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Chapter 1

Feeling long blades of grass where once there was there was only the cold hard linoleum floor of a hotel bathroom, you quickly come to your senses. The air feels nice and warm against your… fur?! Hair?!

Well this is new, you think to yourself as you clamber to your two feet… Er… paws?

You quickly recount the last few moments before you were here… You were warned against eating that urinal cake, but man… It had cake in its name! How were you supposed to know it would have transferred you to some sort of strange, pastel world with the costume you were wearing somehow fusing you and granting all the implied abilities of said costume.

Yes, you are quite certain that’s what happened. 100% Unfortunately for you, you were not attending a comic book or anime convention or anything like that…

You were attending a furry convention.

Still, your new honey badger self should be quite adept at being bitten by snakes, even if you’ve scarified your ability to give fucks to any sort of reasonable degree.

You rub your arm to move some of the brown fur out of the way and see that your skin is green. Good. At least some aspects of this strange world, of which you know nothing about, are still consistent. You have no idea what you’d do if you found out your skin was white, black, brown, or any color similar to that.

That’d just be weird.

But you can’t sit here staring at your skin all day. Now that you’re a honey badger it’s time start doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing, eating honey directly from a beehive as hundreds of bees swarm and sting you.

You set out to do just that.