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Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore? - Rixizu

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Chapter 7

Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore?
Chapter 7
by Rixizu

Trixie watched as Zecora put an ingredient into the cauldron. The zebra had set up shop in Bon-Bon’s kitchen. She was stirring the pot that was on an oven burner with a wooden spoon. The pot’s contents were boiling. Trixie peered inside. It was some strange green concoction that smelled vaguely of cinnamon.

“Is it finished yet?” Trixie asked impatiently. All this waiting was making her nervous.

Zecora trotted behind Trixie and suddenly pulled a hair from her tail. Trixie yelped in pain. Zecora threw the hair into the pot. The strange liquid turned blue for some reason.

"It is now finished," Zecora said with finality, "now we put an end the this Corvus business."

Trixie rubbed her backside. “Ow! You could have warned me!”

Zecora just gave an annoying smile. She used a ladle to put the cauldron’s contents into a glass bottle.

“Okay, so what’s the plan about using this to get Corvus big?” Lyra asked.

“Leave it to me!” Bon-Bon declared startling everypony.

“B-but what?” Lyra blurted out.

“Bon! You can’t do that!” Ditzy argued. “It’s too dangerous.”

“Yeah, you should really leave this to us!” Raindrops agreed.

Bon-Bon shook her head. “No. It would waste time. You only have 15 minutes, more or less right? You need to be ready to strike with your Zords when Corvus becomes giant.”

“It’s too dangerous!” Lyra shouted in alarm.

"I'll be fine," Bon-Bon said confidently, "trust me. This will work."

“B-but….” Lyra ears drooped.

Bon-Bon grabbed Lyra’s cheek. “It’s going to be okay. I got this. You need to trust me.”

“Bon-Bon, this is not going to work. What are you even going to do? You have no illusions or magic. You can’t even fly!” Trixie argued quite sensibly in her opinion.

“I’ll get by.” Bon-Bon shot back.

Trixie opened her mouth, but Lyra spoke before she could say anything. "Fine," Lyra said in a small voice, "just be...careful okay."

Bon-Bon hugged Lyra. “Always.”

Trixie groaned. “Fine.”

Bon-Bon looked out the window. “Get your Zords ready. I think Rainbow is getting tired.”

Trixie could see a panting Rainbow Dash trying to fly away from Corvus who threw whatever she could get her magic on at Rainbow while laughing.

Trixie and the rest of the Rangers nodded. Bon-Bon gave Lyra a quick goodbye kiss. “It’s morphing ti-” Trixie was about to say before a tiny high pitched voice stopped her.

“What a second!” Dinky yelled out.

“Dinky?!” Ditzy said in surprise. Dinky was supposed to be with Pokey and the other ponies evaluating the town.

“Can I help too?” Dinky was almost bouncing off the ground.

“What are you even going here?” Ditzy asked trotting up to her daughter and giving a disapproving glare.

"I just thought you might need my help," Ditzy replied happily, "I know! I'll help Bons with the potion!"

“No!” The whole group shouted as one.

“Why not?” Dinky asked.

“Because. You’re just a filly! You’ll just get in the way!” Trixie said.

"No, I won't!" Dinky argued back crossing her front legs.

"Yes, you will," Trixie said as a slowly and clearly as she could.

"No, I won't!" Ditzy argued again.

"Yes, you will!" Trixie was starting to lose her patience.

“Yeah. You should just leave this to the grownups.” Raindrop threw in.

Dinky groaned. “You always say that.”

"Honey, please. This is super dangerous." Ditzy got eye to eye with her daughter. "You need to be somewhere safe. Mommy can't do her job if you here in danger."

Dinky considered this. "B-but I just want to help you guys! Everypony and zebra get to do something cool and I don't…"

"You're only a filly Muffin," Ditzy said not unkindly, "you need to trust on this."

“I-I just don’t want to be left out of the loop!” Dinky looked down solemnly. “I was the only one that didn’t know your secret! Bon-Bon knew about! Even Pokey knew about it before I did! How fair is that?”

“I’m sorry honey.” Ditzy stroked her daughter's head. “I didn’t know it would hurt you so much not telling you. Can you ever forgive me?” Dinky nodded.

“Good.” Ditzy got up. “Can you be a good filly and watch over Zecora for me?”

Dinky nodded emphatically. “You bet I can!”

"I would very much enjoy taking her as company," Zecora said smiling, "no doubt she will know the best places for us to be already."

“Now are we ready?’ Trixie asked tightly. Dinky nodded and moved next to Zecora.

“Finally. It’s morphing time!” Trixie shouted thrusting forth her morpher. The rest of the Rangers did the same.







Dinky watched in stunned wide-eyed amazement. Trixie pressed the last button on her morpher and the rest of the Rangers did the same. They vanished in a flash.


“What happened to them?” Dinky asked looked back and forth. They were just gone. “Um. mom. Trixie?”

Bon-Bon pointed up. “They’re up there.”

Dinky looked up. “Really?”

Bon-Bon nodded. “They have a secret platform that orbits the planet. They launch their Zords from space.”

"That is so cool," Dinky said amazed.

Bon-Bon stretched and cracked her neck. “About time to do my part.”

“You’re really doing it?” Dinky asked worriedly.

“I’ll be fine.” Bon-Bon gave a wink. “I’m used to this sort of thing.”

Ditzy gave a confused look. “O-okay.”

"She will do well this I promise you," Zecora said, "now it is time we withdrew.”

Dinky nodded. She hated to admit it, but she had to let the grownups do their thing.


Trixie was comfortably seated in the cockpit of her Zords. It was full of dials and switches that surrounded Trixie. It was advanced ancient technology that she couldn’t make heads or tails of. It was a little tight with all the panels, but it was roomy enough to move around. In front of her was a steering wheel. It was something like a ship’s, but it was cut in half. The cockpit was made of a light blue metal. According to Zecora and Cheerilee, it was made of a metal they have never seen before. It might not even exist on their planet. Trixie knew most of the dials’ functions. She spent many a day learning what they did. She enjoyed piloting her Zord and often practiced in secret in the Everfree.

Trixie watched the monitor from her Zord. It was zoomed in on Ponyville. It was a surprisingly clear picture and she pressed a switched to zoom in even further and used a joystick to move the camera around to get a better view. She found what she was looking for and winced when Rainbow Dash crashed into a house.

Trixie heard Raindrops grunt over the comm. “This is not good…” Trixie knew Raindrops didn’t like the rainbow maned pony. Rainbow often slacked off on her duties as Weather Manager making Raindrops take up the slack, but Raindrops seemed both concerned and horrified.

“Oh no…” Ditzy said worriedly.

“Come on Bonnie.” Lyra prayed. “Don’t be late…”

Trixie tensed when Rainbow didn’t come out. She started to fidget as Corvus landed from the sky and trotted towards the fallen pegasus. Suddenly the monster turned behind her. There she was. Bon-Bon was pointing towards Corvus with a hoof. She was wearing Zecora’s saddlebags for some reason. Trixie was stunned at the confident look Lyra’s marefriend was wearing. She didn’t look scared or even worried at all.

Bon-Bon said something that Trixie couldn’t hear because her Zoid could only pick up picture, but she was certain Bon-Bon said something like “Over here ugly.”

Corvus launched a fireball at Bon-Bon but she just adeptly flipped out of the way. Trixie’s jaw dropped. Bon-Bon dodged some more fireballs with grace and fluidity. Bon-Bon said something that was sure to be mocking. Corvus smirked and teleported. There was a flash and suddenly seven Corvus’s appeared surrounding Bon-Bon.

“Ponyfeathers!” Trixie cursed. Corvus learned how to use her spell somehow. Trixie praised and cursed Twilight for being clever enough to do that. They circled around her like a predator slowly stalking their prey.

“We need to launch right now!” Lyra proclaimed.

“No! We need to stick to the plan!” Cheerilee admonished.

"She's going to get hurt!" Lyra cried out almost in a complete panic.

"Trust her," Cheerilee said gently, "she can do it." Lyra didn't respond.

Bon-Bon, however, didn't seem worried at all. Trixie thought she was mad. Bon-Bon watched her opponents carefully. They charged as one. Suddenly Bon-Bon pulled something out of her saddlebags. In a blink of an eye, she suddenly had two bottles of what looked like hot sauce in her hooves. She spun around in a circle and sprayed the hot sauce right into each one of the Corvus's eyes. It went through all of them except one.

Corvus wing arms covered her eyes and she screamed in pain. All the illusionary versions of Corvus dissipated in an instant. Bon-Bon took advantage of her disabled opponent and grabbed Zecora’s potion from her saddlebags and threw it into the monster’s face. Gray smoke surrounded the thing and Bon-Bon quickly backed away. She then quickly made a b line for the building Rainbow Dash crashed into with all the determination and speed she could muster.

“Let’s go!” Trixie proclaimed. She pressed a large red button in front of her.


Let’s Launch!

Everything around Trixie started to shift and she felt the sensation of her Zord falling. She turned the view to the outside and there were stars everywhere. She was surrounded by space and underneath her was the Earth in all its beauty. Trixie had seen pictures of it many times, but nothing could prepare her for actually seeing it in person. It took Trixie breath away. It was the most beautiful thing Trixie had ever seen. She didn't think she would ever get used to this, nor did she want to. Trixie felt herself speed up. The heat of reentry covered her monitor in a bright glowing red.

“Raindrops before we do this, I just want to say something.” Trixie cleared her throat.

“What is it?” Raindrops asked over the comm.

“When this is all over... I want to join your martial arts class.” Trixie said.

“Impostor!” Lyra cried out. “I know Trixie, and there is no way she would say anything like that!”

“What have you done with Trixie Lulamoon?!” Ditzy demanded outraged.

“Who are you?!” Raindrops said in a growl.

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” Trixie said dryly.

Raindrops laughed. “Sure, I would love to have you join us.”

“The more the merrier!” Ditzy chirped.

“It would have been lonely without you I think.” Carrot Top said.

“We will start at eight tomorrow morning.” Raindrops said. Trixie gave a choking guttural sound already regretting her decision. The rest of her friends laughed and Trixie eventually joined them.

Trixie laid back and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe how stupid she was to think that everything would just always go her way and she won’t actually have to work. She wanted to get stronger. She had to if she wanted to protect her friends. There was no time for half measures anymore. She just hoped it was enough.

Don’t worry Twilight. I’m coming to save you.” Trixie thought.

Trixie saw the ground coming up fast specifically Ponyville. She braced for impact. The monitor gave the time for impact. The Zords landed in a cloud of dust. They landed in an empty quarry in the outskirts of Ponyville.

Trixie's Zord rose from the crater. It was a fearsome beast to withhold. Her Ursa Zord was a metallic red bear with silver highlights. It roared fearsomely as it got ready for battle. Lyra's Zord rose next. Its wings spread gracefully. It was a blue beautiful and serene swan with a pure black beak. Raindrop's Zord jumped out ready for action. It was a black beetle with powerful two prong horns with blades at the end. Cheerilee's Zord climbed out. It was a green metal pony in each of its hooves were two long scales that were connected by a chain that draped over its body. One scale was blue and other was red. Ditzy's Zord was a strange one. It was pink and had the lower body of a pony, but from it, torso was a strange female figure. The figure stood up straight from its legs and had digits instead of hooves for its tops appendages. It carried a bow on its back. Carrot Top's was a bit more straightforward as it was just a golden scorpion with a dangerous and sharp looking stinger.

“Ready to combine?” Trixie asked.

“Got it!” The rest of the Rangers cried out.

Trixie flipped open the panel in front of her and under it was a single large button. She slammed it with a hoof.

“Combine!” Trixie threw out her hoof as she said this.

The six Zords flew into the air. Raindrop’s Zord folding in and turned into a right front leg. Its head becoming the bottom of the hoof. Cheerilee’s Zord became the left front hoof. The body separated in half and joined with the paw of Trixie's Zord and the chain of the scales wrapped around the leg and the scales themselves became the bottom of the hoof. Ditzy and Carrot Top’s Zords became the back legs. Their heads also appeared on the bottom of the hoof. Lyra’s Zord’s wings folded and the legs and head folded into the body. It floated in the middle of the front and back legs. Trixie’s Zord floated in front of Lyra’s. It spread its arms and legs and the newly created limbs flew over them combining into new limbs. Lyra’s Zord flew behind Trixie’s and joined with its back. The new Zord fell from the sky to the ground on all fours. The bear head finally opened up and split in half to reveal a pony head. It had silver horns that curled back behind its head.

Trixie's seat lowered into a new wide open room and combined with the floor. It was a silver room with red lights that glowed brightly. A new console appeared in front of Trixie with a new larger steering wheel. Buttons and dials surrounded it. Trixie looked back. There were her friends seated behind her. Their seats formed a wide V behind her. The Megazord was complete.

Trixie grinned. “Let’s finish this.” The other rangers cheered behind her. Trixie piloted the Megazord towards town.

Carrot Top checked a pocket watch. “If our calculations are correct, she should be our size in about 20 seconds. Give or take.” The potion had a timer that gave them enough time to both land and transform. Sure enough, in a few seconds, a figure grew to gigantic portions. Corvus was stood taller than their Megazord by almost a head. She was still rubbing her eyes in pain from the hot sauce. She put a hoof forward and crushed a house.

“Let’s get her out of town quickly!” Ditzy said emphatically. They could not fight in town. So the Megazord rushed in front of the stunned monster and threw it as hard as it could with both hooves towards the Everfree. It crashed into the forest with a thunderous thud.

Corvus rose a few seconds later. Her eyes were red and she gave them a murderous look. She looked around confused for a moment. They took advantage this and delivered an upper punch right in a jaw. Sparks erupted from the impact and she received another blow to the face. She staggered back. Her horn glowed but fizzled out. She gave another confused look.

“Ha! What’s the matter? Can’t teleport anymore?” Trixie taunted.

“We can do this!” Ditzy cheered.

They moved in for another punch, but Corvus dodged and leaped back agilely. She stood there a moment thinking. She unleashed a flurry of feather and the Megazord stumbled back, but rushed through the attack and delivered a punch to the face.

“Time?” Trixie asked not leaving her focus away from the battle.

“11 minutes!” Carrot Top shouted.

“Let’s use a missile attack!” Raindrops said. “Give her a taste of her own medicine!”

"You don't have to tell me twice," Trixie smirked.

The Megazord pointed its right hoof forward and shot several missiles from a hidden barrel right into Corvus’s stomach. She screamed in pain collapsed to one knee.

“Ha! What you think of that?” Ditzy thrust out a hoof. Raindrops smacked her hooves together and gave a small laugh.

“Let’s finish this thing….” Cheerilee was about to say before gasping. Corvus suddenly disappeared. Trixie cursed. She completely forgot about showing Corvus her invisibility spell earlier. It seems she does have at least have enough magic to use that spell.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Carrot Top growled.

“It’s always something!” Raindrops threw up her hooves.

“Where did you go?” Trixie said under her breath. The Megazord looked right and left. They were surrounded by trees, but none of them were disturbed. Suddenly Trixie had it, but it was too late and the Megazord was pelted with feathers from the air and flew backward in sparks and fell on top of at least twenty trees.

The Megazord shot missiles in the direction the feathers came from but hit nothing but empty air. It was hit from beyond from a volley of more feathers and stumbled forward. Again, it shot missiles to no effect.

“Uh, any suggestions?” Trixie asked.

Corvus suddenly appeared from their right and slashed the Megazord with a wing. Trixie almost was thrown from her seat.

“7 minutes!” Carrot Top cried out.

“We aren’t going to make it!” Ditzy said sadly.

“No! We are!” Trixie gritted her teeth. She minded raced on what they could do. She looked down at the crevice they created. “I have an idea!” The Megazord pointed its barrel towards the ground.

"Um, so what are we doing exactly?" Cheerilee asked not getting what Trixie was doing.

"Creating some smoke," Trixie said. She waited a few moments. She had to time this just right. Using her gut to predict the attack. "Now!"

The Megazord shot down at the ground near its legs and created an explosion of dust. Trixie could see a figure outlined in smoke. The Megazord smashed it front legs together and they sparked with electricity and connected the right hoof into Corvus’s gut and there was an explosion of sparks and energy. The Megazord smashed its left hoof into Corvus’s head. She fell to the ground in a heap dazed.

“Three minutes!” Carrot Top cried out.

“Let’s finish this!” Trixie declared.

“Ready!” The rest of her friends answered.

The Megazord reached behind and grabbed both wings with a hoof. They morphed into swords. It wielded one in each hoof. They started crackling with energy and turned dark red.

“Big Bang Strike!” The Ranger cried together. The Megazord put the swords together and slashed them outwards together as one unleashing a furious shockwave of dark red energy. It stuck Corvus like a freight train and she went flying into the air. She crashed into the ground not stopping until her momentum halted. Half of her body was covered in trees and dirt. Trixie noticed there were cracks all over her body including a visible one on her horn.

“15 minutes are up.” Carrot Top said breaking the silence. Sure enough Corvus body started to glow and she started shrinking until they couldn’t see her anymore.

“Did we get her?” Raindrop asked.

"Only one way to find out," Trixie replied. She adjusted their Megazord's camera but found nothing but dust and debris. She was too small to see or find.

"I don't think she's finished," Lyra said sighing, "let's take a look."

They dropped from the Megazord’s bottom and watched as it flew back into the sky. As it started back for space, it split back into the individual Zords and quickly disappeared back to the space platform to recharge, worn out from the fight.


Trixie scanned her surroundings for any trace of Corvus. The rest of the Rangers were trailing behind her. All she could see was ruined trees and upheaved earth. It struck Trixie the magnitude of the crater they were standing in. It seemed so small inside their Megazord, but in person, the scale was almost unimaginable. It felt like they were like ants climbing through a gigantic tube.

The whole group stayed on high alert. Trixie knew Corvus was critically injured and her horn was damaged, but they were not taking their chances this time. They made sure to summon their weapons, well everypony except Cheerilee of course, and had them at the ready. They were at least a little recovered from their last battle, but far from a hundred percent.

They traveled through the crater in silence too antsy and focused on the task of finding Corvus to say anything. When they got to the end of the crater, there she was. She was standing high on top of it looking down on them. She looked weak and dead tired, but determined. She had pure murder and hate in her eyes. There were small cracks all over her body with green light emitting from them. Her horn looked even more damaged than Trixie remembered. It had a V-shaped crack in the middle of it. Trixie was sure that there was no way she could cast anything with that thing.

“I’ll slaughter you all!” Corvus screamed in a crazed and feral way. Spittle came from her mouth as she said this.

The Rangers took battle positions and prepared themselves for anything. Corvus jumped down and landed with grace in front of them. She rushed at her enemies with complete abandon. Trixie didn't expect her to move as fast as she did. She barely avoided one of Corvus's wings taking off her head. Corvus spun in a circle and went for Ditzy's head next. Ditzy was also caught off guard by her speed, but luckily Carrot Top saved her with her shield and the attack bounced off.

Raindrops used this as an opportunity to attack and landed a hardy blow to a crack on Corvus’s shoulder. She screamed in pain. The crack expanded more green light emanated from it. Corvus retaliated with a kick to Raindrop’s gut. She went flying and landed roughly.

Cheerilee and Ditzy responded together with an attack of their own. Cheerilee threw punches at Corvus’s head while Ditzy took a strike at Corvus’s body with her staff. Corvus nimbly dodged Cheerilee’s strikes and blocked Ditzy with her wings.

Corvus pushed Ditzy back and she was momentarily unbalanced. Corvus jumped back and unleashed a flurry of feathers. Both Ditzy and Cheerilee were hit by the attack and flew backward and landed on the ground writhing. Corvus threw more feathers, but they were thankfully blocked by Carrot Top.

Lyra and Trixie took position behind Carrot Top. Lyra took her bow in her magic and shot several arrows at Corvus, but they were dodged easily.

“Um, plan?” Lyra asked desperately. “We are still too weak to fight her! Trixie?”

Suddenly four Trixies appeared in a flash of smoke and charged Corvus. The Trixies attacked her head on with their swords. Two of them moved in at blinding speeds and Corvus tried to dodge but they moved so fast she couldn't. Corvus changed her tactics and decided to just move through them instead. They were just illusions just as Corvus thought. Corvus attacked the slowest moving one coming in from the right with a wing, but it was an illusion as well and it went right through. The last Trixie stuck a powerful blow to Corvus's side. She stumbled back and Lyra shot an arrow right into her. Corvus flew backward sparks flying from her wound. She did a backflip and landed on her hooves in a crouch.

Lyra shot more arrows at Corvus, but she just nimbly dodged them again. Lyra growled in frustration. Corvus prowled around them waiting for them to make the next move.

Trixie watched Corvus wearily not planning on doing anything for the moment. Unbeknownst to the monster, she was, in fact, walking right next to Cheerilee. Trixie saw her twitch on the ground but did nothing to show that she saw this. Corvus circled in front of Cheerilee.

Cheerilee took this moment to strike. She jumped into the air and pressed a button on her morpher in a single motion. A whip was summoned into her hooves and she grabbed Corvus with it. It wrapped around the creature tightly and she struggled to get free.

“Now you’re actually using that thing?” Trixie quipped.

“Just shut up and finish her off.” Cheerilee shot back. “I don’t know how long I can hold her.”

Trixie and Lyra got in position and nodded. They pressed the button on their morpher to activate their super attack. Trixie charged forward with her sword trailing behind her in her magic. Right as Trixie was about to swing Lyra shot an arrow at Trixie’s sword. It was absorbed and Trixie’s weapon glowed a purple aura. Cheerilee desummoned her whip right as the attack was about to strike and jumped away. Trixie swung her sword right into Corvus’s chest.

“Bane of Evil!” Lyra and Trixie cried out in unison.

The blow erupted in a burst of purple magic and Corvus flew right into a wall of dirt behind her. She dropped to the ground unmoving.

Lyra panted in exhaustion. “Did we get her?”

“No. I don’t think so.” Trixie said when she saw Corvus struggle to her hooves. She almost stood up before collapsing again. From her expression, it looked like she was completely spent. She gritted her teeth. Her horn glowed and she vanished.

"Where did she go!" Lyra said in a panic. Trixie looked around frantically. She thought teleporting with a damaged horn was impossible.

Corvus appeared in a flash in front of Lyra. Corvus slashed with a wing before Lyra could do anything and hit her straight in the chest. Corvus hit Trixie with her other wing. The two rangers collapsed to the ground. Trixie felt her powers failing. She would unmorph soon if she didn't do something. Cheerilee tried to come to their aid but was shot down by Corvus's feathers.

Corvus stood over them triumphantly and was about to strike a finishing blow on Trixie when she suddenly stopped and winced in pain. She grabbed her horn with a wing. Corvus's horn was almost completely full of cracks. It suddenly fell to pieces and Corvus fell to her knees and screamed. It looked like she was in an insurmountable amount of pain. Teleporting with a such a damaged horn put so much strain on it that it just failed and broke. Trixie knew a small crack in a horn would cause some serious pain, this, this was insurmountable.

Trixie wobbled as she stood up and grabbed her sword with a hoof. She dove at Corvus right in the middle of her chest at a particularly large crack. She pushed as hard as she could but she didn’t have enough strength. Trixie felt herself give into exhaustion and started falling. Only for a pony to come up behind her and prop her up. It was Carrot Top and she started pushing with Trixie. Trixie redoubled her efforts and refused to give up.

Trixie felt another pony behind her and they also helped push the sword. It was Ditzy. Behind her helmet, Trixie knew Ditzy was smiling. Raindrops and Lyra joined them. Finally, Cheerilee limped to them and grabbed the collection of hooves trying to deliver the final blow.

The Rangers all roared together in unison and gave one final push. Trixie knew together they could do this. The sword implanted deeply in Corvus and she screamed. Her whole body sparked with electricity. Trixie desummoned her sword.

The Ranger laughed, cried, and jostled each other as they trotted away from Corvus. Out of pure joy that this was finally over. More energy shot from Corvus’s body. She fell to the ground and erupted into a gigantic fireball. Trixie sighed in relief.

Trixie and the rest of her friends unmorphed. Trixie almost collapsed again, but her friends stopped her. She gave a faint smile. Trixie felt like she wanted to sleep an entire week straight. No doubt the rest of the Rangers felt the same.

Trixie sighed in relief when Twilight Sparkle emerged from the smoke. She looked a little beat up and her glasses were cracked, but otherwise, she looked pretty much unharmed. Her horn looked undamaged thankfully. Trixie sat on the ground in too much pain and exhaustion to really do much else.

Twilight opened her eyes and propped herself up. She looked dazed and confused. She looked at Trixie and her friends with wide eyes. She frantically looked around at the damage around her. She looked at Ponyville while being far away, it was clear it had been damaged even from this distance. Twilight's face turned to horror and panic as it seemed she started remembering what happened. Her horn started glowing.

“Wait! No! It isn’t your fault!” Trixie cried out, but Twilight didn’t listen and teleported away.

“Twilight…” Trixie looked down dejectedly. She hoped her new friend would be okay.

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