has acted/acts kinda seals the deal.

I'd like to do a Vol. 3, someday, but not right now; too many stories i'm writing right now.

Wonder if there is going to be a sequel there?

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