• Published 31st Aug 2016
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A Lost Crystal Gem - The Story of Sunset and how she became Spinel - ratedoni

She has been on Earth for a long time, she even died to save humans once. Rose Quartz gave her a second chance to live and now she is in the biggest adventure of her life; becoming a Crystal Gem helping raise Steven and mostly having fun.

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Part of a Family

The light from the warp pad illuminated the alien construction inside the statue. Everyone in Beach City knew not to get close to it; not because it was dangerous but because they knew some very strange people -if you could call them people- were living there. One of those people materialized with the light, her thin frame hiding a great strength and her angular and refined face scrunching up in confusion at what was currently lying down at one of the stones they sometimes used as bench.

There, being covered in a thick blanket and with enough pillows to make a few castles was none other than the bizarre creature known as Sunset. Since she had fallen into their lives -quite literally if Sunset was right about the strange readings from the mirror at Canterlot City- the redhead was a veritable fountain of information that amazed Pearl.

Even though the thin Gem had been designed only as ‘eye candy’ as Sunset put it, she have become quite capable in the engineering science, enough to know that the way in which Sunset had arrived to their world was something not even Homeworld could. At least Pearl hoped they still couldn’t open interdimensional holes.

Although worried about the way Sunset and Pearl interacted she quickly found out that the redhead held no such thing as feeling for their leader. In fact, they sometimes acted like humans and their cubs, which was quite astonishing. Now that the redhead had been severely injured and subsequently revived by a gem shard questions about Sunset kept on piling up. But right now Pearl only had one.

“What in the world are you listening to?”

“Roy Orbison” The girl answered among the multitude of pillows, clearly relaxing after a miraculous survival. For her part, Pearl had to admit that the human singer was quite good, it had a weird magic on his voice that was quite soothing “nice dress by the way, finally changing attire?” The human girl said bobbing her head slowly at the rhythm of the song taking Pearl from her own ruminations.

“Oh right, well, thank you,” she said back looking at the attire she was wearing. For some reason she found the attire of a couple of teenagers quite nice, especially the combination of long poodle skirt and socks. There was something in that combination that seemed so… Pearl in a way so she had used the opportunity to upgrade her attire. Usually the gems did it once every couple of years to help them walk among humans without causing alarm once they realized that the organic's fashion sense changed as fast as they did. Sometimes it was a hazard but at the same time it was so fascinating that even Amethyst who was quite the procrastinator and free soul followed their lead and changed too.

“I think you would like the newest fashions, I believe sleek dresses are quite in vogue now, very chic.” The other girl smiled before closing her eyes once again in relaxation.

“Nice to hear that… ah, do you think Rose would like this?” Pearl asked obviously talking about her new look before Sunset sighed. She has been barely a year among them but even she knew most of the dynamics among the alien rocks.

“She’ll probably say you look great… before she starts walking away as if nothing had happened.” It almost hurt to crush Pearl’s enthusiasm but she knew it was necessary. Just looking at the way Pearl’s face fell at her words made Sunset’s heart -metaphorically speaking of course- twinge in guilt at ruining the thin gem’s mood. She was also quite surprised of how fast she had developed empathy for others. For her part, Pearl took a sit close to Sunset.

“Yes, she would say that. Oh don’t look at me; I know you didn’t mean it like that, not like Amethyst at least.” She said making Sunset stop worrying for now “anyway, why do you have so many cushions?”


“Oh of course, I’m surprised she isn’t hovering all over you right now.”

“Garnet convinced her to give me some space so I could regain some strength.”

“Wait, do you mean you still feel weak? What’s wrong with you? Do you feel alright?” Sunset knew that look; she had seen something like that before when Princess Celestia had found Sunset with a small fever.

“Well, besides being legally death, nothing much. I think that the shard is taking a lot of nutrients from my body and growing into… something.”

“Does it hurt? Uh, so that means you are using a lot of calories, have you eaten recently Sunset?”

“Wait, what? How do you know about calories?” It was at that point when Pearl blushed a bit.

“Well, when Rose decided to bring you into the temple permanently I may have… read a bit about human beings.” Sunset felt some heat too but it wasn’t a blush, it was just the way that Pearl was taking her situation that made Sunset feel… happy in a way. Was that normal?

“Is okay, as long as I have some music and snacks… which I believe Amethyst took” Sunset said checking that she didn’t have the biscuit tin box anymore.

“Oh that Amethyst, but don’t worry, I’ll just go and bring you some snacks. I believe you are quite partial to those orange little round things; cheese balls I believe, now, don’t move.” Pearl said before standing up and walking out of the temple leaving behind a stunned Sunset.

Unbelievable… not one year and I moan about not having a mother, now I basically have two, talk about irony” Sunset said already knowing that the next couple of weeks would be a nightmare with both Rose and pearl constantly checking on her, she just knew it.

With that said she once more closed her eyes and continued lazing on, happier that she could have ever imagined in her childhood.

Author's Note:

Next chapter, expect more mommy Pearl.

Also, I like the idea of finishing every chapter with the ending song, or at least until something dark happens.