• Published 31st Aug 2016
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A Lost Crystal Gem - The Story of Sunset and how she became Spinel - ratedoni

She has been on Earth for a long time, she even died to save humans once. Rose Quartz gave her a second chance to live and now she is in the biggest adventure of her life; becoming a Crystal Gem helping raise Steven and mostly having fun.

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Roommate in Spirit

Author's Note:

Fun fact, i wasn't going to write this day but this came to my mind and had to write it. Consider it the end of the Prologue Arc. Next comes several memories of Sunset.

Sunset enjoyed the differences in weather that Canterlot offered her in comparison to Beach City, what with being right in the middle of land with no harbor in sight. The smells, the sounds and the buildings all just signaled something different. Instead of the lovely little town feeling she was now assaulted by the urban jungle.

She felt fine, in a way she hasn’t felt in a long time. Maybe it was just her letting go must of her guilt for thinking she had abandoned her family, but instead it was only shown that she had a place there like always. It did suck that Princess Twilight had to go back to Equestria, but maybe now she would be able to tackle her own insecurities about her new future.

Sunset continued walking until she was in front of her apartment block. Originally she had thought about having a house to herself but then came to the conclusion that was a little too much considering she would be living by her own. After spending a couple of days looking around she found out the perfect location; the price wasn’t much of a deal considering her own almost infinite pool of resources. The advantages of having something to do with the most influential companies and conglomerates in the world truly outranked the cons.

The redhead pressed the big button on the elevator and simply waited while listening to the incredibly clichéd elevator music. She still didn’t know why humans were obsessed in playing the same song in every single elevator but she just attributed it to humans being extremely weird.

Although living in Earth only a fraction of the time of the older Crystal Gems, Sunset was sure that her knowledge on human things was very good; maybe not to the Steven Universe level -that boy truly loved his cartoons and television- but very few people amassed the same amount of pop culture references. Thankfully, what Sunset did know was more than enough to allow her to live among human beings without any problem. She could go to a store or even a restaurant and nothing would be different, she just had to remember not to change clothes or shape-shift in front of them and everything would be alright.

She still remembered the first time she had shown that ability in front of her friends. Fluttershy had fainted at the surprise while Rarity had a light bulb go off on top of her head thinking about all the possibilities. Thankfully, students in Canterlot high were, or extremely laid back or maybe there was a weird aura that made them all think that everything was normal and alright. Whatever the reason, Sunset was very grateful for the opportunity of living as a normal teenager, even though she was old enough to be the mother of her friends.

With that last thought in her head Sunset finally reached her floor and several seconds later -and having to remember that she had stored her keys inside her gem- Sunset was back at her home away from home.

The tasteful decorations and enough space to host one of the sleepovers her friends were so fond of made Sunset feel relaxed already. There was something about arriving at your own space after a hard day at work.

The redhead turned her TV on and the jingle of a certain 80's Canadian show greeted her. She was heavily embarrassed that she had become hooked on that certain series after watching it for the first time at its premiere almost three decades ago. If any of her friends knew that she loved Camp Pining Hearts all of her friends will tease her to death, especially Rainbow who would obviously find the series extremely mushy and cheesy, but that was half of its appeal to her.

Sunset was ready to sit down at her couch and rest while watching the teenage sit-com in peace, but there was still something she had to do to consider herself back at home.

“Hey Lapis, I’m home” she said looking up at the teardrop-like blue gem floating close to her roof inside of its usual bubble.